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1058 BARKER (J. N.). The Indian Princess; or, La Belle Sauvage. An Operatic Melo-drama. 18mo. New York, 1808. 25c.

1059 BARRETT (S. A.). Maintonomah, and other Poems.

12mo, cloth.

[blocks in formation]

1060 BROWN (J. W). Geraldine; or, The Guardian Angel: With Festival Hymns and Ballads. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1846. 50c.

1061 BROWN UNIVERSITY. Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of Brown University, Sept. 6, 1864. [Contains Poems by the Hon. C. Thurber; Hon. B. F. Thomas; John Hay; Rev. M. A. D'W. Howe, and an Ode by the Rt. Rev. G. Burgess.] 4to. Providence, 1865. $2.00.

1062 COMMENCEMENT. A Poem; or, rather Commencement of a Poem, before the Phi Beta Kappa Society in Cambridge, Aug. 29, 1811. pp. 8. 8vo, uncut. Salem, 1811. 25c.

1063 GRATTAN (H. P.). The Bottle. A Poem suggested by the Celebrated designs of Geo. Cruikshank. Wood Cuts. Svo, paper. New York, 1848.

1064 HURST (JOHN).

Hours of Reflection; or, Horror

and Pleasure. 12mo, sheep. 1845. 50c.

1065 HOYT (RALPH). A Chaunt of Life, and other Poems. pp. 32. 8vo, boards. New York, 1844. 30c.

1066 MARCH (DANIEL). Yankee Land and the Yankee. 12mo, cloth. Hartford, 1840. 35c.

1067 MARIE, the Bandit's Daughter. A Poem. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1834. 35c.

1068 MAXWELL (WILLIAM). Poems. 18mo. Philadelphia,

[blocks in formation]

1069 ONE WEEK AT AMER, an American City of the Nineteenth Century. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1858. 75c. 1070 REVOLUTIONARY MEMORIALS. Embracing Poems by the Rev. Wheeler Case, published in 1778, and an Appendix edited by Stephen Dodd. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1852. 40c.

1071 SONGS OF YALE. pp. 56. Svo. New Haven, 1853.


1072 TAGGART (CYNTHIA). Poems. 12mo, boards. Providence, 1834. 75c.

1073 TAGGART. Poems.

New York, 1849. 75c.

Third edition.

12mo, cloth.

1074 TAIT (JOHN R.). Dolce Far Niente. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859. 50c.

1075 [TALBOYS (W. P.)]. The Story of Don Sebastian, of Portugal. 8vo. pp. 8. n. p. 10c.

1076 TALLEY (SUSAN ARCHER). New York, 1859. 80c.

Poems. 12mo, cloth.

1077 TEMPLE (NEVILLE). Tannhäuser; or, The Battle of

the Bards. A Poem,

1078 WALCOTT (C. M.). and Laughing Water. 1856. 15c.

Svo. Mobile, 1863. $1.50.

Hi-a-wa-tha; or, Ardent Spirits
A Play. 12mo. New York.

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