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POSTCOMMUNION, Deus, infirmitatis. God, the fingular aid of human weakness,

shew the power of thy help to thy fick servants: that, being affifted' by thy mercy, they may come in health again to thy holy Church. Thro'.



If the fick person be near the point of death.

E beseech thy mercy, 0. Almnighty God,

that thou wouldst please to strengthen with thy grace thy servant by the efficacy of these mysteries: that the Enemy may not prevail against him, or her, at the hour of his or her death, but that he, or she, may pass to eternal life with thy angels. Thro'.



To be faid at the choice of the Priest after the proper

Collect, on days that are not double feasts.

For defiring the Prayers of the Saints.
COLLECT. Concede, quejumus.
Rant, we befecch thee, O almighty God, that

the interceffion of holy Mary, the mother of God, and that of all the holy Apostles, Martyrs, Confeflors, Virgins, and of thy Elect, may every where bring joy to us; that, while we celebrate their virtues, we may find their patronage. Thro' the same.

SECRET. E Cappeased, O Lord, with the offerings we have, made; and, by the intercession of blessed Mary

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ever a Virgin, and of all thy Saints, defend us from all dangers. Thro'.


E have received, O Lord, thy heavenly

mysteries, celebrating the memory of blesfed Mary ever a Virgin, and of all thy Saints : grant, we beseech thee, that what we perform here in time, we may receive the joyful effects of in eternity. Thro'.

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For all the States of the Church. COLLECT. Omnipotens. Almighty and everlasting God, by whofe fpirit

the body of the Church is fanctified and governed: hear our humble prayers for all degrees thereof, that by the affistance of thy grace they may faithfully serve thee. Thro' our Lord Jesus Christ, who, in the unity of the same Holy Ghot, liveth.

RANT thy servants, O Lord, the pardon of

their fins, comfort in life, and thy perpetual protection; that, perfevering in thy service, they may always obtain thy mercy. Thro':

Eliver, O Lord, we beseech thee, from all

fin, and from all enemies, thy servants, who offer their humble prayers to thee, that, leading a holy life, they may be attacked by no misfortunes. Thro'.

For the King
COLLECT. Quæfumus.
E befeech thee, O almighty God, that thy

servant our King, who, thro' thy nerey, hath undertaken the government of this realm, may



likewife receive the increase of all virtues; wherewith being adorned, he may avoid the enormity of fin, and, being rendered acceptable in thy sight, come at length

to thee, who art the way, the truth, and the life. Thro' the same.

Anctify, we beseech thee, O Lord, these offer.

ings, that they may become for us the body and blood of thy only Son, and help our King to obtain falvation both of body and foul, and, by the affiftance of thy grace, to discharge his duty. Thro' the same.

AY this saving facrifice, O Lord, protect

thy servant our King from all adverfity; that he may obtain peace for the Church, and, after this life, an eternal inheritance for himself, Thro'.

For Prelates and their Flocks. COLLECT. Omnipotens. Almighty and everlasting God, who alone

performest wonders, send forth the spirit of thy saving grace on thy servants, and on the fucks committed to their charge ; and, that they may in all truth be well pleading to thee, comfort them with the dew of thy heavenly bleflings. Thro'... in the uniiy.

Ercifully look down, O Lord, on the facrifice

of thy fervants; and, fince we offer it for them to the honour of thy name, may they find help by it. Thro'.

POSTCOMMUNION. Quos cæleffi. Tontinually protect, O Lord, those whon thou

feedest with these heavenly mysteries, and make them worthy of eternal redemption. Thru'.



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For a Congregation or Family.

COLLECT. Defende. Reserve, O Lord, we beseech thee, this family

from all misfortunes, thro' the intercession of blessed Mary ever a Virgin; and, as they in all humility prostrate themselves before thee, do thou mercifully defend them from all the snares of their enemies. Thro'



our devout oblation; and, by virtue of this facrament, defend thy servants from all adversity. Thro'.


tion, grant, we beseech thee, O merciful God, that, by the celebration thereof, we may find thy protection against all adversity. Thro'. For Peace and Concord in a Congregation or Fa

mily. COLLECT. Deus, largitor. God, the author of peace and lover of charity,

give to thy servants true agreement with thy holy will: that we may be freed from all ihe tempo tations that disturb us. Thro'.

Eing appeased by this facrifice, grant, we be

feech thee, O Lord, that we may not be loaden with the sins of others, who beg to be freed from our own. Thro'.

POSTCOMMUNION. Spiritum nobis.
OUR forth on us, O Lord, thy spirit of cha-

rity: that those thou haft fed with one bread, thou mayst make of one mind by thy mercj. Thro' the unity.

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Against Perfecutors and Evil-doers.

COLLECT. Hoftium.
Rush, O Lord, we beseech thee, the pride of

our enemies; and, by the power of thy right hand, frustrate all their malicious and obftinate de, signs. Thro'.


AY we, O Lord, by the virtue of this sacra

ment, be both cleansed from our hidden fins, and delivered from the snares of our enemies. Thro'.

POSTCOMMUNION. Protector. . OOK down on us, O God our protector, and

free us from the danger of our enemies, that we may serve thee without any disturbance. Thro'.

in any Neceflity. COLLECT. Deus refugium. O

goodness, mercifully give ear to the fervent prayers of thy Church, and grant that what we ask with faith, we may effectually obtain. Thro'.




our salvation may continually cleanse us from all our guilt, and defend us from all adversity. Thro'.

TE have received, O Lord, the sacred gifts

of this myffery, humbly befeeching thee, that what thou commandest us to do in remembrance of thee, may be a help to our weakness. Thro'. Who livest.

In any Tribulation.
COLLECT. Ne despicias.
VURN not away thy eyes, O most merciful

God, from thy people crying out to thee in

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