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Alaman, Disertaciones sobre la Historia de la
Repub. Megicana, 3 vols. 1844-9
Alken's Field Sports, folio

American Journal of Mathematics, Vols. 1 to 3

Angas (G. F.) New Zealand Illustrated, roy. folio, 1847

Atkinson's (James) Medical Bibliography, 8vo. 1834

Audubon's Birds of North America, 4 vols. elephant folio

Barlow, Magneticall Advertisements, sm. 4to. 1616

Bateman's Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire, 8vo. 1848

Catalogue of Antiquities at Lomberdale House. 8vo.

Bauer, Illustrationes Flora Noua Hollandiæ, roy. folio, 1813, plates, 0 and 10 Beatson's Naval History, 6 vols. 8vo.

Beaumont and Fletcher's Works, by Dyce, 8vo. Vols. 1 and 11

Bellenguet, History of Elizabeth Camden, 4to. 1628

Berkeley, Decades of Fungi, Decas 1-62, 1844-56 Bible. Das Gantz Neuw Testament, 8vo. Basel. 1523

Bishton, Agriculture of Shropshire, 4to. Brentford, 1794

Blackwood (Adam) portraits of

(Henry) portrait of

Bock, Geschichte der Liturgischen Gewänder, 2 vols. 8vo. 1859

Bond, Longitude found, 1676

Borbonii (Nicolai) Nugarum libri octo, 8vo. Lugd. 1538

Borrough's Discourse on the variation of the compass, 1585

Boswell (J.) Life of Johnson, by Croker, 8

vols. 8vo.

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Carr's History of Wallaby and Killaby Short Horns

Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper, 1st series I-IV, N. series, Jan. 21, '65

Catalogue of Museum of R. Greene, 12mo. Lichfield, ca. 1787

Catalogue of Special Exhibition of Musical Instruments held at S. Kensington, 1872 Catherwood's Ancient Monuments of Central America, folio, 1844

Cervantes' Don Quixote, translated by Jarvis, Vol. IV, 12mo. 1840

Charnay, Cités et Ruines Americanes, 1863 Chevallier (N.) Liste des noms et qualités de leurs Excellences Messeigneurs les plenipotentiaires, etc. au congrès de la paix generale à Utrecht, Utrecht, 1713

Chrysostom (Joannis) Homiliæ nunc primum in lucem editæ à Joanne Cheko, Lond. 1543 Colburn, U.S. Magazine, 1829 all, and 1839 pts. 2 and 3

Coleridge, Poems, 1st edition, Bristol, 1796, uncut

Coilections of Old Theatrical Anecdotes and Jokes

Corpus Juris Canonici, any edition before 1560 Corpus Juris Civilis, ed. Fehius, 6 vols. folio,


Corsica, Books on:

Semidei, Descrizione del reguo di Corsica, Napoli, 1737-4

Biguglia (Girolamo) Autico e Moderno Stato di Corsica, 1656

Merello (Michele) Della guerra fatti dai Francesi, etc. Genova 1607, 4to. Marzolaccio (Giô. Batta.) Chroniche della Città di Bonifacio, Bologna, 1662, 12mo.

Compendiosa descrizione delle cose di Bonifacio, Bologna, 1625, 18mo. Hermite de Souliers dit Tristram (Jean Rte. L') Les Corses français, coutenant l'histoire des plus illustres Seignems, etc. Paris, 1662, 12mo.

Vertunno (Giulio) Viaggio in Corsica, Genova, Belloni, 1560, 4to.

Philippini (A. Pietro) Storia di Corsica, Tournon, 1594, 4to.

Vitalis (Rev.P.Salvatore) Chronica Sacra Santuario di Corsica, etc. Fiorenza, 1639, 4to. Colonna (A. F.) Commentario delle glòrie e delle prerogative del reguo di Corsica, Roma, 1685, 4to.

Limperani, Storia di Corsica, Roma, 1779, 8vo. 2 vols. 4to.

Cortes, Arte de Navegar, Sevilla, 1556

18075 HORE BEATISSIME VIRGINIS MARIE AD LEGITIMŪ EBORACENSIS ECCLESIE RITUM, sm. 4to. woodcuts, wanting leaf H 8, fine copy in blue morocco extra, leather joints, gilt edges, by H. Walther, £150.

Rothomagi, G. Bernard et J. Cousin, 1517

The extraordinary rarity of all the York Service Books is too well-known to require any comment. Of this volume, no other copy has been recorded, and it is probably unique. One feature of especial interest is the great quantity of English matter which is found in it. There are long and explicatory headings, recounting, in English, and with much greater diffuseness than we see in other books of "Hours," the origin, nature, and object of the various prayers. There are several MS. notes which were written probably about 1550, and which betray the hand of a bitterly hostile Reformer. The absent leaf was missing more than a century ago, as a note to that effect appears at the bottom of the preceding page (probably in Herbert's handwriting of about the year 1760).

