A handy Urdu-English dictionary: based on Shakespear (sic) and the best modern authorities

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S.P.C.K. Press, 1899 - Hindustani language - 938 pages
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Page 106 - Hence, great men are sometimes called . л! li ,,j when they make a practice of encouraging their dependants to hope, but do nothing for them at last as, dancing attendance on them and neglecting them are each likely to produce regret. The term also means, any person or thing, which is fair without and foul within, or that promises well but turns out ill ; a well looking, but stupid, fellow).
Page 55 - Hindus reckoning those of action to be the hand, the foot, the voice, the organ of generation, and the organ of excretion, and those of perception...
Page 58 - To feel a pulsation in the eye. (Considered, if in the right eye of a man or the left of a woman, as an omen of some desirable event, whilst the contrary affection is regarded as unlucky).
Page 237 - s the fourth letter of the Arabic alphabet. It does not occur in words of Persian origin. Its sound, among the Arabs, is that of th, in the English word thin ; but, the Persians and Indians give it the sound of s.
Page 402 - Ji) гаЪат, f. writing ; handwriting, character; a mode of arithmetical notation, chiefly taken from the initials of the Arabic words denoting the numbers; one character in the notation above described ; arithmetic ; manner, kind, method, sort ; a royal edict.
Page 276 - They are suspended, by an iron hook passed through the skin of the back, to one end of a lever, which is raised on the top of a high pole, and whirled round by means of a rope fixed to the other end. This penance is...
Page 114 - To act (a play), to imitate, to mimick. liA i^^-^ bhagat-hona, vn To be initiated as a devotee, to be affiliated to a religious order. (This is peculiar to the low tribes. The initiation consists in putting a necklace of beads round the neck, and marking a circle on the forehead. After which, the initiated person is bound to refrain from the use of spirituous liquors, flesh, &c.).
Page 487 - Each duct leading from these is two empans, or two spans wide, a span being the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger when the hand...
Page 575 - The дага(-Ьяч/1М are considered to be the descendants of the captives given to Shaikh Haidar by Tamerlane. They wore the red caps assumed by those captives as a mark of distinction, and are considered as the best troops of the Persian armies. A. CL>.L*> qaewat, (UuJ Heb. To be hard) af Hardness of heart, cruelty, grief, anguish, chagrin, sting.ness. A. .i*
Page 230 - Will the sky be supported by the sandpiper ? Applied to a person who undertakes an enterprise far above his strengt,h (This bird being said to sleep with his legs upwards, as if to prop the firmament). 2. A kind of rattle. - La>i

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