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joyed, even in a slight degree, his society less to add, that he fulfilled all the relaand friendship, know how truly this may tive duties of life as a Christian ought to be said of him. To talk upon religion do; that he was a dutiful son, an affecand religious subjects was his great de- tionate brotber, a steady friend, a kind light. His reading and studies lay all that relation to all connected with him. To way. In his most familiar intercourse be these things the feelings of some here seemed always gratified when he could present, and the knowledge of many more give the conversatiou a profitable turn, bear sufficient testimony. P.23. and lead it to his favourite theme. “My reverend brethren, wlio are come

We trust that there is nothing to pay the last tribute of regard and af- extraordinary or singular in the fection to his memory, may I be excused amiable character here pourtrayed. if I respectfully advert to the solemn But taking for granted, as we most. obligations we have taken upon ourselves readily do, the accuracy of the as to this important matter, and pray that portrait, its author is entitled to in this great and distinguishing part of our lamented friend's character, his example

our best thanks. There is nothing may be so considered by us as to lead,

strained, affected, or exaggerated, through God's blessing, to the same fruits in his description. He gives us the in ourselves. We know the pledges we history of a pious parish priest, gave at our ordination, may they be re- which ought to interest and immembered by each of us as they were by prove his hearers. He tells a plain him!

tale in plain language; and his ex. “ Having dwelt so long on the several

ample may be copied in more quarparticulars already mentioned, I have but little time to say any thing further ; neither ters that one, W

ters than one, with manifest and indeed is it necessary. For after what important advantage. has been stated, it would be almost need


SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING station; and the Books have accordingly CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE.

been placed in charge of that gentleman,

on the same terms as at the other depôts, Madras District Committee.

until a Minister shall resume the clerical

duties of the station." In a very important despatch re- « The District Committee have recently transmitted by Richard Clarke, ceived a letter of advice from the Rev. Esq. Secretary to the Madras District Mr. Parker, respecting a supply of books Committee, the following passages oc shipped on board the Lady Kennaray, cur:

and the books have also been duly re“ The establishment of local deposits ceived. The Committee have taken into of Books at the principal stations of this consideration the letter of the Rev. Presidency, under the superintendence Archdeacon Owen, Chaplain General to of the resident Chaplain, has been at- his Majesty's Forces, and of the Rev. tended with all the success which had Mr. Parker, relative to the grant of been anticipated from the measure. The books for the use of his Majesty's regidistribution of Bibles, Prayer Books, and ments serving under the Presidency of religious Tracts, has been increased; the Madras ; and the supply of these books benevolent desigos of the Society have for the years 1818 and 1819 having been become more generally known, and their received, they have instructed the Select operations more extensively useful. In Committee to distribute them according the absence of the Chaplain of Bellary to the directions given in the Rev. Mr. (who is in England on a sick certificate) Parker's letter. The Society shall be the Committee have accepted the pro- apprized of their special appropriation." posal of Captain Clarke, of his Majesty's is The Society will be gratified to learn 46th regiment, (and one of their mem- that the Vipery Mission Press has been bers), to form a depôt at that extensive successfully re-established. The Missionaries have evinced considerable judge the Vipery Mission House. The District ment in the selection of the works edited Committee anticipate the Society's entire by them, as well as very praiseworthy approbation of what has been done, on exertions in their speedy completion. account of the benefits resulting from The District Committee have admitted the measure that has been adopted. For on their local list the following transla in making this purchase, the Committee tions into Tamul, of works approved by have afforded such pecuniary aid to the the Society, which have lately issued Mission Press, as will materially contrifrom the Vipery Mission Press, viz. bute to discharge the outstanding de

The Psalter of the Church of England. mands against it, and ensure its future « The Parables of our Blessed Saviour. operations from embarrassment. And The Miracles of our Blessed Saviour. what is still more important, the Com

A Series of the National Society's mittee have been enabled to send a much Reading Books, from the Alphabet to Book needed and most seasonable supply of No. 2, in Tamul and English.

