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12465 KERR, an English Gentleman's House (being Practical Hints for its Plan and Arrangement; containing Descriptions of Houses adapted to various ranks and fortunes, from the Villa to the Palace; with advice for the Choice of Site, the Laying out of the Family and Domestic Rooms, State Rooms, Bedrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Stables, &c. &c.; with Models, Calculation of Cost), 8vo. illustrated by numerous plans and views, cl. 12s 1861 12166 JOUSSE (Mat.) l'Art de Charpenteric, folio, plates and woodcuts, hf. bd. 12s 6d Paris, 1702 12467 LABACCO (A.) Libro appartenente a l'Architettura nel qual si figurano alcune notabili Antichita di Roma, folio, engraved title and 28 plates, without the printed dedication, vellum, 21s

Roma, circa 1639 12468 LANGLEY (B.) Ancient Masonry, both in the Theory and Practice demonstrating the useful Rules of Arithmetick, Geometry and Architecture in the proportions and orders of the most eminent Masters of all Nations, 2 vols. large folio, 465 plates of designs by Vitruvius Bramante, Michael Angelo, Serlis, Scamozzi, Sir C. Wren, etc. old calf, from the Sunderland library, £5. 1736



The Builders' and Workman's Treasury of Designs: or the Art of drawing and working the ORNAMENTAL PARTS of Architecture, 4to. illustrated by 184 plates of above 400 designs of Piers, Gates, Doors, Windows, Ceilings and Iron Works, etc. calf, 28s


the same, extended edition, 4to. 200 plates of Ornament, most of which are adaptable alike to Architecture and Furniture, calf gilt, rare, £4. 4s


The plates represent every kind of Architectural Ornament, Monuments, Windows, Cornices, Looking Glasses, Marble Tables, Ceilings, IRON GATES, Roofs, Railings, etc.

12471 LE PAUTRE (A.) Euvres d'Architecture, folio, 36 pages of text, and 62 plates, including engraved title and portrait, bright old calf gilt, 368 Paris, n. d. (? 1652)

There are duplicates of plates 30 and 31, making 62 plates and not 60 as mentioned by Brunet; and 36 pages of text (last page misprinted 39), not 38, according to Brunet.


12472 LOUDON'S Encyclopædia of Cottage, Farm and Villa Architecture and Furniture, thick 8vo. above 2000 woodcuts (pub. at £3.), bds. 10s


12473 MAROLOIS (S.) Opera Mathematica ou Euvres Mathematiques traictans de Geometrie, Perspective, Architecture et Fortification, reveue, augmentée et corrigée par Albert Gerard, 47 plates, 1638 -HONDIUS (H.) l'Architecture, avec quelques belles ordonnances d'Architecture mises en Perspective par J. Vredman, 36 plates; -2 vols. in 1, sm. folio, old calf, arms, £1. Amsterdam, 1638 12474 MONTANO (G. B.) Architettura con diversi Ornamenti cavati dall' Antico, portrait and 42 plates, 1636-Raccolta di Tempij, et Sepolcri disegnati dall antico, title and 30 plates, 1638—in 1 vol. folio, hf. calf, 24s Roma, 1636-38 The Architettura contains two extra plates (plates 41 and 42) from the edition of 1684, and an inserted portrait.

12475 MORTON (J. L.) Designs for Farm Buildings and Plantations, imp. 4to. 25 plates, bls. 7s 6d Edinburgh, ca. 1860 12476 NEUFFORGE (de) Recueil élémentaire D'ARCHITECTURE, contenant plusieurs études des ordres d'Architecture, d'après l'opinion des anciens et le sentiment des modernes, divers exemples de Décorations exterieures et interieures, etc. Vols. I-VII, 504 fine plates, hf. morocco, £9. Paris, 1757-65


la même Recueil, 8 vols. complete in 4, 600 plates, 1757-68-SUPPLEMENT, 2 vols. plates 1-300, including title, but without plate 66;-together 10 vols. in 6, folio, 899 plates, old calf gilt, £18. 1757-78

Collation Vols. I-VII, containing 504 plates, besides 7 titles (or cahiers 1-84 of 6 plates each) and list of plates; Vol. VIII, title and plates 504-600, cahiers 85 to 100. SUPPLEMENT-Vol. I, title and 180 plates; Vol. II, plates 181 to 300 (including title), and a leaf, "Catalogue des cahiers," on which is misprinted 906 plates (instead of 900).

