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Table of Contents, prefixed to the volume.


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Jesuits, 498. Character of the
ADDISON, Mr. his dying Natives, 499.
A Words, 506.

CARACTACUS, Extracts from, AFRICANS, Initances of their 509.

Superftition, 365. : CHANGE ABLENÉSS in Mankind, ANTIENT', the best Effect, re no Proof of Infelicity, 429.

sulting from the Study of them, Chorus, the Omillion of, in
66. No Merit in them to be modern Tragedies juftified,
Originals in Composition, 504. 507.
Our Possibility of excelling CHRISTIAN Frederici

CHRISTIAN Frederic Post, fome them, 505.

Account of him and his EmARIOSTO, the Distinction paid bassy, 547.

him by a Company of Banditii CICERO, Character of his Trea

for his poetic Merit, 572.. tile concerning the Orator, 65. ARISTOTLE, his Rhetoric cha. Civil Law, why neglected 385 racterized, 6;.

CLERGY, their Industry not to AUTHORS, particular ones, com be wilhed, 352. Of the prepared co Caterpillers, 605.

fent, not to be feared, ib. Cloaths, Marks of Immodesty,

- 133. BARCELONA, fome Account of Coin, Silver, Causes of its Scar

the Royal Academy there, 48.- city, 310. Reasons against alBEARDS, Commotions in France tering the Value of, 312. A to preserve, 460.

Remedy suggested, 314. BIBLE, Arguments for and against COMEDIANS characterized, 122.

a new Translation, at the Re- COMET, the expected one, a Ta. formation, 355.

ble of its Appearance, 375. Birds, fome Observations on CONFORMITY, universal, in Re

their Migration, 323. A par- ligion, a Proof of Ignorance ticular Method of distinguish and Barbarity in a People, 361.

ing their Species, 375. CORK-WAIST COAT, its Uics, BOLEYN, Ann, her Behaviour 606.

previous to her Execution, 358. Cossacks described, 450. BRAIN Comparison between that COURT of Honour recommend

of a Negro and a White, 272. ed, 124. BREWING defined, 277.


DANIEL's Prophecy, a new CALIFORNIA, by whom disco Translation of, 37. Proofs of vered, 497. is subject to the its Authenticity, 150.



Dialogue between a Npmph, Fly, Method of preserving Plants

and her Lover going to the from, 444. Wars, 454. Between two

Physicians, 456. DRAMATIC Entertainments, Spe- GARDEN, a botanical one recom

culations concerning, 120. mended, 576. DUELLING, Thoughts upon, 124. GEOMETRY, the Study of, neDUMBARTON Caille, how taken cessary for an Orator, 6e.

by the Regent of Scotland, 194. God, the different Notions of Dung, of no present Advantage Mankind concerning, chiefly to Land, 439.

as to the Terms given to him, DUTCH, their Right of being 9.

French Carriers in Time of Good and Evil, abstract, der ied, War disproved, 56.

11. Goss:PING, female, an Apology

for, 129. EARTH, its Figure ascertained, Grace, irresistible, destitute of 1.53.

scriptural Foundation, 32. EDUCATION, mis judged Im- GRASSES, fome Remarks on the provents in, 127.

different kinds, 325. ELECTRICIANS, Caution recom- GUSTAVUS Adolphus, an Examended to them, 301.

mination of his Motives for inELIZABETH, Queen, her Cha vading Germany, 446. His

racter, 11, 204. The critical Treatment of two Duelliit, Situation of Affairs at the Com- 451. His Death at the Batale mencement of her Reign, 400. of Lutzen, 516. Excommunicated by the Pope, 194. fier Appointment of James to fucceed her doubtful, HAPPINESS, whether attainable 252. Instances of her-rivalling or not, 9. Reason a Foe to, the Person and Qualifications of 575.

Mary Q. of Scots, 405. HAYWARD, the Rev. Mr. Story ELOQUENce of the Pulpit, Ob- . of his poithumous Letter, 191.

fervations concerning, 74. HENRY VII, the first Founder of ENGLISH characterised, 130. Un- English Liberty, 34. His

jatlly accused of lant of Re Characier, 347. His Laws • gard toward their kings, 204. against Retainers, 350. EPICUREAN Philofophy exposed, Henry VII. his vices. more - 433.

beneficial to Mankind, than the EXALTED Stations, their Darger, Virtues of other Princes, 1 z. 23'. .