Tamul reading and School Books to the “ Ćopies of these works are presented several Missionary stations in southern to the Society, and in the binding of them India, in order to relieve the pressing do. a fair specimen is displayed of the skill mands of the Congregations and Schools, and industry of the Society's servants at for elementary works of Education."


Allen, Charles Jefferies, to the rectory of

Stocklinch Ottersey, Somerset ; patron,
JEFFERYS ALLEN, Esq. of Bridg-
Barlow, John, B.A. to be one of the

chaplains to the Right Hon. LORD

Bellett, George, to the vicarage of Samp-

ford Arundell; patron, WILLIAM BEL-
LETT, Esq.
Blomberg, . W. M.A. to be a Canon re-

sidentiary of St. Paul's Cathedral ; pa

tron, THE KING. Blomfield, C. J. D.D. of Trinity college,

Cambridge, rector of St. Botolph's, Bic shopsgate, and of Chesterford, Essex, to the Archdeaconry of Colchester; pa

tron, the Bishop or LONDON. Boscawen, Hon. J. Evelyn, rector of Wot.

ton, Surrey, and late fellow of All Soul's
college, to a prebendal stall in the
Church of Canterbury ; patron, TIE

Boyse, John, to the rectory of Kitnor,

alias Culborne, Somerset ; patron, THE
Carr, very rey. R. J. D.D to the pre-
bendal stall of Pratum Majus ; patron,

the Bishop OP HEREFORD.
Carr, Samuel, M.A. of Queen's college,

Cambridge, to the perpetual curacy of
St. Mary Key, Ipswich; BY THE PA-
Corrington, Richard, to be minister of

the new auxiliary chapel to the church

at Boston. Ellis, Francis, M.A. to the rectory of

Lasham, Hants ; patron, Geo. PURE

Evans, William, M.À. to the rectory of
1. Kingsland, Herefordshire; patron, ED-

Francis, Robert John, to the rectory of

Carleton St. Mary, Norfolk ; patrons,

the CORPORATION OF NORWICH. Greenly, John, M.A. of Christ Church,

Oxford, to the perpetual curacy of st. Thomas, Salisbury; patrons, the DEAN and CHAPTER of SARUM. Harding, William, to the perpetual curacy of Sawley, with the chapelries of Long Eaton and Wilne, annexed in the

county of Derby. Hogarth, John Henry, of Emanuel col

lege, Cambridge, to the rectory of Stifford, Essex; patron, - IOGARTH,

esq. Dorking, Surry. Holcombe, G. D.D. to tbe dignity of a .

prebend of Westminster Abbey; pa

tron, THE KING. Hoste,' James, M.A. of Christ college,

Cambridge, to the vicarage of Empingham, Rutlandshire. Huntingford, H. to the rectory of Hamp

ton Bishop.
Ingilby, Henry, to the livings of Swallon
and Rigby, Lincolnshire ; patron, Sir

Ingle, Charles, M.A. to the vicarage of

Orston, Nottinghamshire ; patron, the

Very Rev. the Dean of LINCOLN.
King, S. M.A. to the perpetual curacy of

Lattimers, Bucks ; patron, LORD G. H.

Luttrell, Thomas Fownes, to the vicar. In the First Class of Litera Humaniores.

age of Minehead, Somersetshire ; pa. Dodgson, Charles, of Christ church; trons, J. F. LUTTRELL, E. M. PLEY. Harington, Richard, of Christ church; DELL, and W. DREWE, Esqrs.

Heathcote, William, of Oriel college Martyn, Thomas, to the rectory of Lud

Proctor, Thos. of Jesus college; Wood, gershall.

Charles, of Oriel college.
Marwood, T. M.A. to the rectory of
English Bicknor, Gloucestershire ; pa-

In the First Class of Discipline Mathe· trons, tbe VISITORS of QUÉEN's Core

matieæ et Physica. LEGE, OXFORD

Dodgson, Charles, of Christ church; Newman, Jobn, to the vicarage of Wit Dyke, Henry Grey, of St. Alban hall;

ham, Essez ; patron, the Bishop of Ross, Charles, of Christ church; Wood, LONDON.

