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you. P. And with thy cum fpiritu tuo. spirit. When the Priest breaks the Sacred Host, and puts one

part into the chalice ; say: CAY the sacred body and blood of our Lord

Jesus Christ now mixt together in the chalice, be to all that partake thereof, or assist at there sacred myfteries, effectual to eternal life. Amen.

Lamb of God, who Agnus Dei, qui tollis takest away the fins of peccata mundi, miferere the world, have mercy? nobis.

on us.

bis pacem.

Lamb of God, who ta- Agnus Dei, qui tollis kest away the fins of the peccata mundi, miferere world, have mercy on us. nobis.

Lamb of God, who ta- Agnus Dei, qui tollis kest away the sins of the peccata mundi, dona noworld, grant us peace. N. B. In Mafles of Requiem, or of the Dead,

inflead of : Miserere nobis : Have mercy on
us : is faid: Dona eis requiem: Grant them
rest: And instead of: Dona nobis pacem :
Grant us peace: is said: Dona eis requiem
fempiternam : Grant them ererlasting rest.
Nor doth the Priest or people strike their breasts,
as at other Maljes. The following prayer is
also omitted.

The Prayer before the Kiss of Peace.

Ales: I leave you peace; I give you my peace: regard not my sins, but the faith of thy Church, and vouchsafe her that peace and unity, which is agreeable to thy will, who liveft and reignest God world without end. Amen.

9 At these words, every time they are refcated, all frike theijo breajis.


At the giving the Kiss of Peace', Pr. Peace be with Pr. Pax tecum. R. thee. R. And with thy Et cum fpiritu tuo. fpirit.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God,

who, according to the will of the Father, with the co-operation of the Holy Ghost, didít, by thy death, give life to the world; deliver me, by this thy molt sacred body and blood, from all my iniquities, and from all evil; and make me always live up to thy commandments, and never suffer me to be separated from thee, who with the fame God the Father, and the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest God, world without end. Amen.

A Prayer, when you go to Communion.
ET not the participation of thy body, O Lord

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to receive, turn to my judgment, and condemnation; but let it thro’thy mercy become a safe-guard and remedy both to soul and body: who with God the Father, in unity with the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest God, world without end. Amen.

When you do not go to Communion, say:
Y manifold fins and imperfections, Lord,

make me unworthy to approach thy holy table, where the food of Angels is diftributed to thy children and faithful servants : but give me grace to overcome my passions, and to blot out my fins by a sincere reperitance: that, after having tried myself, I may venture to eat thy facred flesh, and drink thy precious blood; without which thou af

Here, according io the Rubrick, and the universal practice of ibe Western Church, ibe Kiss of Peace is to be given, in taken of that mutual charity, wkich all ought to bring with them to this mystery of charity. In solemn Mafles the Deacon receives this kiss from the ofaciating Priest ; be gives it the sub-deacon, from whom it

goes through all the Clergy. In privite Malles, the Clerk bolds forib so the Priest an inftrumen called the Pax, to kiss, which ke afterwards killerb kimself.


furest me I can have no life ; who livest and reignest, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, one God world without end. Amen. When the Priest having adored the blessed sacrament,

rises up, and takes the sacred host in his hands, fay :

Happy, O Lord, are they that receive the bread of heaven, and call on thy name. When the Priest striking his breast says : Domine,

non furn dignus, say thrice : Lord, I am not worthy thou shouldst enter under my roof; speak therefore but the word, and my soul shall be healed.

When the Priest receives the sacred host, say :

May the body of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve thy soul to everlasting life. Amen. When he hath received the sacred host, and is pre

paring to receive the chalice, say: HOU haft fed, O Lord, thy servant with the

bread of heaven ; let him now take the cup of salvation, as thou commandedst thy Apostles, and call upon thy holy name.

Let him call on thy holy name with thanksgiving; and do thou defend him from all his enemies.

And may the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve la foul to everlasting life. Ainen.

[Here, if you are duly disposed, you go up to the rails to receive the holy Communion.

For the Mass being the sacrifice of the people, as well as of the Priest, it is agreeable to the intention of the Church, that the people jhould partake thereof, before the afsembly be dismissed by the: Ite, Miffa eft. Moreover the PostcoMMUNION, which is the proper prayer of thanksgiving after communion, being common to Priest and people, it is to be wished they would communicate at the proper time, that is, immediately after the communion of the Priest. Join therefore


with the Clerk in saying the Confiteor with a true forrow, and compunction for your fins. Then the Priest having said: May almighty God have mercy on you, forgive you your sins, and bring you to life everlasting. R. Amen. May the Lord, who is almighty and merciful, grant you pardon, absolution, and remiffion of your sins. R. Amen. He takes the Sacred Hif in his hand, again turns about, and says : Behold the Lamb of God: behold him who taketh away the sins of the world. Lord I am not worthy, c. thrice. Repeat these last words with him thrice, striking your breasts in token of your unworthiness. Then having the towel raised above your breaft, your eyes modestly closed, your head likewise raised up, and your mouth conveniently opened, receive the holy facrament on your tongue refling on your under lip; then close your mouth, and Jay in your heart : Amen : I believe it to be the body of Christ, and I pray it may preserve my soul to eternal life. Then withdraw from the rails, and when the Priest receives the first and second ablution, or washing of the chalice, Jay :)

RANT, O Lord, that what I have taken

with my mouth, I may have received with a pure heart; that as I now receive it in this mortal life, it may procure me that which is eternal,

And may, O Lord, thy sacred bady and blood, which I have received, cleave to my soul, that no ftain of fin may remain in me, who have been fed by thy pure and holy facrainent, who livest and reignest world without end. Amen. When you do not go to Communion, instead of the

two foregoing Prayers, say the following one.
T is my own unworthineis, O Lord, and not


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own floth and indolence, that have deprived me of the happiness of partaking in reality of these sacred mysteries. But deprive me not entirely of the effects thereof; rather let some mites from thy holy table fall on my famished foul. Infame it with thy love, give it a spiritual hunger and thirst after this nourishment, and permit me not to pine away, thro' my own unworthiness, floth and negligence, for want of this heavenly food, which gives immortality. Thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Then say the COMMUNION, as in it's proper place.

Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobiswith you.

P. And with cum. P. Et cum spiritu thy spirit.


Pr. Let us pray. Then is said the PostcoMMUNION, which seek in

it's proper place. Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobis. with you. P. And with cum. P. Et cum spiritu thy spirit.

tuo. Pr. Go, you are dir- Pr. Ite, missa est, or, mifred, or, Let us bless Bendicamus Domino: . the Lord. P. Thanks P. Deo gratias. be to God. In Maffes of Requiem, or of the Dead, infead of

Ite, Miffa eft, is said: Pr. May they rest in Pr. Requiefcant in peace, P. Amen.

pace. P. Amen. When the Priest bows down before the altar, fay :

AY the performance of this my homage be sacrifice, which I, tho’unworthy, have offered up, by the hands of thy Minister, in the light of thy divine majesty, may be acceptable to thee, and, thro’ thy mercy, may be a propitiation for me, and all those for whom it hath been offered. Thio' Christ our Lord. Amen.

The BLESSING. Pr. AY the Almighty God, the Father, Son,

and Holy Ghost bless you. P. Amen.

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