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“I should say decidedly in Favour of a ing Briefs for such a Purpose; and I do general annual Collection,

not remember, in the Course of any Ob“Are you able to state, with respect to jections which I heard made in Parliathat general Opinion, whether it prevails ment, or by Members of Parliament out more with respect to the Laity or the of Doors, to any parts of the Bill Lin. Clergy with whom you bave communi. troduced last Year, that any one objected cated

to the Circumstance of Fire Briefs having “ I should say more with respect to the been omitted in that Bill; on the contrary. Laity. It has One very evident Advan- it was universally approved of. tage, that whereas on an Average now there “ Will you have the Goodness to state are Eleven Briefs a Year, tliere would then your View as to the Manner in which the be only One Collection made, and suppo annual Collection might be conducted? sing the Scale of Expence of the present “ I have an Opinion only on the PrinPlan to be retained, it would of course be ciple of such a Measure; I have not at all done at One Eleventh Part of that Ex. digested any Detail. pence, or nearly so.

“ Have the Goodness to state your “ Can you state whether any Difficulty Reasons why yon observed, that a great occurs to you with respect to the Expence Part of the present National System of Collection by Briefs, in case po Briefs must be retained under the Diocesan should henceforth be issued on account of Plan, but would not under the general anFires or Inundations ?

Dual Collection? “ Undoubtedly, if Briefs for Fires and “I have before stated, that I have not Inundations should be abolished, I con. digested any Play for a general annual ceive, it would be impossible for any Col. Subscription, and perhaps, therefore, it lector to conduct the Distribution of would have been more correct had I said, Church Briefs at the present Rate of that it might not be necessary to retain Charge; and I have learned from the Ej any part of the present Plan. quiries I have made, principally from Mr. “ If there are Twelve Collections in a Salt, in whose Veracity I have the greatest Parish, do not you think there would be a Confidence, that were it not that he is a larger actual Collection than if there was Banker, and, consequently, is enabled to only one for the same Object in the Course avail himself of the Services of the Clerks of the Year? in his Establishment, he could not under. “ I have not the slightest Hesitation in take the Distribution and Collection upon saying, that if the Public could be satis10,800 Church and Fire Briefs at the pre- fied that all the Charges to which they sent Rate of Charge; he assures me, that conceive the present System is unjustly he conceives he should be a Loser by it. subject, were done away, a single Collec• What do you think with respect to the tion would be Ten-fold larger than the agPropriety of continuing to collect Money gregate of Ten Collections; that is my by Briefs for Fires and Inundations ? decided Opinion. I feel very desirous,

I cannot have received fewer than be- before I withdraw, of stating, that as tween Three and Four hundred Letters, much has been said relative to the Copupon the Sabject of Briefs, during the last duct of Mr. Salt, the Collector, having Year; and it so happens, that most of given myself great Trouble to examine those Letters, I should think the Majority bis Books, and to ascertain the Facts, I of them, have referred to the Subject of have never discovered any the slightest Fire Briefs; and I do not remember any Inaccuracy, either in his Account or his one Instance in which the Party writing Conduct; on the contrary, he lias' exhidid not coucur in the Propriety of abo- bited the greatest Anxiety to have the lishing them. I speak of Laymen as well System improved ; and, I am confident, as of the Clergy. It seems to be a general will not retain it if it is continued on its Opinion, that the valuable Institutions for present Footing; he is a Person of very effecting Insurances in every part of the large Property, and the Emolument of it Kingdom lave, since the Act of Queen is not an Object to him." Anne, superseded the Necessity of issu

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. [By accident, an incorrect list of the The right hon. lord John GEORGE DE appointments to the vacant Irish Pre- LA POER BERESFORD, Lord Arch. " lacies was inserted in our last Number bishop of Dublin, to the Archbishopthe following, however, may now be re rick of Armagh, and Primary of all lied on.] :



Lord Bishop of Raphoe, to the Archbishoprick of Driblin.