Charles, of Oriel college ; Wortley, Stuart Owen, Hugh, M.A. rector of Stapleton, John, of Christ church.

Salop, to the archdeaconry of Salop; In the Second Class of Litere Humaniores. patron, the Bishop OF LICHFIELD and

Balfour, Blayney Townley, of Christ COVENTRY. Powell, William, to be chaplain of Cos

church; Bosanquet, Robert William, of ford House of Correction.

Baliol college ; Bullock, Edw. of Christ Thompson, T. to the vicarage of Adling

church ; Chaplyn, James Robert, of Trifleet, Yorkshire; patron, the LORD

nity college; Chapman, John M. of CHANCELLOR.

Exeter college ; Coleridge, Edward, of . Whitelocke, William Spencer, M.A. to

Corpus Christi college ; Escott, Brick. the vicarage of Gedney, Lincolnshire ;

ham Sweet, of Christ church; Green, patron, THE KING.

John Wm. Egerton, of Baliot college ; Williams, D. to the living of Wigmore ;

Harding, William, of Wadham college; patron, the Bishop of HEREFORD.

Porcher, Chas. of Oriel college ; Ross,

Chas. of Christ church; Tomlinson, John UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. Wickes, of Trinity college ; Wiggett, Degrees conferred January 14, 1822.

William Lyde, of University college ;

Wortley, Stuart John, of Christ church; MASTERS OF ARTS.-Frederic James Yarker, Robert, of Queen's college. Parsons, Demy of Magdalen college;

i In the Second Class of Discipline MatheGeo. Crabb, Magdalen hall; rev. John Cookesley, Exeter college ; rev. John

maticæ et Physice. Brown Hawkins, Exeter college ; rev. Candy, Charles, of Lincoln college; Henry Thos. Atékins, Wadham college; Stevens, Henry, of Oriel college ; WalJosepb Pitt, Christ church ; John Allen, pole, Thos. Henry, of All Souls' college. Christ church,

Litere Humaniores · BACHELORS OF ARTS.Thos. Harrison, Besley, John, of Baliol college ; Bowen, csq. St. Mary hall, grand compounder, John St. Vincent, of Brasenosé college; rev. George Winnock, Magdalen hall; Candy, Charles, of Lincoln'college; Henry Richards, Exeter college ; John Cave, William Astley Brown, of BraseRoberts, Jesus college ; Owen Anwyl nose college; Cooke, Joseph, of MagdaOwen, Jesus college ; William Kaye Heft, len hall; Elliott, George Poroy, oř St. scholar of Lincoln college ; Thomas Bur- Mary-hall ; Hawkins, Georgo, of Corpus bank Holt, Queen's college ; John Peel, Christi college ; Hett, William, of Line Christ church; Jolin Whittington Ready coln college; Jones, Henry, of Exeter Landon, scholar of Worcester college." college ; Luke, George S. of Queen's colJanuary 24.

lege ; Owen Owen, of Jesus college ; Ro

binson, Christ. Thomas, of Brase-nose MASTER OF ARTS.--Rev. Richard Co

college; Simcoe, Henry Addington, of nington, Lincoln college.

Wadham college ; Stowey, Augustus, of BACHELORS OF ARTS.-David Denne, Christ Church; Wood, John, of Christ Ereter college ; Thomas Foulkes, Jesus Church. college; William Hamilton Burroughs,

Disc. Mat. Magdalen hall.

Bissland, Thomas, of Baliol college; · Dec. 21, 1821.-Mr. John Whitmore Cartwright, William Henry, of Trinity Wall was admitted fellow of New college. college.

