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Offered for Cash at the affixed net prices by




? .

Berain Ornemens: 100 Planches principales de l'EUVRE complet do

JEAN BERAIN, 1649-1711, exact and clear facsimiles in portfolio, £3. 38

Paris, 1883

Brivois (Jules) Bibliographie des Ouvrages illustrés du XIXe Siècle,

principalement des livres a gravures sur bois; containing descriptions of the most beautiful editions of Bourdin, Charpentier, L. Conquet, Curmer, Dubocher, Fournier, Hetzel, Jouaust, Lemerre, Perrotin, Quantin, P. Rouquette, and of the Société des Amis des livres, etc. 468 pages, sewed, large 8vo. £l. Paris, 1883

It is two years since this work was announced to appear in 1880. At this time the author intended to describe only the most remarkable works illustrated with woodcuts. The volume would not have contained more than 300 pr.

Cellini (Benvenuto), ORFEVRE, MÉDAILLEUR SCULPTEUR-recherches sur

sa Vie, sur son Euvre, et sur les pièces qui lui sont attribuées, par Eugène Plon, 415 pages, impl. 4to. with 100 engravings, of which 82 are full-page illustrations, sewed, £2. 5s; half bound, £3. 38

Paris, 1883 It is the only authority on Cellini, discriminating between the "attributions” and “ Eurres authentiques” in a most artistic and scientific manner-it is simply invaluable.

The author of "Thorwaldsen" is amply capable of the work he has andertaken, while in type and lavishness of illustration it is as beautiful a work as has been published.

Engraving (Art of) LA GRAVURE, précis élémentaire de DELABORDE,

ses origines, de ses procedés et de son histoire, 304 pp. fully illustrated, including many full-page engravings, 8vo. cloth, 4s

Paris, 1882 LOSTALOT (A. DE) LES PROCÉDÉS DE LA GRAVURE, 258 pp. 8vo. cloth, 4sThe two together for 78

Paris, 1882

Italian Drawing (Early) DIONIS DE REGNO a Gregorio Typhernio

libri quattuor translati, small 4to. the border of the first page adorned by a contemporary hand with a beautiful arabesque drawing of architectonic flowers and wreaths, two of the compartments filled in with elegant figures of kneeling deer, russia extra, £4. 48

Sine nota [? Romce, Udalr. Gallus, 1469] BERNARD QUARITCH, 15 PICCADILLY, LONDON.

12386 VERNON. Catalogue of the collection of Prints (24 days' sale), sm. 4to. nearly all priced, cloth, 5s


CATALOGUE and Description of King Charles the First's capital

Collection of Pictures, Statues, etc. published from an original
MS. at Oxford

1757 CATALOGUE of the Collection of Pictures of George Villiers, Duke

of Buckingham, including that of Rubens, with Life of the Duke by Fairfax ; also Catalogue of Lely's Collection; description of Easton-Neston; of the Cartoons at Hampton Court, etc. 1758 DESCRIPTION of the Works of Wenceslaus HOLLAR, disposed into Classes, with some account of his Life, second edition, frontispiece, portrait, and vignettes

1759 together 3 vols. in 2, 4to. hf. Id. and bd. £8. 1757-59

The advertisements prefixed were written by Horace Walpole. 12388 CATALOGUE of the Pictures, etc. belonging to King JAMES II;

Pictures in the Closet of Queen Caroline, and in the Palace at
Kensington, some leaves damaged by damp, calf, 358 1758

“ MS. Notes by Horace Walpole." 12389 VIARDOT (Louis) Les Musées d'Angleterre, de Belgique, de Hol

lande, et de Russie-Musées d’Italie-Musées de FranceMusées d'Espagne;—4 vols. 12mo. bds. 5s

1859-60 12390 WALPOLE. Catalogue of Engravers digested by HORACE WALPOLE

from the MSS. of George VERTUE, with an account of the life and works of the latter, 4to. interleared with numerous MS. ADDITIONS and CORRECTIONS, and illustrated with 35 additional PORTRAITS and plates, hf. bound morocco, uncut, £12.

