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limited space; but he is comforted with the assurance that bin fellow-teachers are not so effectively helped by elaboration and prolixity, as by suggestiveness and point, and these he has anxiously endeavoured to secure.

The author has had in view modern difficulties, objections, and criticisms, but he has sought to meet them, wherever possible, by adequate explanations, and by bringing to light the deep moral truths which so often justify the peculiar form in which Divine revelation is given to us. The work will be found liberal and generous in the treatment of all questions raised by modern science, but conservative of every great and fundamental principle of our Divinely-given religion.

It is more than a "Teacher's Handbook," and it is hoped that it will prove pleasant and instructive to the general reader, and acceptable in Christian families. It is commended to all who desire to apprehend the meaning and the mission of the revealed Word.

For the convenience of the Sunday School Teachers, the work is issued in two parts, the first part covering the subjects of the "International'' lessons during the third quarter of the year 1880; and the second part being equally adapted to the lessons of the fourth quarter.

Teachers will find the work of such a standard value that it may profitably take its place in their private as well as publiclibraries.

The author, having had many years' experience in providing "Lesson Help" for Teachers, and having already written one of this series of Handbooks ("The First Three Kings of Israel "), sends this work forth with the earnest hope and prayer, that the Inspirer of all truth and goodness will own it, and sanctify its influence upon his fellow-labourers in the blessed work of explaining the message of eternal life to the children.

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