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Song Collection.


Favorite Songs and Hymns for Schools and Homes,
Nursery and Fireside


Ne. 4.


Melodies die out, like the pipe of Pan, with the ears that love them and listen for them.

Music is the harmonious voice of creation; an echo of the invisible world; one note of the divine
concord which the entire universe is destined one day to sound.-Mazzini.

Music, in its best sense, does not require novelty; nay, the older it is, and the more we are ac-
customed to it, the greater are its effects upon the hearer of sensibility.-Gæthe.

There is something marvelous in Music. I might almost say that Music is, in itself, a marvel-
a glimmering medium between mind and matter, related to both yet different from either; spiritual,
and yet requiring rhythm ; material, and yet independent of space.Heine.






And the night shall be filled with Music,

And the cares, that infest the day,
Shall fold their tents, like the Arabs,
And as silently steal away.

H. W. Longfellow.
From "The Day is Done."

The Home that has been made the sunny side of life never loses its beneficent influence over those it has sheltered in childhood, however they may be jostled by the rude vicissitudes of lite. One of the most memorable reminiscences of California is told of the first great queen of song who appeared in San Francisco, among the restless men gathered there in the early days. They had learned not to value life; they had become a law unto themselves that defied all the teachings of their youth; but when “ Home, Sweet Home” was sung, tears scalded the bronzed faces, and sobs welled up from hearts which had left sentiment behind for adventure. Take the sunny side of Home. It will be a well-spring of joy from the cradle to the tomb.-A. K. McClure.

Our thanks are due to Publishers for copyright favors, and to Prof. Carl Matz for invaluable aid here gratefully acknowledged. The Compiler may be addressed through Messrs. Harper & Brothers, in reference to Old Songs that have been popular favorites, and will be glad to have suggestions from any persons who are interested. Some of the best selections in the present Number have been suggested by lovers of song in different parts of the country, often far-separated.


Contents of Song Collection: Na. 4.

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A Farewell,

F. H. Cowen. 50
A Greenness Light and Tender, Folksong. 72
Amid the Greenwood Smiling, Thalberg. 105
Angel of Peace,

0. W. Holmes. 77
Are There Tidings?

H. R. Bishop. 138
Amms are Strong and Hearts are True, - Phillips. So
A Soldier Stood in the Village Street, Hutchinson. 148
At Evening Time

Sporle. 91
Autumn Dreaming,

F. Wciland.

Awake, My Soul,

G. F. Handel. 171
Away Now, Joyful Riding, -

F. K'ücken. 134
A Wonderful House Have I, W. F. Crafts. 173
Backward, Turn Backward, Ernest Leslie. 57
Battle Eve, The,

Anonymous. 145
Beats There a Heart on Earth Sincere,

Bold Be Your Stroke,

Fabio Campana. 12
Brahmin Love Song,

C. Blamphin. 58
Bread of the World, - Reginald Heber. 71
Bright Morning, Hail !

German. 65
Bring Flowers, Fresh Flowers, Felicia Hemans. 127
Brookside, The,

James Hine. 8
Buy My Strawberries,

C. Howard. 132
By the Quiet Water Gleaming, · F. M. Himmel. 93
Canadian Boat Song,

Thomas Moore. 142
Cheerily, Cheerily,

Favorite Glee. 74
Children of the Heavenly King, J. Cennick. 169
Christ is Born in Bethlehem, Christmas. 18
Christmas is Coming,

Henry Philips. 61
Christmas is Here,

F. Campana. 160
Clang of the Wooden Shoon, J. L. Molloy. 37
Water Song,

Alexander Lee. 163
Come, Come Quickly Away, Anonymous. 98
Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove, Isaac Watts. 170
Come, said Jesus' Gentle Voice, A. L. Barbauld. 131
Come, Thou Almighty King Chas. Wesley. 99
Come, Trembling Sinner,

Wm. Jones. 73
Come to the Sea,

G. Roberti. 52
Come Unto Him,

Henry Leslie. 46
Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy, J. Ingalls. 97
Darby and Joan,

J. L. Molloy. 156
Daylight Fades, Evening Shades, S. Nelson. 103
Dear Father, Drink No More, Temperance. 162
Dear Little Shamrock, The, 7. W. Cherry.
Deep Are the Wounds,

