Miscellanea Scotica: I. Maule's (of Melgum) History of the Picts; with Sir Robert Sibbald's observations. II. Monipennie's Summarie, or Abridgement of the Scots chronicle ... III. History of the feuds and conflicts of the clans. Narrative of the massacre of Glencoe

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sold, 1818 - Scotland

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Page 12 - ' for you, to show that your garrison serves " ' for some use; and seeing that the orders " * are so positive from court to me not to spare " ' any of them that have not timely come in. " * as you may see by the orders I send to your " ' Colonel, I desire you would begin with " * Glenco, and spare nothing which belongs to " * him; but do not trouble the government " ' with prisoners :' as this letter produced by " Lieutenant-colonel Hamilton bears.
Page 15 - ... and rooted out in earnest, and to purpose, and that suddenly, and secretly, and quietly, and all on a sudden ; which are the express terms of the said letters ; and, comparing them and the other letters with what ensued, appear to have been the only warrant and cause of their slaughter ; which in effect was a barbarous murder, perpetrated by the persons deponed against.
Page 7 - M'Ean of Glencoe and that tribe can be well separated from the rest, it will be a proper vindication of the public justice to extirpate that set of thieves.
Page 90 - Moncrief, clerk of the council, who took it in as it is now produced. But it doth not appear, by all these depositions, that the matter was brought to the...
Page 2 - Glenlyon inclined to save a young man of " about twenty years of age, one captain " Drummond came and asked how he came to " be saved, in respect of the orders that were ** given, and shot him dead.
Page 14 - ... the day was long before elapsed ; and thai he ordered nothing concerning Glenco and his tribe ; but that, if they could be well separated from the rest, it would be a proper vindication of the public justice to extirpate that set of thieves...
Page 11 - Pray when the thing concerning Glenco is resolved, let it be secret and sudden, otherwise the men will shift you, and better not meddle with them than not to do it to purpose...
Page 2 - And another young boy of about 13 years, ran to Glenlyon to be saved ; he was likewise shot dead. And in the same town there was a woman, and a boy about four or five years of age killed. And at Auchnaion, there was also a child missed, and nothing found of him but the hand.
Page 15 - And another from the Hague, the " last of April, 1692, wherein he says, For the " people of Glenco, when you do your duty in " a thing so necessary to rid the country of " thieving, you need not trouble yourself to " take the pains to vindicate yourself by shew" ing all your orders, which are now put in the " Paris gazette ; when you do right you need " fear nobody; all that can be said is, that in " the execution, it was neither so full nor so
Page 141 - It is reported, in old times, upon the said rocke there was a bell fixed upon a tree or timber, which rang continually, being moved by the sea, giving notice to the saylers of the danger. This bell or...

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