The Student's Handbook to the University and Colleges of Oxford

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Clarendon Press, 1901 - 292 pages

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Page 217 - The book is primarily written to meet the needs of students preparing for the examinations of the Conjoint Board of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of England.
Page 293 - They must sign a declaration that they intend bond fide to adopt and follow the profession of teacher in a public elementary school or training college, or in the army or navy, or (within Great Britain) in poor law schools, certified industrial or day industrial schools, or certified reformatories.
Page 275 - for the extension of teaching beyond the limits of the University.
Page 271 - Examination with credit shall be placed according to merit in three Honor classes; and the names of those who pass the Examination to the satisfaction of the Examiners, yet not so as to deserve Honors, shall be placed alphabetically in a fourth class.
Page 269 - Mechanics; candidates may also offer Geometrical Drawing. Candidates must satisfy the Examiners in five subjects taken from not less than three groups, of which Groups I. and II. must be two ; and must answer the questions so as to satisfy the Examinen that they have an adequate knowledge of English Grammar and Orthography.
Page 260 - As may be gathered from the above list of subjects, the examination embraces nearly all the subjects of the Honour Schools of the University ; and as it takes place in August it is open to those who have taken their Final Schools in the preceding June. Any one, therefore, who is not nineteen years of age on 1st January in the year in which he matriculates (in October) may give four years to an Honour course, and enter for the competition for the Indian Civil Service immediately after his Final School,...
Page 299 - Matter, Ether, and Motion : the Factors and Relations of Physical Science. By AE DOLBEAR, AB, AM, ME, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Tuft's College, USA English Edition, edited by Prof. ALFRED LODGE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo, cloth boards, 5*.
Page 46 - Demyships, questions are set relating to General Physics, to Chemistry, and to Biology, including Human and Comparative Anatomy and Physiology, with the principles of the classification and distribution of plants and animals ; but a clear and exact knowledge of the principles of any one of the above-mentioned sciences will be preferred to a more general and less accurate acquaintance with more than one.
Page 259 - Candidates will be expected to possess a knowledge of economic theory as treated in the larger textbooks, also a knowledge of the existing economic conditions, and of statistical methods as applied to economic inquiries, together with a general knowledge of the history of industry, land tenure and economic legislation in the United Kingdom.
Page ix - University, as such, holds no entrance examinations. It is open without respect of birth, age, or creed to all persons who satisfy the appointed officers that they are likely to derive educational advantages from its membership. A member of any one of the colleges, or of one of the Halls, is, as a matter of course, also a member of the university as soon as he matriculates.

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