Anne Steele. 79
Dermot Astore,

F. IV. N. Crouch. 122
Dip, Boys, Dip the Oar,

Sarona. 105
Distant Drum, The,

Draw the Sword, Scotland, Anonymous. 104
Dublin Bay,

George Barker. 118
Ehren on the Rhine, IVm. M. Hutchinson. 148
Ever be Happy,

M. W. Balse. 14
Exile of Erin, The,

Thomas Campbell. 117
Faintly as Tolls the Evening Chime, Thos. Moore. 142
Fairest Lord Jesus,

Crusaders' Hymn. 169
Fallen is Thy Throne, O Israel, Thomas Moore. 168
Fire of Home, The,

George Worster. 116
Flowers for the Brave, · E. W. Chapman. 6
Fondest Affections Still Cling to Home, -

Forever and Forever,

F. Paolo Tosti. 151
Forsaken Am I,

Thos.Koschat. 28
Forgive Me, Lord, thro' Thy Dear Evening. 99
French Cradle Song,

Lullaby. 9
Fritz's Lullaby,

7. K. Emmet. 49
Funeral Dirge,

G. F. Handel, 173

Gaily Thro' Lise Wander,

G. Verdi. 153
Gentle Mary,

D. M. Muloch. 146
Gently Rest : Slumber Song, F. Kücken. 70
Gently Sighs the Breeze, Stephen Glover. 75
Glory and Love to the Men of Old, C. E. Gounod. 62
God Moves in a Mysterious Way, Wm. Cowper. 97
Golden Days.

A. S. Sullivan. 96

J. Offenbach. 147
Go to Sleep, Lena Darling J. K. Emmet. 49
Green Grow the Rashes O, Robert Burns. 42
Greenwood Tree, The,

Sidney Nelson. 175
Groves of Blarney, The, R. A. Millikin. 176
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah, · T. Hastings. 107
Hail, Beauteous Stranger of the Grove, Sullivan. 51
Happy Are We To-Night, - M. S. Pike. 55
Hark! O'er the Stilly Lake, D. F. E. Auber. 140
Hark to the Sound of the Distant Drum, · Anon.
Hear the Birds of Summer Sing, Little Folks. 27
Hearts of Oak,

Fabio Campana.
Heaven is My Home,

T. B. Taylor. 41
Heavily Wears the Day,

German. 120
He Never Said He Loved, G. d. Hodson. 27
Here under the Leafy Greenwood Tree, S Nelson. 175
He Was a Punchinello, F. E. Weatherly. 31
Holly Wreath, The

T. Crampton. 112
How Firm a Foundation,

J. Reading. 19
How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds, L. Mason. 171
Hush, My Baby, Sleep,

Lullaby. 9
Hymn Tunes.—America 99, Amsterdam 73, Au.

relia 79, Avon 97, Balerma 73, Christmas 171,
Crusaders' Hymn 169, Downs 171, Greenville 41,
Hendon 169, Horton 131, Jewett 159, Laban 19,
Lenox 17, Louvan 79, Portuguese 19, Ward 99,

Webb 131, Woodworth 159, Zion 107.
I Come, I Come!

V. Bellini. 164
I Dream of My Fatherland,

Folksong. 82
I'd Weep with Thee,

C. M. Von Weber. 137
If Ever I See on Bush or Tree, Little Folks. 143
If Thou Hast Crushed a Flower, Felicia Hemans. 135
If You Be My May Margaret, Theo. Marzials. 102
I Hear Them Tell in Far-off Climes, G. IVorster. 116
I Love to Gaze on Smiling Faces, E. M. Spencer. 119
I'm a Pilgrim,

Mary S. Spindler. 128
I'm Very Fond of a Social Song, Anonymous. 83

E. C. Phelps. 32
In the Gloaming,

A. F. Harrison. 136
I Remember How My Childhood, Fitzgerald. 48
I Think of All Thou art to Me, F. Paolo Tosti. 151
I Wandered by the Brookside, R. M. Milnes.
I Would I Were a Boy Again, F. Romer. 36
Jesus, Tender Shepherd,

J. B. Dykes. 17
Johnny, Johnny,


Just as I Am, Without One Plea,

C. Elliott. 159
Keller's American Hymn,

M. Keller. 76
Kerry Dance, The

J. L. Molloy. 38
Let Me Dream Again, - A. S. Sullivan. 67
Lightly Row,

Spanish Air. 143
Little Children's Day,

Chas. W. Glover. 110
Lo, Descending the Heavens Rending, Christmas. 18
Look in My Face, Dear, D. M. Muloch. 50
Look Not upon the Wine,

