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October 10.

PRIESTS. R. Myddelton, M.A. Clare • This being the first day of Michael hall, Cambridge ; J. Leigh, M. A. Brazemas term, the following gentlemen were nose college, Oxford; P. Horden, B.A. elected University Oflicers for the year Brazenose college; W. Armstead, B.A. ensuing:

Brazenose college, Oxford ; J. H. John· PROCTORS.-G. Macfarlane, M.A. Tri son, B.A. Lincoln college, Oxford; 0. nity college ; and L. C. Powys, M.A. Fielder, M.A. Brazenose college, Oxford; Corpus Christi college.

A. Browne, B.A. St. John's college, CanPRO-PROCTORS. — James Scholefield, bridge ; G. Salt, B.A. Christ Church, Os. M. A. of Trinity college ; and Chas. ford; T. H. White, B.A. University colSmith, M.A. of St. Peter's college. lege, Oxford ; W. T. Birds, B.A. Queen's

TAXORS. S. B. Vince, M.A. King's college, Cambridge ;J. Turner, B.A. Christ college ; and E. T. Bidwell, M.A. Clare Church, Orford; J. Grisdale, J. Todd, hall.

C. S. Coxwell, J. Clay, J.A. Wedgwood, · SCRUTATORA.–J. G. Whaley, M.A. St. J. Clarke. Peter's college ; and J. Croft, M.A. Christ college. ..

MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCEMODERATORS.-J. P. Higman, M.A. Trinity college ; and J. Hinde, M.A. Sid

BERKSHIRE. ney Sussez college.

Married.—The rev. W. S. P. Wilder, T. Worsley, B.A. scholar 'of Trinity

eldest son of Lieutenant-General Sir. F. college, was elected a travelling bachelor

Wilder, of Binfield Manor house, to Alon the foundation of Mr. Worts.

gusta Louisa, youngest danghter of the October 12.

late Lieutenant-General Sir H. Cosby. The following gentlemen were appointod the Carut for the year ensuing:

The vice-chancellor. .
Christopher Wordsworth, D.D. Tri-

Died.-Aged 66, the rev. J. Bullen, of nity college-- Divinity.

Barnwell, and formerly of Emanuel cok James Wm. Geldart, L.L.D. Trinity lege, B.A. 1777, M.A. 1780.

CHESHIRE. John Thomas Woodhonse, M.D. Caius college-Physic.

Married.—The rev. F. Parry, to Jane, Thomas Dickes, M.A. Jesus college- second daughter of Mr. Ward, secretary Senior non-regent.

to the Bishop of Chester.
Joshua King, M.A. Queen's college,
Senior regent.

October 23.

Married--The rev. J. Sparway of
At a congregation this day, the Right Barnstaple, to Miss E. Hole.
Hon. Lord Stowell, LL.D. of University

Married. At Tavistock, the rer. Edcollege, O.xford, was admitted ad eundem ward Atkyos Bray, B.D. F.A.S. vicar of of this University.

that place, to. Anna Eliza, widow of C. " At the same congregation, the rev. T. A. Stothard, Esq., and daughter of John Shelford, M.A. fellow of Corpus Christi

Kemp, Esq. of New Kent-road. college, was appointed Deputy Registrary

Died.--Aged 71, the rev. S.C. Collins, for the year ensuing.

rector of St. John's, Exeter. ORDINATIONS.

DURHAM. Oct. 29. The following persons were

Died. At Grindon, the rev, T. Edordained by the Lord Bishop of Chester,

or monson, vicar of that place, and master at the cathedral of that city.

of the free-school, Premington. Deacong.-R. Bullock, B.A. St. John's college, Cambridge; N. Germon, B.A.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Oriei college, Oxford; J. M. Kirby, Married.-The rev. J. Newport of Queen's college, Cambridge ; N. D. Sturt, Mitcheldean, to Miss F. Read. Christ's college, Cambridge ; R. B. Pid Died.-At Toddenham rectory, the rev. cock, B.A. St. John's college, Cambridge ; W. Elliott, curate of Welford, Warrick. R. R. Mendham, B.A. Wadham college, shire. Oxford ; A. A. Barker, B.A. St. Peter's Died.-At Cheltenham, the rer, W. S. college, Cambridge ; W.J. James, B.A.St. Willes, of Astrop House, NorthamptonPeter's college, Cambridge ; J. Har- shire, prebendary of York, and rector greaves, B.A. Śt. John's college, Cam- of Preston. bridge ;'J. S. Master, B.A. Baliol college, Oxford; W. A. C. B. Cave, BA. Braze

HEREFORDSHIRE. nose college, Oa ford, R. Baly, E. T. Par Died.--In the 86th year of his age, the sons, C.B. Dunn.

rev. R. Hodges, rector of Knill.


