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man, and not willing to eam traducere, voluit ocexpose her, intended to cultè dimittere eam. put her away privately.

Antb. The angel of Ant. Angelus Domini the Lord appeared to apparuit Joseph dicens : Jofepb, saying: Joseph, Joseph, fili David, noli son of David, fear not timere accipere Mariam to take Mary thy wife: conjugem tuam: quod for that which is concei- enim in ea natum est, de ved in her, is of the Holy Spiritu Sancto eft: pariet Ghoft: The fall bring autem filium, & vocabis forth a son, and thou nomen ejus Jefum. thalt call his name Jeo fus. LITTLE CHAPTER. Prov. xxviii. THE faithful man fhall be much praised, and





H Y M N.
ET heav'ns bright WE, Joseph, cele

brent againa cce. claim,

litum, And Chriftian Quires Tecuncti resonert Chri

resound the fame, ftiadum chori, Jofeph in chafteft wed- Quiclarus meritis, junclock tied,

tus es inclytæ To th' ever-Vir- Cafto fædere Vicgin-Bride.

gini. Thy pregnant consort Almo cum tumidam breaks thy reft,

germine conjugem And anxious doubts di- Admirans, dubio tanfturb thy breast :

geris anxius, Till th' Angel thy fufpi- Aflatu superi Alaminis cion heals,

Angelus And God, made Conceptum pueman, reveals.

rum docet. Thy arms embrace Tu natum Dominum

thy new-born Lord; ftringis, ad exteras With' him thou Ai'ft Ægypti profugum tu le

from Herod's sword; queris plagas : Vol. II,


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Him three days lost thou Amiffum Solymis quæris, find'st again,

& invenis, And joy succeeds Miscens gaudia fler i thy pain

tibus. In th'other world have Post mortem reliquos

faints their bliss, mors pia consecrat, And wear the palms de- Palmamque emeritos sery'd in this;

gloria suscipit : Thou crown'd with Tu vivens, fuperis par,

greater happiness, frueris, Deo,
On earth doft God Mirâ forte beatior.

Pardon our sins, great Nobis, fumma Trias,

One and Three, parce precantibus Let Joseph's prayers Da Fofepb meritis fidera bring us to thee;

scandere : Where we may fing loud Ut tandem liceat nos tibi

hymns of praise. perpetim
For endless years

Gratum promere and days. Amen. canticum. Amen. V. He appointed him 1. Conftituiteum DoLord of his house." R. minum domus suæ. R. And chief over all he Et principem omnis pofhad.

feffionis fuæ. At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. Joseph rising

Ant. Exurgens Joseph from sleep, did as the à fomno fecit, ficut præangel of the Lord com- cepit ei angelus Domini, manded him, and took & accepit conjugem his wife.

fuam. PRAYER. Collect at Mass.

MASS. INTROIT. The righteous man. COMMON, P. cxx.

COLLECT. Sanctifimæ. GRant, we befeech thee, O Lord, that the

merits of the spouse of thy most holy Virgin-mother may be alifting to us; and what we cannot ob

tain through our own weakness, may it be granted to us by his prayers. Who livelt.

LESSON. Ecclus. 45. COMMON, p. cxxid, GRADUAL, ib. Tract. Blessed is the man, ib.

p. cvii.


GOSPEL. Matt, i. 18. *Hen Mary the Mother of Jesus was espous

ed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child by the Holy Ghost. And Joseph her husband being a righteous man, and unwilling to expose her, thought secretly to dismiss her. But while he was thinking on these things, behold an angel of the Lord appeared to him in his fleep, saying: Joseph, son of David, fear not to take Mary thy wife : for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghoft. And the shall bring forth a fon, and thou shalt call his name Jesus : for he shail fave his people from their fins. OFFERTORY. My truth, COMMON, p. cxii.

E pay thee, O Lord, the homage we owe,

humbly beseeching thee, to preserve in us thy gifts, by the prayers of blessed Joseph the husband of the Mother of our Lord Jesus Chrift, thy Son, on whose festival we offer thee this facrifice of praise. Thro' the fame.

COMMUNION. Jofeph, son of David, Jofeph, fili David, ne fear not to take Mary timeas accipere Mariam thy wife : for that which conjugem tuam : quod is conceived in her, is enim in eâ natum eft, de of the Holy Ghost. Spiritu Sancto est.

Ear us, O merciful God, and vouchsafe, by

the intercession of blessed Joseph, thy Confessor, to preserve in us, what thou haft bestowed upon us. Thro'.

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Psalms, as in the first VesPERS, p. 216.
Anth. ПАНЕ

HE parents Ant. Bant parentes
of Jesus

Fesu per omnes
every year to Jerusalem, annos in Jerusalem, in-
on the folemn feast of die folemni Paschæ.
the Palover.

Anth. When they re- Ant. Cum redirent, turned, the child Jesus remanfit puer Jesus in remained in Jerusalem, Jerusalem, & non cogand his parents did not noverunt parentes ejus. know it.

Anth. They not find- Ant. Non invenientes ing Jesus, returned back Yesum, regreffi funt in to Jerusalem, seeking Yerusalem, requirentes him and after three eum: & poít triduum indays they found him fit- venerunt illum in temting in the temple in the plo fedentem in medio midst of the Doctors, Doctorum, audientem, hearing them, and ask- & interrogantem eos. ing them questions.

Anth. His mother said Ant. Dixit mater ejus to him : Son, why haft ad illum : Fili, quid fethou done so to us? Be- cisti nobis fic ? Ecce pahold thy father and I have ter tuus, & ego dolentes, fought thee with forrow. quærebamus te.

Anth. Jesus' went Ant. Descendit Jesus down with them, and cum eis, & venit Nacame to Nazareth, and zareth, & erat fubditus was subject to them. illis.

The LITTLE CHAPTER and HYMN as in the firft VESPERS, p. 217.

V. Glory and riches V. Gloria & divitiæ in are in his house. R. And domo ejus. R. Et juftihis righteousness abideth tia ejus manet in sæcufor ever and ever.

lum fæculi. At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. Behold the faith- Ant. Ecce fidelis ferful and prudent fervant, vus & prudens, quem

whom the Lord placed conftituit Dominus fuover his family.

per familiam suam. PRAYER, Collect at Mass.

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St. BENEDICT, Abbot. A Double.

All the Office as in the COMMON, p. cxxiii. Coot

Oo oo

సంఘం XXV. The ANNUNCIATION of the B. V. MARY.

A Double of the second Rank.

I. VESPER S. PSALMS as in the COMMON, p. Ixii. Anth. HE angel Ant. Illus eft Gail Gabriel was

briel angelus sent to Mary, a virgin ad Mariam, virginem efpoufed to 7ofeph. defponfatam Jofeph.

Anth. Hail Mary, full Ant. Ave Maria, graof grace, the Lord is tiâ plena, Dominus tewith thee: blessed art cum: benedicta tu in thou amongst women. mulieribus.

Anth. Fear not, Ma- Ant. Ne timeas, Ma ry, thou haft found fa- ria, invenisti gratiam vour with the Lord : be- apud Dominum : eece hold thou fnalt con- concipies & paries ficeive, and bring forth a lium. fon.

Anth. The Lord will Ant. Dabit ei Domigive him the throne of nus sedem David patris his father David, and he ejus, & regnabit in æterIhall reign for ever.


Anth. Bebold the Ant. Ecce ancilla handmaid of the Lord: Domini : fiat mihi fe


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