Degrees conferred May 25. The rev. Dr. LAURENCE, Canon of Christ MASTERS OF ARTS.-Daniel Care, esq.

Church, and Regius Professor of He. Ereter college, grand compounder ; rer. . brew, at Oxford, to the Archbishoprick William Boycali, demy of Magdalen colof Cashel.

lege ; rev. W. Roch, exhibitioner of TriThe rev. Archdeacon BrssETT, to the nity college; rev. John Bonham, Bra· Bishoprick of Raphoe.

senose college.

BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Sir Alexander Briscall, S. Jate fellow of Brasenose col Malet, bart. Christ church, grand com. · lege, to the rectory of St. Mary South,

pounder; Charles Harbin, scholar of Kelsey, with St. Nicholas, South Kel

Wadham college ; Bryan Taylor Nurse, sey, annexed, in the county and dio

Queen's college ; Alexander Poolc, st. cese of Lincoln; patron, the LORD Edmund hall'; Charles Richard Ward, CHANCELLOR.

Magdalen hall; James Linton, demy of Campbell, Charles, to the rectory of

Magdalen college ; Carew A. St. John Bilchamwell, alias Bycham All Saints,

Mildmay, Oriel college; Robert Green with the rectory of Shingham; also to

Rogers, Oriel college, Jobn Stuart Wortthe vicarage of Weasen ham All Saints,

ley, Christchurch; David Frederic and the vicarage of Weasenhain St.

Markham, Christ church; William Mayd, Peter, in Norfolk.

Exeter college; Charles Moffat, exhibiChevalier, Temple, M.A. fellow and

tioner of Brasenose college ; William tutor of Catharine Hall, Cambridge,

Henry Walton, Brasenose college ; John to be lecturer of Great St. Andrew's St. Vincent Bowen, Brasenose college ; parish, Ipswich.

John Lloyd Philips, échibitioner of Brasc. Colson, J. M. jun. to the rectory of nose college; honourable Alfred Curzon, Peatling, Leicestershire.

Brasenose college ; Archer Jobp Langley, Corfield, Richard, to the rectory of

University college ; Richard Mayo, law Upton Parva, Salop.

exhibitioner, St. John's college ; George Deane, William Henry, B.A. to the rec.

Dandridge, Worcester college ; Jobs tory of Hintlesham, Suffolk; patron,

Owen, Worcester college ; Thomas K. WILLIAM DEANE, esq. of Alton Hall, W. Harries, Jesus college. in Stutton.

The whole number of degrees in Easter Gleig, G. R. perpetual curate of Ash,

Kent, to the rectory of Ivy Church, Matriculations, 87.

Term was: B.D. 2-M.A. 28-B.A. 66– void by the resignation of the arché deacon of Canterbury.

On Thursday last, the first day of Act Grimes, George Dixwell, M.A. and fel Term, the following degrees were con.

low of Merion college, Oxford, to the ferred : vicarage of Emildor, in Northumber- DOCTORS IN DIVINITY.-Rer. Asbhurst land ; patrons, THE WARDEN AND Turner Gilbert, principal of Brasenost FELLOWS OF THAT SOCIETY.

college ; rev. John-Birt, Christ Church. Heming, George, M.A. to the rectory of

MASTERS OF ARTS.-Henry William Thundersley, Esser. Lowther, Henry, to the rectory of Bol

Buckley, fellow of Merton college ; Wil. ton, Cumberland.

liam Heald Ludlow, esq. barrister at law, Leiceston, Oswald, curate of Altrincham,

Queen's college ; the bon. Adolphus FreCheshire, to the vicarage of Harling

deric Irby, St. Mary hall; Josepb Huy.

thorne, St. Mary hall; rev. Edward ton, Bedfordshire ; patron, JOHN COOPER, esq.