His character, 359. His Friend. EXCHEQ"ER, Court of, whence thip with the k. of France, 360. derived, 99.

HIGH-LIFE, a Description of, EXCISE, its Wrigin and Etablim - 380. inent, 108..

Hill, the learned Taylor, some

Account of, 218.

HISTORY, the Requisites of a FA:ung, a pathetic Deluription good one, 163.. of, 18.

HUSBAND and Wife, their lawFIGURES, in writing, Observa- fui Rigtits, 600,

Lions concerning, 73.


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LIBELLERS described, 555. I, the Letter, Epigram concern- Life, its Pleasures and Pains, ing, 382.

how proportioned, 220. James I. his undutiful Tteat- Logic, the Study of, necessary

ment to his Mother, 199. His to an Orator, 69. . Ignorance in History, 203. Lutzen, Battle of, and Death Why Latin was much used in of Guitavus Adolphus King of his Time, 206. His Advice Sweden, 516.

to his Son jultified, 446. LYCURGUS, several Particulars JERUSALEM, our Saviour's Pro relating to him, and his Regu

phecies relating to the Deftruc lations at Sparta, 290, 425.

tion of, explained, 153. IMITATION, the Subject and

Manner of, 482. Of the An- MAGDEBURGH, cruel Massacre - cients, the great Advantages at the taking of, 452. of, 66.

M. Maintenon, her extraordiIMITATORS and original Writers nary Advice to the Dutchess of distinguished, 502.

Burgundy, 465. IMMORTALITY of the Soul, a Malt, Directions for managing

Doctrine often weakly attacked, 441.

and lamely defended, 14. MANNERS of the Sexes their InIMPOSTURE, a remarkable one fluence on each other, 130.

found out at the Diffolution of Those of the Antients not appliMonasteries, 355

cable to modern Times, 424. INTELLIGENCE, the only moral MARCELLO, Benedetto, the Ita

Sense in all rational Beings, lian Musician, fome Account 519.

of, 341. JOAN, Pope, her Birth and Ad- MARRIAGE of near Kindred, Re.

ventures, 332. Her Story con- marks on, 353. And Celibateited, 338.

cy, their inconveniencies, 434. JUDGMENT, the last, pathetic MARY, Queen of Scots, her Description of, 144.

Letter to Q. Elizabeth, 176.
Her Reply to the Refusal of

Leave to return from France
Kings aserted to be the Devil's through England, 401. Rude-
Children, 204.

ly treated by Knox the ReKNOWLEDGE, particular, pre former, 403. Ill treated by

viously neceitary to general, her Son James, 199. Her 300.

Trial, Execution, and CharacKnox, lohn, the Scotch Refor- ter, 200, 410. mer, his Character, 196. His MATRIMONY, a critical Case in, rude Treatment of Mary Q. of Scots, 403•

MASK, Sock, and Bulkin, of the

Antients described, 318.

MIRACLES, Reflections concerne LACONIC Cup, what, 291.

ing, 490.
LAW-Books, Arguments for and MODESTY, female, Thoughts on,

against studying the old ones, 131.

Moon, new Discoveries in, 522.




MORALITY. founded in Self in- PHILOSOPHICAL Experiments on terest, 523.

several Fluids preserved in vaMORTON, Earl of, his Behaviour cuo, 372. Speculations, why at Execution, 198.

now in Dif-esteem, 1. Moss, a good Soil, if judiciously PHILOSOPHY, its End, 285.

cultivated, 578. Method how Plants, Method of obtaining to improve it, 579.

exact Drawings of, from dried

Specimens, 369.

Politeness, different Modes of, NAKEDNESS, a modest Dress, in different Places, 526. 133.

Preacher, his necessary QualiNature, the Study of, impor f ications, 74, 260. A profita

tant to mankind, 321. Its ble Hint to them, 204. Use not always immediately PREJUDICE, well directed, of bediscovered, 322.

nefit to weak Minds, 2. NEGROES, a Funeral Entertain- Pressing for Seamen, its evil

ment among them described, Consequences, 304. 366.