The two vols, of Supplement are very rare, and are not mentioned by Brunet.

12478 PALLADIO (Andrea) Quattro Libri dell' Architettura, 4 vols. in 1, sm. folio, frontispiece and numerous engravings of Buildings, Architectural Ornament, vellum, 20s Venetia, 1616 12479 PALLADIO, Traicté des cinq Ordres de l'Architecture, desquels se sont servy les anciens: augmenté de nouvelles Inventions pour l'Art de bien bastir par Le Muct, square 12mo. 229 pp. text and plates, engraved throughout, fine copy, old calf, arms on sides, 25s Paris, F. Langlois, dit Chartres, 1645

12480 PENNETHORNE (John) the Geometry and Optics of Ancient Architecture, illustrated by examples from Thebes, Athens, and Rome, impl. folio, avi and 250 pp. of text, with numerous woodcuts, and 54 large plates (pub. at £7. 7s), hf. bd. morocco, £6. 6s 1878 Architects, and students of Classical History should secure a copy of this noble work, which is sure to rise in price.

Perspective: 12481 GULSTON (Eliza) Treatise on Perspective, folio, MANUSCRIPT of 36 leaves, very neatly written, and with numerous drawings and diagrams, russia, gilt edges, 15s


12482 MAROLOIS (Sam.) Perspective; contenant la theorie, practique et instruction fondamentale d'icelle, 80 plates, Amst. S. Maroiois, 1628-Perspective 5e. partie de Joan Vredem Vriese, augmentée et corrigée en divers endroits par S. Marolois, 73 plates, ib.-in 1 vol. small folio, vellum, fine copy, from the Sunderland library, £3. 10s


Opera Mathematica, studio et opera Alb. Girardi,
2 vols. small folio, numerous plates of Architecture, Fortifications,
Perspective, etc. calf, from the Sunderland library, 158
Amst. Jansson, 1647-49

12484 PERRET (Jacques) gentilhomne Saroysien, des Fortifications et Perspective, folio, engraved title and 22 folding plates of Architecture, finely engraved by Thomas de Leu, bls. £3. 12s

Paris, 1594

On the title is a View of Paris, inscribed: La grande ville de Paris a csté assiegée et prise par le grand Roy Henri IV, le 22 Mars, 1594.

12486 PETIT'S (J. L.) Remarks on Church Architecture, numerous plates, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 20s


12487 PUGIN (A. and A. W.) Examples of Gothic Architecture, selected from various Antient Edifices in England, 3 vols. royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, Proofs, calf gilt, £5. 5s 1830-38 12488 PUGIN (A. Welby) Contrasts: or, a parallel between the noble edifices of the Middle Ages and corresponding buildings of the present day; showing the decay of taste, 4to. 16 plates, cloth,







Ornamental Timber Gables, selected from Ancient Examples in England and Normandy, with descriptive letterpress by E. J. Willson, second edition, improved, royal 4to. 30 plates (pub. at £2. 2s), hf. red morocco, uniform with the Gothic Ornaments, 24s 1854

another copy, impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 30 plates on India paper, Roxburghe, 30s

1854 Gothic Ornaments, 90 fine plates drawn on stone by J. D. HARDING and others, royal 4to. (pub. at £4. 4s), boards, leather back, 28s



Floriated Ornaments, 31 plates in GOLD and COLOURS, royal 4to. (pub. at £3. 3s), hf. morocco, 28s 12493 PUGIN'S Apology for the Revival of Christian Architecture (forming a Supplement to the "True Principles "), small 4to. with 10 large etchings (pub. at 10s 6d), 1843-True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture, small 4to. with 87 illustrations of which 9 are large etchings, and 78 are woodcuts and vignettes (pub. at £1. 4s), 1853-the above two works, bound together in 1 volume (pub. at £1. 14s 6d), extra cloth, 21s 1843-53

12194 PUGIN and LE KEUX's Specimens of the Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 80 plates, PROOFS, with Text, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, £4. 8s

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12495 PUGIN'S Details of Antient Timber Houses, 15th and 16th Centuries, Gold, Silver, Iron and Brass Work, 4 vols. in 1, 4to. 100 plates, hf. morocco, 32s

RICHARDSON'S Ceilings-see ante, ORNAMENTS.

