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Nalopakhyanam, or, The Tale of Nala; containing the Sanskrit Text in Roman Characters, followed by a Vocabulary and a sketch of Sanskrit Grammar. By the Rev. THOMAS JARRETT, M.A., Regius Professor of Hebrew. Demy Octavo. 10s.

The Poems of Beha ed din Zoheir of Egypt. With a Metrical Translation, Notes and Introduction, by E. H. PALMER, M.A., Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge. 3 vols. Crown Quarto. Vol. II. The ENGLISH TRANSLATION. Paper cover, 10s. 6d. Cloth extra, 155. [Vol. I. The ARABIC TEXT is already published.]


A Treatise on Natural Philosophy. Volume I. Part I. By Sir W. THOMSON, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R. S., Professor of Natural Philo. sophy in the University of Glasgow, and P. G. TAIT, M.A., Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Demy 8vo. cloth, 16s.

Elements of Natural Philosophy. By Professors Sir W. THOMSON and P. G. TAIT. Part I. Second Edition. 8vo. cloth, 9s. An Elementary Treatise on Quaternions. By P. G. TAIT, M.A., Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Second Edition. Demy 8vo. 14s.

A Treatise on the Theory of Determinants and their Applications in Analysis and Geometry. By ROBERT FORSYTH SCOTT. M.A., of Lincoln's Inn; Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. I25. Counterpoint. A practical course of study. By Professor G. A. MACFARREN, Mus. Doc. Second Edition, revised. Demy 4to. cloth.

7s. 6d.

The Analytical Theory of Heat. By JOSEPH FOURIER. Translated, with Notes, by A. FREEMAN, M.A., Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 16s.

Mathematical and Physical Papers. By GEORGE GABRIEL STOKES, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., Fellow of Pembroke College and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. Reprinted from the Original Journals and Transactions, with additional Notes by the Author. Vol. I. [Nearly ready.

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.

7s. 6d.

The Electrical Researches of the Honourable Henry Caven-
dish, F.R.S. Written between 1771 and 1781, Edited from the
original manuscripts in the possession of the Duke of Devonshire,
K.G., by J. CLERK MAXWELL, F.R.S. Demy 8vo. cloth, 18s.
Hydrodynamics, a Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of
Fluid Motion, by HORACE LAMB, M.A., formerly Fellow of
Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of Mathematics in the
University of Adelaide. Demy 8vo. cloth, 12s.
The Mathematical Works of Isaac Barrow, D.D. Edited by
W. WHEWELL, D.D. Demy Octavo.
Illustrations of Comparative Anatomy, Vertebrate and In-
vertebrate, for the Use of Students in the Museum of Zoology and
Comparative Anatomy. Second Edition. Demy 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d.
A Catalogue of Australian Fossils (including Tasmania and
the Island of Timor), by R. ETHERIDGE, Jun., F.G.S., Acting
Paleontologist, H. M. Geol. Survey of Scotland. Demy 8vo. 1os. 6d.
A Synopsis of the Classification of the British Paleozoic
Rocks, by the Rev. ADAM SEDGWICK, M.A., F.R.S., with a
systematic description of the British Paleozoic Fossils in the
Geological Museum of the University of Cambridge, by FREDERICK
McCoy, F.G.S. One vol., Royal Quarto, cloth, Plates, £1. Is.
A Catalogue of the Collection of Cambrian and Silurian
Fossils contained in the Geological Museum of the University of
Cambridge, by J. W. SALTER, F.G.S. With a Preface by the
Rev. ADAM SEDGWICK, F.R.S. With a Portrait of PROFESSOR
SEDGWICK. Royal Quarto, cloth, 7s. 6d.

Catalogue of Osteological Specimens contained in the Ana-
tomical Museum of the University of Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 2s. 6d.
Astronomical Observations made at the Observatory of Cam-
bridge by the Rev. JAMES CHALLIS, M. A., F. R. S., F.R. A. S.,
Plumian Professor of Astronomy from 1846 to 1860.
Astronomical Observations from 1861 to 1865. Vol. XXI.
Royal Quarto, cloth, 155.


A Selection of the State Trials. By J. W. WILLIS-BUND, M. A.,
LL.B., Barrister-at-Law, Professor of Constitutional Law and His-
tory, University College, London. Vol. I. Trials for Treason
(1327-1660). Crown 8vo., cloth. 18s. Vol. II. [In the Press.

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.

The Fragments of the Perpetual Edict of Salvius Julianus, Collected, Arranged, and Annotated by BRYAN WALKER, MA., LL.D., Law Lecturer of St John's College, and late Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo., cloth. Price 6s. The Commentaries of Gaius and Rules of Ulpian. (New Edition.) Translated and Annotated, by J. T. ABDY, LL.D., late Regius Professor of Laws, and BRYAN WALKER, M.A., LL.D., Law Lecturer of St John's College. Crown Octavo, 16s. The Institutes of Justinian, translated with Notes by J. T. ABDY, LL.D., and BRYAN WALKER, M.A., LLD., St John's College, Cambridge. Crown Octavo, 16s.

Selected Titles from the Digest, annotated by BRYAN WALKER, M.A., LL.D. Part I. Mandati vel Contra. Digest xvii. I. Crown Octavo, 5s.

Part II. De Adquirendo rerum dominio, and De Adquirenda vel amittenda Possessione, Digest XLI. 1 and 2. Crown 8vo. 6s. Grotius de Jure Belli et Pacis, with the Notes of Barbeyrac and others; accompanied by an abridged Translation of the Text, by W. WHEWELL, D.D. late Master of Trinity College. 3 Vols. Demy Octavo, 125. The translation separate, 6s.