Strawberry Hill, 1763 Intended for a new and enlarged edition. From Tom Taylor's library.

Ædes Walpolian-see HOUGHTON HALL. 12391 WANSTED House. Catalogue of the Furniture of the princely

mansion, Wanstead House, Essex, containing a collection of fino Paintings and Sculpture, Library of Books, etc. (32 days' sale), 4to. 400 pp. bds. 188

1822 12392 WEIGEL (R.) Catalog von Kunstsachen und Büchern, complete

in 5 vols. 8vo. a classified catalogue containing about 30,000 articles, with general Index, bds. 365

Leipzig, 18(38)-64 The best Art Catalogue issued by any dealer. 12393 WINKLER. Historische Erklærungen der Gemælde welche Gott

fried Winkler gesammlet, 8vo. portrait and vignettes, hf. u. 10s 61

Leipzig, 1708 12394 WILSON (T.) Catalogue raisonné of the Select Collection of Engravings of an Amateur, 4to.

1828 12395

the same, royal 4to. LARGE PATER, with INDIA PROOF PLATES after rare prints and woodcuts, and vignettes by Cruikshank (only 25 copies printed), presentation copy to Thomas Lloyd, with the author's autograph inscription, green MOROCCO super extra, dentelle borders of gold, gilt eilges, by Clarke and Bedford, £10. 108


12396 WORSLEY. Catalogue Raisonné of the Principal Paintings, etc. at

Appuldurcombe House, the Seat of Sir Richard Worsley, folio, front. giving a view of the House, lds. uncut, 25s


copy from Sir R. Worsley to Mr. Bulmer. 12397 VARIOUS CATALOGUES of many important Collections of Paintings

by Artists of all Schools, which have been sold by auction in England during the last half-century, about 300 in number, with the prices which each lot fetched, and, in some cases, the purchasers' names, the lot for £4. 103

1800-73 12398 CATALOGUES of PICTURES, exhibited or sold by auction, collected by Mr. David Laing, about 50, some of them very early, £2. 10s

Edin. &. Lond. 1713 INOLUDING : Cat. of Pictnres to be sold (Edin.) 1713 (imp.)-Andrew Ilay's Collection, 1744-5—John Urquhart's, 1757–Robert Strange's 1775– Alexander Stuart, 1786-Sir Lawrence Dundas, 1794--Lord Rendlesham, 1809---Walsh Porter, 1810-M. Vernon, 1813–Portraits and Books of Prints of the Bishop of Ely, 1813–Catalogue of Pictures principally of the Italian Schools (stated to be the property of Grant of Kilgrasts), with engravings by

Lizars, and etchings, Edin. 1827 12399 CATALOGUES of various Galleries and private collections, 7 vols. 4to.

and 8vo. calf and bds. 10s

Including catalogues of the following collections : M. le Marquis de Menars, par F. Basan et F. Ch. Joullain, plates, Paris, 1781-Rob. Fletcher of Gloucester-Lord North wick-W. Y. Ottley (Miniature Paintings)—Duke de Berri (2 catalogues, with prices)—M. Nieuwenhuys-M. lo Chev. Erard (216 pp. with prices) - Gabriel François Joseph de Verhulst, portrait, with prices, Brux. 1779—Geo. Watson Taylor, vith prices, 1823 -- Fonthill Abbey (China and Pictures), 1822-Lord Radstock, with prices and numerous . notes by Sir R. Peel, etc. etc.

Also : Trésors d'Art en Angleterre par W. Bürger, 1860-St. James' Gallery–National Gallory, 1838- Beauties of the Dulwich Gallery, 1824– Pictures in the Great Room of the Soc. of Arts at the Adelphi, by James Barry, 1783–Crito, a dialogue on Beauty, by Sir Ilarry Beaumont, 1752.