PROLIFEROUS Flowers defined, Neutrality of Individuals, 382,

during civil Discords, criminal, PROPHECY, St. Paul's, concern419.

ing the Man of Sin, explainNew Orleans, the strange Me- ed and illustrated, 157.

thod of faluting their Kings Pudding, the Revenues of a there, 527.

Convent given as a Reward NEWMAN, the Rev. Mr. Tho- for a good one, 351. .

mas, Extract from a pofthu. PUNI;AMENT, present, more mous paper of his, 95.

powerful in restraining the Wicked than future, 222.

Oratory, Answer to a Question

of Quintilian's in it, 69. The chief Beauties in, laid down,

QUINTILIAN, Answer to a Que

stion of his in Oratory, 69.


ORIGINAL Writers and Imitators

R distinguished, 502.

Raphael, the famous Painter, Oswego, its Importance estimat- whence he acquired his Exed, 185.

cellence, 68. Reason, the only Faculty that

can distinguish between Aäions Paris, Massacre there, Thankf

morally good and evil, 520. giving at Rome for, 195. REFORMERS, Scotch, their InPARLIAMENTS, their Freedom of dignation against Female VaDebate afferted, 408.

nity, 403. Passions, their Nature and Use, Religion, in many, the Result 70.

of Indolence and Cowardice, 6. PERICLES, several Particulars con A Review of its Effects, 533. cerning, 294.

RENT.CHARGE, how created, 211. Persecution for Religion, a RESIDUAL Analysis, what, 327.

Proof of Unbelief in the Per Method of drawing Tangents secutors, 361. Defeats its Pur to Curves by it, 328. The pofe, 362.

fame performed by Fluxions, 331. No new Invention, 557.

The The Operations more easily Spirit of God, the Manner of

performed by Fluxions, 559. its Operation, 33. REVELATION, its Intention a Test Stoic: Philosophy, its Insuff

of its Truth, 5. lis Insuffi ciency infinuated by a Tale, ciency to secure Mankind in 431. the Truth, 591. i SUBSCRIITIONS, in what Sense

requiredin the Church of Engs

land, 494 Saladin, Sultan, Particulars of SURGERY, loyal Academy of, at his Life, 43.

Paris, Rise and Establishment Scotts, their Origin, 164. Ill of, 239.

used by Edward I. of EngJand, 165. Their History divided into four Periods, ibid. Taste, not a drinet Faculty of Their Homage to the English the Mind, 64 Wherein it Crown, for what, ibid. De consists, 534. Resolved into rivation of their Constitution, its fimple Priniples, ibid. 167. Presbyterian Church Formed and perfeted by the Government, how established Union of the intonal Senses, among them, 172.

535. The Influent of Judge SCRIPTURE, the bad Effects of ment upon it, 536. How im

Doctrines built upon particu proveable, 537—534 Relar Texts of it, 25.

finement, or Elegance of, to SEAMEN, a competent Number what owing, 539. Grrect.

not to be gained at the Com- ness of, wherein it carits. mencement of a War, under 540, The Objects of, 53three Years, 304.

544 SELF-ESTEEM, Observations on, Taxes, the Philosopher's Stoe, 524.

301. SENEGAL, Manners of the Inha- TENURES, their Origin, 210. bitants there, 365.

TIBULLUS, some Particulars o. SERMONS, Directions about mak. his Life, 60. ing them, 496. I

TIPPLING, an Apology for, 128. Single, 91,282, 283, 480, 612. Trees and Plants, a Table of Ships, English, why not able to the Times of their Leafing,

carry so cheap as Foreigners, 324.

305: Not to be wished, 306. Trinity, Answers to Objections SHRUBS, new Method of propa. against it, 592. gating, 568.

TYBURN, a Poem by, to the SKIN, Comparison between that Marine Society, 472.

of Negroes and Whites, 372. SMALL-Pox, supposed to purify

the Constitution, 607. Instance Virtue, its different Branches of its being carried off by an 287. And Vice, their om Hæmorrhage from the Nofe, Reward and Punishment, 27. 608. Mankind not alike liable to this Disease, ibid.

W SONG, a merry drinking one, Walsten, General, Pauculars 455.

of his Affailination, 5.4. SPIRIT, the various Meanings of War defined, 387. It Laws dethat Word, 237.

bated, 388. Betwen two Na.


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