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May God, our God, Benedicat nos Deus, bless us, may God bless Deus nofter benedicat us : * and may all the nos Deus :*& metuant bounds of the earth fear eum omnes fines terræ. him. Glory.

Gloria. V. Let us bless the V. Benedicamus PaFather, and Son, and trum, & Filium, cum Holy Ghost.

R. Let Sancto Spiritu. R. Lauus praise and extol him demus & super-exaltefor ever. V. May God mus eum in fæcula. V. give his Angels a charge Angelis suis Deus manover thee. R. To pre- det de te. R. Ut curserve thee where-ever todiant te in omnibus thou goest. V. O Lord viis tuis. V. Domine, hear my prayer. R. And exaudi orationem melet my cry come unto am. R. Et clamor me. thee. V. May the Lord us ad te veniat. V. Dobe with you. R. And minus vobiscum. R. Et with thy spirit.

cum spiritu tuo. Let us pray. Visita. "Ifit, we beseech thee, O Lord, this dwelling,

and drive from it, and from this thy handmaid, all the inares of the enemy; and may thy holy Angels dwell in it, who may preserve both her and the fruit of her womb in peace: and may thy blessing be always on her: save them, O almighty God, and grant them thy eternal light. Thro'. R. Amen.

The BLESSING. "AY the blessing of almighty God, the Fa

ther, Son, and Holy Ghost, come down on thee, and upon the fruit of thy womb, and remain with thee for ever. R. Amen.

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After CHILD BIRTH. The Woman, who after childbirth desires to come to Choo ch to give God thanks, and receive the Priest's

T Lord's, and all


blessing, kneels down at the Church-door with a lighted taper in her hand, and the Priest sprinkles her with boly water, saying : V. UR help is in V. the name of the

trum in nomine : Lord. R. Who made Domini. R. Qui fecit both heaven and earth. cælum & terram.

Anth. This woman Ant. Hæc accipiet beshall receive a blessing nedictionem à Domino, from the Lord, and mer- & mifericordiam à Deo cy of God her Saviour; falutari fuo ; hæc eft for she is of the genera enim generatio quærention of those that seek tium Dominum. the Lord.

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THE earth is the Omini est terra, &

Lord's, and all plenitudo ejus : * that it containeth :*the orbis terrarum, & uni. globe of the earth, and verfi qui habitant in eo. all that dwell on it.

For it was he who Quia ipfe fuper maria founded it above the fundavit eum :*& fuper feas:*and settled it above flumina præparavit eum. the rivers.

Who is he that shall' Quis ascendet in mongo up to the mountain

tem Domini ?*Aut quis of the Lord? *Or who is ftabit in loco fanéto ejus? he that shall abide in his holy place?

He whose hands are Innocens manibus, & innocent, and whose mundo corde :* qui non heart is clean: * who accepit in vano animam hath not taken his soul fuam, nec juravit in dolo in vain, nor sworn against proximo luo. his neighbour in deceit.

That man fhall re- Hic accipiet benedicceive a blessing from the tionem à Domino : * & c Expl. Sworn falsely, to the prejudice of bis own forsko

O you

Lord : * and mercy of misericordiam à Deo faGod his Saviour.

lutari suo. Such is the generation Hæc est generatio of those that seek him:* quærentium eum:*quaof those that seek the rentium faciem Dei Jaface of the God of Ja- cob. cob. Lift up your gates, O

Attollite portas, prinye princes; and be ye cipes, vestras ; & elevalifted

up, you eternal mini portæ æternales :* gates :*and the King of & introïbit Rex gloriæ. glory shall enter.

Who is that King of Quis eft iste Rex gloglory ?*The Lord, who riæ?*Dominus, fortis & is strong and mighty; potens; Dominus, pothe Lord, who is migh- tens in prælio. ty in battle. Lift up your gates,

Attollite portas, prinye princes; and be ye cipes, vestras ; & elevalifted up, O

you eternal mini, portæ æternales:* gates :* and the King of & introïbit Rex gloriæ. glory shall enter.