OXFORDSHIRE. Died.-At Sawtry, after a long illness, Married.-The rev.E. W. Stillingfleet, much respected, tho rev. J. Saunders, B.D. of Lincoln College, Oxford, to Miss rector of that parish, vicar of Great Gid. D. C. Ewbank. dingan, and an active magistrate for the county.


Married.-At Wellington, the rev. J. Married.-The rev. G. Kenrick, of horse, Salop.

Bartlett, M.A. to Miss Reynolds, of BankMaidstone, to Miss M. Bowring. Died.-Tho rev, sir Jobn Fagg, bart.


Married.—The rev.J. Barker, of South Diod.-At Ramsgate, the rev. John

Petherton, to Miss Treuchard, of TaunOwon, rector of Paglesham, Essex.


Marriod.-The rev. W. S. Bradley,

prebendary of Wells, and vicar of Time Married.-The rev. J. Fallowfield,

berscombe, to Miss F. M. Barker. minister of Oldham, to Miss Gordon, grand-daughter of the late John Clegg,

.STAFFORDSHIRE. Esq. of the same place.

Married. - At Weston-under · Lizard, Married.---At Liverpool, the rev. T. the rev. E. A. Bagot, to Miss E.J. BridgClayton, B.D. rector of Cottingham,

man. Northants, to Mary, youngest daughter

SUFFOLK. of the late Rev. G. Hodson, rector of Liverpool.

Married.--At Barton, the rev. C. Jones,

of Pakenham, to Miss Quayle, daughter LINCOLNSHIRE.

of T. Quayle, Esq. of Barton Mere. Married.- At Louth, the rev. J. M. Married. The rev. G. S. Crisp, of • Holt, to Mary, eldest daughter of the

Lowestoft, to Miss A. Wells, of Denlate Mr. Francis Bond.

nington. MIDDLESEX.

„WORCESTERSHIRE. Married.--At Whitchurch, the rev. J. Married. The rev. J. Lynes, rector of Alington, rector of Little Barford, Bed- Elmsley Lovett, to Caroline Sobieski, fordshire, to Eliza Frances, second daughter of J. Wynne, Esq. of Garthdaugbter of the Right Honourable Sir T. meillo, Denbighshire. Plumer, Master of the Rolls.

YORKSHIRE. Died.--At Kilburne, in his 33rd year, the rev. T. S. Woodman. . .

Died.--The rev. W. Robinson, B. A. Died.—The rev. H. Porter, B. D. vicar perpetual curate of Longwood, in the paof Enfield, Middlesex, and rector of rish of Huddersfield. Springfield, Essex. He was formerly fellow

WALES. and tutor of Trinity college, in whose pa

At the late Confirmation in Cardigantronage the living of Enfield is vested.

shire, the number of persons confirmed NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. at Llanbadarn-fawr was greater than at Married. The rev. W. Crawley, son of

any former period. The progressive in

crease since the year 1809 deserves to be the late Sir T. C. Boevy, Bart. to Charlotte, daughter of the rov. C. Crawley,

known for the credit of the Vicar, and

the neighbouring Clergy. In 1809, the rector of Stow, with the nine churches.

number was 225; in 1812, 252; in 1815, · Died.--At Northampton, the rev. R. Thornton, M.A. vicar of Cold Ashby, and

354; in 1818, 482; in 1822, 702. of Weedon Beck, both in that county.


Died.-The rev. William Crawford,

D.D. professor of moral philosophy in the Died.-At North Wingfield, near Mans- University of St. Andren's. field, the rev. H. Hankey, M A.

