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to the country? The question of the pro Lord G. L. Gower said the firs priety or impropriety of ministers reject- three notes now dated the 2d S.

proffered mediation of Russia written on the lst, but by an erro might depend upon that information. secretary dated as the others. OE And yet, in answer to a demand for such under the date of the 9th, one was information, they were told forsooth, that on that day, and the other on t it was most important to be sure, both in This date was altered in printin its own nature and in reference to a great assurances alluded to in the Note question of continental policy, but that, June, addressed to gen. Budber unfortunately, though it had flowed through given in a private conference by the customary channel of accredited agen- peror of Russia at Tilsit, in which hi cy, it had not sprung from it; for that rial majesty assured him (ld. G. L. lord H. happened not at that time to be that nothing that had happened accredited, and therefore that this infor- alter his friendly disposition and mation, however otherwise desirable, must ment to England, satisfied as he wa be withheld, rather than the etiquette fidelity and justice of the principle diplomatique should be violated. But, it Britannic maj.-Mr. Whitbread the seemed, an hon. baronet had done him the drew his first motion; the second, favour of imputing the present motion to for Extracts from lord G. L. Gowe party motives; the hon. baronet was ra- patch, containing the assurances r ther unfortunate in his selection, for out of to in his Note to M. de Budberg the nine there was not one less liable to June, was negatived; the one for the imputation, than that alluded to by of all assurances of co-operation g the hon. baronet; for, it did happen that the courts of Russia and Stockholı on that very question relative to the Rus- acceded to, with some modificat sion offer of mediation between this coun were all the others. try and France, he and his right hon. PAPERS RELATING TO MILI friends did not so entirely agree as on the Co-OPERATION ON THE CONTIN other subjects. The hon. baronet had The following are Copies of the commented upon his inability to preserve presented to the house of commons the gravity' of his countenance, during a suance of the above motion: viz. certain part of his speech. He (Mr. W.)

PAPERS. could not avoid smiling, when the hon.

RELATING TO MILITARY CO-O baronet had said that he would vote for

TION ON THE CONTINENT. the production of those papers which he knew ministers had already acceded to

No. 1.-Dispatch from visc. Hou the production of; and according as minis

Ch. Stuart esq. his majesty's m ters assented or resisted, it was not diffi..

plenipotentiary at the court of cult to divine the vote of the hon. baronete

tersburgh, dated Downing In a word, he asked for information; he

Oct. 28th, 1906. asked for official documents of the last

Sir; The accounts of the unfor importance, and to the production of opening of the Prussian campaign which no objection of secresy or confi- been received here. The most poi dence was set up-it was public property,

and the most immediate succours ai and as such he demanded it. He feared

come indispensable for the support of that its intelligence would but serve to governinent, and if the Russian a confirm what at a future day he should should not yet have moved, you wi have to bring before the house, that his the most pressing instances to the co majesty's present ministers were guilty St. Petersburgh, to give orders for of a fatal error in rejecting the proffer of advancing without a moments delay. Russian mediation. He wished before he

How sat down, to ask the noble lord, whether No. II.--Dispatch from visc. Howi there was not some error, probably of print

the hon. Henry Pierrepoint, his ing, in the dates of some of his dispatches? jesty's envoy extraordinary and There were three, for instance, dated 2nd ster plenipotentiary at the cou Sept. though it was evident from the tenor, Stockholm, dated Downing S that all could not have been written on Oct. 28th, 1806. the same day. There were two more Sir, The melancholy accounts of dated the 9th Sept, in which the same in first-events of the war between Prussia consistency appeared.

France, and of the unfortunate Batt

the 14th inst. bave been received here. , conversation which took place this day, reThe effect of these disasters would indeed presented to me the inconvenience and the be most fatal, if it should induce the neigh- difficulty of impeding the payment of the bouring powers from a despair of main troops stationed beyond the frontiers, as taining a successful resistance to the power highly unfavourable to the efforts of this of France, to endeavour to purchase their country, and told me that he had already security by submission; a policy which the consulted with the minister of finance rehistory of all countries that have pursued specting the possibility of raising a Russian it, has proved never yet to have been ef- loan in England to a considerable amount. fectual to its purpose. The common dan- His exc. requested me to state if I thought ger which is now become so much more his majesty's government would be disposinminent than at any former period, hased to encourage and facilitate the underanimated his majesty with an increased taking? I replied, that although G. Britain conviction of the necessity of using bis had sufficiently proved a desire to forward most powerful efforts to avert it; and you every measure conuected with the common will continue, in pursuance of your former cause, it was impossible for me to give a Instructions, to urge the court of Stock- satisfactory answer, unless I knew the holm to the most effectual application of amount of the security, and terms upon all its forces in aid of the continental war, which it is proposed to raise the sum rewhich its own security as well as the gene- quired. Baron Budberg assured me he ral interest now so imperiously requires. had hitherto so little considered the subject,

HOWICK. that it was impossible to reply to these No. III.-Extract of a Dispatch from questions, though he begged I would men

viscount Howick to Coas. Stuart esq. tion the wish as expressed on his part, dated Downing Street, Nov. 4th, to the king's government; observing, when 1806.

