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A familiar Treatise on Perspective, defigned for Ladies, and those who are unacquainted with the Principles of Optics and Geometry. By W. Daniel. 58. · Strictures on Subjects chiefly relating to the Ettablished Religion and the Clergy, in two Letters to his Patron. By a Clergyman. 38. 6d.

Facts are Stubborn Things ; a Letter to the Prince of Wales. By Nathaniel Jefferye. 48.

A Letter to John Scott Waring, Esq. in Refutation of his “ Ob. fervations on the Present State of the East India Company;" with Strictures on his illiberal and unjuft Conduct towards the Missionaries in India. 28.

Ins and Outs called to an Account ; or, the Wrath of John Bull. 23. 6d.

An Essay on the lofluence of Marriage on Health. 38. 6d.

Tales of the Passione ; in which is attempted an Illustration of their Effects on the Human Mind. By George Moore. 8vo. 9d.

A Second Letter to Mr Whitbread; containing Observations on his Bill for the Establishment of Parochial Schools in South Britain. By John Bowles, Esq. 38. 6d.

Observations on the American Treaty ; in Eleven Letters. 28. 6d. Memorials of Nature and Art, collected on a Journey through Great Britain in the Years 1802 and 1803. By C. A. Gotlieb Goede. Transated from the German by Thomas Horne. 3 vol. small 8vo. 16s. 6d. boards.

A Letter to the King on the State of the Etablished Church of England. 18. 6d.

A few Observations on the present State of the Nation; in a Letter to his Grace the Duke of Bedford. By the Rev. T. Randolph, D. D. 25. 6d.

An Inquiry into certain vulgar. Opinions concerning the Catholic Inhabitants, and the Antiquities of Ireland. By the Rev. J. Milner, D.D. F. S. A. 58. boards.

A brief Statement of the present System of Tithes in Ireland, with a Plan for its Improvement. By J. Mason. 18. 6d.

Studies, Sacred and Philosophic. 8vo. 99.
The Trial of Mrs Gregson for Adultery with her Coachman. 18.

Truth and Error contrasted ; in a Letter to a young Gentleman, in Answer to his Apology for joining the Methodists. 18. 6d.

The New Cyclopædia, or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature. By Abraham Rees, D.D. F.R.S. Part XVIII.

A Plan to prevent all Charitable Donations for the Benefit of the Poor, in England and Wales, from Loss, Embezzlement, Misapplication, Fraud, and Abuse. By William Beckwith, Elg. 7s. 6d. boards.

Lectures on the truly Eminent English Poets. By Percival Stockdale. 2 vol. 8vo. il. 18.

A Letter to Joseph Lancaster, on the Subject of his Lecture delivered in the Town Hall of Cambridge, Feb. 18. 1808. 6d. .

A Reply to a Critical and Monthly Reviewer, in which is inserted Euler's Demonstration of the Binomial Theorem. By Abraham Rom bertfon, D.D. F. R. S. Savilian Professor of Geometry. 16. 6d.


POETRY. The Satires of Juvenal; translated and illustrated by Francis Hodgson, A. M. Royal 4to. 21. boards.

Exodus, an Epic Poem, in Thirteen Books. By Charles Hoyle, A. M. gs. boards. - The Resurrection ; a Poem. By John Stewart, Esq. Small 8vo. 75. boards.

The Poetical and Dramatic Works of the late General Burgoyne; to which is prefixed, Memoirs of the Author. 2 vol. 125. Large paper, 18s.

The Minstrel, Book III. ; being a Continuation of Dr Beattie's Poem., 4to. 6$.

Richmond Hill, a Descriptive and Historical' Poem, illustrative of the principal Objects viewed from that Eminence. By the Author of Indian Antiquities. 4to. Il. Is. boards.

Juvenile Poems. By Thomas Romney Robinson. ss. boards.

The Poems of Oslian, in the Original Gaelic, with a Literal Translation into Latin. By the late R. Macfarlan, A. M.; with a Dissertation on their Authenticity, by Sir John Sinclair, Bart. and a Translation from the Italian of the Abbé Cesarotti's Dif sertation on the Controversy respecting the Authenticity of Oslian; with Notes, and a Supplemental Essay. By John MacArthur, LL. D. 3 vol. royal 8vo. 21. 25. Large paper, 31. 135. 6d.

'The Rural Enthusiast, and other Poems. By Mrs M. H. Hay. 8vo. Ios. 6d. The Fall of Cambria. By Joseph Cottle. 2 vol. foolscap 8vo. 145. L'lrepide, Odi Anacrcontiche, di Silvio Ireno, P. A. 12mo. 75.

A Collection of Songs, Moral, Sentimental, Instructive, and Amusing. Selected and revised by the Rev. James Plumptre, M. A. Fellow of Clare Hall. Vol. III. 75.

Who is John Bull! or a Poetical Definition of our National Appellation. By an Englishman. 15. 60.

Marmion, a Tale of Flodden Field, in Six Cantos. By Walter Scott, Esq. 419. II. IIs. 6d.

Virtue and Innocence, ss.
The Water King's Levce, or the Gala of the Lake. 18s. coloured; 11s. plain.

An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language. By John Jamieson, D.D.
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and of the Society of the Antiquaries of
Scotland. 2 vol. 4to. 41. 45.

Latium Redivivum, or a Treatise on the Modern Use of the Latin Language, and the Prevalence of the French. To which is added, a Specimen of the Latin Language, accommodated to Modern Use. By the Rey. Samuel Seyer, A. M. 8vo. 45. 6d. boards.

POLITICS. Military and Political Considerations relative to Great Britain and her Oriental CoIonies. By Major-General Sir G. Braithwaite Boughton, Bart. 8vo. Ios. 6d. boards.

The Present State of the British Conftitution illustrated. 45.

A Collection of State Papers relative to the Danish and Russian Wars, with Prem fatory Remarks. 25. Qd.

Considerations on the Causes, Objects, and Consequences of the present War, and on the Expediency, or the Danger of Peace with France. By William Roscoe, Esq. 25. 6d.

A Discourse on the true Character of our late Proceedings in the Baltic. 55.

The chief Cause of the Misfortunes of Europe from 1789 to 1807. Translated from the French of M. de Life, by George Skene, Esq. 25, 6d.

A Letter to the Governors, Legislators, and Proprietors of Plantations in the Bri. tish West India Islands. By the Right Rev. Beilby Porteus, D. D. Bishop of Long don. 25.

An Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences of the Continental Alienation; being a Second Part to an Inquiry into the State of the Nation. 55.

A Defence of the Petitions for Peace presented to the Legislature. By Joseph Hanson, Esq. is,

A Political Sketch of America. 25.
A Summary View of the Rights and Claims of the Roman Catholics of Ireland. IS,

A Sketch of the Causes and Copsequences of the late Emigration to the Brazils 35. fewed.

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