Died.-At Scone, the seat of the Earl

of Mansfield, the very rev. George MarkNORFOLK.

ham, D.D. dean of York, and rector of Married.-At Dickleburgh, the rev. T. Stokesley, Yorkshire. The Dean died in F. Green, rector of Gravely, Herts, to the arms of his sister the Countess of Mary, fourth daughter ; and on the same Mansfield. He was the second son of the day, the rev. W. Barlee, of Barham, to late most rev. Dr. William Markham, Margaret, tba ninth daughter, of George Archbishop of York, who died in 1807. Lee, of Dickleburgh, Esq.

The deceased was appointed to the Died.—The rev. H. "Bell, rector, of deanery in April, 1802, on the death of Thorpland.

Dean Fountayne,



of the Royal College of Surgeons, &c. &c.

8vo. 16s. A Sermon, preached before Henry Johò E ạthanasia, or the State of Man after Dickens, Esq. Official, and the Clergy of Death. By the Rev. L. Booker, LL.D. the East Riding of Yorkshire, at the Vicar of Dudley. 12mo. 45. 6d, Archidiaconal Visitation, beld at Bever. ley, on Wednesday, July 5th, 1822. By

MEDICAL the Rev.. Joseph Coltman, M.A. 8vo. 18. 6d.

A Treatise on Dislocations, and op FracKey to Scriptare Chronology, made by

tures of the Joints. By Sir Astley Cooper, comparing Sacred History, with Pro.

Bart. F.R.S. Sargeon to the King, &c. &c. phecy, and rendering the Bible consistent 4to. 11. 118. 6d. with itself; illustrated with New Tables of Chronology, and various Notes By

BIOGRAPHY. James Andrew, LL.D.F.R.S. 8vo.

A Memoir of the Life and Character of 18. 6d.

Walter Venning, Esq. a Member of the The Rights of the English Clergy As

Committee of the London Society for the serted, and the probable Amount of their

Improvement of Prison Discipline, whe Incomes estimated, in a Letter to the Au

died at St. Petersburgh, Jan. 10, 1891, thor of “ Remarks on the Consumption of from a Fever contracted in visiting one or Public Wealth, by the Clergy of Every the Gaols of that City. By Richard Kou. Christian Nation," By Augustus Camp- 8vo. 78. 6d. bell, A.M. Rector of Wallasey. 8vo. 28. An Attempt to illustrate the Book of

Ecclesiastes. By the Rev. George Holden,
M.A. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Æschyli Prometheus Vinctus : to which
The Constitution of the Character of is subjoined a Greek Ordo, a Prose Trans-
Jesus Christ. In Two Parts. Part I. lation, and Notes, &c. 8vo. 68. 6d.
The Constitntion of the Character of Jesus Euripidis Electra. Adoptimarum Ed-
Christ shown to differ from the Opinions tionem a fidem emendavit et annotation-
of Socinians, Arians, Trinitarians, and bus in usum joventutis instruxit. Hast-
Swedenborgians, Part II. On the Moral ings Robinson, M.A. of St. John's Cosmo
Character of Jesus, the Office of Christ, lege, Cambridge. 8vo. 58, 6d.
and the Holy Spirit. 8vo. 10s.

Thoughts on Female Preachers, ad . .. MISCELLANIES. dressed to the Inhabitants of Saffron Wal- , den and its Neighbourhood. 8vo. 3d. A New Geographical, Historical, and

The Second Advent, or the Glorious Religious Chart; shewing at one View the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ; being Principal Places in the Known World; an Attempt to elucidate, in Chronological the prevailing Religion, Form of GovertOrder, the Prophecies both of the Old ment, Degrees of Civilization, and Popand New Testaments, &c. &c. By the lation; together with the Missionary StaRev, J. Fry, B.A. Rector of Desford, tions in each Country. By the Rev. 1. Leicestershire. 2 Vols. 8vo. U. 88. Clark.

Tracts and Essays, Moral and Theolo- Letters between Thomas Steady and le gical, including a Defence of the Doctrine Son, an Apprentice Boy, on Various Suband Divinity of Christ, and of the Doctrine jects; first printed in the Cottageri of the Atonement; with Obituaries, &c. Monthly Visitor. 12mo. By the late W. Hey, Esq. F.R.S. Member


A Volume of Sermons, by the Rev. John Hayden, of Londonderry, in Ireland, will soon appear, in One Volume, Octavo.

The Life and Remains of the late Rev. Dr. E. D. Clarke, are in the Press.

« Some Remarks op Mr. Southey's Life of Wesley," will soon appear.

