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24127 Croke. CROKE'S (Sir Alex.) GENEALOGICAL HISTORY of the
CROKE FAMILY, originally named Le Blount, 2 vols. 4to. 44
Pedigrees, without that of Le Blount at p. 118, Portraits, Seals,
Coats of Arms, and Views of Castles, Manor-Houses, Family
Relics, etc. half calf gilt, £4. Oxford, privately printed, 1823

24128 Devonshire. Lives of all the Earls and Dukes of Devonshire,
descended from Sir William Cavendish, by J. Grove, 8vo.
portrait, calf gilt, 288
Lond. 1764
24129 Duket. DUCKETT (Sir G. F.) Duchetiana : or Historical and
Genealogical Memoirs of the Family of Duket, 4to. Coats of
Arms, cloth, 168


24130 Farnham DESCENTS, from Henry III and the subsequent Kings

of England, 3 parts in 1 vol. impl. 4to. hf. blue morocco, privately

printed, 328
Cavan, 1860

24131 Fortescue. HISTORY OF THE FAMILY OF FORTESCUE in all its

branches, by Thomas (Fortescue) LORD CLERMONT, second edi-

tion, impl. 4to. numerous plates, containing fine portraits, views,

facsimiles, etc. with folding pedigrees, hf. morocco, uncut, 42s 1880

A magnificent book of considerable historical importance. So many men

of great eminence in the annals of England have belonged to the Fortescuc
family that a record like this becomes highly valuable to the student and the
political historian. As, however, but a few copies were printed, it may be
said to be within the category of privately printed books.

24132 Galway. Henry de Ruvigny, Earl of Galway. A final Memoir,
with a prefatory Life of his Father, by Rev. D. C. A. Agnew,
4to. photographic portrait, cloth, 7s

Edinb. 1804

This celebrated Genealogical Monograph, a storehouse of valuable infor-
mation for the Herald, the Antiquary, and the Historian, is now extremely
scarce; all the copies having been distributed into the hands of private
gentlemen, friends of the author.

This copy is quite complete, having the rare additional leaves, which are
wanting to most copies.

24135 Hardinge. NICHOLS (J.) Memoirs of Geo. Hardinge, Senior
Justice of Brecon, Glamorgan, and Radnor, with Anecdotes of
the HARDING FAMILY, 8vo. portraits, boards, 50 copies printed,



24136 Holte. DAVIDSON (A.) History of the Holtes of Aston, Descrip-
tion of Aston Hall, folio, plates, cloth, 158 Birmingham, 1854

24149 HISTORY of the Noble House of Stanley, with a Description of
the Isle of Man, 18mo. woodcuts of coats of arms, cloth, 5s

Manchester, 1840
24150 Stansfeld. Pedigree of the Family of Stansfeld, of Stansfeld
Hall, with 7 illuminated shields of Arms, a large sheet mounted
on linen in a 4to. morocco case, 20s Privately printed, 1883
24151 Taintor. Genealogy and History of the Taintor Family, from the
period of their emigration from Wales to the present time, by
Charles M. Taintor, 12mo. unbound, 10s Greenfield, Mass. 1847
24152 Thomas. Genealogical Notes: containing the Pedigree of the
Thomas Family of Maryland, and of the connected families of
Snowden, Buckley, Laurence, Chew, Ellicott, Hopkins. Johnson,
Rutherfurd, Fairfax, Schieffelin and Tyson, 4to. cloth, £2. 10s
24153 Tyndale. GREENFIELD (B. W.) Genealogy of the Family of
Tyndale, with the Pedigrees of several Families with whom
they have formed alliances, and showing the connection with
the line of Plantagenet, impl. folio, pedigrees, bds. £3. 38

Privately printed, 1843

21154 Vilas. Genealogy of the Descendants of Peter Vilas, compiled

and edited by C. H. Vilas, 8vo. portraits, cloth, 18s

Madison, U.S.A. 1875

24155 Warren. Genealogy of Warren, with historical Sketches, by
John C. Warren, royal 4to. pedigrees, portraits, and plates, cloth,
Boston, U.S. 1854
Showing the descent of an American Family from the Earls of Warren.

24156 Warwick, Earls of: ROWS' ROLL: Thys rol was laburd and

finished by Master John Rows of WARWYK; with Introduction

and Historical Index by W. COURTHOPE, royal 4to. frontispiece

with the Arms of Warwick, and 33 plates, comprising 64 portraits,


and COLOURS, only a few copies issued, hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut,

£3. 168

Vol. XVI. The Visitation of YORKSHIRE, 1563 and 1564, by William Flower,
ed. by C. B. Norcliffe
Issued for 1881
Vol. XVII. The Visitation of LONDON, 1633-35, by Sir Henry St. George,
edited by J. J. Howard

Vol. XVIII. Visitation of CHESHIRE in 1850, by Robert Glover and William
Flower, with additions and continuations, including those from the Visi-
tation of 1566, and Appendix containing the Visitation in 1533, by W.
Fellows, etc. edited by John Paul Rylands
Issued for 1882


Vol. VI. Parish Registers of ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE, London, 1558 to
1754, edited by J. L. Chester
Issued for 1881
Vol. VII. Parish Registers of ST. MICHAEL, Cornhill, London, 1546 to 1754,
partly edited by J. L. Chester


Issued for 1882

Visitations of SUFFOLK, 1561, 1577, and 1612, ed. by W. C. Metcalfe 1882

Vols. I-VII are out of print and cannot be supplied separately. Vols. VIII
and following can be supplied at 24s each.

