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my Petition.


faid on N. next) and in general for the souls of all
the faithful departed, that by our prayers they may
receive refreshment and comfort.
Let us say for these fouls the 129th Psalm.

cried out to thee,
O Lord:* Lord, hear my Domine, exaudi vocem

meam. Let thine ears be at- Fiant aures tuæ intententive*to the voice of dentes, *in vocem depre

cationis meæ. If thou shouldst ob. Si iniquitates obserferve iniquities, O Lord:* vaveris, Domine:* DoLord, who shall stand mine, quis fuftinebit? it?

For with thee is pro. Quia apud te propitipitiation :*And because atio eft :*Et propter leof thy law I have waited · gem tuam sustinui tey for thee, O Lord. Domine.

My soul hath relied Sustinuit anima mea on his word :*My soul in verbo cjus : * Speravit hath hoped in the Lord, anima mea in Domino, From the morning

A cuftodiâ matutina watch even until night:* usque ad noctem :*Spe. Let Israel hope in the ret Ifrael in Domino. Lord.

For with the Lord Quia apud Dominum there is mercy: * And misericordia : * Et copiwith him there is a plen- osa apud eum redemptiful redemption.

tio. And he himself shall Et ipse redimet Ifra. redeem Israel * from all el,*ex omnibus iniquitait's iniquities.

tibus ejus. Eternal reft*grant to

Requiem æternam* them, O Lord.

dona eis, Domine. And may a perpetual Et lux perpetua *lulight*hine upon them. ceat eis,

with you.

V. May they reft in 1. Requiefcant in peace.

pace. R. Amen.

R. Amen. V. O Lord, hear my V. Domine, exaudi prayer.

orationem meam. R. And may my cry

R. Et clamor meus come unto thee.

ad te veniat. V. May the Lord be V. Dominus vobif

cum. R. And with thy spirit. R. Et cum fpiritu tuo:

Let us pray. Fidelium. God, the creator and redeemer of all the faithO

ful, grant thy servants remisition of all their fins : That by pious fupplications they may obtain that pardon, which they have ever de fired.' Thro' Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

By the Orders of the Catholick Church N. day in the ensuing week is a fast, or abstinence, being the Vigil, or N. N. is a holiday of obligation, being the feast of N, which you are to fanctify by (refting from fervile work) aflifling at divine service, hearing the word of God, and meditating on holy things. And remember, that what is the most agreeable to God on those days, is to avoid fin, live in peace and Christian charity with one another, and faithfully to observe his holy commandments, that departing this life in the state of grace, you may immediately be translated to the kingdom of heaven, thro' the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


The ORDINARY of the MASS adapted to the use

of the LAITY, when they go to COMMUNION, and when they do not. While the Priest is vesting, say the following prayer. Roftrate in spirit at the foot of thy holy altar, I adore thee, O Almighty God. I firmly be


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Pr. DE thou, O God, Pr. Juliairerne


lieve that Mr(s, at which I am going to affift, isikule of the body and blood of Jesus Christ h" on.

Giá: !may ailist thereat with the attention, respect, and awe due to such august mysteries; and that by the merits of the victim there offered for me, I mysdf may become an agreeable facrifice to thee, who livest and reignest with the same Son and Holy Ghost, one God world without end. Amen.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Pr. I will go up to the

Pr. Introibo ad altare altar of God.

Dei. P. To God, who re- P. Ad Deum, qui läjoiceth my youth. tificat juventutem meam.

Psalm xlii.

Udica me, Deus, my judge, and distinguish my

cause fam meani de gente non from the nation that is fancta : Ab homine ininot holy: From the un- quo

& doloso erue me. just and deceitful man do thou deliver me.

P. Since thou, O P. Quia tu es Deus God, art my strength, fortitudo mea, quare me why haft thou cast me repulifti? Et quare trifoff? And why do I gotis incedo, dum amigit sorrowful, while the ene- me inimicus ? my afflicteth me!

