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Pray ye.

St. Lawrence. Pray. Sancte Laurenti. Ora. All you holy Martyrs. Omnes fancti Mar

tyres. Orate. St. Sylvester. Pray.

Sancte Silvester. Ora. St. Gregory. Pray.

Sancte Gregori. Ora, St. Augustin. Pray. Sancte Augustine. Ora. All you holy Bishops

Omnes fancti Pontifiand Confeflors. Pray ye. ces &Confeffores. Orate. St Benedikt. Pray.

Sancte Benedicte. Ora. St. Francis. Pray. Sancte Francisco. Ora.

All you holy Monks Omnes fancti Monaand Hermits. Pray ye.

chi & Eremitæ. Orate, St. Mary Magadelen.

Sancta Maria MagPray.

dalene. Ora. St. Lucy. Pray,

Sancta Lucia. Ora. All you holy Virgins

Omnes sanctæ Virand Widows. Pray ye. gines & Viduæ. Orate.

All you men and wo Omnes fanéti & fanct men faints of God: lo- Dei: Intercedite pro eo tercede for him for her]. [or eâ]. Be inercitul. R. Spare

Propitius efto. R. him or her] O Lord. Parce ei, Domine.

Be merciful, R. De Propitius efto. R. Lis liver him (or her] 0 bera eum, [or eam] DoLord.

mine, Be merciful. R. De Propitius efto. R. Li

bera. . From thy wrath. De Ab irâ tuâ. Libera. liver.

From danger of death, A periculo mortis. Deliver.

Libera. From an evil death. A malâ morte. Lic Deliver.

bera. From the pains of hell. A pænis inferni. Li. Deliver.

bera. From all evil. De Ab omni malo. Liliver.

bera. From the power of

A potestate Diaboli. the Devil. Deliver. Libera,


By thy birth. Deli

Per nativitatem tuam. ver.

Libera. By thy cross and par Per crucem & pafliofion. Deliver.

nem tuam. Libera. By thy death and bu Per mortem & fepulsial.' Deliver.

turam tuam. Libera. By thy glorious resur Per gloriofam relurrection. Deliver.

rectionem tuam. Libera. By thy wonderful al Per admirabilem arcenfion. Deliver.

cenfionem tuam. Libera. By the grace of the Per gratiam Spiritus Holy Ghost the comfor- Sancti Paracliti. Libera. ter. Deliver.

In the day of judg In die judicii. Libera. ment. Deliver.

We finners. R. Be Peccatores. R. To feech thee to hear us. rogamus, audi nos.

That thou spare hiin Ut ei parcas: Te ro[or her]. We beseech.

gamus, audi nos. Lord have mercy on

Kyrie eleison.

[blocks in formation]


name of God the Father almighty, who created thee: in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God, who suffered for thee: in the name of the Holy Ghost, who sanctified thee: in the name of the Angels, Archangels; Thrones, and Dominations, Cherubim and Seraphim : in the name of the Pairiarchs and Prophets, of the holy Apolles and Evangelists, of the holy Martyrs and Confeffors, of the holy Monks and Hermits, of the holy Virgins, and of all the Saints of God, let thy place be this day in peace, and thy abode in holy Sion. Thro’the fame: Chrijt our Lord. R. Amen.

PRAYER. Deus misericors.
God of mercy! O God of goodness ! O God,

who according to the multitude of thy mercies forgivest the fins of fuch as repent, and graciously remittest the guilt of their paft offences; mercifully look down on this thy fervant N. and grant him (or her a full discharge from all his or her fins, who most earnestly begs it of thee. Renew, O moft merciful Father, whatever is corrupt in him, [or her] through human frailty, or by the deceit of the Devil; and being united to the body of thy Church, make him (or her) one of thy redeemed. Take pity, O Lord, on his or her] fighs, take pity on his [or her] tears, and admit him (or her] to the sacrament of thy reconciliation, who hath no hopes, but in thee. Thro' Christ onr Lord. R. Amen.

PRAYER. Commendo te.
Recommend thee, dear brother, [or fister] to al-

mighty God, and leave thee to his mercy, whose creature thou art; that having paid the common debt, by surrendering thy soul, thou may'st return to thy Maker, who formed thee out of the earth. May therefore the noble company of Angels meet thy soul at it's departure; may the court of the Apostles come to thee; may the triumphant army of glorious Martyrs meet thee; may the crowd of Confelsors with lilies in their hands encompass thee; may the joyful choir of Virgins receive thee; and may a happy reft be thy portion in the company of the Patriarchs : may Christ Jesus appear to thee with a mild and cheerful countenance, and give thee place among thofe, who are to be in his presence for ever. May thou be a stranger to the horrors of darkness, to the gnaihing of teeth in flames, and to excruciating torments. May ugly Satan with his attendants fly from thee: may he tremble at thy arrival accompanied with Angels, and fly to hide bimself in the dreadful chaos of eternal night. Let God arise, and his enemies be put to fight: and may all who


hate him, Ay before his face. Let them vanish like smoke; as wax is melted by the fire, so let sinners perilh at the fight of God: and let the righteous feast and rejoice in the presence of God. May therefore all the legions of hell be confounded and put to shame, and none of the ministers of Satan presume to stop thee in thy journey. May Chrift, who was crucified for thee, deliver thee from torments. May Christ, who vouchsafed to die for thee, deliver thee from eternal death. May Chrift, the Son of the living God, place thee in the eververdant meadows of paradise; and may that true Shepherd ever reckon thee among his sheep. May he absolve thee from all thy fins, and place thee on his right hand, together with his elect. May thou fee thy Redeemer face to face; and, being always in his presence, see the truth which is revealed to the eyes of the blessed. Being thus placed among the bleffed, may'st thou for ever enjoy the sweetness of divine contemplation. R. Amen.

PRAYER. Suscipe.
Eceive thy servant, O Lord, into the place of

salvation, which he (or she] hopes from thy mercy.

R. Amen. Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant from all danger of hell, and from all pain and tribulation. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy servant, as thou delivered ft Enoch and Elias from the common death of the world. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy fervant, as thou deliveredit Noah from the food. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou deliveredít Abraham from the midst of the Chalde.

R. Amen. Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy servant, as thou deliveredit yob from all his afflictions. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou.



delivered ft Ifaac from being facrificed by his father Abraham. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou deliveredst Lot from Sodom and the flames of fire. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou deliveredit Mofes from the hands of Pharaoh King of Egypt. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou deliveredst Daniel from the lion's den. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou deliveredít the three children from the firy furnace, and from the hands of an unmerciful King. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou deliveredst Susannah from her false accusers. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou deliveredit

David from the hands of King Saul and Goliab. R. Amen.

Deliver, O Lord, the soul of thy servant, as thou delivered ft Peter and Paul out of prison. R. Amen.

And as thou deliveredst that blessed Virgin and Martyr Thecia from moft cruel torments; fo vouchfase to deliver the soul of this thy servant, and bring it to the participation of thy heavenly joys. R. Amen.

Let us pray.. Commendamus.
E recommend to thee, O Lord, the soul of

this thy servant N. and beseech thee, O Lord Jesus Christ Redeemer of the world, that as in mercy to him [or her] thou becamest man; so now thou wouldīt vouchlafe to admit him (or her] into the number of the blefied. Remember, O Lord, he [or he] is thy creature, not made by strange Gods, but by thee, the only true and living God: for there is no other God but thee; none that can work thy wonders. May his [or her) soul find comfort in thy fight; and remember not his [or her] former fins, nor any of those excesses, which


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