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bours, it being altogether a labour of love and a work of charity. And in this respect, at least, that saying of the ever-memorable Mr. John Hales, of Eaton, is to the point : “He that knows how to do well himself, will most willingly approve what is well done by another."



June 21st, 1853.

Authorities for Becket's Life—his Character-Gratian and the Decretals-

Amalfi-Discovery of the Compass— Knights and Hospital of St. Jolin- The
Papacy-Becket and Henry-Becket's Shrine at Canterbury—The Canter-
bury Tales-Sir Philip Sidney's Defence of Poesy-Southey's Poetry— Uses
of Poetry— Becket's Palace at West Tarring-Brasinium-Brew-house, or
Brase-nose of West Tarring—Brase-nose in Oxford and at Stamford-Becket
and the Wild Beasts-Navelwort and Osmunda Regalis Fern-Fig-trees of
West Tarring-probably introduced by Becket-A Fig for you—Figa--
Tody-Todito— The Indian Fig-tree-description of in the Curse of Kehama

-Monks and Monasteries --Herbert of Bosham-The Venerable Bede-

Bishop Wilfrid–The Anglo-Saxons-Distinction of Literature and Intellect,

Theodore, Adrian, and Benedict Biscof-Monastic Discipline—Question of

the Monasteries-Latimer and Malvern Priory-Holy Cross, Winchester-

Hospital of—Burton's Anatomie of Melancholie, his Opinions on the subject

-Day of Monasteries gone by—The Abbot of Aberbrothok—Benedictines

and Cistercians, Agriculturists—Maitland's Dark Ages-Education in the

Monasteries-Monastic and Cathedral Schools School of St. Alban's The

Scholastic Prebend-Education of the People .

pp. 165—230

Evil of Benefices in Plurality-Act to restrict such evil-Houses of Residence

- Dilapidations—Sir Robert Peel's Church Extension Bill— Appropriators

and Impropriators – Kennett's Case of Impropriations, &c.—Rectorand Vicar,

origin of-Queen Anne's Bounty ; Ecclesiastical Commission-Parochial

Ministration-Old Parochial System-New Churches and Schools—Dr.

Arnold and Sir Robert Peel-Lord Bacon on Non-Residents and Pluralities

-Archbishop Parker's Opinion-Value of Satirists—Skelton, &c.—The .

Ecclesiastical Commission-Patching and Tarring-Ecclesiastical Commis-

sioners-West Tarring, &c.—Sinecures—Ecclesiastical Pensioners—Burke's

View of-Augmentation of Small Livings—Consolidation of Sinecure Recto-

ries and Vicarages-Sinecure Rectory and Vicarage of West Tarring-

Ecclesiastical Commission-their ignoring of the Charities of West Tarring-

Proper grief for Parochial wrongs—Tithe Commutation and Repeal of Corn

Laws–Settled Payments undesirable-White Kennett's Opinion—Increased

Value of Money-Owen, Blakeway—Good Names-W. G. Rowland-

Shrewsbury's Benefactor-Shrewsbury, the First of Towns—why ?— Vicar,

Parson, Curate, &c.—Patrimony of the Church devoured—Vicarages highly

Rated in the King's Books-Dean Colet and St. Paul's School - Erasmus on

the Education of Children-Underpaid Clergy-Fault of Governments, &c.-

The Church and Church Principles—Church Reform-Revaluation of

Benefices—General desire to Reform abuses—Little Children like to the

Kingdom of Heaven-Roman Catholic Legend-Archbishop Gerson-Mrs.

Southey's Poem on .

pp. 275-334

Monumental Brass, in Memory of John Mapleton—The Manor of Broad-

water-Offington, or, Offingtons--- Edict of Nantes—D’Aubuz–Daubus, or,

Daubuz—Daubuz's Commentary on the Revelation-Daubuz's of Yorkshire

-Cornwall—Offington—Cissbury Encampment—The South Downs—Com-

plaint of the Forests—Drayton's Poly-Olbion-Andredswalde-Anderida,

Andred Ceastre-Anderida, Caer-Andred, or, Andredsceastre-The Wheat-

ear, or, English Ortolan-Dotterels—Fuller's Works-Albourne-Place-

Albourne-Place and Bishop Juxon-Chankenbury-Shirleys and Gorings

Wiston-Place - Findon Muntham — Highden -- Devotional Feelings -

Findon-Clapham-The Nightingale's Song:

pp. 337–369

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