24158 MARSHALL (G. W.) Index to the Pedigrees contained in the
printed Herald's Visitations, 8vo. cloth, 6s
24159 [NICHOLAS (N. H.)] Catalogue of the Heralds' Visitations, with
references to other valuable genealogical and topographical
Manuscripts in the British Museum, 8vo. Uds. 5s


24160 SIMS (R.) Index to Pedigrees and Arms contained in the

Heralds' Visitations and other Genealogical MSS. in the British

Museum, 8vo. cloth, 20s

the same, 8vo. interleaved with additions in MS.

half morocco, 30s

24162 Cornwall, VISITATIONS OF THE COUNTY OF CORNWALL, edited, with

additions, by Lieutenant-Colonel J. L. VIVIAN, 15 parts 4to.,

subscription price, £3. 15s
Privately printed, 1880-84

The Subscription List is now closed; not a copy remains for sale with the

author, who has transferred the few unsold copies to me.

From next year the price of copies, if any remain, will be raised to £5. 5s.

The Heralds' Visitations to Cornwall in the years 1530, 1573, and 1620

are partially contained in the Manuscript Collection generally known as the

"Harleian MSS.," and have never yet been published. They are now offered

to Subscribers in a comprehensive form, the descent of each family being

brought down, where possible, to the present day, from_authorities such as

Wills, Inquisitions post mortem, Parish Registers, Deeds, Family Records, etc.,

every effort being made to secure accuracy, and to produce a standard work

of authority on Cornish Genealogy. Numerous pedigrees of families, not

contained in the Herald's MSS., will be introduced, showing family descent

and connection, and in cases where a family migrated into Cornwall from

another county the Visitation pedigree of the family in that county is added.

The work, in two volumes demy quarto with index, is now in course of issue

in Parts, and will be completed as quickly as possible, the number of copies

being strictly limited to 500.

The Editor trusts that, in his endeavours to produce a correct collection of

Cornish pedigrees, he will receive that support from his fellow Cornishmen to

which be believes he is entitled.

For the list of Names of Families, see separate Prospectus.

24163 Devon. THE VISITATION of the County of Devon taken in the

year 1564, with additions from the Earlier Visitation of 1531,

edited by F. T. COLBY, impl. 8vo. cloth, £2. 28

This is an earlier Heralds' Visitation than the one issued by the Harleian
Society. Only 250 copies were printed, and it is now out of print.

24164 Gloucestershire. VISITATION of the County of Gloucester, begun
by Thomas May and Gregory King, 1682, finished by Henry
Dethick, 1683, edited by Fenwick and Metcalfe, impl. 8vo. cloth,
Exeter, 1884

24164* Huntingdonshire Visitation, under the authority of Camden,
by his deputy, N. Charles, Lancaster Herald, 1613, edited by
Sir H. Ellis, sm. 4to. cloth, 78
Camden Society, 1849
24165 Kent. VISITATION, taken in the year 1619, by J. Philipott,
Deputy to W. Camden, royal 8vo. 112 pp. pedigrees and heraldic
cuts (all published), hf. morocco, £2. 12s 6d


Published from a copy in the handwriting of Sir E. Dering, now pre-
served in the Surrenden Library, with additions, etc.

24166 Lincoln. Visitation, in 1562-4, edited by Walter C. Metcalfe,
8vo. sd. 12s 6d
24167 Middlesex. VISITATION of, began in 1663 by Wm. Ryley and
H. Dethick, Marshals and Deputies to Sir Ed. Bysshe, Claren-
cieux, sm. folio, bds. 15s
Salisbury, 1820
24168 Somerset. VISITATION of, in 1623, edited by F. T. Colby, impl.
8vo. cloth, 30s


"The present volume contains the original notes of the Visitation of
Somersetshire, made in the year 1623 by Henry St. George and Sampson
Lennard under Camden, taken from the Harl. MS. 1141." It forms the
eleventh vol. of the series of Heralds' Visitations issued (to members only)
by the Harleian Society.

24169 Suffolke VISITATION, made by W. Hervey, Clarenceux, 1561, with
additions from Family Documents, Original Wills, Jermyn,
Davy and other MSS. edited by J. J. Howard, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE
PAPER, pedigrees, plates and coats of arms, half morocco extra, gilt
edges, £5. 10s
Lowestoft, 1866-76
the same, Vol. I, 8vo. coats of arms, facsimiles of brasses,
etc. cloth, 7s 6d



the same, Vol. I, 4to. LARGE PAPER,
coats of arms, facsimiles of Brasses, 20s

Lowestoft, 1866
numerous pedigrees,
Lowestoft, 1866-70

Only a small number of copies printed for subscribers, and the book is
now unattainable at the publishers.

24172 Warwickshire. VISITATION of WARWICKSHIRE, taken 1619 by
S. Lennard and A. Vincent, being Marshalls for W. Camden,
edited by J. Fetherstone, royal 8vo. numerous pedigrees and full-
page woodcut coats of arms, all published, unbound £2. 10s
Warwick, 1859
24173 VISITATIONS in Harl. MSS. Index by Sir Thomas Phillips, 3 pp.
folio, 58
n. d.
24174 Yorkshire VISITATIONS, 1584-85 and 1612: the Visitation of
Yorkshire, made in the years 1584-85, by Robert Glover,
Somerset Herald; to which is added the subsequent Visitation
made in 1612, by Richard St. George, Norroy King of Arms,
with several additional Pedigrees, including "The Arms taken
out of Churches and Houses at Yorkshire Visitation, 1584-5,"
"Sir William Fayrfax' Booke of Arms," and other Heraldic
Lists, with Copious Indices, edited by Joseph Foster, Compiler
of the Yorkshire and Lancashire Collection of Pedigrees, and

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