Life and Times of Stein, or Germany and Prussia in the Napoleonic Age, by J. R. SEELEY, M.A., Regius Professor of Modern History in the University of Cambridge. With Portraits and Maps. 3 vols. Demy 8vo. 48s.

Scholae Academicae: some Account of the Studies at the English Universities in the Eighteenth Century. BY CHRISTOPHER WORDSWORTH, M.A., Fellow of Peterhouse; Author of "Social Life at the English Universities in the Eighteenth Century." Demy Octavo, cloth, 155.

History of Nepal, translated from the Original by MUNSHI SHEW SHUNKER SINGH and Pandit SHRI GUNANAND; edited with an Introductory Sketch of the Country and People by Dr D. WRIGHT, late Residency Surgeon at Kathmandu, and with numerous Illustrations and portraits of Sir JUNG BAHADUR, the King of Nepal, and other natives. Super-Royal Octavo, 215.

The University of Cambridge from the Earliest Times to the Royal Injunctions of 1535. By JAMES BASS MULLINGER, M.A. Demy 8vo. cloth (734 PP.), 125.

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.

History of the College of St John the Evangelist, by THOMAS
BAKER, B.D., Ejected Fellow. Edited by JOHN E. B. Mayor,
M.A., Fellow of St John's. Two Vols. Demy 8vo. 245.
The Architectural History of the University and Colleges of
Cambridge, by the late Professor WILLIS, M.A. With numerous
Maps, Plans, and Illustrations. Continued to the present time, and
edited by JOHN WILLIS CLARK, M.A., formerly Fellow of Trinity
College, Cambridge.
[In the Press.


Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts preserved in the University Library, Cambridge. By Dr S. M. SCHILLER-SZINESSY. Volume I. containing Section 1. The Holy Scriptures; Section II. Commentaries on the Bible. Demy 8vo. 9s.

A Catalogue of the Manuscripts preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 5 Vols. 10s. each. Index to the Catalogue. Demy 8vo.


A Catalogue of Adversaria and printed books containing MS. notes, preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. 35. 6d.

The Illuminated Manuscripts in the Library of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, Catalogued with Descriptions, and an Introduction, by WILLIAM GEORGE SEARLE, M.A., late Fellow of Queens' College, and Vicar of Hockington, Cambridgeshire. 75. 6d. A Chronological List of the Graces, Documents, and other Papers in the University Registry which concern the University Library. Demy 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Catalogus Bibliothecæ Burckhardtianæ. Demy Quarto. 5s.


Statuta Academiæ Cantabrigiensis. Demy 8vo. 25.
Ordinationes Academiæ Cantabrigiensis.
Demy 8vo., cloth. 3s. 6d.

New Edition.

Trusts, Statutes and Directions affecting (1) The Professorships of the University. (2) The Scholarships and Prizes. (3) Other Gifts and Endowments. Demy 8vo. 5s.

A Compendium of University Regulations, for the use of persons in Statu Pupillari. Demy 8vo. 6d.

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.

The Cambridge Bible for Schools.


THE want of an Annotated Edition of the BIBLE, in handy portions, suitable for school use, has long been felt.

In order to provide Text-books for School and Examination purposes, the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS has arranged to publish the several books of the BIBLE in separate portions, at a moderate price, with introductions and explanatory notes.

Some of the books have already been undertaken by the following gentlemen:

Rev. A. CARR, M.A., late Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.

Rev. T. K. CHEYNE, M.A., Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford.

Rev. S. Cox, Nottingham.

Rev. A. B. DAVIDSON, D.D., Prof. of Hebrew, Free Church Coll. Edinb.
Rev. F. W. FARRAR, D.D., Canon of Westminster.

Rev. A. E. HUMPHREYS, M. A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Rev. A. F. KIRKPATRICK, M.A., Fellow and Lecturer of Trinity College.
Rev. J. J. LIAS, M.A., Professor at St David's College, Lampeter.
Rev. J. R. LUMBY, D.D., Norrisian Professor of Divinity.

Rev. G. F. MACLEAR, D.D., Head Master of King's Coll. School, London.
Rev. H. C. G. MOULE, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Rev. W. F. MOULTON, D.D., Head Master of the Leys School, Cambridge.
Rev. E. H. PEROWNE, D.D., Master of Corpus Christi College,
Cambridge, Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of St Asaph.
The Ven. T. T. PEROWNE, B.D., Archdeacon of Norwich.
Rev. A. PLUMMER, M.A., Master of University College, Durham.
Rev. E. H. PLUMPTRE, D.D., Professor of Biblical Exegesis, King's
College, London.

Rev. W. SANDAY, D.D., Principal of Bishop Hatfield Hall, Durham.
Rev. W. SIMCox, M.A., Rector of Weyhill, Hants.

Rev. ROBERTSON Smith, M. A., Professor of Hebrew, Aberdeen.
Rev. A. W. STREANE, M.A., Fellow of Corpus Christi College.

Rev. H. W. WATKINS, M.A., Warden of St Augustine's Coll. Canterbury.
Rev. G. H. WHITAKER, M.A., Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge;
Honorary Chancellor of Truro Cathedral.

Rev. C. WORDSWORTH, M.A., Rector of Glaston, Rutland.

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.

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