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hate him, Ay before his face. Let them vanish like smoke; as wax is melted by the fire, so let sinners perilh at the sight of God: and let the righteous feast and rejoice in the presence of God. May therefore all the legions of hell be confounded and put to shame, and none of the ministers of Satan presume to stop thee in thy journey. May Chrift, who was crucified for thee, deliver thee from torments. May Chrif, who vouchsafed to die for thee, deliver thee from eternal death. May Chrift, the Son of the living God, place thee in the eververdant meadows of paradise; and may that true Shepherd ever reckon thee among his sheep. May he absolve thee from all thy fins, and place thee on his right hand, together with his elect. May thou see thy Redeemer face to face; and, being always in his presence, see the truth which is revealed to the eyes of the blessed. Being thus placed among the blessed, may'st thou for ever enjoy the sweetness of divine contemplation. R. Amen.

PRAYER. Suscipe.
Eceive thy servant, O Lord, into the place of

falvation, which he (or she] hopes from thy mercy.

R. Amen. Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy servant from all danger of hell, and from all pain and tribulation. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy servant, as thou delivered ft Enoch and Elias from the common death of the world. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou deliveredit Noah from the food. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou deliveredít Abraham from the midst of the Chalde.

R. Amen. Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou. deliveredit fob from all his aflictions. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou.



delivered ft Ifaac from being facrificed by his father Abraham. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou deliveredst Lot from Sodom and the flames of fire. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou deliveredit Mofes from the hands of Pharaoh King of Egypt. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou deliveredst Daniel from the lion's den. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou deliveredít the three children from the firy furnace, and from the hands of an unmerciful King. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou deliveredst Susannah from her false accusers. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou deliveredit

David from the hands of King Saul and Goliab. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou delivered ft Peter and Paul out of prison. R. Amen.

And as thou deliveredst that blessed Virgin and Martyr Thecia from moft cruel torments; fo vouchfase to deliver the soul of this thy servant, and bring it to the participation of thy heavenly joys. R. Amen.

Let us pray.. Commendamus.
E recommend to thee, O Lord, the soul of

this thy servant N. and beseech thee, O Lord Jesus Christ Redeemer of the world, that as in mercy to him [or her] thou becamest man; so now thou wouldīt vouchlafe to admit him (or her] into the number of the blefied. Remember, O Lord, he [or he] is thy creature, not made by strange Gods, but by thee, the only true and living God: for there is no other God but thee; none that can work thy wonders. May his [or her) soul find comfort in thy fight; and remember not his [or her] former fins, nor any of those excesses, which



he (or the] hath fallen into, through the violence of paflion and corruption. For although he [or The] hath finned, yet he [or the] hath still retained a true faith in thee, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; he [or the] hath had a zeal for thy honour, and faithfully adored thee his [or her] God, and the creator of all things.

Let us pray. Delieta.
Emember not, O Lord, we beseech thee, the

fins and ignorances of his for her] youth; but according to thy great mercy be mindtul of him (or her] in thy resplendent glory. Let the heavens be opened to him for her) and the Angels congratulate him (or her). Receive, O Lord, thy servant into thy kingdom. May the Archangel St. Michael, the chief of the Heavenly Host, conduct him for her). May the holy Angels of God meet him, [or her] and bring him (or her] to the city of the heavenly Jerusalem. May bleffed Peter, the Apostle, to whom were given the keys of the kingdom of heaven, receive him (or her). May holy Paul, the Apostle, who was a vespel of election, help him [or her]. May holy John, the beloved Disciple, to whom were revealed the secrets of heaven, intercede for him (or her]. May all the holy Apostles, to whom was given the power of binding and lcofing, pray for him (or her]. May all the blefled and chosen servants of God, who in this world have fuf. fered torments for the name of Christ, become his (or her] advocates; that being delivered from this body of corruption, he [or shes may be admitted into the kingdom of heaven, thro' the aflistance and merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with the Father and the Holy Ghost world without end. R. Amen.

When the fick person seems to be just going to expire, the Creed is said aloud by thoje that are present, and the Prieji frequently sprinkling with holy water, says:

V. Deliver, O God, V. Erue à framea, Dehis [or her) soul from us, animam ejus. R. the sword. R. And re- Et de manu canis libera fcue it from the paw of eam. V. De ore leonis the doy. 1. Deliver him libera eum, Domine. for her from the jaw of R. Et de cornibus unithe lion. R. And re- cornium humilitatem efcue him for her) in his jus. 1. Intende animæ [or her] distress from the ejus, & libera eam. R. horns of the unicorn. Et propter inimicos nofV. Look down upon his tros eripe eum. V. Lar[or her) foul, and deliver gire clarum vefpere, quo it. R. Rescue him for vita nunquam decidat. her] to the confusion of R. Sed præmium mortis our enemies. V. Grant facræ perennis instet glohim (or her] light in the ria. 1. Maria, mater evening, by which life gratiæ, mater misericormay never fail. R. And diæ. R. Eum ab hofte let everlasting glory fol- protege, & horâ mortis low his or her] happy fuscipe. death. V. Mary, mother of grace, mother of mercy. R. Protect him [cr her] from the enemy, and receive him (or her) at the hour of death.

Then the Priest taking the cross in his hand, says:

V. Behold the cross V. Ecce crucem Doof the Lord; you his mini; fugite partes adenemies be put to flight. versæ. R. Vicit leo de R. The lion of the tribe tribe Juda, radix David. of Juda hath conquered, who is the offspring of David.

Then he gives the fick person the crucifix to kiss.

V. We adore thee, O V. Adoramus te Chri. Christ, and we bless thee. fe, & benedicimus tibi. R. Because by thy holy R. Quia per fanctam cross thou haft redeemed crucem tuam redemifti



the world. V. Into thy mundum. V. In manus hands, O Lord, I com- tuas, Domine, commenmend my spirit. R. do fpirituin meum. Thou hast redeemed us, Redemisti nos, Domine, O Lord God of truth., Deus veritatis.

Then is said the Creed again ; and then : Lord have mercy on

Kyrie eleison. Christe us. Christ have mercy eleison. Kyrie eleison. on us. Lord have mercy on us.

Our Father. V. And lead us not V. Et ne nos inducas into temptation. R. But in tentationem. R. Sed deliver us from evil. libera nos â malo.

Let us pray. Domine Jesu. ORD Jefus Christ, by thy agony, and most holy prayer

for us on mount Olivet, when thy sweat became like drops of blood falling down on the ground, we beseech thee that thou wouldīt vouchsafe to offer and thew to God the Farher almighty thy bloody sweat, which thou pouredit forth most plentifully for us, in thy excess of fear and anguish, in opposition to the multitude of the fins of this thy servant our brother, [or fifter] and deliver him, [or her) at the hour of death, from all the distress, which he [or she] feareth he (or (he) hath deserved for his [ör her] fins. Who with the same Father and Holy Ghost livest and reigneft for ever

R. Amen.

Let us pray. Domine Jesu. O Lord Jesus Christ, who didit vouchsafe to die wouldīt vouchsafe to offer and shew to God the Father almighty all the bitterness of thy sufferings and pains, which thou didst endure for us miserable finners on the cross, and particularly when thy most holy foul departed from thy most holy body, in behalf of the foul of this thy servant, our brother, [or

and ever.

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