Brown, Magdalen hall; res. Bernard Nicol, Alexander, M.A. of Baliol col

Jobn Ward, Trinity college ; rev. Thomas lege, to a canonry of Christ church,

Lambárd, student of Christ church; rov, and the regius professorship of He

Charles Henry Cox, student of Christ brew, both vacated by the promotion

church; the hon. and rev. Henry Alfred of Dr. Laurence, to the archbishopric

Napier, Christ church; David Denne, of Cashel

Exeter college ; rey, John Baron, Brd

senose college ; Francis Oakley, Herbert, chaplain to the Bishop

Stonehewer of London, collated to the rectory of

Newbold, fellow of Brasenose college; Weeley, Esser; patron, the Bishop

Marmaduke Vavasour, Brasenose colOF LONDON.

leye; rev. Hugo Moreton Phillips, WorPaul, Robert B. M.A. fellow of Exeter cester college ; rev. William Henry Mog

college, to be one of the domestic ridge, Jesus college; rev. John Sinclair, chaplains to the earl of Falmouth.

Pembroke college. Silver, Thomas, D.C.L. to tbe vicarage BachELORS OF ARTS -William Bat

of Great Stoughton, Huntingdonshire; chellor, St. Alban hall; Thos. Simpson patrons, THE PRESIDENT AND FEL Evans, St. Alban hall; George St Joha, Lows or St. John's COLLEGE, OXFORD. Wadham college ; John Olive, Wadhan

college, Thomas Hartshorno Harding, BACHELORS OF ARTS. John Alexander
Wadhan college ; Christopher Milnes, Wilson, Queen's college; William Airey,
Lincoln college; Honry Brown, Queen's scholar of Queen's college; Henry Rookin,
College : Thomas Smith, Queen's college; scholar of Queen's college ; Joseph Bal-
Peter French, Queen's college ; John lantine Dykes, scholar of Queen's col-
William Goodday, Queen's college; George lege ; George Deane, St. Mary hall ;
Radcliffe, St. Mary hall; John Percy Peter Pering, Oriel college; Henry Pal-
Elliott, St. Mary hall; Richard Ballard mer, Christ church; William Horne.
Phillips, Magdalen hall; Thomas Christ church; George R. M. Ward,
Saver' Maudalen hall; Richard Colston Trinity college ; Matthew Carrier Tomp-
Phelips, Trinity college ; Gustavus Lu- son, Trinity college ; Henry Allen, Tri-
dovic Hamilton, Trinity college ; Richard nity college.
Rasnett Trinity college ; Edward Bou- June 19.-In full convocation in the
verie Pusey, Christ church ; Stuart Ma- Theatre, the commemoration of the
jendie, Christ church ; Geoffrey Joseph founders and benefactors of the Univer.
Shakerley, Christ church ; Henry Nor- sity was bolden, when the following hó.
man. Christ church ; Dudley Montagu norary degrees of D. CL were con
Perceval, Christ church ; John Wood, ferred:-Sir John Croft, of Cowling hall,
Christ church: Reginald Pole, Exeter Yorkshire, bart. knt. of the Portuguese
college : Henry Bellenden Bulteel, order of the Tower and Sword, F.R.S. :
Brasenose college ; William De Capell Richard Heber, of Hodnett, Shropshire,
Brooke, Brasenose college ; Thomas esq. M.A. of Brasenose college, and one
Maude. University college ; James Ash- of the representatives in Parliament for
more. University college ; Gibson Stott, the University ; Lieutenant General
University college; William Stevenson Wood; William Owen Pugh, esq. of
Scholey, št. John's college ; Albert Jones, Nantglyn, Denbighshire, F., S.; John
St. John's college ; William Pyne, Pem- Scandrett Harford, esq. of Blaise Castle,
broke college.

June 6.

June 20.


Thorp, M.A. and late fellow of Univerfellow of Merton college ; rev. George

sity college. Hemming, Merton college ; rev. William

MASTERS OF ARTS.-Robert FitzhardRobinson, Magdalen hall; rev. Henry

inge Jenner, Exeter college; rev. WilAyling, Magdalen hall; rev. Henry John

liam Wood, Exeter college ; rev. John Gunning, Baliol college ; rev. George

Wynne, Queen's college; rev. James Edge Larden, Brasenose college.