Pr. Send forth thy Pr. Emitte lucem tu. light, and fulfil thy pro- am, & veritatem tuam ; mised; they have led me ipsa me deduxerunt, & on, and brought me to adduxerunt in montem thy holy mount, and in- fanctum tuum, & in tato thy tabernacles. bernacula tua.

P. And d Lit. Thy truth. This word truth, in rh Psalms particularly, is always taken for obe certain accomplijimen, or fulfilling of a promife,


P. And I will go up

P. Et introibo ad alto the altar of God, to tare Dei, ad Deum, qui God who rejoiceth my lætificat juventutem meyouth.

am. Pr. I will praise thee Pr. Confitebor tibi in on the harp, o God, citharâ, Deus, Deus memy God; why art thou us; quare tristis es aniforrowful, O my foul, ma mea, & quare conand why dost thou di- turbas me? fturb me? P. Hope in God, for

P. Spera in Deo, quohim will I still praise: niam adhuc confitebor He is the saviour I look illi: Salutare vultûs mei, for, and my God.

& Deus meus. Pr. Glory be to the Pr. Gloria Patri, & Father, and to the Son, Filio, & fpiritui fancto. and to the Holy Ghost.

P. As it was in the P. Sicut erat in prinbeginning, now is, and cipio, & nunc & semper, evermore shall be world & in fæcula fæculorum. without end. Amen. Amen.

Pr. I will go up to Pr. Introibo ad altare the altar of God.

Dei. P. To God, who re- P. Ad Deum qui læjoiceth my youth. tificat juventutem meam,

Pr. Our help is in Pr. Adjutorium nofthe name of the Lord.

trum in nomine Domini. P. Who made both P. Qui fecit cælum heaven and earth. & terram. After the Priest hath said the Confiteor, the people

answer, P. May Almighty P. Mifereatur tui omGod be merciful to thee, nipotens Deus, & diforgive thee thy fins, millis peccatis tuis perand bring thee to life ducat te ad vitam ætereverlasting

nam. Pr. Amen.

Pr. Amen.

P. I

P. I confess to Al- P. Confiteor Deo mighty God, to blessed omnipotenti, beatæ MaMary ever a Virgin, to riæ femper Virgini, beablessed Michael the Arch- to Michaeli Archangelo, angel, to blessed John beato Joanni Baptiste, the Baptist, to the holy sanctis Apoftolis Petro & Apostles Peter and Paul, Paulo, omnibus Sancto all the Saints, and tis, & tibi, Pater, quia to thee, O Father, that peccavi nimis cogitaI have grievously finned tione, verbo & opere, in thought, in word, and meâ culpâ, meâ culpâ, in deed; thro' my fault, meâ maximâ culpa. Ideo thro'my fault, thro'my precor beatam Mariam exceeding great fault. femper Virginem, beaTherefore I beseech the tum Michaelem Archanbleffed Mary ever a Vir- gelum, beatum Joannem gin, blefied Michael the Baptiftam, fanctos ApoArchangel, blessed John ftolos Petrum & Paulum, the Baptift, the holy omnes Sanctos, & te, Apostles Peter and Paul, Pater, orare pro me ad all the Saints, and thee, Dominum Deum nofO Father, to pray to the trum. Lord our God for me.

Pr. May Almighty Pr. Mifereatur veftri God have mercy on you, Omnipotens Deus, & forgive you your sins, dimiflis peccatis veftris, and bring you to life perducat vos ad vitam everlasting

æternam. P. Amen.

P. Amen. Pr. May the almigh- Pr. Indulgentiam, abty and merciful Lord folutionem, & remifiogrant us pardon, absolu. nem peccatorum noftrotion, and semillion of rum tribuat nobis omni

potens & mifericors Do

minus. P. Amen.

P. Amen. Pr. O God, if thou Pr. Deus tu conver

d Here all. Atrike their breasts thrice, to express their forrow and compunction for their fins. VOL. II.


our sins,

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