Dec. 29.-The names of those candi- Jan. 15, 1822.--Jolin Trenchard Picdates, who at the close of the Public kard, esq. late fellow of New college, was Examinations this Term, were admitted admitted Doctor in Civil Lan, grand by the Public Examiners into the first compounder. and second classes of Litere Humaniores January 17.-The rev. William Page and Discipline Mathematicæ et Physicæ Richards, late fellow of New college, and respectively, according to the alphabet. master of Tiverton school, Devon, was ical arrangement in each Class pre- admitted Doctor in Civil Lan, grand scribed by the statute, stand as follow: compounder. The rev. Chas, Parr Bar.

ney, of Merton college, was admitted well, Croupton, Croughton, Fendall, Bachelor in Divinity, grand compounder. Greenwood, Hinde, Hutchinson, Owen,

January 18.—The said rev. Charles Radford, Walters, Wilson, Worship. 13 Parr Burneġ was admitted Doctor in Christ's COLL-Messrs. Baker,Bellas, Divinity, grand compounder.

Blackburn, Burney, Blyth, Could, PorJanuary 22.--The rev. Chas. Taylor, ter, Royds, Steel, Taylor. - - - 10 M.A. of Baliol college, and Prebendary MAGDALEN COLL — Messrs. Chichesef Moreton Magna, in the Cathedral ter, Feodall, Turner. . . . . 3 Church of Hereford, was admitted Ba- EMMANUEL COLL - Messrs. Drake, chelor and Doctor in Divinity.

Gore, Hyde, Mason, Miller, Milner,

man Salmon, Whitaker. : . - , UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE.

SIDNEY COLL.-Messrs. Alford, Stone, January 19.--This being Bachelors of Williamson. - - - - - 3 Arts' Commencement, the following 212

The following gentlemen obtained gentlemen were admitted to that degree:

that degree: Academical Honours on the above oc

Academica [Note-The names are arranged alpha- casion : betically.]

WRANGLERS.DA Holditcb, Caius colTRINITY COLLEGE.-Messrs. Allan,

by lege, Peacock,Bene't college; Birkett, St. Ansley, Bennet, Bower, Ethelstone, Far

John's college ; Thornton, Trinity colley, Frampton, Gillichan, Godfrey, Guest,

lege ; Harris, Clare hall; Alderson, PemHall, Hamilton, sen. Hamilton, jun Hene

broke college ; Farish, Queen's college ; age, Holgate, Jepson,Kemp, Lloyd, Long,

Holgato, Trinity college; Porter, Christ Macaulay, Malden, Marriott, Marten,

college ; Ware, Trinity college ; Arnold, Matthews, Morton, Norman, Perry, Raw

Caius college, Gooch, Bene't college ; son, Reynolds, Richards, Robley, Sim

Greenwood, Jesus college ; Perry, Trinimons, Taylor, Thomas, Thornton, Un

ty college ; Kennaway, Št. John's college ; tbank, Walsh, Ware, White, Wilmot. 40

Blunt, Pembroke hali; Simpson,St.John's St. Joks's Coll-Messrs. Backler,

college ; Turner, St. John's college ; Allan, Barker,Bateman,Battersby,Bell,Birkett,

Trinity college i Hamilton, sen. Trinity Bullock, Calvert, Clay, Collins, Colvile,

college ; Taylor, St. John's college; Fen. Fenn, Folliott, Gage, Gibbon, Giraud,

dall, Jesus college ; Lloyd, Trinity college ; Gough, Green, Grey, Griffith, Hawkes

Raven, Bene't college ; Paley, Peterhouse ley, Hargreaves, Heberden, Henderson,

college ; Giraud, St. John's college ; Hodgson, Huntley Hutchinson,J.Jarratt,

Hamilton, jun. Trinity college ; Morton, R Jarratt, Jengns, Kennaway, Kirk,

Trinity college ; Cornwell, Jesus college ; Laycock, Margetts, North, Parr, Payne,

Long, Trinity college.
Pidcock, Robinson, Scbneider, Silvester,
Simpson, Smith, Smyth, Spitta, Taylor,