Feild, Queen's college ; rev. John Aling. BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Griffith Ro- ton, Baliol college ; rev. Joseph Cooke, berts. B.A. of Jesus college, was incorpo. Magdalen hall; rev. Philip Pering, rated from Dablin; the hon. Wm.Wing- Brasenose college ; rev. John Williams, field. Brasonose college, grand com- student of Christ church; hon. and rey. pounder : William Williams, All Souls Henry Edward John Howard, Christ College : Edward Wilson, postmaster of church; rev. Walter Jones, Jesus college. Merton college ; Charles Hedges, Lincoln

BACHELORS OF Arts.-Sidney William college ; Edward George Simcox, scholar Cornish, Exeter college ; James Thomas of Wadham college ; Henry Tull, St. Duboulay, Exeter college; Joseph SimpEdmund hall ; Thomas Coltman, Brase

son, Queen's college; Robert Hopton nose college ; William Stone, Brasenose

Smith, Queen's college ; Hon. Everard

Smith. One college : Henry Trimmer, Exeter cob- Robert Bruce Feilding, Oriel college ; lege; John Horatio Lloyd, Queen's col

Thomas Woodward Gardner, Christ


ere. Queen's col lege; Ricbard Lechmere, Queen's col

church. lege ; George Sercombe Luke, Queen's

May 30. college ; Thomas Stringer, Queen's col

The rev. John Williams, B,A, scholar lege: Robert Howlett, Pembroke college ; of Jesus college, was elected fellow of that William Wilkins Gale, Pembroke college ; society; rev. Charles William Stocker, William Weld, St. John's college.

M.A. fellow of St. John's college ; rev. June 13.

C. Atmore Ogilvie, M.A. fellow of Baliol MASTERS OF ARTA.- Rev. John Hil- college ; and the rev. Charles Miller, ton. University college, grand com- M.A. demy of Magdalen college, were pounder : rev. George Peake, Merton approved in convocation as masters of college ; rev. Charles Eckersall, Corpus the schools. Christi college ; William Whitmarsh

May 31. Phelps, scholar of Corpus Christi college ; The prizes for the present year were William King, scholar of Corpus Christi adjudged to the following gentlemen : college Edward Tew Richards, scholar The Chancellor's Prizes. _“ Alpes ab of Corpus Christi college ; rev. Edward Annibale Superatæ."--Latin verse,' to Warren Caulfield, Queen's college ; rev. Mr. J. Curzon, Brasenose college. John Bampfylde Daniell, Christ church. “ On Moral Evidence," an English REMEMBRANCER, No. 43.


Essay, to Mr. W. A. Shirley, Ner col

Litera Humaniores. lege.

William Airey, Queen's college ; Henry **An revera prævaluerit apud Erudi- A. S, Atwood. Qu

A. S, Atwood, Queen's college ; Thomas tiores Antiquorum Polytheismus," a Barlow, Wadham college ; Thomas ColtLatin Essay, to Mr. J. B. Ottley, Oriel man, Brasenose college; Hon. Alfred college.

Curzon, Brasenose college ; John MatSir Roger Newdigate's Prize." Pal

son Dodd, Queen's college ; George Alexmyra,” English Verse, to Mr. A. Barber,

ander Hamilton, Trinity college ; Chas. Wadham college.

Harbin, Wadham cullege; Samuel Jay, June 6.

Oriel college ; Thomas Maude, UniverThe Rev. Thomas Grantham, M.A.

sity college; John Muckleston, Christ fellow of Magdalen college ; and the rey. church; Christopher Pemberton, Christ J. Anthony Cramer, M.A. student of

church; Peter Pering, Oriel college ; Christ church, were approved in convo.

