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palm-tree; he fhall multiplicabitur in domo thrive like the Cedar on Domini. V. Ad annun. Libanus in the house of tiandum manè mifericorthe Lord. V. To publith diam tuam, & veritatem thy mercy in the morn- tuam per nociem. ing, and thy truth by night. TRACT. Blessed is the man, as p. Ixxxiv.

GOSPEL. Luke xii. 35, 40. AT

T that time Jesus said to his disciples : Let your

loins be girt, and lamos burning in your hands; and be you like men looking for their Lord, when he fall return from the wedding : that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open to him immediately. Blessed are thofe fervants, whom the Lord, when he cometh, shall find watching. Amen, I say to you, that he will gird a himself, and make them fit down, and he will come forth and serve them. And if he come at the second watch, or if he come at the third watch, and find them fo, blessed are those servants. But know ye this, that if the master of the house did know at what hour the thief would come; he would certainly watch, and would not suffer his house to be broken open. Be you then also ready: for at what hour you think not, the Son of Ma

will come. OFFERTORY. Ps. lxxxviii. My truth,

as p. cxii.

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SE CRE T. 'E offer thee, O Lord, in honour of thy saints,

sacrifice of praise, by which we hope to be delivered from all present and future evils. Thro'.

COMMUNION. Blessed is the servant,

as p. ciii.

a Expl. Tie a towel, or apron before him, as Christ did wben be washed the disciples feet.

POSTCOMMUNION. Refecti cibo.

meat and drink, we humbly beseech thee, that we may be affifted by his prayers, on whofe feast we have received these sacred myfteries. Thro'.

The PSALMS, Anthems, Little CHAPTER,

and HYMN, as in the first Vespers, p. cxvii. V. The Lord led the V. Juftum deduxit just man through right Dominus per vias rectas. ways. R. And he hath R. Et oftendit illi regshewn him the kingdom num Dei. of God.

At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. This man de- Ant. Hic vir despiciens spising the world, and tri- mundum, & terrena triumphing over all things umphans: divitias cælo on earth, laid up riches condidit ore, manu. in heaven both by word and deed.

Another M A S S of the same.

INTROIT. Pf. xci.
HE righteous man Ustus ut palma flore-

Thall Aourish like the bit ; ficut cedrus palm-tree: he shall thrive Libani multiplicabitur ; like the cedar of Libanus, plantatus in domo Dobeing planted in the house mini, in atriis domůs of the Lord, in the courts Dei noftri. Ps. Bonum of the house of our God. eft confiteri Domino ; & Ps. It is good to praise psallere nomini tuo, Althe Lord, and to sing to tiffime. V. Gloria. thy name, O thou the Most High. V. Glory.

COLLECT. Adesto. Ttend, O Lord, to the humble prayers we present to thee on the solemnity of blessed N.



thy Confeffor ; that we, who have no confidence in our own righteousness, may have the help of his prayers, who was so pleafing to thee. Thro'.

EPISTLE. I Cor. iv. 9, 14. BRethren: We are made a spectacle to the world,

and to angels and to men. We are fools for Christ's fake; but you are wise in Chrift: we are weak, but you are strong; you are honourable, but we without honour. Even unto this hour we both hunger and thirst, and are naked, and are buffeted, and have no fixed abode. And we labour working with our own hands. We are reviled, and we bless. We are perfecuted, and we suffer it. We are ill spoken of, and we intreat : we are become as the refuse of this world, the off-scouring of all even till now. I write not these things to shame you; but I admonish you as my dearest children, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

GRADUAL. Pf. xxxvi. The mouth of the Os jufti meditabitur righteous man fhall ut- fapientiam, & lingua ter wisdom, and his ejus loquetur judicium. tongue shall speak judg- Lex Dei ejus in corde ment. The law of God ipfius, & non fupplanis in bis heart, and his tabuntur pedes ejus. feet shall not be tripe up.

TRACT. Bleffed is the man, as p.cvii.

GOSPEL. Luke xii. 32, 34.

T that time Jesus said to his disciples: Fear not,

little Aock, for it hath pleased your Father to . give you a kingdom. Sell what you pofless, and give alms. Make to yourselves bags, that grow not old, a treasure in heaven which faileth not; where ne thief approacheth, nor moth confumeth. For where your treaure is, there will your heart be also.


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Vol. II.


OFFERTORY. Pf. xx. The righteous man,

In virtute tuâ, DoO Lord, Thall rejoice in mine, lætabitur juftus, & thy power; and he shall super salutare tuum exrejoice exceedingly that ultabit vehementer: dethou hast saved him: fiderium animæ ejus trithou haft granted him buisti ei. his soul's defire. SECRET.

O that our humble offerings may be acceptable to thee, for the honour of thy faints, and purify us both in body and mind. Thro'.

COMMUNION. Matt. xix. Amen, I say to you: Amen, dico vobis : that you, who have for- quod vos, qui reliquiftis fook all things, and fol- omnia, & fecuti eftis lowed me; hall receive me ; centuplum accipian hundred-fold, and etis, & vitam æternam obtain eternal life. poslidebitis.

E beseech thee, O Almighty God, that, by

the intercession of the heavenly food we have received, may defend us from all adverfity. Thro'.

Another EPISTLE. Philip iii. 7, 12. B Rethren: The things that were gain to me, those

I have accounted lofs for Christ. Farthermore I count all things to be but loss, for the excellent knowledge of Jesus Christ my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but as dung, that I may gain Christ, and may be found in bim, not having my own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is of the faith of Christ Jefus : which is of God, righteousness in faith. That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowíhip of his sufferings,


being made conformable to his death : if by any means I may attain to the resurrection, which is from the dead. Not as tho'I had already attained to that, or were already perfect : but I follow after, if that I may by any means lay hold of that, whereunto I was also laid hold of by Jesus Chrijl. k

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VE S P E R S.. All as in the Common of a Confeffor, not a Bishop, p. cxvii.

M AS S. INTROIT. The mouth of the righteous, as p. cxviii.

COLLECT. Interceflio.
AY the interceffion, O Lord, of blessed N.

the Abbot, recommend us to thee; that what we cannot hope for through any merits of our own, we may obtain by his prayers. Thro'. LESSON.

Ecclef. xlv. 1, 6. "E was beloved of God and men: whose me

mory is in benediction. God made him like the saints in glory, and magnified him in the fear of his enemies : and with his words he made prodigies to cease. He glorified him in the fight of kings, and gave him commandments in the light of his people, and thewed him his glory. He fančtified him in his faith and meekness, and chose him out of all flesh. For he heard him and his voice, and brought him into a cloud. And he gave bim his precepts face to face, and a law of life and instruction.

GRADUAL. Pf. xx. Lord, thou wast be- Domine, "prevenifti fore-hand with him with eum in benedictionibus

k Expl. I may lay bold of or obtain that crown of glory, for sbe obtaining of which jelus Christ took me into ibe number of bis jero,


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