Blossoms, by Robert Millhouse, with prefatory Remarks on his Genius and Situation, by the Rev. Luke Booker, LL.D. will speedily be published.

Letters and Conversations on Public Preaching, including Rules for the Preparation of Sermons, is nearly ready for Publication,

The Rev. Thomas H. Horne, M.A, has in the Press a third Edition of his “ Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures,” in Four Volumes, Octavo, corrected and illustrated with numerous Maps and Face similes of Biblical Manuscripts. :

Times Telescope, for the year 1823, will appear in November.

An Essay on the Proof of the Inspira. tion of the Scriptures, deduced from the Completion of its Prophecies, by the Rev. Thomas Wilkinson, B.D. Rector of Bulvan, Essex,

Mr. John Rutter will speedily publish, A History and Description of Fonthill Abbey, illustrated by Edgraviogs.

Mr. D. Johnson, Surgeon to the Hon. East India Company, is preparing for pub. lication, " Sketches of Wild Sports," as followed by the Natives of India, with Observations on the Animals. .

Memoirs of the French Court, by the late Madame de Campan, First Lady of the Bedchamber to the late Queen, Maria Antoinette, and Directress of the Establishment of Ecouen under Bonaparte, will shortly be published.“

Mr. James Malcolm proposes publishing, by Subscription, in Two Volumes Octavo, The Past and Present State of the Agriculture of the County of Surrey.


The amount of the revenue for rapid profits which were realized the last quarter is a proof that, in during the war, when the whole spite of agricultural distress, the world paid tribute to the courage and nation is still in the enjoyment of skill of the English marine, and to substantial prosperity. The landed the capital and enterprize of the interest is subject to severe priva- English merchant. But these cir. tions-rendered severer by a long cumstances, grievous as they are, course of increasing wealth, and by cap by no means be interpreted into he belief that property which de symptoms of national decay. They pended upon the product of the soil have no dependence upon the peculiar was exempt from those fluctuations situation of Great Britain-upon its 0 which every thing else is ex. debt, its taxation, or its currency. posed. The commercial interest They result from much more exten. lear no more of those immense and sive and general causes, and they

extend to countries which are neither place in the manufacturing districts, indebted nor taxed. The root of from the gradual increase of conthe whole matter is, the diminutiou sumption, which cheapness will pro

of consumption throughout the duce, and from an improved admi. • world. This country does not want, nistration of the poor laws. and therefore does not buy the That our expectations upon the wheat of Europe and America, the subject are not over sanguine, we timber of Russia and Norway, or infer from the extraordinary effect the salt-petre of Asia ; and the con- which has already been produced sequence is, that the people of these by the reduced price of the necesvarious lands are unable to pur, saries of life. For, year after year, chase our manufactures. They paid nothing has been heard in our us 'heretofore in their own produce streets but complaints of the rapid -our demand for their produce has growth of crime, and of the utter ceased, and they have nothing else inefficiency of our criminal code. to offer in exchange. While these After ingenuity has exhausted itself causes are affecting the whole com- in shewing the connection between munity, and diminishing profits and our laws and our vices, and when value and labour, the farmer is the determined resistance of our subjected to the additional mortifi. practical men was, on the point of cation of perceiving that he has the giving way before the rage for algreatest quantity of corn to sell at teration, a year of cheapuess interthe very moment when it is least in venes, and empties the prisous demand. The remedy, and the only faster than starvation and suffering one, is to throw much of the newly had filled them. What will be said inclosed land out of tillage, to with upon the occasion by the patrons draw a part of the vast capital of a new criminal code, we are which has been expended upon the somewhat curious to hear. They soil, and has rendered it more pro. will not be able to deny the factductive than profitable, and pati- their sophistry will hardly suffice to ently to bear the heavy losses which explain it away. We recommend such a transfer inevitably occasions. them to acknowledge honestly that They have been aggravated by the they have been under a mistake, alteration which has taken place in and that the chancellors and judges, the currency and they do not him and magistrates of Great Britain, therto appear to have been dimi- were more accurately acquainted nished by the reduction of taxes. » with the real situation of the We trust that they will derive a country, than the amateur ameliomore sensible relief from the gra- rators of criminal law. dual improvement which is taking


J. P.; R. L.; F. Palæologus; and Justus have been received.

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