SENIOR OPTIMES.-Ds. Law, Peterhouse Thompson, Trafford, Turner, Vaughan,

college; Walters, Jesus college; Thornton, Villiers, Wilkinson, Wion, Wood. . 54

Clare hall; Margetts, St John's college ; ST. PETER'S COLL.--Messrs. Adcock,

Ward, Clare hall; Collyer, Clare hall; HutAlder, Cardale, Davenport, Gape, Hogg,

chins, Bene't college; White, Trinity colLawe, Maule, Norman, Paley, Peters,

lege; Williamson, Sidney college ; Malden, Scott, Trench. - ... . - 13

Trinity college ; Gloadall, Catharine hall; CLAKE HALL --Messrs. Agar, Browne,

Warburton, Pembroke hall , Brookes, Cobbold, Collyor, Haggitt, Harris, Heath, Pem

Pembroke hall ; Alder, Peterhouse coiLeicester, Nicholls, Thornton, Ward,

lege ; Mousley, Queen's college ; Colville, Whalley, White, Winthrope. - • 14 st. John's college, eg. Stone, Sidney col

PEMBROKK HALL.Messrs. G. Alder- lege, eg. Burt, Caius college; Hutchin. son, J. Alderson, Blunt, Brookes, Byde, son, Jesus_ college ; Smith, St. John's Campbell, Everest, Head, Palmer, Trol. college ; Burroughes, Bene't college ; lope, Warburton, Wybergh - .. 12

North, St. John's college ; Blackburn, CATOS COLLEGE. Messrs. Arnold, Bu. Christ college. ker, Burt, Carver, Dougbty, Fowke, Hol- JUNIOR OPTIXES.-Ds. J. Jarratt, St. ditch, Jickling, Longe, Paterson, Perry, John's college; Fenn, St. John's college; Stafford, Wight. ' - - 13 Radford, Jerus college; Bellas, Chr. Ch. :

BENET COLL.-Messrs. Burroughes, Adcock, Peterhouse college ; Blyth, Christ Browne, Cremer, Driver,Gooch, Hughes, college, æq. Wallace, Bene't college, reg. Hutebins,King,Peacock,Pbillpot, Haven, Wilson, Jesus college; Thompson, si. Ropor, Temple, Wallace, Wood.: 15 John's college; Robley, Trinity college :

QUEEN'S COLLEGE. Messrs. Ellaby, R. Jarratt, St. John's college ; Schneider Farish, Furnival, Mousley, Serres, Wil. St. John's college ; Gibbon, St. John's liams. . .

. . eollege ; Hogg, Peterhorse college; Nur- CATHARINE HALL -- Messrs. Dudding, sey, Sidney college. Ellaby, Fisher, Gleadall, Jones, Nussy, December 27, 1821.-G.W. Hallam,esg. Robson, Terringtop. . . . 8 LLB of Trinity hall, was elected into

Jesus Col.-Messrs. Brown, Corn. the fellowship, vacated by the resignation REMEMBRANCER, No. 38.

of the rev. Dr. Geldart, regius professor tharine hall; Richard Winsloe, B.A. of civil law.

Sidney college; Joseph C. Bradney, B.A. Jan. 10, 1822.-The rev. John Lamb, Trinity college ; Charles G. R. Festing, M.A. fellow and tutor of Corpus Christi B.A. Št. John's college ; John George college, was elected master of that So. Turner, M.A. Jesus college. ciety, in the room of the late rev. Dr.

At an ordination holden by the Lord Douglas.

Robert Woodhouse, esq. M.A. F.R.S. Bishop of Gloucester, on the 23rd of fellow of Caius college, and Lucasian pro

Dec. Chas. Covey, B.A. of St. John's colfessor of Mathematics, is elected Plumian leye, was ordained Deacon. . professor of Experimental Philosophy, in On Sunday, the 23rd of Dec. the Lord the room of the late Archdeacon Vince. Bishop of the Diocese of Exeter held a

The Rev. John Lonsdale, M.A. tutor of public ordination in that catbedral, King's college, is elected Christian Advo- when the following gentlemen were adcate, in the room of the rev. Thomas mitted into holy orders:Rendell.

