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On FRIDAY in PASSION-WEEK is faid the
office of
A greater Dauble.



John 19. Here food by the crofs of Jefus


his and his mother's fifter, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Salome, and Mary Magdalen. V. Jefus faid: Woman, behold thy fon; and to his difciple: Behold thy mother. V. Glory. Gloria in excelfis is faid.

COLLECT. Deus, in cujus.

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prophecy, the fword of grief pierced the most fweet foul of glorious Mary, the Virgin-mother: grant, in thy mercy, that we, who with honour commemorate her forrows and fufferings, may be helped by the glorious merits and prayers of all the faints that faithfully ftood by thy crofs, fo as to partake of the happy fruits of thy paffion. Who livest.

Then is made a Commemoration of Friday by the COLLECT. Cordibus noftris, as p. 141. As likewife by the SECRET and PosTCOMMUNION fol lowing, their refpective proper places.

LESSON. Judith xiii. 22, 25.

HE Lord hath bleffed thee with his power, who

brought our enemies

Thou art the bleffed of the Lord the high God, above all women upon earth. Bleffed be the Lord, who made heaven and earth, because he hath this day fo magnified thy name, that thy praise fhall not depart out of the mouth of men, who shall remember the power of the Lord for ever: for that thou didst not fpare thy life at the fight of the distress and tribulation of thy country, but haft helped to prevent their ruin in the fight of our God.

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GRADUAL. Thou art overwhelmed with grief and in tears, O Virgin Mary, standing by the cross of our Lord Jefus thy Son, the Redeemer.

TRACT. Holy Mary, the Queen of heaven and Lady of the world, ftood full of grief by the cross of our Lord Jefus Chrift. V. O all you that pafs by the way, attend and see if there be any forrow like unto mine.


Nder the world's
redeeming wood
The most aflicted Mo-
ther stood,


Juxta crucem lacrymosa

Dum pendebat Filius.

Mingling her tears with
her Son's blood.
As that stream'd down

from ev'ry part, Of all his wounds the felt the fmart, What pierc'd his body, pierc'd her heart. Who can with tearlefs eyes look on, When fuch a Mother

fuch a Son

Wounded and gafping
does bemoan?
O! worse than Jewish
heart that thou'd
Unmov'd behold the
double flood
Of Mary's tears, of Je-
fu's blood!

Alas! our fins, they

were not his,
In this atoning facrifice,
For which he bleeds, for

which he dies. VOL II.

Tabat Mater dolorofa

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Quis eft homo qui non fleret, Chrifti matrem fi videret In tanto fupplicio.!


When graves did open, rocks did rent, When nature and each element

His torments and his grief refent;

Shall man, the cause of all his pain, And all his grief; fhall finful man

Only infenfible remain?
Ah! Pious Mother,
teach my heart
Of fighs and tears the
holy art,
And in thy grief to bear
a part.
That fword of grief
that did pafs thro'
Thy very foul, O! may

it now

Quis poffet non contriftari,

Piam Matrem contemplari

Dolentem cum Filio?

To heal the leprosy of

fin We must the cure with tears begin, All flesh's corrupt without their brine. Refuge of finners, grant that we May tread thy fteps; and

let it be

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Eia Mater, fons amo-

Me fentire vim doloris,
Fac ut tecum lugeam.

Fac ut ardeat cor me


One kind wound on mine bestow.

Great Queen of forrows, in thy train Let me a mourner's In amando Chriftum Deplace obtain, um,

With tears to cleanse a finful ftain.

Ut fibi complaceam.

Sancta Mater iftud a

gas, Crucifixi fige plagas Cordi meo validè,

Tui nati vulnerati,

Tam dignati pro me pati,

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Pænas mecum divide.

Fac me verè tuum flere, Crucifixo condolere,


ego vixero.

Our forrow, not to grieve
like thee.

O may the wounds of
thy dear Son

Our contrite hearts pof-
fefs alone,

And all terrene affec-
tions drown.

Thofe wounds that now
the ftars out-fhine,
Thofe furnaces of love Te libenter fociare

In plancu defidero

May they our droffy

fouls refine.

And on us fuch impreffions make, That we of fuffering for his fake,

May joyfully our por

tion take.

Let us his proper badge

put on,

Let's glory in the crofs

By which he marks us

for his own.

That when the dread-
ful trials come
For ev'ry man to hear

his doom;
On his right hand we
may find room.
Oh hear us Mary!
Jefu hear!

Our humble prayers, fe

cure our fear, When thou in judgment

fhalt appear.

Juxta crucem tecum. ftare,

Virgo virginum præ.

Mihi jam non fis amara,
Fac me tecum plangere..

Fac ut portem Chrifti


Paffionis fac confortem,
Et plagas recolere.

Fac me plagis vulne-
Cruce hac inebriari,

Ob amorem filii.

Inflammatus, & ac-

Per te, virgo, fim defen-
In die judicii.

Fac me cruce cuftodiri, Morte Chrifti præmuniri, Confoveri gratiâ.

Quando corpus mori-

Fac ut animæ donetur
Paradifi gloria. Amen.

Now give us forrow, give us love, That fo prepar'd we

may remove, When call'd to the bleft feats above. Amen.

GOSPEL. John xix. 25.

AT T that time: There ftood by the cross of Jefus his mother, and his mother's fifter, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalen. When Jefus therefore faw his mother and the difciple Itanding, whom he loved, he faith to his mother: Woman, behold thy fon. After that he faith to the difciple: Behold thy mother. And from that hour the difciple took her to his own home.

OFFERTORY. Remember, O Virgin-mother of God, whilft thou ftandeft in the prefence of the Lord, to fpeak in our favour, that thou mayeft tum away his wrath from us.



E offer thee, O Lord Jefus Chrift, our prayers and facrifices, humbly intreating thee, that we, who, in our prayers of this day, commemorate the transfixion of the most sweet foul of bleffed Mary thy mother, may receive our reward with her and her bleffed companions that stood under thy cross, this holy assembly being multiplied, thro' the merits of thy death. Who livest, &c.

PREFACE in the transfixion. Ordinary, p. xxix. COMMUNION. Happy are the fenfes of the bleffed Virgin Mary, who, without dying, merited the crown of martyrdom under the crofs of the Lord..

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