Ackermann, 1836

12496 ROLINSON's Designs for Ornamental Villas, royal 4to. 96 plates, cloth, 10s

1830 12497 SERLIO, Reigles generales de l'Architecture, folio, numerous wood engravings, including Ornaments, very fine copy, dark green morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hardy, £4.

Anvers, 1545 12498 SERLY'S Five Books of Architecture, in English, folio, several hundred woodcuts, hf. bd. £3. London, 1611

12499 STREET (G. E.) Brick and Marble Architecture in the Middle Ages; notes of Tours in the North of Italy, 8vo. second edition, many woodcuts, cloth, 18s


12500 TAYLOR (G. L. Architect) AUTO-BIOGRAPHY of an octogenarian ARCHITECT; being a record of his studies on the Cathedrals of England, France and Italy; the Temples of Rome, Greece,

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and Sicily, 2 vols. large 4to. with above 200 plates, cloth, issued for Subscribers only, £2. 1870-72

Rare; only 150 copics were produced. The Author is best known, in conjunction with another Architect, by the celebrated book :-Taylor and Cresy's Architectural Antiquities of Rome, 2 vols. folio, 1821.

12508 TEMANZA (T.) Vite dei più celebri Architetti e Scultori Veneziani nel Secolo XVI, 4to. medallion portraits, bds. 6s Venezia, 1778 12509 TORELLI SARAYNE, Veron. de Viris Veronensibus, de Monumentis antiquis urbis et agri Veronensis, etc. small folio, many old woodcuts, slightly imperfect, hf. bd. 7s 6d Veronæ, 1540 12510 VERDIER ET CATTOIS, Architecture civile et domestique au Moyen Age et à la Renaissance, 2 vols. impl. 4to. woodcuts in the text, and 113 very accurate and carefully engraved plates of ORNAMENTAL ARCHITECTURE, hf. morocco, out of print, £5.

Paris, 1855-57

12511 VIGNOLA (J. Barozzio da) Regola delli V. Ordini d'Architettura,
folio, 45 plates, calf, 25s
Sienna (1635)
Bound up is: MANTINEA (Andreas) Triumphi Julii Cæsaris, engraved
for Dominicus de Rubeis, by R. V. A. Gandensis, 9 folding plates, Roma,
12512 VIGNOLA (G. Barozzio da) Regola de' cinque Ordini, con la
aggiunta di MICHEL ANGELO Buonaroti, folio, 139 plates,
vellum, fine copy, rare, £10. 10s



Amst. 1642

Part I contains 42 plates; Part II 26 plates; 6 plates of houses by Vinckeboons; 6 of Palaces; 11 of Chimney Pieces; Porta d'inventione de Joan de Santen, 5 plates; CRISPIN DE PAS, Jun., Oficina arcularia, engraved title and 17 plates of Monuments, Amst. 1642; Bernardino Radi varie inventione per depositi, engraved title and 26 plates, Roma, 1625.

TECTURE FRANÇAISE du XI au XVIme Siècle, complete in
10 vols. royal 8vo. with nearly 5000 wood engravings, hf. calf
neat, £12.
Paris, 1854-68
the same, re-issue, 10 vols. hf. bd. crimson morocco gilt,
Paris, 1875
the Original edition, LARGE FINE PAPER, 10 vols. impl. 8vo.
hf. red morocco, gilt tops, £18. 188
Paris, 1854-68
Only one hundred copies printed of this "édition de luxe," which is
published at 450 francs unbound.



“Devoting himself chiefly to medieval art, M. Viollet-le-Duc, like our own Pugin, mastered the details of ancient furniture, iron-work, tapestry, glass, and other subsidiary applications of design in a manner which made him the highest authority on this vast subject. The famous 'Dictionnaire Raisonné de l'Architecture,' published in ten volumes, between 1854 and 1868, has its sequel in the 'Dictionnaire Raisonné du Mobilier Français' of 1858. The two works form a treasure of learning, illustrated with the rarest kind of draughtmanship."-Athenæum, Sept. 27th, 1879.

