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reclassed 11.

11-20-29 E, L1


1 ABADIE (PAUL). The Fireman, and other poems. 18mo, cloth. New York, 1852.

original and translated.

50c. Poems

on Several Occasions, 176 pp. 12mo, original sheep binding, a clean copy, in excellent condition. D. Gookin, 1745. $10.00.


John Adams, son of the Hon. John Adams, was born in Nova
Scotia in 1704. He was a settled minister in Newport in 1728, and
afterwards removed to Philadelphia. The publisher, in his address
to the reader, says: "The character of this excellent Person, is too
great to be compriz'd within the Limits of a Paper of Intelligence.
It deserves to be engraven in Letters of Gold on a Monument of
But sufficient to perpetuate his Memory to the lat-
est Posterity, are the immortal Writings and Composures of this
departed Gentleman; who, for his Genius, his Learning, and his
Piety, ought to be enroll'd in the highest Class, in the Catalogue of

3 ADAMS (JOHN QUINCY). Dermot Mac Morrogh: or, the
Conquest of Ireland. An Historical Tale of the XIIth
century. 108 pp. Sro, unbound. Boston, 1832.

12mo, cloth, gilt edges.


8vo. large paper. $1.00.


Moral and Religious Musings. Schenectady, 1835. 30c.

OUTERIM; or, Confidential Disclosures of State Secrets. By the correspondent of the "Alaska Refrigerator." Svo. Washington, 1868. 30c. 6 ÆSCHYLUS, The Prometheus and Agamemnon of. Translated into English verse. By Henry William Herbert. 12mo, cloth. Cambridge, 1849. 60c.

7 AINSLIE (How.). Scottish Songs, Ballads, and Poems. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1855. 40c.

8 ALDRICH (THOMAS BAILEY). The Course of True Love never did Run Smooth. 12mo, cloth. New York. 1856. 60c.

9 ALDRICH. The Bells. A Collection of Chimes. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1855. 75c.

10 ALEXANDER (A.). The Fall of Atzalan, and other poems. Svo, cloth. Washington, 1839. 75c.

11 ALEXANDER (J. H.). Indroïts, or Ante-Communion Psalms, for the Sundays and Holidays throughout the Year. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1844. 75c.

12 ALEXANDER (WILLIAM). The Poetical Works of; including his Christiad, Dramas, and Minor Poems, with Dissertations on Poetry, and sketch of his Life. Portrait. Svo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1847. $1.25.

13 ALLEN (BENJ). Miscellaneous Poems, on Moral and Religious Subjects. By Osander. 12 mo, old sheep. Hudson, 1811. 75c.

14 ALLEN. ANOTHER COPY. 12mo, boards, uncut. 1811. $1.10.

15 ALLEN. ANOTHER COPY. Second edition. 18mo, boards, uncut. New York, 1812. 60c.

16 ALLEN (B., JUN.). Urania, or, The True Use of Poesy. A Poem. 18mo, boards, uncut. New York, 1814. 40c. 17 ALLEN (B., JUN.). Death of Abdallah. An Eastern Tale, founded on the Story of Abdallah and Sabat. 24mo, uncut. New York, 1814.

18 ALLEN (MISS CHARLOTTE). Poems. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1841.


19 ALLEN (MRS.). Pastorals, Elegies, Odes, Epistles and other Poems. 12mo, sheep. Abington, Maryland, 1806. $1.25.


Poem. 12mo, cloth.

The Siege of Agrigentum. A Boston, 1841. 50c.

21 ALLEN (MISS ELIZABETH). The Silent Harp; or Fugitive Poems. 12mo, cloth, uncut. Burlington, 1832. 50c. 22 AMERICA DISCOVERED. A Poem, in Twelve Books. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1850. 60c.

23 ALLEN (PAUL). Noah: A Poem. 18mo, uncut. Baltimore, 1821. 40c.

24 ALLSTON (W.). The Sylphs of the Seasons; with other Poems. 12mo, boards, uncut. London, 1813. $1.10.

25 ALSOP (RICHARD). A Poem Sacred to the Memory of George Washington, late President of the United States. Adapted to the 22d Feb., 1800. 23 pp. Hartford, 1800. $1.37.


Svo, uncut.

The Echo; with other Poems. Engraved title and 7 plates. 8vo, boards, uncut. Printed at the Porcupine Press [N. Y.], 1807. $2.00.

27 AMERICAN MUSICAL MISCELLANY; A Collection of the newest and most approved Songs: Set to Music. 12mo, sheep. Northampton, 1798. $1.50.


28 AMERICAN NAVAL PATRIOTIC SONGSTER. honor of Hull, Jones, Decatur, Perry, etc. By a Gentleman of New York. 18mo. New York, 1840. 20c.

29 AMERICAN POEMS, Selected and Original. Edited by Elihu Hubbard Smith. Vol. 1 all printed. 304 pp. 8vo, calf extra, by Bedford, fine copy. Litchfield, 1793. $6.50. 30 AMERICAN POETICAL MISCELLANY. Original and Selected. 12mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1809. $1.75.

31 AMERICAN STAR (THE). Being a Collection of the most approved Patriotic and other Songs. Second edition. 18mo. Richmond, 1817. 60c.

32 ANTHONY (HENRY B.). The Fancy Ball. A Poem, (Privately printed 100 copies.) 12 pp. 12mo. Providence, 1875. 50c.

33 ANTHONY (HENRY B.) Dorriad (The), and the Great Slocum Dinner; with introductory remarks and annotations. pp. 53. 12mo, paper. Providence, 1870. 50c.

A humorous poem. relating to events connected with the "Dorr Rebellion" in Rhode Island.

34 ARCHIBALD (A. K.). Poems. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1848.


35 AREY (MISS HI. E. G.). Household Songs, and other poems. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1855. S0c.


Blanche and other poems.
1847. 40c.

Fruit of Western Life; or

12mo, cloth. New York,

37 ARNOLD (JOSIAS LYNDON). (Formerly of Rhode Island College.) Poems. 12mo, sheep, rare. Providence, 1797. $1.25.

38 ART OF DOMESTIC HAPPINESS, and other poems. By the Recluse. 18mo, boards, uncut. Pittsburgh, 1817. 75c.

39 ASTROP (ROBERT F.). (Of Brunswick, Va.). Original Poems, on a variety of subjects, interspersed with tales. 12mo, boards. Philadelphia, 1835. 30c.

40 ATTEMPT to Vindicate the American Character; being principally a reply to the intemperate animadversions of Thomas Moore, Esq. pp. 43. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1806. 40c.

41 AYRES (J. A.). The Legends of Montauk. With an historical appendix. 8vo, cloth. Hartford, 1849. 75c. Visions and Voices. With a Biographical Sketch of the Author. 12mo, cloth. Hartford, 1849. 90c.


43 BACON (WM. THOMPSON). Poems. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1837. 50c.

44 BACON (W. T.). Poems. Boston, 1840. 70c.

Third edition. 12mo, boards.


45 BACON (W. T.). Poems. 12mo, boards.

1848. 75c.

46 BACON (W. T.). Poems. 12mo, boards, uncut. Cambridge, 1848. $1.25.

47 BALDWIN (JOHN D.). The Story of Raymond Hill, and other poems. 12mo, boards. Boston, 1847.


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