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him dead with a single stroke of his powerful

At last the ground was covered thick with

game of all kinds; and the lion ordered his two companions to stop. So they stopped the chase, and came up with the lion.

“Now," said the lion, turning to the donkey, “divide the game.” The donkey was quite simple and just; he divided the game into three equal parts, and begged the king of beasts to choose for himself. The lion, with a deep roar of rage,

lifted his mighty paw and laid the donkey dead at his feet. "Now, you divide,” he said, turning to the fox. The cunning Reynard, making a low bow, at once set to work, made a heap of all the game, placed the body of the donkey on the top, and pointing to the heap, said to the lion: “O mighty king, your share now lies before you!" The lion was delighted and wagged his royal tail to show how pleased he was. Where did


learn your good sense, and where did you get your knowledge how to make a just division?” he asked the fox. Bowing three times, and whisking his tail


respectfully, the fox replied: “I learned it, O mighty king, from the poor gentleman on the top of the heap.”

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When our bedtime comes we lie down on our beds and are covered over snug and warm and we go to sleep. In the morning we awake fresh and ready for a new day.

Bedtime has almost come for the flowers, plants and all that live out of doors.

There has been much done to get ready and now the time has come for the winter's sleep.

The leaves have fallen from the trees, the birds have put on warm, thick coats, the cows and horses have grown thicker hair.

See how the ground is covered with leaves, so that Jack Frost can not get to the roots of plants.

After a while another blanket will cover the ground. What do you think it will be?

The cold wind blows across the fields. But there are no birds, or insects, that the cold will hurt.

Everything is asleep.

We must watch closely, or we will not see the trees and plants awaken.

Expression. Tell in writing something you have noticed in preparation for the winter's sleep. How do trees and plants awaken?



swal low

wāy side

beau te oŭs

The leaves are fading and falling,

The winds are rough and wild;
The birds have ceased their calling,

But let me tell you, my child,

Though day by day, as it closes,

Doth darker and colder grow,
The roots of the bright red roses

Will keep alive in the snow.

And when the winter is over

The boughs will get new leaves, The quail come back to the clover,

And the swallow back to the eaves.

The robin will wear on his bosom

A vest that is bright and new, And the loveliest wayside blossom

Will shine with the sun and dew.

The leaves to-day are whirling,

The brooks are all dry and dumb; But let me tell you, my darling,

The spring will be sure to come.

There must be rough, cold weather,

And winds and rain so wild; Not all good things together

Come to us here, my child.

So when some dear joy loses

Its beauteous summer glow, Think how the roots of the roses

Are kept alive in the snow.


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Every little boy and girl in America should know me.

I am the American eagle. I live by the sea or lake because I like fish.

I sometimes will eat a lamb, or a young pig, when I can not get fish.

I am not always honest.

I let the fish-hawk catch my fish for me. Then I chase him until he drops the fish.

I build my nest in the top of a high tree in a swamp:

I make it of large sticks, sods, hay, cornstalks and moss.

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