R. S. Willis. 162
Lord, We Come Before Thee Now, · Morning. 169
Love, I Will Love You Ever, P. Bucalossi. 92
Lovely May,

Little Folks. 143

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Loving Voices,

Chas. W. Glover. 40
Low-Backed Car, The

Samuel Lover. 33
Lucy's Flittin',

William Laidlaw. 124

Irish Air. 25
Make Me No Gaudy Chaplet,

G. Donizetti. 15
Mary and Martha's Just Gone'Long, Slave Hymn. III
May Margaret,

Theodore Marzials. 102
My Heart and Lute,

Anonymous. 155
My Jesus, As Thou Wilt, C. M. Von Weber. 159
My Mother's Song,

Franz Schubert. 47
My Nannie's Awa',

Robert Burns. 174
My Soul, Be on Thy Guard, George Heath. 19
Murmur, Gentle Lyre,

Anonymous. 55
Nearer, My God, to Thee,

Franz Abt. 71
Neva Boatman's Song,

Sidney Nelson. 103
Never is My Heart so Gay, 7. Crampton. 112
-Nigh to a Grave,

Park Benjamin. 59
Night is Fine, The,

Guglielmo. 152
Nursery Songs : Ding, Dong, Bell, Little Folks. 167
Nursery Songs: Little Bo-Peep, etc., Little Folks. 166
O Come with Me in My Little Canoe, 0.E.Dodge. 113
O Come, Maidens, Come, F. H. Brown, 30
O Fair Dove, O Fond Dove, - Jean Ingelow. 84
Oh, Gaily through Life Wander,

G. Verdi. 153
O Land of Saints, of Streams and Song, T.C.Latto. 32
O Sing Again that Plaintive Song, F. Schubert. 47
Oh, Pilot, 'tis a Fearful Night, Sidney Nelson.
Oh, That I Never More Might See, G. Donizetti. 139
Oh, Touch the Harp,

Anonymous. 39
Oh, Touch Those Chords Again, Anonymous.
Oh, Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast, Robert Burns. 139
Oh, What is the Matter with Robin ? Little Folks. 121
Only a Gentle Word,

George Kingsley. 158
Old Oaken Bucket,

Robert A. Smith, 22
Old Tubal Cain,

Henry Russell. 157
Once Again the Flowers We Gather, V. Bellini. 6
Once in Days of Golden Weather, L. H. Lewin. 96
One by One the Sands are Flowing, V. Bellini. 90
Origin of the Harp, -

Thomas Moore. 44
Ossian's Serenade,

Ossian E. Dodge. 113
Our Wonderful House,

W. F. Crafts. 173
Over the Waves We Float,

S. Glover. 23
Pagoda Bells, The,

T. Comer. 45
Peaceful Slumbering on the Ocean,

Storace. 24
Pilot, The

T. H. Bayly. 16
Play-Time Songs

Little Folks. IOI
Play-Time Songs,

Little Folks. 133
Pleasure Climbs to Every Mountain, · Gollmick. 125
Poor Tho' My Cot May Be, G. Donizetti. 13
Portuguese Hymn,

7. Reading. 19
Press On, Press On,

Scotch Air, 9

J. L. Molloy. 31

G. Donizetti. 154
Ring On, Ye Bells,

Franz Abt. 43
Rise, My Soul, and Stretch Thy Wings, Nares. 73
Rock Me to Sleep, Mother, E. A. Allen. 57
Roll, Jordan, Roll,

Slave Hymn. II
Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch,

Neil Gow. 114
Sadly Bend the Flowers, F. R. Havergal. 172
Search thro' the Wide World, - G. Donizetti. 115
See the Sun's First Gleam,

German. 60
She Bloomed with the Roses, 7. A. Smith. 34
Sing Glad Songs for Him, C. F. Gounod. 81
Smiling Faces,

Stephen Glover. 119
Soldiers' Chorus (“Faust”), C. F. Gounod. 62
Some Day,

Milton Wellings. 29
Song of Night, -

German. 85
Sound of Harps Angelical, The,

1 Martiri. 129
Speed Our Republic,

M. Keller. 76
Spring Time Once Again, John Logan. 51

Strangers Yet,

Mrs. C. Barnard. 150
Sweeter than the Breath of Morning, Meyerbeer.
Sweetly Sleep,