Richard Phelips, Trinity college; John cation as public examiners, in the room

Lloyd Philipps, Brasenose college; Alof two who go out of office.

fred Roberts, Trinity college; Henry The names of those candidates, who at Rookin, Queen's college ; Edward Wil. the close of the public examination this

S son, Merton college. term, were admitted by the Public Examiners into the first and second classes

Discip. Mathemat. et Phys. of Literæ Humaniores and Discipline

PO Edward May, Christ church; William Mathematice et Physicæ respectively. Weld, St. John's college. according to the alphabetical arrange

G. Porter,

J. Keble, Publie ment in each class prescribed by the statute stand as follow:

T. V. Short, Examiners.

J. J. Lowe,)
In the First Class of Literæ Humaniores.
Hon. Philip Henry Abbot, Christ

The number of gentlemen to whom church ; John Campbell, Baliol college ;

testimoniums for degrees were granted, Edward Denison, Oriel college ; Richard

but who were not admitted into either of Greswell, Worcester college, John Ho

the above classes, amounted to 93. ratio Lloyd, Queen's college; Dudley

June 11. Mr. Francis Russell Nixon Montagu Perceval, Christ Church; Ed

and Mr. Henry Thorp, were elected ward Bouverie Pusey, Christ church;

scholars of St. John's college; and Mr. William Stone, Brasenose college.

Gorard Edward Smith was elected one

of Dr. Andrews's law exhibitioners of the In the First Class of Discip. Mathemat. same society. et Phys.

June 13. - Mr. Airey, Mr. Rookin, and Hon. Philip Henry Abbot, Christ Mr. I

Mr. Dykes, scholars of Queen's college, church; Samuel Richard Bosanquet, were elected taberdars of that society Christ church; Richard Gresswell, Wor

esswell, Wor- on the Micbel Foundation. cester college; John Horatio Lloyd,

June 21.-Mr. William Goddard, of Queen's college.

Jesus college, was elected a scholar of In the Second Class of Literæ Humaniores. that society.

Samuel Richard Bosanquet, Christ church; William Buller, Worcester col

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. lege; William Henry Butler, Christ : Degrees conferred May 28. church; Sidney William Cornish, Ex-. eter college ; James Davis, University

MASTER OF ARTS.-Rcv. Joseph Dewe,

fellom of Queen's college ; William Hor. college ; John Manuel Echalaz, Trinity

? ton, St. John's college. college ; Thomas Evans, St. Alban hall; to

BACHELOR IN Civil LAW.- Charles William Gresloy, Christ church; John

Pasley Vivian, Trinity hall. Archer Langley, University college ; Sir

BACHELOR IN PHYSIC.-Edmund LamAlexander Malet, bart. Christ Church ;

bert, Pembroke hall. Richard Mayo, St. John's college ; Ni.. cholas

BACHELOR OF ARTS.--EdwardBlackett, Pearse, Brasenose college;

of St. John's college. George Radcliffe, Șt. Mory Hall; Éd. ward George Simcox, Wadham college ;

June 11. Robert Vernon Smith, Christ church; DOCTOR IN Physic. - Cornwallis George R. M. Ward, Trinity college ; Hewett, esq. Downing professor of MediWilliam Weld, St. John's college.


BACHELORS IN DIVINITY.—Rev. John In the Second Class of Discip. Mathemat. Lamb, master of Corpus Christi college; et Phys.

rev. John Griffith, fellow of Emanuel LAT Albert Jones, St. John's college; Henry college ;. rev. Henry Joseph Tayler,

Tull, St. Edmund hall; Edward George Emanuel college ; rev. Richard Henry Simcox, Wadham college ; George R. M. Shuttleworth, Emanuel college ; rev. Ward, Trinity college; William Wil. Edward Atkyns Bray, Trinity college; liams, All Souls college. kolo)

rev. Edward Hawell, St. John's college.


HONORARY MASTER OF ARTS. - The selves to be examined, provided that hon. Dawson Massy, Trinity college. ' every person so offering himself shall

MASTERS OF ARTS.-Henry Burnaby have obtained an honour at the matheGreene, Corpus Christi college ; Adam matical examination of the preceding Fitz-Adam, Christ college.'