12516 VIOLLET LE DUC, Essai sur l'Architecture Militaire au Moyen Age, impl. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, 153 woodcuts, hf. morocco, gilt edges, 16s

Paris, 1854 12517 VIOLLET LE DUC, Entretiens sur l'Architecture, 200 engravings on wood, 2 vols. large 8vo. and oblong 4to. Atlas of 36 plates (sells 80 francs), unbound, £2. Paris, 1863-69 Histoire d'une Maison, 8vo. numerous plates and woodcuts, extra cloth, 5s Paris, s. a.


12519 VIOLLET LE DUC, Histoire d'un Hotel de Ville et d'une Cathédrale, royal 8vo. plans and numerous woodcuts, hf. bd. crimson mor. top edge gilt, 143 Paris, s. a.


Peintures Murales des Chapelles de Notre Dame de Paris, exécutées sur les cartons de E. Viollet-le-Duc, relevées par Maurice Ouradon, folio, 60 very beautiful COLOURED PLATES, many heightened in gold (pub. £9.), hf. crimson morocco, top edge gilt, £7. 78 Paris, 1870 12521 VIOLLET-LE-DUC, Dictionnaire du Mobilier Français, de l'epoque Carlovingienne à la Renaissance, 8vo. numerous plates and woodcuts, hf. bd. calf, 15s 1858 12522 VITRUVIO, Regole generali di Architetura sopra lo V maniere degli Edifici, small folio, many fine woodcuts, vellum, 25s

Venetia, Marcolini, 1537 12523 VITRUVIUS DE ARCHITECTURA, cum notis, præmittuntur Elementa Architecture H. Wotton, Angli, Lexicon Vitruvianum B. Baldi Urbinatis, et ejusdem scamilli impares Vitruviani; de Pictura L. B. Alberti, de Sculptura P. Gauricus, L. Demontiosus de Sculptura et Pictura, omnia illustrata a J. de Laet, sm. folio, frontispiece, numerous woodcuts Amst. L. Elzevir, 1649

"Belle édition recherchée, et assez rare.”—Brunet. 12524 VREDEMANN (DE VRIESE) Architectura, oder Bauung der Antiquen aus dem Vitruvius, folio, 63 plates of most elaborate Architectural Ornament, vellum, fine copy, £10. Antv. 1577-81

COLLATION front. Tuschana, text and 5 plates; Dorica, text and

7 plates; Ionica, text and 4 plates; Corinthia, text and 6 plates; Composita, text and 19 plates; Composita, another series of 22 numbered plates of exquisite beauty.

12525 WARING. Illustrations of Architecture and Ornament, atlas 4to. 70 plates drawn and etched on copper, cloth, 21s Day & Son, n. d. 12526 WARING and MACQUOID'S Examples of Architectural Art in ITALY and SPAIN, chiefly of the 13th and 16th centuries, atlas folio, 63 large plates of fine specimens of Churches, Town Halls, Towers, Palaces, Houses, etc. and the interior decorations, cloth, £4. 10s


Plates 52 to 60 are devoted to Art in Spain, and include buildings in Seville, Burgos, Saragoza, Toledo, and Valladolid. 12527 WILARS de Honecourt (Architect of the XIIIth century) Facsimile of his Sketch Book; with commentaries and descriptions by Lassus and Quicherat; translated, with additional notes, by R. Willis, royal 4to. with 73 plates and 43 woodcuts, cloth, £3. 3s


12528 WILD'S (Charles) FOREIGN CATHEDRALS; a Selection of choice Examples of the Ecclesiastical Architecture of the Middle Ages, chiefly in France: all drawn on the spot, from actual admeasurement, 12 splendid plates, imperial folio, exquisitely coloured in imitation of the original drawings, and mounted on tinted cardboard (pub. at £12. 12s), in a handsome morocco portfolio, lettered on the side, £5. 58 1831 12529 WOODS (Jos.) Letters of an Architect, from France, Italy, and Greece, 2 vols. 4to. plates, bds. 12s 6d


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