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great price, he gave all he tiofâ, dedit omnia fua, had, and purchafed it. & comparavit eam.

POSTCOMMUNION. Satiafti, p. cxxxvii.

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INTROIT. Sinners have laid in wait, p. cxxxi. COLLECT. Deus, qui inter cætera, p. cxxviii. Or, if there be more than one.


COLLECT. Da nobis.

RANT, we beseech thee, O Lord our God, that, with a conftant devotion, we may celebrate the victories of thy holy Martyrs N. and N. that, tho' we cannot folemnize them as we ought, we may feek their prayers with all due humility. Thro'.

LESSON. Ecclef. li. p. cxxviii.

GRADUAL. P. xliv.

Thou lovedt righteoufnefs, and hatedft iniquity. V. Wherefore God thy God hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness.

Dilexifti juftitiam, & odifti iniquitatem. V. Propterea unxit te Deus, Deus tuus oleo lætitiæ.

TRACT. Come, fpoufe, p. cxxix. GOSPEL. Matt. xiii. p. cxxxii.-OFFERTORY. Grace is fpread, p. cxxxii.



Eceive, O Lord, the offerings we bring on this folemnity of bleffed N. thy Martyr, by whofe interceffion we hope to be delivered. Thro'.


If there be more than one.


OOK down, we beseech thee, O Lord, on the offerings laid on thy altar on this feast of thy holy Martyrs N. and N. that as thou haft bestowed glory on them by these facred myfteries, thou mayst likewife grant us pardon. Thro'.

COMMUNION. Pf. cxviii. Princes have perfecuted me without cause; and my heart hath trembled at thy words: but I will rejoice in thy commandments, like one who hath found rich


Principes perfecuti funt me gratis, & à verbis tuis formidavit cor meum: lætabor ego fuper eloquia tua, quafi qui invenit fpolia multa.




AY the myfteries we have received, O Lord, be a help to us; and, by the interceffion of bleffed N. thy Martyr, caufe us to rejoice in her continual protection. Thro'.

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POSTCOMMUNION. Præfta nobis. Rant us, we beseech thee, O Lord, by the interceffion of thy holy Martyrs, to receive with a pure mind, what we take with our mouths. Thro'.


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WHEN we celebrate the feftivals of thofe faints who were engaged in the married ftate, we ought ferioufly to meditate on the virtues by which they fanétified themselves in that ftate of life. A profound humility, purity of heart, and an exact compliance with the duties,

and untired patience under the difficulties of that state of life, rendered them agreeable to God. Thefe are the virtues the Church honours in thefe faints, and these are the virtues we ought to beg, for all engaged in the married ftate, on the feasts of thefe holy women.

The Church likewife honours fome, who, after an irregular course of life for fome time, received of God the grace of true repentance; and were fo inflamed with the love of God, that the ardour of their love rendered them

almost equal to virgins. Let us beg of God, thro' their interceffion, the fpirit of true repentance, and that charity that covereth a multitude of fins.



The PSALMS as in the COMMON of the B. V. M. p. lxii.

UM effet rex

* Anth. Hile the Ant. Din accubitu W king was

on his couch: my perfume fent forth a sweet odour.

Anth. We run after the odour of thy perfumes; the young virgins have loved thee exceedingly.

Anth. Now the winter is paft; the rain is over and gone: arife, my love, and come.

fuo: nardus mea dedit odorem fuavitatis.

Ant. In odorem unguentorum tuorum currimus: adolefcentulæ dilexerunt te nimis.

Ant. Jam hiems tranfiit; imber abiit & receffit: furge, amica mea, & veni.

a This and the following Anthems are taken out of the Canticle of Canticles, or Song of Solomon, which is a dialogue between the bridegroom and the bride, and the companions of the bridegroom and bride; that is, between Chrift and bis Church, and the holy fouls it contains. In the first Anthem the Church Speaks in the name of thofe holy fouls. In the fecond the bride speaks to the bridegroom. In the third the bride groom Speaks to the bride. In the fourth be invites her to a perpetual union with bimfelf, after having been delighted with the odour of her virtues in this time of rain and tempefts. In the laft, the beauty and bappiness of an holy foul is celebrated, after it hath entered the beavenly Jerufalem.

Anth. Come, my chofen one, and I will place my throne in thee.

Anth. She is beautiful

Ant. Veni, electa mea,

& ponam in te thronum


Ant. Ifta eft fpeciofa

among the daughters of inter filias Jerufalem. Jerufalem.

LITTLE CHAPTER. Beginning of the LESSON to this mark *, p. cxliv.

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In ev'ry place with glo.
rious fame.
Such holy love in-
flam'd her heart,
That fhe abhorr'd the
poif'ning dart
Of worldly love, and
bravely trod

The narrow way that
leads to God.
A body grown with
fafting dead,

And mind with prayer
moft fweetly fed,
Conveys her foul above

the sky

To joys that laft eter

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Laudemus omnes fæmi


Quæ fanctitatis gloriâ

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From whom alone all Qui magna folus efficis,

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At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant feeking good pearls who, having found one of a great price, gave all he had, and purchased it.

Ant. Simile eft regnum cœlorum homini negotiatori quærenti bonas margaritas: inventâ unâ pretiofa, dedit omnia fua, & comparavit eam.

MASS. INTROIT. Pf. cxviii.

I have found, O Lord, that thy judgments are juft: thou haft humbled me by thy truths. Pierce my flesh with thy fear; thy commandments have made me tremble. P. Bleffed are the undefiled in the way; who walk in the law of the Lord. V. Glory.

Cognovi, Domine, quia æquitas judicia tua: & in veritate tuâ humiliafti me. Confige ti

more tuo carnes meas;

à mandatis tuis timui. P. Beati immaculati in via; qui ambulant in lege Domini, V. Gloria.

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