I mentioned the circumstances respecting It is indeed a matter of the deepest re the former Austrian Loan, that the present gret that the war between Prussia and proposition differed widely from that of France should have commenced under such the court of Vienua, because it is not the circumstances as to preclude the co-opera- intention of the emperor to demand a tion and assistance of those powers who subsidy. might have been disposed to join against No. v.-Note from Baron Nicolay, the common enemy. Under the present Chargé d'Affaires from his majesty the uncertainty, whether the disastrous events emperor of Russia at this court, to which have attended the commencement of viscount Howick, dated 5th Nov. bostilities, inay not have compelled Prussia 1806. to submit to such terms as the French may Barou Nicolay presents respects to lord impose, nothing can be added to your for- Howick, and has the bonour io transmit to mer Instructions; but you will continue to to his exc. a copy of a dispatch which he give the most positive assurances to the has just received from his court. He accourt of St. Petersburgh of the steady de- quits himself at the same time, of the or-, termination of his majesty to resist, to der which it contains, to inform his exc. the utmost of his

, power, all pretensions the secretary of state," that his majesty injurious to the honour of his crown, and the emperor, not having made any prohiinconsistent with the general interests of bition with regard to the commercial relaEurope. The increase of the danger will tions between Russia and France, each inavimate his niajesty to increased exertions dividual of tủe Russian nation has the for the sake of the common cause, and dis- right of freighting vessels for the port of pose him more than ever, to cultivate the France, and of importing its merchandize." good understanding which so happily sub- -Baron Nicolay flatters bimself that this sists between the king and the emperor of new declaration, if indeed it were still neRussia, and which presents the only hope cessary after the frequent communications for the preservation of the liberties of which he has already had the honour to mankind.

make to Iris exc. upon the same subject, No. IV.-Estracts of a Dispatch from will contribute to accelerate the restitution

Charles Stuart esq. to visct. Howick, of the Russian property detained here, on dated St. Petersburgh, Nov. 4th, 1806. account of which baron Nicolay has had ---Received Dec. ist.

the honour of addressing himself to lord General Budberg in the course of the Howick on the 22nd ult. He embraces

this opportunity to intreat his exc. to be so trade is liable to confiscation, unless they good as to enable him to return, an answer have the express licence and permission of to his court, upon the different subjects, their own sovereign to cary it on. This which he had the honour to submit to lord rule has been applied bitherto by the BriHowick at the same time, and particularly tish government equally to its own subjects, upon that which relates to the imperial and to those of its ally, presuming that gymnasium at Volhynia, and he is anxious to Russia would do the same; and it being renew to lis lordship the secretary of state uncertain whether any or what perinission the assurance of his most high considera- had been granted to the subjects of Russia tion. London, 24th October (5th Novem- to carry on a trade with the enemy, Russiaạ ber,) 1806.

ships coming from the enemy's ports have (inclosure referred to in No. V.) been detained by the British cruizers.-It Sir; lo pursuance of what I wrote to you appearing, however, from the baron de on the 11tb instant, respecting the claims Nicolay's note of the 6th instant, that the of the merchants Glouhoff, Kelmund and subjects of Russia are excepted from the company, it will be necessary for me to operation of this general principle, by the speak further to you on a subject, upon declaration, that bis imperial majesty had which I have just received instructions, and not thought proper to interdict the com- . relative to which you also will equally have mercial relations subsisting between Rusto explain yourself to the English govern- sia and France, and considered bis subjects ment, for the purpose of removing every as authorized, under this permission, to pretext which could be resorted to for the freight vessels for the ports of France, and purpose of retarding the decision of those to bring back merchandize in return, improceedings. The court of admiralty in mediate orders will be given for the release London, requiring that the Russian mer- of all Russian ships which have been chants should give some proof of the trade brought into the British ports, and which with France having been allowed them, appear to have been freighted with articles during the rupture between two coun- of an innocent nature.-All articles of a tries, you will represent to the British go-contrary description, and particularly naval vernment, that bis majesty the emperor not stores, the British government feels confihaving made any prohibition with regard to dent that it could never be the intention of this point, each individual of the Russian the emperor of Russia to suffer his subjects, nation has the right of freighting vessels in the present war, to transport to the ports for the ports of France, and of importing of France. In a war in which those two its merchandize, especially as during the powers are engaged as allies, it never could whole course of the late events the com be wise or just for either to suffer the enemy mercial relations between the two powers to be supplied with those means of offence have not been interrupted, which is proved which could only be directed against their by the residence of the respective agents common interests.--The undersigned, thereand consuls. I am, &c. A. DE BUDBERG. fore, at the same time that he is commandNo. VI.— Note from viscount Howick ed to express his majesty's readiness to af

to baron Nicolay, dated Downing ford all reasonable facilities to the subjects Street, Nov. 10th, 1806.

