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From January to April 1808,

AGRICULTURE. A General View of the Agriculture of Cheshire, drawn up for the Board of Agriculture. By Henry Holland, Esq. with a coloured map, 8vo. 1os.

A Treatise on the Cultivation and Preparation of Hemp, with plates. By Robert Wiflett, Esq. F. R. & A. S. Clerk to the Committee of Warehouses of the East India Company, 4to.

Letters and Papers on Agriculture, Planting, &c. selected from the Correspondence of the Bath and West of England Society, Vol. II, 8vo. 75. 6d.

Practical Observations on Gypsum, or Plaster of Paris, as a Magure; by Richard Parkiofon. 38. 60. sewed. + The Profitable Planter, a Theoretical and Practical Treatife on Planting. By William Pontey, Nurseryman. gs. boarde,

ANTIQUITIES. The History of Leicestershire, Part VI. containing the Hundred of Guthlaxton. By John Nichols, F. S. A. Edin, and Perth. With 68 plates. Folio, 21. 128. 60.

Munimenta Antiqua, or Observations on Ancient Castles, including the whole Progress of Architecture, Ecclefiaftical as well as Military, in Great Britain. By Edward King, Esq. F. R. S. and A. S. Vol, IV. sl. 158, 6d. '

ARCHITECTURE. A Series of Designs for Villas and Country Houses, By C. A. Busby, Architect, il. 55.

A Colle&tion of Designs for Modern Decorations, suitable to Par. lours, Dining and Drawing-rooms, Celings, Chimney-pieces, Foldingdoors, Balconies, Virandas, &c. &c. By C. Ą. Busby, Architect. il. 113. 60. Essays of the London Architectural Society, Royal 8vo. 78. 60..

BIOGRAPHY. Memoirs of Sir Thomas More, with a new Trandation of his Utopia, his History of king Richard III. and his Latin Poems. By Arthur Cayley, jun. Esq. 2 vol. 4to. 21. 28. boards.

A Portrait of the Right Hon. Viscount Nelson, with a brief Account of what he did and how he died. 4to. 108. 6d.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George Buchanan. By David Irving, A. M. 85.

A Biographical Index to the House of Commons, containing brief but correct Notices of the Lives, Families, and Party Connexions, Senatorial Character and Conduct, and other useful and satisfactory Particulars relative to all the Members of the Commons' House of Parliament. Corrected to February, 1808. 125. boarde. 12. 6d. red.

The Life of George Washington. By David Ramsay, M. D. 98.

Memoirs of the Public Life of the late Right Hon. Charles Jarries Fox. By R. Fell. 4to. 11. 115. 60.

Authentic Memoirs of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. 3 Pl. 219:

An Elay on the Life and Writiogs of Mr Abraham Booth, late Paftor of the Baptist Church in Little Prescot.ftreet, Goodman's-fields. By W. Jones. 8vo. 48. .'

'COMMERCE. An Answer to the Arguments by which Mr Spence, Mr Cobbett, and others have attempted to prove that Commerce is not a Source of National Wealth. By James Mill, Elq.

Emancipation in Disguise, a true Crisis of the Colonies, with Cone fiderations on Colonial Monopoly, and the Advantages derived by America from Louisiana. 58.

Orders in Council, or an Examination of the Justice, Legality and Policy of the New System of Commercial Regulations. 48.

An Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences of the Orders in Council, and an Examination of the Conduct of Great Britain towards the Neutral Commerce of America. By Alex. Baring, Esq. M. P. 43. · The Merchant's and Tradesman's Pocket Dictionary. By J. J. Max. well. 68. 6d.

DRAMA, · Illustrations of Shakespeare and of ancient Manners, with Disserta. tions on the Clowns of Shakespeare, on the Colle&ion of Popular Tales, entitled Gesta Romanorum, and on the English Morris Dance. By Francis Douce. 2 vol. 8vo. Il. 118. 6d. boards. * Three Comedies, translated from the Spanish. 78. 6d.

Critical Essays on the Principal Performers of the London Theatres, including general Remarks on the Pra&ice and Genius of the Stage. Small 8vo. 8s. boards. · Begone Dull Care; a Comedy in five A&r. By Frederic Reynolds, Esq. 28. 6d.

The Blind Boy; a Melo-Drama, in two Acts. 26.

