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The PREFACE. Ordinary, p. xxiii.

COMMUNION. i Cor. ii. This is the body, Hoc corpus, quod pro which shall be delivered vobis tradetur: hic calix up for you: this is the novi testamenti eft in cup

of the new covenant meo fanguine, dicit Doin my blood, saith the minus. Hoc facite, quoLord. As often as you tiescunque sumitis, in receive them, do it in re- meam commemoratiomembrance of me.

Elp us, O Lord our God, and for ever protect

those whom thou haft refreshed with thy facred mysteries. Thro”. II. POSTCOMMUNION. Quæfumus.

E beseech thee, O Almighty God, not to

leave exposed to the dangers of human life those, whom thou permitteft to partake of the divine mysteries. Thro'. Or POSTCOMMUNION. Hæc nos.

AY the participation of this divine sacrameno

protect us, we beseech thee, O Lord : and always procure safety and defence to thy servant N. whom thou hast appointed Paftor over thy Church, together with the flock committed to his charge. Thro'.

LITTLE CHAPTER. The beginning of the EPIs-
TLE to *, p. 124.

H Y M N.
Ehold the royal en-

Exilla regis prodefigns fly,

unt, Bearing the Cross's my- Fulget Crucis mysteri

stery : Where life itself did Quâ vita mortem pertudeatb endure,

lit, And by that death did Et morte vitam protulit.





life procure.


A cruel spear let out a Quæ vulnerata lanceæ

Of water mix'd with fa- Mucrone diro, criminum

ving blood :
Which, gushing from Ut nos lavaret fordibus,

the Saviour's fide,
Drown'd our offences in Manavit undâ & fangui-

the tide.
The mystery we now Impleta funt, quæ

Which David's faithful David fideli carmine,

verre foretold
Of our Lord's kingdom; Dicendo nationibus :

whilst we fee
God ruling nations from Regnavit à ligno Deus.

a tree.
O lovely tree, whose

Arbor decora & fulgi-
branches wore

The royal purple of his Ornata regis purpurâ,

gore !
How glorious does thy Electa digno ftipite

body shine,
Supporting members fo Tam fancta membra

The world's bleft ba- Beata, cujus brachiis,

lance thou waft

Thy happy beam it's Pretium pedendit sæculi,

purchase weigh'd,
And bore his limbs, who Statera facta corporis



snatch'd away

ed prey.

Devouring hell's expect. Tulitque prædam tar

Hail Cross, our hope ! O Crux, ave fpes u-
on thee we call,

Who keep this mourn. Hoc paffionis tempore !

ful festival:
Grant to the just increase Piis adauge gratiam,

of grace,


And ev'ry sinner's crimes Reisque dele crimina.'

efface. Bleft Trinity, we Te, fons salutis Tripraises sing

nitas, To thee, from whom all Collaudet omnis fpirigraces spring,

tus: Celestial crowns on those Quibus crucis victori

bestow Who conquer by the Largiris, adde præmicross below. Amen.

um, Amen. V. and R, as above, p. 122.

At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. Your father A- Ant. Abraham pater braham earnestly desired veller exultavit ut videto see my day: he saw ret diem meum: vidit, & it, and rejoiced.

gavifus eft, PRAYER. Collect at Mass, p. 123. 猪排并排洪港港球球球球社群据来球球群群料理 Μ Ο Ν D A Y.

MASS. INTROIT. ULTAve mercy on me, O Lord, for

man hath trodden me underfoot; he hath aflaulted and persecuted me the whole day long. Pf. My enemies have trampled me under-foot the whole day long: and the number of those that affault me is very great. Have mercy, &c. to Pr.

COLLECT. San&tifica.
Anctify, O Lord, we beseech thee, our fasts, and

mercifully grant us the pardon of all our sins. Thro'.

LESSON, Jonas iii. !, 10. IN those days : The word of the Lord came to

the Prophet Jonas the second time, saying: Arise, and go to Ninive, the great city: and preach in it the preaching I bid thee. And Jonas arose,

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and went to Ninive, according to the word of the Lord. Now Ninive was a large city, of three days journey. And Jonas began to enter into the city one day's journey; and he cried out and said: Yet forty days, and Ninive shall be destroyed. And the people of Ninive believed in God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on fackcloth from the greatest even to the least. For the word came to the King of Ninive :- and he arose from his throne, and cafting off his robe, he put on fackcloth, and sat in alhes. And he ordered proclamation to be made and published in Ninive, by order of the King and his Nobles, saying: Let neither man nor beast, oxen nor sheep, taste any thing: let them not feed nor drink water. And let men and beasts be covered with fackcloth, and cry out with all their might to the Lord : and let them turn every one from their evil way, and from the iniquity that is in their hands. Who knoweth but God may turn and pardon us, and lay aside the fury of his anger, so that we may not perish! And God saw their works, that they had forsaken their evil ways: and our Lord God took compassion on his people.

GRADUAL. Pf. 53. O God, hear my prayer: and hearken to the words of mouth. V. Save me, O God, by thy name, and rescue me by thy might.

TRACT. Deal not, &c. as above, p. 29.

GOSPEL. John vii. 32, 39:
T that time : T'he rulers and Pharisees sent

officers to apprehend Jesus. Jesus therefore faid to them: Yet am I a little time with


and then I go to him that sent me. You shall seek me, and you

shall not find me: and where I am, thi. ther you cannot come. Then said the Jews among themselves : Whither will he go, that we shall not find him ? Will he go to those, who are dispersed

Expl. li was a long Square, 480 furlongs, or 60 miles round ; and 20 miles were reckoned a day's journey for a man on fosko

e Expl. From tbeir wicked actions.


among the Gentiles, and teach the Gentiles? What is the meaning of what he said : You shall seek me, and thall not find me: and, where I am, thither you cannot come! And on the last day, being the greatest day of the feast, Yesus stood up, and cried out aloud, saying: If any one thirst, let him come to me and drink. He that believeth in me, as faith the scripture, out of his belly a shall rivers of living water flow. And this he spoke of the spirit, which they that believed in him, were to receive.

OFFERTORY. Pf. 6. Turn to me, O Lord, and rescue my soul: save me for thy mercy's fake.

SECRET. G Rant us, O Lord our God, that this facrifice

of our salvation may both cleanse us from our fins, and appease thy Majesty. Thro'.

COMMUNION. Pf. 23. The Lord of arnies is himself the King of glory.


AY the participation, O Lord, we beseech

thee, of this saving facrifice both cleanse us, and heal us. Thro'. Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God.

PRAYER. Da, quæfumus, GRant; O Lord, we beseech thee, to thy people

health both of body and mind, that being conftant in the practice of good work, they may always be safe under thy protection. Thro'.

The COMMEMORATION at VESPERS. Anth. If any one thirst, Ant. Si quis fitit, velet him come to me and niat ad me & bibat : & drink: and living waters de ventre ejus Auent lhall flow out of his heart, aquæ vivæ, dicit Dofaith the Lord,

minus. V. and R. as above, p. 122. Prayer. Da, quæfumus.

a Expl. Heart, or inward partie

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