The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany, Volume 29

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Wm. H. Allen & Company, 1829 - Asia

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Page 322 - Distinctions of colours are of his ordination. It is he who gives existence* In your temples, to his name, the voice is raised in prayer; in a house of images where the bell is shaken, still he is the object of adoration.
Page 320 - ... now in heaven, conducted the affairs of this empire in equity and firm security for the space of fifty-two years, preserving every tribe of men in ease and happiness; whether they were followers of Jesus, or of Moses, of David, or...
Page 117 - Tatar lust. They were conveyed to the cavern, and the opening closed upon them, leaving them to find security from dishonour in the devouring element.
Page 406 - That it is a curious and interesting picture of national manners every one will readily admit ; and it is not the less valuable in this respect, that it is free from all exterior influence or adulteration. It is a portrait purely Indian. It represents a state of society sufficiently advanced in civilization to be luxurious and corrupt, and is certainly very far from offering a flattering similitude, although not without some attractive features.
Page 93 - During the ten generations that have succeeded our acquisition of Empire, my race has alone possessed the four hundred districts of the world. Long have the frontiers been bound in tranquillity by the ties of mutual oaths. And our pillow has been undisturbed by grief or anxiety. Behold in us the Emperor Yuente, of the race of Han. Our ancestor Kaoute emerged from a private station, and raised his family by extinguishing the dynasty of Tsin, and slaughtering their race. Ten generations have passed...
Page 404 - The tragedies, comedies, farces, and musical pieces of the Indian theatre, would fill as many volumes as that of any nation in ancient or modern Europe.
Page 436 - October, and the thermometer on two mornings was 17 : what it is, at this season of the year, I cannot guess; yet the sun's rays felt oppressive, and all the streams and lakes which were sheeted with ice during the night, were free and running by two o'clock. The finest crops of barley are reared here, and to irrigation and solar heat are the people indebted for a crop. The barometer gave for the highest field 14,900...
Page 248 - The day before his lordship's departure, the following " notices" were issued, dated " Government House, 23d February," and signed by the Governor General's private secretary. They are published in all the papers of the presidency. Notice. — The Governor General invites the communication of all suggestions tending to promote any branch of national industry ; to improve the commercial intercourse by land and water ; to amend any defects in the existing establishments; to encourage the diffusion...
Page 138 - Mahmoud resolved upon adopting a scheme, which should be so cleverly devised, and involved in such impenetrable secrecy, that it was impossible it could fail of success. He had in the Imperial Harem a beautiful Georgian slave, whose innocence and beauty fitted her, in the Sultan's eyes, for the atrocious act of perfidy of which she was to be the unsuspecting agent. The belief in talismans is still prevalent throughout the East ; and perhaps even the enlightened Mahmoud himself is not superior to...
Page 93 - Weikeang trembled at us, and sued for our friendship. The ancient title of our chiefs has in the course of time been changed to that which I now bear. When the two races of Tsin and Han contended in battle, and filled the empire with tumult, our tribes were in full power: numberless was the host of armed warriors with their bended horns.

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