January. · BACHELORS IN Civil Law, Henry 2. At this examination in classical Bennett, of Trinity college; William learning, translations shall be required Colston, of Trinity hall.

of passages selected from the best Greek BACHELOR IN PHYSIC.-George Pen- and Latin authors, as well as written anrice, of St. John's college.

swers to questions arising immediately BACHELOR OF ARTS --Edward Lowe, out of such passagos. No original comof St. John's college.

position, either in Greek or Latin, shall May 28.-At a congregation this day be required. graces passed the Senate to confirm the 3. The examination shall continue following regulations respecting exami- four days, the hours of attendance on nations

each day being from half-past nine Plan of examination before admission ad

o'clock in the morning till twelve, and Respondendum Quæstióni.. from one till four in the afternoon." 1. The examination of the first six 4. The names of those persons who classes of the questionists shall remain

shall pass the examination with credit, precisely upon its present footing.

shall be arranged in three classes, ac2. At the examination in January

cording to their respective merits. 1826, and every subsequent year, the 5. To conduct the examination in seventh and cighth classes shall be exa.

1824, four examiners, appointed by colmined, on the first two days, in the Ele- leges according to the cycle of proctors ments of Mathematics, as heretofore; on agd' taxors, shall be elected by the Senate the third day, in Locke's Essay on the at the first congregation after October Human Understanding. Paley's Moral 10, 1823 ; and so on for every subsequent Philosophy, and his Evidences of Chrisa year. tianity; and on the fourth day, they

6. Each of the examiners shall receive shall be required to translate passages

101. from the University chest selected from the first six books of the

- 7. The foregoing regulations shall not Hiad, and of the Æneid; and to answer interfere with the composition between grammatical and other questions arising the University and King's college. immediately out of such passages.

May. 29 —The members of the Senato · 3. In addition to the two members of assembled to elect a Professor of Minerathe Senate who, according to regulations logy, in the room of the late Dr. E. D. already existing, shall be appointed clarke. J. S. Henslow, esq. M.A. and examiners of the seventh and eighth the rey. Francis Lunn, M.A. of St. John's classes in January 1826, two others, no college, were nominated by the heads of minated by colleges according to the houses. Before the scrutiny commenced cycle of proctors, shall be elected by the a protest was presented by two members Senate' at the first congregation after of the Senate against the mode of elecOctober 10, 1825; and so on, in every tion by nomination, and the rev. Thomas succeeding year.

Jephson, B.D. of St. John's college, was 4. Whenever an examination for ad proposed as a third candidate, A large mission' ad respondendum. Quæstioni majority of the members of the Senato shall take place at any other time than are understood to have tendered their that of the general examination in Ja votes for his election. At the termina. nuary, such examination shall be con tion of the poll the votes so tendered ducted by the moderators, with the as were not read over by the proctor, and sistance of the two additional examiners, Mr. Henslow was declared duly elected. on principles similar to those laid down We understand that a great number of in the second regulation,

the members of the Senate have resolved 5. Each of the examiners elected ac- to institute proceedings in one of the

to institute proceedings in a cording to the third regulation shall higher courts, for the purpose of obtainreceive 201. from the University chest. ing a decision on this important ques

6. The preceding regulations shall not interfere with the composition between

June 6.-The Chancellor's gold medal the University and King's college.

for the best English poem by a'resident Plan of Classical examination after ad undergraduate, was adjudged to Mr. mission ad respondendum Questioni. John Henry Bright, of St. John's college,

I. On the fourth Monday after the Subjeot, Palmyrap general admission ad respondendum June 4. - The rev. Thomas Smith Quæstioni in January 1824, and every Turnbull, M.A, and the rev. Clement subsequent year, shall commence an ex Robert Francis M.A. junior fellows of amination in Classical Learning of such Caius college, were elected senior fellows persons as shall voluntarily offer them of that society. u


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