Bacteriology and the Public Health

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P. Blakiston, 1904 - Bacteriology - 497 pages

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Page 161 - First Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the best means of preventing the pollution of Rivers (River Thames). 2 vols. fol. London, 1866. First Report of the Commissioners appointed in 1868 to inquire into the best means of preventing the pollution of Rivers (Mersey and Ribble basins), fol.
Page 270 - When tuberculous lesions are present on the pleura and peritoneum (c.) When tuberculous lesions are present in the muscular system, or in the lymphatic glands embedded in or between the muscles ...... (d.) When tuberculous lesions exist in any part of an emaciated carcase . (a.) When the lesions are confined to the lungs...
Page 271 - When the lesions are confined to the liver. (c) When the lesions are confined to the pharyngeal lymphatic glands. (d) When the lesions are confined to any combination of the foregoing, but are collectively small in extent.
Page 340 - Though the important question whether man is susceptible to bovine tuberculosis at all is not yet absolutely decided, and will not admit of absolute decision to-day or to-morrow, one is nevertheless already at liberty to say that, if such a susceptibility really exists the infection of human beings is but a very rare occurrence.
Page 401 - ... (6) that re-vaccination restores the protection which lapse of time has diminished, but the evidence shows that this protection again diminishes, and that, to ensure the highest degree of protection which vaccination can give, the operation should be at intervals repeated...
Page 340 - Among the animals that had been fed with sputum no trace of tuberculosis was found, except here and there little nodules in the lymphatic glands of the neck, and in one case a few gray nodules in the lungs.
Page 161 - the concentration of sewage, at short intervals, on an area of specially chosen porous ground, as small as will absorb and cleanse it; not excluding vegetation, but making the produce of secondary importance. The intermittency of application is a sine gud non even in suitably constituted soils, wherever complete success is aimed at.
Page 271 - In view of the greater tendency to generalisation of tuberculosis in the pig, we consider that the presence of tubercular deposit in any degree should involve seizure of the whole carcase and of the organs. " In respect of foreign dead meat, seizure shall ensue in every case where the pleura have been 'stripped.
Page 304 - That the essential cause of diarrhoea resides ordinarily in the superficial layers of the earth, where it is intimately associated with the life processes of some micro-organism not yet detected, captured, or isolated.
Page 310 - In other words, epidemic diarrhoea is a so-called " filth-disease," preventable by improved sanitation in the broadest meaning of the term.

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