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lamps: behold the bride- veftras: ecce fponfus vegroom comes: go forth nit, exite obviam ei. to meet him.


M A S S.
All as in the Common of One Virgin and Mar-
tyr, p. cxxvii. except what follows.

COLLECT. Da nobis.
Rant, we befeech thee, O Lord our God, that

with a constant devotion we may celebrate the victories of thy holy Virgins and Martyrs N. and N. that, tho' we cannot folemnize them as we ought; we may seek their prayers with all due bu. mility. Thro'.

EPISTLE. 1. Cor. vii. BRethren: Concerning yirgins I have no com

mandment of the Lord: but I give counsel, as having obtained mercy of the Lord, to be faithful. I think therefore that this is good, for the present neceffity, that it is good for a man so to be, Art thou bound to a wife? Seek not to be loosed. Art thou loofed from a wife? Seek not a wife. But if thou take a wife, thou hast not finned thereby. And if a virgn marry, she hath not finned thereby: nevertheless such shall have tribulation of the flesh. But I spare you. This therefore I say, brethren; the time is short : it remaineth, that they also who have wives, be as though they had none; and they that weep, as though they wept not; and they that rejoice, as though they rejoiced not; and they that buy, as though they possessed not; and they that use this world, as though they used it not; for the fashion of this world paffeth away. But I would

a Expl. To remain as be is. b Expl. Wordly cares and sollicitude for their children and family.

c Expl. I would save you these cares and anxieties, by wilking you to remain fingle.

d Expl. Every thing that bath only an outward appearance is transtory and of a foort duration,

have you be without sollicitude. He that is without a wife, is follicitous for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please God. But he that is with a wife, is follicitous for the things of the world, how he may please bis wife ; and he is divided. But the unmarried woman and the virgin thinketh on the things of the Lord, that the may be holy both in body and spirit, in Christ Jefus our Lord.


OOK down, we befeech thee, O Lord, on

the offerings laid on thy altar, on this feast of thy holy Virgins and Martyrs N. and N. that as thou hast bestowed glory on them by these facred mysteries, so thou maylt likewise grant us pardon,


POSTCOMMUNION. Prefia nobis.
Rant us, we beseech thee, O Lord, by the in-

rcesion of thy Virgins and Martyrs, to receive with a pure mind, what we receive with our


mouths. Thro'.

The COMMON of a VIRGIN, not a


V ES PERS. All as in the Common of a Virgin and Martyr, p. cxxv.

MASS. INTROIT. Pf. xliv. T


llexifti juftitiam, &

odifti iniquitatem tedlt iniquity; therefore proptereà unxit te Deus,

Deus tuus oleo lætitiæ nointed thee with an oil præ consortibus tuis. V. of gladness in a more ex- Pj. Eructavit cor meum

Hou loved it righte

teousness, and ha

God, thy God hath a



cellent manner than thy verbum bonum : dico e-
companions. V. Pf. My go opera mea regi.
heart hath uttered good
tidings: my works I re-
fer to the king

COLLECT. Exaudi nos.
IVE ear to us, O God our Saviour, that

as we celebrate with joy the folemnity of bleited N. thy Virgin, so we may improve in the affection of piety. Thro'.

EPISTLE. 2 Cor. x. 15: xi. 1, 2. B Rethren: Let him that glorieth, glory in the

for , is approved: but he whom God commendeth. Chap. 11. Would to God you could bear with some little of my folly : but do, bear with me. For I am jealous of you with the jealousy of God. For I have efpoufed you all to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Chrift.

GRADUAL. Pf. xliv. In thy comeliness and Specie tuâ & pulchribeauty go on, proceed tudine tuâ intende, proprosperously and reign. fpere procede, & regna. 1. For thy truth, meek- V. Propter veritatem & nefs, and righteousness manfuetudinem, & juftifaall thy right hand allo' tiam, & deducet te milead thee en wonderfully. rabiliter dextera tua.

TRACT. Pf. xliv. Hear, o daughter, Audi filia, & vide, & and fee, and be atten- inclina aurem tive: for the king is ta- quia concupivit rex fpeken with thy beauty. V. ciem tuam. V. Vultum All the rich among the tuum deprecabuntur people shall come with omnes divites plebis : entreaties before thee: filiæ regum in honore

a Exul. So he calls commending bimself, the forced to it for the good of his flocks

tuam :

the daughters of kings tuo. V. Adducentur regi shall honour thee. V. virgines pofteam: proxiVirgins shall be brought mæ ejus afferentur tibi. in her retinue to the V. Afferentur in lætitiâ king: her relations shall & exultatione: addube presented to thee. V. centur in templum regis. They shall be introduced with joy and gladness; they fhall be introduced into the temple of the king GOSPEL. Mart. xxv. as above, p.cxxix.

OFFERTORY. PS. xliv. The daughters of kings Filiæ regum in honore honour thee: the queen tuo: aftitit regina à was on thy right hand in dextris tuis in veititu a robe of gold, with a deaurato, circumdata variety of other orna- varietate. ments.

A Y the offerings, O Lord, of thy devout

people be acceptable to thee in honour of thy faints; by whose merits they have experienced help in their afflictions. Thro'.

COMMUNIONMatt. xxv. The five wise virgins Quinque prudentes took oil in their veitels virgines acceperunt olewith their lamps: and at um in vafis fuis cumlammidnight there was a cry padibus : medià autem made: Behold the bride- nocte clamor facius eft: groom comes; go out Ecce sponsus venit, exite and meet Chri/ the Lord. obviam Chrijlo Domino,

THOU haft fed, O Lord, thy san ily, with these

facred oblations: ever therefore comfort us



with her interceflion, whose feast we celebrate. Thro'.


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Another MASS of the same.

INTROIT. Pf. xliv.
LL the rich among

Ultum tuum deprethe people shall

cabuntur omnes come with entreaties be- divites plebis : adducenfore thee: Virgins shall tur regi virgines poft be brought in her retinue eam : proximæ ejus afto the king: her relations ferentur tibi in lætitia & shall be presented to thee exultatione. PJ. Erucwith joy and gladness.' tavit cor meum verbum P/. My heart hath ut- bonum: dico ego opera tered good tidings: my mea regi. V. Gloria. works I refer to the king. V. Glory. COLLECT. Exaudi, as p. cxxxvi.-EPISTLE. i Cor. vii. p. cxxxiv.

GRADUAL. PS. xliv. The king is taken Concupivit rex decowith thy beauty, for he rem tuum quoniam ipfe is the Lord thy God. V. est Dominus Deus tuus. Hear, o daughter and V. Audi filia & vide, & fee, and be attentive. inclina aurem tuam.

TRACT. Hear, o daughter, p. cxxxvi.
GOSPEL. Matt. xiii. p. cxxxii.-OFFERTORY.

Virgins înall be brought, p. cxxx.-SECREF.
May the offerings p. cxxxvii.

COMMUNION. Matt. xiii.
The kingdom of hea-

Simile eft regnum cce: ven is like a merchant lorum homini negotiatori feeking good pearls: and quærenti bonas margahaving found one of a sitas : inventa una pre

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