of Russia, in carrying on a trade with the The undersigned lost no time in referring enemy in innocent articles, (so long as such to the king's advocate the several represen- trade shall be continued to be sanctioned tations made by baron Nicolay, with re- by his imperial majesty), is also instructed spect to the Russian vessels trading to the to request, that an express interdiction may enemy's ports, which had been detained | be issued by the Russian government, and brought into the ports of G. Britain. against sending naval stores to the ports The answers were only received this morn of the enemy, as by furnishing such suping, and are transmiited herewith.—The plies, the greatest injury must necessarily undersigned has already, in his personal in-, be occasioned to the common cause in terview with baron Nicolay, explained to which the two powers are so happily united. him the principle upon which these vessels — With respect lo ihe particular cases rehave been detained.-By the general law presented in baron Nicolay's notes of the of nations, all commercial intercourse be- 22 of October, the undersigned resers bim tween belligerent states is interdicted by to the accompanying report from the king's the very naiure and existence of war; and advocate. The undersigned, &c. HọWICK. the property of persons engaged in such a No. VII.-Extract of a Dispatch from

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Charles Stuart, esq. to viscount How- communicated in my dispatch, No. 55. I ick, dated St. Petersburgh, November have since learned that to insure the repay19th, 1806.

ment of the money at the end of twenty I have not ceased to press general Bud- years, a Caisse d'Amortissement or sinking berg to communicate to me, such details fund will be established, and an adequate respecting the loan which it is proposed to branch of the Revenue will be set apart to be raised in England on account of the accumulate as soon as the two goveruments Russian government, as may enable lis shall have arranged every difficulty.--Genemajesty's ministers early to decide whether ral Budberg appears desirous that this matit would be possible to comply with the ter shall be brought to an early conclusion, wishes of the court of St. Petersburgh. and has repeatedly assured me that the In a conversation which took place yester- remittance of specie rather than bills will be day his exc. informed me that he had a great convenience to the Russian court spoken with the minister of finance, and it I am, &c.

CH, STUART. is calculated that six, or if possible seven mil (First Inclosure referred to in No. 9.) lions sterling will be the amount of the sum The


critical state to which the diswhich they desire to raise by this method; asters of Prussia liave reduced the affairs of that the capital shall bear an interest of five the good cause, far from abating the enerper cent. secured in whatever manner may gy with which his imperial majesty is rebe deemed most eligible, though he said solved to maintain it, has caused him to take that the Russian customs will, he hopes, be the resolution of employing all his efforts to deemed an adequate security in case the check and repel that torrent, the progress proposition should be encouraged in Eng- of which will meet with no further obstaland.--His exc. did not state the term or cle on the continent, but in the power of the mode of repayment, but said, he would Russia. The extraordinary expences which very shortly send a messenger to England the vigorous measures in which his imperial with further particulars, and suggested that majesty is engaged for the support of the some person versed in financial affairs present war, will impose upon him, reshould be authorized to settle the further quiring sums which cannot at this moment details with this government. Though the be drawn from the resources of Russia with amount of the sum may perhaps appear that promptitude which circumstances deconsiderable, I must observe that the cus- mand, his imperial majesty has charged the toms offer full security for the regular pay- undersigned to propose to his Britannick ment of the interest.

majesty's government, by means of his No. 8.--Extract of a dispatch from minister plenipotentiary, that a loan should

Charles Stuart, esq. to visc. Howick, be opened in England upon the following dated St. Petersburgh, Nov. 28th 1806. basis: 1st. The sun to be borrowed is six Received Jan. 2d, 1807.

millions of pounds sterling. 2d. Of this General Budberg lately told me that his sum one third shall delivered in gold, imperial majesty had expressly directed himn either in bullion or coined; another third to urge the expediency of partial expedi- į in silver, either in bullion or coined; and tions ou the coast of France and Holland, the other in bills of exchange. 3d. If the for the purpose of distracting the atten British government will not undertake to tion of the enemy, and impeding the marcb convey this gold and silver to the ports of of the French reserves.

