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X. B. - No. 96 will appear as a separate Volume.



Eulogy of Horace Binney, by Judge William Strong..

1 Stated Meeting, January 7....

52 On the Progress of the Palaeontological work of the Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, by Charles E. Hall........

55 Collection of Railroad Levels for the Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, by Charles Allen.....

61 Stated Meeting, January 21..

179 Nebular Action in the Solar System, by Pliny Earle Chase..

184 Improved Mounted Burettes for Volumetric Analysis, by J. Blodgett Britton....

192 Stated Meeting, February 4

196 Stated Meeting, February 18.

197 A Brief Discussion of Some Opinions in Meteorology, by W. Blasius. 198 On the Composition of Natural Gas from certain Wells in Western Pennsylvania..

206 Stated Meeting, March 3,

212 On the Successful Use of Anthracite Coal Waste in a Locomotive, by John E. Wooten..

214 Stuted Meeting, March 17,

217 On Some Disputed Points in Physiological Opics, by Henry Hartshorne....

218 Stated Meeting, April 7.

229 Stated Meeting, April 21. .

232 Stated Meeting, May 5

234 Stated Meeting, May 19

236 Note on the Lithologie du Fond des Mers of M. Delesse, by Persifor Frazer, Jr..

238 The Glacial Epochs, by Eli K. Price..


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