The Heir at Law; a Comedy in s Ads. By G. Colman, Esq. 2s.6d. · The Surrender of Calais. By George Colman, Esq. 28. 6d.

The Battle of Hexham. By G. Colman, Esq. 28. 6d. · Antiquity; a Farce, in two Acts. 25.

EDUCATION. Collectanea Oratoria, or the Academic Orator; consisting of a Diverfity of Oratorical Selections, appertaining to every Class of public Orations. By J. H. Rice. 12 mo. 59. bound. · Philosophy for Youth, or Scientific Tutor ; being the Young Natural Philosopher's useful Companion. To which are prefixed Exercises in Elocution. By William Perry: 129.

A Catechism compiled from the Book of Common Prayer. By William Buckle, A. M. 28. On fine paper, 38.

A Vocabulary, English and Greek, arranged fyftematically. By Nathaniel Howard. 38. bound.

The New Pantheon, or an Introduction to the Mythology of the Ancients, in Question and Answer. By W. J. Hort. 48.

Extracts from Mrs Piozzi's Retrospection, selected for the Use of Young Perfons. By a Lady. Foolscap 8vo. 18. A Differtation on Metrical Pauses, and the due Construction and pres

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per Manner of reading Latin Heroic Verse. 28. sewed.

HISTORY. An Abridgement of the Roman History, written on a Plan to affitt the Memory. By Sophia F. Ziegenhirt. 2 vol. 12mo. 165. boards.

LAW. On the Poor Laws of England; the Opinions of various Writers ftated and considered, with proposed Amendments, to give effect to the prefent Laws and to the Views of the Government. By the Reverend James Willis, Vicar of Sopley, and one of the Magiftrates for the County of Southampton. 38.

The Prerogatives of the Bar discusfed, or its Licentiousness exposed, in a Letter to W. Garrow Esq. By Thomas Hague, 3s.

A Letter to Mr Thomas Hague, containing some Critical Remarks on his Letter to W. Garrow, Esq. 19.

An Abridgement of the Law of Nifi Prius ; containing the Deci, fions down to Trinity Term, 1807, By William Selwyn, jun. Esq. of Lincoln's-Ion, Barrister. Part III. 106. 6d.

The Principles and Law of Tithing, illuttrated by References to the most leading and recent Tithe Cases. By F. Plowden, Esq. Barrifter. Royal 8vo. 168.

A Treatise on the Law of Distresses. By James Bradley, of Lin, coln's-Inn. 8vo. 75. 6d. boards.

Reports of Calea argued and ruled at Nifi Prius, in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, from Michaelmas Term, 48 George 111. 1807, to Hilary Term, 48 George III, 1808. By John Campbell of Lincoln's-Inn, Esq. Vol. I. Part I. 6ą.

A Statement of the Evidence and Arguments of Council before the Committee of the House of Commons on the Controverted Election of Saltalh. By Samuel Carpenter, Esq. Barrister at Law, 108. 6d. bds.

MEDICINE. A Practica. Treatise on Strictures and Diseases of the Prostate Gland, S&c. &c. ,By T. M. Caton. 28.

Remarks on the Reform of the Pharmaceutical Nomenclature, and particularly on that adopted by the Edinburgh College. 28.

Remarks on the Purulent Ophthalmy, which has lately been Epidemi. cal in this country. By James Ware, Surgeon, F. R. S. 28. fewed.

A Practical Treatise on the Radix Rbataniæ, or Rhatany Root; to which are added, Directions for the Use of the Phosphate and Oxyphos. phate of Iron in Cancerous Affections. By Richard Reece, M. D. 29.

A Letter to Sir Joseph Bariks, Bart. F. R. S, on the Causes and Removal of the prevailing Discontente, Imperfections and Abuses in Medicine. By Thomas Beddoes, M. D. 48.

The Muscular Motions of the Human Body. By John Barclay, M. D. Lecturer on Anatomy. 8vo. 128,

The Principles of Surgery. By John Bell, Surgeon. Vol. III. royal 4to. 21. 28.

A Treatise on Pulmonary Consumption. By James Sanders, M.D. Edinburgh. 8vo. 8s. 60. boards.

Medical Reports of Cafes and Experiments, with Observations, chiefly derived from Hospital Practice. By s. A. Bardsley, M. D. 86. bd6.

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