L. Beethoven. 53
Sweetly on the Evening Air, George Linley. 109
Sweet Memories of Thee,

Italian Air. 106
The Brookside,

James Hine. 8
The Church's One Foundation, S. S. Wesley. 79
The Clang of the Wooden Shoon, 7. L. Molloy. 37
The Dear Little Shamrock, 7. W. Cherry. 100
The Distant Drum,

The Evening Bell,

Anonymous. 89
The Evening Gun,

Thomas Moore. 123
The Fire of Home,

George Worster. 116
The Forget-me-Not,

Karl Muchler. 93
The Future Smiles Still Brightly, G. Donizetti. 144
The Heart that Knows No Sorrow, Gungʻl. 130
The Kerry Dance,

7. L. Molloy. 38
The Lights Fade out of Calmed Sea, Steadman. 911
The Low-Backed Car,

Samuel Lover. 33
The Mahogany Tree, W. M. Thackeray. 160
The Morning Light is Breaking, S. F. Smith. 131
The Night is Fine Above Me, Guglielmo. 152
The Old Oaken Bucket,

S. Woodworth 22
The Old Sexton,

Henry Russell. 59
The Pagoda Bells,

T. Comer. 45
The Pilot,

T. H. Bayly. 16
The Sound of Harps Angelical, -" / Martiri.129
The Sun is Setting and the Hour, A. S. Sullivan. 67
The Vesper Chime,

George Linley. 109
The Watcher,

Spanish Melody. 89
The World is Full of Beauty, G. Donizetti. 26
There Came to the Beach, Thos. Campbell. 117
There is Beauty in the Forest, G. Donizetti. 26
There's a Dear Little Plant, 7. W. Cherry. 100
There's Naught but Care. Robert Burns. 42
There's Room Enough for All, T. Wood. 78
There Was a Little Water-Sprite, Irish Air. 25
They Sailed Away in a Gallant Bark, G. Barker. 118
Thoughts of Wonder,

7. 7. Rousseau. 41
Thou’rt Like Unto a Flower, A. Rubenstein. 108
Thou Wilt Never Grow Old, - E.C.Hơnoart. 95
Three Cheers for the Olden Time, Fanny Crosbr.

Three Fishers,

Charles Kingsley. 126
Through the Rustling Woods, - Bayard Taylor. 7
'Tis Believed that this Harp, Thomas Moore. 44
'Tis Moonlight on the Sea,

Sarona. 105
'Tis Not the Valley, Mountain, and Grove, 54
'Twas When the Wan Leaf, Wm. Laidlaw. 124

Caroline Gilman. 30
Twilight Dews,

Thomas Moore. 66
Unveil thy Bosom, Faithful Tomb, Isaac Watts. 173
Vesper Chime, The,

George Linley. 109
We Are All Noddin'

Favorite Glee. 83
We Love Cold Water,

Round. 163
Well-a-day, Ah, Well-a-day, G. Linley. 88
We'll Laugh and Sing All Cares Away, G. Verdi. 86
What a Charm Has the Drum, Charles Jeffreys. 154
What a Friend We Have in Jesus, C. C. Converse. 107
What Are the Wild Waves Saying ? . S. Glover. 68
When All the World is Young, · Chas. Kingsley. 20
When First I Saw Sweet Peggy, - Samuel Lover. 33
When I Remember,

Jean Ingelow. 94
When Little Samuel Woke, Lewis Edson. 17
When Soft Stars are Peeping, Anonymous. 106
When the Bloom is on the Rye, · H. R. Bishop. 87
When the Golden Morn,

T. Comer. 45
When the Summer Rain is Over, · G. Donizetti. 64
When Twilight Dews,

Thomas Moore. 66
Where Are Now the Hopes I Cherished ? Bellini. 56
Who is He Plants for the Days to Come? Gounod 81
Who Shall Be Fairest ?

Frank Moir. 35


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sea - sons on-ward flow, Each string is si - lent found. Put forth thy hand, and gent - ly thoughts to things a - bove, And taught the ear - ly prayer. But manhood's years a tale have sweet, be-fore un - heard, Break through the strife and din. That breast where mem'ry seems to prayer he will con fess, And


ry tear that flows. Go seek to be the soul's true

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