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I loved it- this, I know for sure. It's because I am that sort of a person who is not a huge fan of novels and that kind of literature. I might like it but the expectations are very high in my mind of an amazing novel that grabs your eyes, hands, legs and your spirit. This book-length essay is something which helps you by providing you with glimpses of how beautiful life can be when you embrace it with open arms.. without doubts but just the faith that everything happens for a reason. The bad times will pass rewarding you with teachings that shall make your happy times even happier and leave you feel fuller as a person- if you understand and see the bright side of the difficult times. Few books help you grow to be a happier person. What I know for sure is that you will only be able to feel the warmth that I felt while and after reading this when you will let the book embrace your hearth. 

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