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That thou spare us:

Ut nobis parcas : Te We beseech.

rogamus. That thou pardon us : Ut nobis indulgeas :: We beseech.

Te rogamus. That thou vouchsafe Ut ad veram pænito bring us to true re tentiam nos perducere pentance: We beseech. digneris : Te rogamus.

That thou vouchsafe Ut ecclefiam tuam to govern and preserve fanctam regere & conthy holy church: We servare digneris : Te robeseech.

gamus. That thou vouchsafe Ut domnuni apostoli-. to preserve our apoftolick cum, & omnes ecclefiaprelate, and all orders fticos ordines in fancta of the church in holy religione conservare digreligion : We beseech. neris : Te rogamus.

'That thou vouchfase Ut inimicos fanctæ to humble the enemies ccclcfiæ humiliare digof the holy church: We neris : Te rogamus. beseech.

That thou vouchfase Ut regibus & princito give peace and true pibus chriftianis pacem & concord to christian

veram concordiam do. kings and princes : We nare digneris : Te ro.. beseech.

gamus. That thou vouchsafe Ut cuncto populo to grant peace and uni- christiano pacem & uty to all christian peo- niiatem largiri digneris : ple: We beleech..

Te rogamus. That thou vouchsafe Ui nolinetipfos in to strengthen and pre

tuo sancto servitio conferve us in thy holy ser- fortare, & conservare vice : We belecch.. digneris: Te rogamus.

That thou raile up: Ut mentes noftras ad our minds to heavenly coeleftia delideria erigas : desires : We befcech..

Te rogamus. That thou render e Ut omnibus benefacternal good to all those toribus noftris fempiter

that do us good : We na bona retribuas : Te beseech.

rogamus. That thou deliver our Ut animas noftras, fouls, those of our bre- fratrum, propinquorum, thren, relations, and be- & benefactorum noftronefactors from eternal rum ab æternâ damnadamnation: We beleech. tione eripias : Te roga

mus. That thou vouchfefe Ut fructus terræ dare, to give, and to preserve & conservare digneris : the fruits of the earth: Te rogamus. We beseech.

That thou vouchsafe Ut omnibus fidelibus to give eternal rest to all defunctis requiem æterthe faithful departed: nam donare digneris : We beseech.

Te rogamus.
That thou vouchsafe Ue nos exaudire dig-
graciously to hear us: neris : Te rogamus.
We befcesb.
Son of God: We

Fili Dei: Te rogabeseech.

mus. Lamb of God, who

Agnus Dei, qui tollis takeft away the fins of peccata mundi : Parce the world : Spare us, o nobis, Domine. Lord.

Lamb of God, who Agnus Dei, qui tollis takest away the fins of peccata mundi : Exaudi the world : Hear us, O


Domine. Lord.

Lamb of God, who Agnus Dei, qui tollis takest away the fins of peccata mundi : Miserethe world : Have mercy on us. Christ hear us.

Christe audi nos. Chriít graciously hear Christe exaudi nos. Lord have mercy on

Kyrie eleison.

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re nobis.



Chrif have mercy on

Christe eleison. Lord have mercy on

Kyrie eleison.



Our Father. In Secret. V. And lead us not V. Et ne nos inducas into temptation.

in tentationem. R. But deliver us R. Sed libera nos à from evil.





Pf. lxix.

Eus in adjutorium my aslistance : *0 meum intende: * Lord, make haste to help. Domine, ad adjuvan

dum me feftina. Let them be con

Confundantur & refounded and put to vereantur, * qui quæshane, * who seek my runt animam meam. soul. Let them be put to

Avertantur retrorsum, flight and shame, * who & erubescant, * qui vowish me harm.

lunt mihi mala. Let them be forth Avertantur ftatim ewith put to flight and rubescentes, * qui dishame, * who say to me,

cunt mihi, Euge, euge. Ahà, aha.

Let all rejoice and ex Lætentur & exultent ult in thee, who seek in te, omnes qui quæthee: * and let those runt te : * & dicant femwho love thy salvations, per : magnificetur Doever say : May the Lord minus : qui diligunt sabe magnified.

lutare tuum. But I am poor and Ego vero egenus & needy: * O God help pauper sumn : * Deus, ade

juva me.


Expl. Who ale taunting and insulting speeches to me. 3 Expl, Love ibee ibeir saviour, or defire to be saved by thee.

Thou art my helper Adjutor meus, & liand iny deliverer : * 0 berator meus es tu: * Lord, make no delay. Domine, ne moreris.

V. Glory be to the V. Gloria Patri, ec.. Father, &c.

R. As it was, &c. R. Sicut erat, &C.
V. Save thy servants. V. Salvos fac servos

tuos, R. Who put their

R. Deus meus, fpetruit in thee, my God. rantes in te.

V. Be to us, O Lord, V. Esto nobis, Doa tower of strength. mine, turris fortitudinis.

R. From the face of R. A facie inimici. the enemy.

V. Lei not the ene V. Nihil proficiat inimy prevail againft us. micus in nobis. R. Nor the fon of

R. Et filius iniquitainiquity hurt us any tis non apponat nocere more.

nobis. V. O Lord, deal not V. Domine, non fewith us according to our cundum peccata noftra fins.

facias nobis. R. Nor reward us ac R. Neque fecundum cording to our iniquities. iniquitates noftras retrie

buas mobis. V. Let us pray for our

V. Oremus pro pontichief bishop N.

fice noftro N. R. Mayihe Lord


R. Dominus conferserve him, and prolong vet eum, & vivificet ehis life, and make him um, & beatum faciat happy on earth, and de

eum in terrâ, & non traliver him not up to the dat eum in animam iniwill of bis enemies.

micorum ejus. V. Let us pray for

V. Oremus pro rege our king.

noftro. . R. O Lord, fave the R. Domine, falvuni. king, and hear us in the fac regem, & cxaudi day we shall call upen nos in die quâ invoca:. diee..

verimus les

V. Let us pray for our V. Oremus pro benebenefactors.

factoribus noftris. R. O Lord, for thy R. Retribuere dignaown name's fake, vouch- re, Domine, omnibus safe to render eternal nobis bona facientibus life to all those who do propter nomen tuum, us good.

vitam æternam. V. Let us pray for the V. Oremus pro fidefaithful departed.

libus defunctis. R. Eternal reft give R. Requiem æterto them, O Lord, and. nam dona eis, Domine, may a perpetual light & lux perpetua luceat Thine upon them. eis.

V. May they rest in V. Requiescant in papeace, R. Amen.

ce. R. Amen. V. For our absent bre V. Pro fratribus nothren.

ftris abfentibus. R. O my God, fave R. Salvos fac fervos thy servants, who put tuos, Deus meus, fpetheir trust in thee.

rantes in te. V. Send them help, V. Mitte eis, Domi. O Lord, from thy fanc- ne, auxilium de sancto. tuary.

R. And from out of R. Et de Sion tuere Sion protect them.

V.0 Lord, hear my V. Domine, exaudi prayer:

orationem meam. R. And may my cry

R. Et clamor meus come unto thee.

ad te veniat.
V. May the Lord. V. Dominus,
R. And with.

R. Et cum.


Let us pray.


O :

cy and to spare ; receive our petitions, that we, and all thy servants, who are bound by the chain of fin, may, by the compassion of thy goodness, mercifully be absolved.

Ear, we befeech thee, O Lord, the prayers of thy suppliants, and pardon us our fins, who

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