Russia, the remittance of them may be made No. 9.—Dispatch from Charles Stuart, in England to Messieurs Harman and com

esq. to visc. Howick, dated St. Peters- pany, bankers, accredited by the court of burgh, Nov. 28th, 1806.-Received Russia. 4th. The account of the loan Jan. 2d, 1807.

shall be kept in pouuds sterling; the payMy lord, I have the honour to inclose a ment of the capital, as well as of the incopy of a note I received yesterday from teresi, shall be made in the same money. general Budberg, upon the subject of the 5th. The term of the loan shall be fixed at loan which this governinent purposes to twenty years, at the same time agreeing that raise in England, together with a copy of Russia, during the first twelve years, shall the answer which I thought the most suita- bave to repay as much of the capital as the ble, as the determination which may be balance of her commerce and the state of adopted by his majesty's ministers can be her revenue will enable her to discharge ; no way biassed by mere civil assurances and that during the last eight years, the on my part. In addition to the particulars remainder of the capital shali be reimbursed Vol. X.

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in equal portions. 6th. The interest of tlie | the exception of No. 43, which has not yet sums which shall have been delivered in been received, have been laid before the virtue of the loan, shall be at five per cent. king.- His majesty has seen with great per annum, and until the said loan shall satisfaction the resolution expressed by the have been filled up and compleated, three cabinet of St. Petersburgh, in consequence orfour periods in the year shali be fixed upon of the accounts which had been received for the payment of the interest. It would there, of the unfortunate battle of the 14th be very desirable that the imperial treasury Oct. It is by such a spirit alone that the should receive on account of this loan an affairs of Europe can be retrieved, and your advance of one million of pounds sterling, lordship will not fail to express in the most either coined or in bullion, which may be emphatic manner, the entire concurrence of sent as soon as possible, and before the his majesty in the generous sentiments navigation is shut up. The undersigned, in entertained by his imperial ally.—

These acquitting himself of the duty with which he assurances I have already given to Mr. is charged to Mr. Stuart, fiatters himself, Nicolay, who has made a confidential comthat aware as he is of the magnitude of the munication to me, of the contents of the interests which are to be decided by the ef- dispatches received from his court, of the forts of his imperial majesty, he will appre same date as Mr. Stuart's.-Among other ciate the importance of the propositions just things he is instructed to invite this gocomununicated to liim, and that his acknow-vernment to a frank and explicit comniuleged zeal for the interests of the good cause, nication of its views with respect to the and for the principles upon which the strict present crisis. To this I could only answer alliance of the two courts chiefly rests, will generally, there being at this moment no lead him on this occasion to concur in the question of any particular military operaviews of the emperor, by making known, as tion, that the same opinion is entertained soon as possible, to his goveruinent, the here as at St. Petersburgh, of the necessity proposals contained in the present commu- of combined exertions to resist the increasnication. He seizes this occasion; &c. ing danger, and of a full and unreserved

A. DE BU DBERG. confidence on all points connected with the (Second Inclosure referred to in No. 9.) interests of the common cause.

The repeated proofs of his Britannick No. 11.-Extract of a dispatch from majesty's attachment to that cause which Charles Stuart, esq. to visc. Howick, protects the liberties of Europe, are sufi dated St. Petersburgh, 18th December ciently notorious, to remove all doubt as to 1806.-Received Jan. 32d, 1807. his sincere desire to concur in and even to At court this morning 'his imperial maanticipate the wishes of his only ally in the jesty urged in the strongest terms the exglorious struggle which the two powers pediency of a diversion on the enemy in the continue to maintain. The sentiments, ex- north of Europe, by a powerful expedition pressed in the note of his excellency general to the coasts of France or Holland. Budberg, are perfectly analogous to the No. 12.-Extract of a dispatch from invariable principles of the British govern Charles Stuart, esq. to visc. Howick, mnent, and unless there exist serious con dated St. Petersburgh, 2d Jan. 1807. siderations with which the undersigned is -Received Feb. 6th. unacquainted, he has only to perform the I did not fail to press on general Budduty of reporting them to his government, berg, the sentiments of liis majesty's governin order to ensure a favourable result to ile ment: I can however only draw from that desires announced on the part of his im- minister a repetition of the language I forperial inajesty. The undersigned, &c. merly detailed on this subject, accompanied


by a complaint that the whole of the No. 10.-Extract of a Dispatch from enemy's forces are directed against Russia

visc. Howick to the marq. of Douglas, at a moment when Great Britain does not his majesty's ambassador at the court shew any disposition to diminish the danger, of St. Petersburgh, dated Downing by a diversion against France and Molstreet, Dec. 4th, 1806.

land. This dispatch I hope will find your lord No. 13.-Extract of a dispatch from ship safely arrived at St. Petersburgh, and visc. Howick to the marq. of Dougenjoying good health after the fatigues of las, dated Downing Street, 13th Jan. so long a journey at so bad a season.-Mr. 1807. Stuart's dispatches to No. 47 inclusive, with With respect to the loan proposed to be

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