18076 KEMPIS. Cy comence le Liure tressalutaire Intitule De limitacion nostreseignr jesnerist (sic), sm. 4to. PRINTED ON VELLUM (only one other copy known) and ornamented with 15 MINIATURES FINELY ILLUMINATED IN GOLD AND COLOURS, leaf 39 cut out, a fine volume in old calf, with arms of N. J. Foucault in gold on sides, EXTREMELY RARE, £84.


Paris, J. Lambert, 1493

The name of the printer and date are partially erased. The beauty of the paintings, the value of the book as a nearly unique vellum-impression, and the bit of literary history embodied in its title (copied below) invest this volume with a singularly interesting character. The portion of the intitulation given above is succeeded by the words which follow here :— "lequel a este par aucuns iusques a psent attribue a saint Bernard, ou maistre Jehan gerson. pose que soit autremēt. Quar lacteur dicelluy soubz nostre seignr fust vng venerable pere & tresdeuot religieux chanoine regle. viuat en son temps en obseruace reguliere Jouxte la regle monseigneur saint augustin nome frere thomas de Kempis. . . . Translate de latin en francois. . . ."


a Splendid Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum, containing the Gallican Missal of the use of Langres, and, from the escutcheons which appear on some of the pages, probably executed for JEAN D'AMBOISE, afterwards Bishop of Langres (1481-97); written on 154 leaves of pure vellum (size 12 in. by 9 in.), with numerous handsome borders composed of flowers, fruit, grotesque figures, birds, coats of arms, scrolls, &c. 25 large bordered initial letters, each historiated with a fine MINIATURE PAINTING, and several hundred smaller capital and initial letters in gold and colours, blue morocco, broad dentelle borders in gold, silk linings, gilt edges, by Derome le jeune, with his ticket, £80. About 1470

This volume is not the complete Missal, and is singularly arranged. The Commune Sanctorum is placed at the beginning, followed by the second part (Easter to Epiphany) of the Ordinarium de Tempore, and the Canon of the Mass stands separately at the end of the book.

18078 COTELERII (J. B.) Ecclesiæ Græcæ Monumenta e MSS. codicibus, Gr. et Lat. 3 vols. 4to. old calf, £2. Lut. Paris, 1677-86

The Monumenta consist of inedited opuscula by the early fathers of the Church.

18079 ESTIENE (Henri) Introduction au Traité de la Conformité des Merveilles anciennes avec les modernes, ou Traité preparatif à l'Apologie pour Herodote, 12mo. vellum, £2. 5s


A fierce attack upon the manners of the time, especially those of the Catholic ecclesiastics.

18080 GINSBURG (Christian D.) the Kabbalah, its doctrines, development, and literature, 8vo. cloth, 5s 1865

18081 RIBADENEIRA (Petri) Bibliotheca Scriptorum Societatis Jesu, opus inchoatum anno 1602, continuatum à Phil. Alegambe usque ad annum 1642, recog. et productum ad annum 1675, a Nathanaele Sotvello, folio, oaken boards, covered in stamped pigskin, slightly wormed, £2. 15s

Romæ, 1676



Modern Imitations and Compositions in

those Languages; Critical Apparatus

for the Study of the Classics, and

Works on the Archæology

and History of Greece

and Rome.


18082 ACHILLES TATIUS de Leucippes et Clitophontis Amoribus, gr. et
lat. ed. F. Jacobs, 8vo. hf. morocco, uncut, 78 6d Lips. 1821
18083 ADAGIA sive Proverbia Græcorum ex Zenobio, Diogeniano, et
Suidæ collectaneis, gr. et lat. edente A. Schotto, 4to. old calf gilt,
Antverpiæ, 1612


See post ADAGIA in Section III.

18085 ESCHINES. Græciæ excellentium Oratorum Eschinis et Demos-

thenis, Orationes adversariæ, Græce (edidit J. Reuchlinus), sm.

4to. old calf, from the Sunderland library, £2.

Haganoæ, ex acad. Anshelmiana, 1522

18086 ÆSCHYLI Tragoedia septem, folio, LARGE PAPER, citron morocco
extra, silk fly-leaves, gilt edges, £7. 78 Glasguæ, Foulis, 1795

"Of this splendid work it is said that only fifty-two copies were printed,
and of the LARGE PAPER only eleven."-Dibdin.

18087 SCHLYLI Agamemnon, a Tragedy taken from Eschylus (tran-

slated by Edward Fitzgerald), sm. 8vo. first edition, sd. 12s

Privately printed, n. d.


the same, sm. 4to. second edition, cloth, rare, 15s


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