Who is that King of Quis eft iste Rex gloglory?* The Lord of ar- riæ ? * Dominus virtumies; he is the King of tum ; ipfe eft Rex gloglory.

riæ. Anth. This woman

Ant. Hæc accipiet, Thall receive, &C.

&c. Then the Priest leads her into the Church, saying:

Pr. Enter the temple of God, adore the Son of blefled Mary the Virgin, who hath made thee mother of a child. V. Lord have mercy

V. Kyrie eleison. R. R. Chrift have Chrifte eleison. V. Kymercy on us. V. Lord rie eleison. Pater nofhave mercy on us.

Our V. Et ne nos in. Father. V. And lead ducas in tentationem. us not into temptation. R. Sed libera nos à ma. R, But deliver us from lo. V. Salvam fac an.

on us.



evil. V. O Lord, save cillam tuam, Domine. thy handmaid. R. Who R. Deus meus, speran puts her trust in thee, O tem in te.

V. Mitte ei, my God. V. Send her Domine, auxilium de help, O Lord, from thy fancto. R. Et de Sion sanctuary. R. And from tuere eam. V. Nihil out of Sion protect her. proficiat inimicus in eâ. V. Let not the enemy R. Et filius iniquitatis prevail against her. R. ron apponat nocere ei. Nor the ton of iniquity V. Domine exaudi ora. hurt her any more. V. tionem meam.

R. Et O Lord hear my prayer. clamor meus ad te veniR. And let my cry come at. V. Dominus vobifa unto thee. V. May the

R. Et cum fpiLord be with you. R. ritu tuo. And with thy spirit.

Let us pray. Omnipotens.


ing forth of blessed Mary the Virgin, hast changed the pains of the faithful women, when they bring forth, into joy: mercifully look down upon this thy handmaid, who is come with joy to thy Church to give thee thanks; and grant that, after this mortal life, by the merits and intercession of the same blessed Mary, ihe, together with the fruit of her womb, may arrive at eternal bliss. Thro' Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

AY the peace and bleffing of almighty God,

the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, come down upon thee, and remain with thee for ever. R. Amen. stochota toota too

concocts The VISITATION of the SICK. Pr.

Eace be to this Pr. AX huic domui. house. R. And

R. Et omnibus to all that dwell therein. habitantibus in eà.




I hen Sprinkling the fick person, the bed, room, and all present, he says the Anthem, Thou shalt sprinkle. Then he exhorts the fick perfon to confeffion. After which he says:

Pr. Dear brother, [or fifter] if the Lord be so good as to restore you to health,

do you not purpose to avoid sin with all your might, and keep his commandments to the best of your power? Å. I do purpofe it.

V. Our help is in the 1. Adjutorium nofname of the Lord. R. trum in nomine Domini. Who made both heaven R. Qui fecit cælum & and earth. V. May the terram.

I'. Dominus Lord be with you. R. vobiscum. R. Et cum And with thy spirit. fpiritu tuo.

Lct us pray. Introeat.
Lord Jejus Christ, may eternal happiness, di-

vine prosperity, a ferene joy, a fruitful chasity, and everlatting health, enter this house together with us thy humble servants: may the Devils never approach this place, but let the Angels of peace be here, and may all evil discord abandon this house. Display the power of thy name in our behalf, and give a blefing to what we do : fanctify the entrance of us thy humble servants, Thou who art holy and merciful, and remainest with the Father and Holy Ghost world without end. R. Amen.

V. May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy spirit.

The Continuation of the Holy Gospel according to Luke.

T that time : Jesus rising up to go out of the

fynagogue, went into the house of Simon. And the mother-in-law of Simon was ill of a great fe. ver: and they befought him in behalf of her. And he standing by ber, commanded the fever, and it left her: and getting up immediately the waited on them. And when it was sunset, all that had any

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