DEACONS.-Joseph Broadhurst, B.A. The rev. Christopher Benson is con- Wadham college, Oxford ; John Gillard, tinued Hulsean lecturer for the present B.A. Oriel college, Oxford; Frederick year.

Le Grice, B.A. Clare hall, Cambridge ; The Hulsean prize for the year 1821, Francis Hole, Queen's college, Camhas been adjudged to William Trollope, bridge; John Wrey, B.A. St. Peter's colB.A. of Pembroke college.-Subject, The lege, Cambridge ; Henry Bouchier Wrey, expedients to which the Gentile philoso- M.A. Baliol college, Oxford. phers resorted, in opposing the progress

PRIESTS.--Wm. Ponsford, B.A. Trinity of the Gospel, described, and applied in

college, Oxford; John Roberts, s.C.L. illustration of the Truth of the Christian

Jesus college, Cambridge ; Jos. Thorne, Religion. The subject of the Hulsean prize dis

B.A. Exeter college, Oxford ; Jobn Jasertation for the present year, is-The

cob, Jesus college, Cambridge. argument for the genuineness of the Sa

On the 28th of December, the following cred Volume, as generally received by gentlemen were ordained by the Lord Christians.

Bishop of Bristol, in the chapel of January ll.-The rev. Thomas Turton, Christ's college, Cambridge. B.D. fellow of Catherine hall, was unani D EACON B.-Edward John Ash, B.A. mously elected Lucasian professor of fellow of Christ college, Cambridge; John Mathematics.

Cautis, B.A. fellow of Christ college, Samuel Fennell, esq. B.A. of Queen's Cambridge ; Thomas Tayler, B.A. Tricollege, is elected a fellow of that So- nity college, Cambridge; Wm. Burkitt, ciety.

B.Ă. St. Edmund hall, Oxford ; Jonathan January 23.-At a congregation this Chase Matchett, B.A. St. John's college, day, tbe Řev. Henry Godfrey, B.D. Pre- Cambridge, (Lett. Dim. from Bishop of sident of Queen's college, was created Norwich,) Benjamin Guest, Trinity colDoctor in Divinity by royal mandate. lege, Cambridge, (Lett. Dim. from Bishop

On the same day, the Rev. Thomas of Chester.) Burnet, of Christ college, was admitted PRIESTS.--Edward Murray, B.A. Tri

Bachelor in Divinity; and John Lewes nity college, Cambridge ; Samuel Emery · Pedder, Esq. of Trinity hall, Bachelor Day, B.X. St. Edmund hall, Oxford; in Civil Law.

William Garrard, St. Edmund hall, OrSir William Browne's Gold Medals.- ford, (Lett. Dim. from Bp. of London.) The subjects for the present year are

The following gentlemen were or-
GREEK ODE Pyramides Ægyptiacæ, dained by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln,
LATIN ODE Mors Napoleonis. in the church at Buckden, on Sunday,
GREEK EPIGRAM 'Epã TE dira, e' oux égū. the 13th inst.
LATIN EPIGRAN -nuge seria ducunt

DEACON8.-Theodore Bouwens, B.A.
In mala
The subject of the Seatonian prize

Merton college, Oxford; John Balfour

Majenis, B.A. St. John's college, Campoem for the-presont year is Antiochus

bridge ; Chas. Smith Bird, B.A. féllon of Epiphanes. (1 Macc. cap. i. &c.)

Trinity college, Cambridge ; John BarORDINATIONS.

low, scholar of Trinity college, CamThe following gentlemen of the Uni

bridge; William Whitmore Greenway, versity of Cambridge, were ordained

S.C.L. Trinity hall, Cambridge ; Edward Priests on the 16th of December, by the

Irish, Magdalen college, Cambridge ; BaLord Bishop of Salisbury:

sil Beridge, late of Magdalen college, PRIESTS -E, H.C. Williams, M.A. St.

Oxford ; Andrew Donald, St. John's colJohn's college ; Loftus A. Cliffe, B.A. St. lege, Cambridge. John's eollege; Charles J. Allen, of Ca- PRIESTS. ---Honry Rycroft, B.A. Tri

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