Produced and published for the Council on Education, South Kensington

Museum. PORTFOLIO or FLEMISH ART, part 1

price ls Two plates in colours of Velvet Fabrics, with pomegranate and flower pattern. PORTFOLIOS OF FRENCH ART, part 1

price ls Two plates in colours of Silk Fabrics, printed with flowers, 18th century. PORTFOLIO OF SICILIAN ART, part 1

price is
Two plates in colours of Silk and Gold Damask.
The following parts, EACH OF TWO PLATES IN COLOUrs, are already published:
Persian Art, 2 parts.

Spanish Art, 8 parts.
Indian Art, 11 parts.

Russian Art, 1 part.
Italian Art, 1 part.
Other parts are in preparation illustrating the Arts of European and Oriental
countries. Three parts (Indian Art, 4, 9, 10) are just now out of print.




AT SPALATRO, impl. folio, 61 beautiful plates, fine impressions of the engravings by Bartolozzi, Zucchi, Cunego, etc. 1761

A copy of this splendid work fetched at Willett's salo, £5. 158 6d ; Townsend's £6. 168 6d ; Stanley's, 26. 168 6d; North's, £7. 108 ; 1862, Miss

Currer's, mor. £8. 178 6d. 12410 ALBERTUS (LEO BAPTISTA) DE RE ÆDIFICATORIA, lib. x. cum

Angeli Politani Epistola dedicatoria ad L. Mediceum, sm. folio,
the Sunderland copy, old red morocco with gilt tooling on siiles
anul back, yellow edges, £25.
Florentiae impressum opera M. Nic. Laurentii Alamanni, 1485

EDITIO PRIMA, VERY RARE. (203 fols. but not the Register, I leaf at end.) A large and fine copy with wide margins which are covered with numerous MANUSCRIPT NOTES and EMENDATIONS, and many CLEVER and ACCORATE DRAWINGS of ARCHITECTURAL and MECHANICAL DETAILS, one of which on fol. 196 bears the date of 1497. The Epistle of Politian is

mounted and the lower plain margin of Aj is mended. 12411 ALBERTI (L. B.) l'Architettura, tradotta in Lingua Fiorentina, con la aggiunta de Disegni, etc. folio, numerous plates, vellum, 21s

nel Monte Regale, 1565 1:2412 ALBERT (L. B.) l'Architecture et Art de bien bastir; traduit par

Jan Martin, folio, many fine woodcuts, calf, 20s Paris, 1553 12413 ANDROUET DU CERCEAU (J.) de Architectura Opus, folio,

68 plates of Buildings with ground plans, vellum, £3. Paris, 1559

ANTONINI-sce under ORNAMENT. 12414 Aulisi (Dominici) Opuscula, de Gymnasii Constructione, Mansolei

Architectura, Harmonia Timaica, & Numeris Medicis: his accessit Epistola de Colo Mayerano; sm. 4to. 2 folding plates, calf, 7s 6d

Neapoli, 1694 From the Sunderland sale. 12415 BIBIENA, ARCHITETTURE E PROSPETTIVE, dedicate alla Maesta di

Carlo VI, Imperador, 5 parts in 1 vol. impl. folio, engraved title
and dedication, portrait of Charles VI, frontispiece, Monumental
Trophy of the Sanwald Family, and 50 plates of Architectural
Chefs-d'auvre, Ornaments, and fanciful designs, bds. £5.

Augustæ, 1740
One plate (a Garden) is in duplicate ; and this copy contains one plate

(the Monument) beyond those mentioned by Brunet. 12416 BOSC (Ernest) Dictionnaire raisonné d'Architecture, 4 vols. impl. 8vo.

numerous beautiful CHROMOLITHOGRAPHIC plates, heightened with gold and silver, half crimson morocco, £4. 15s

Paris, 1877 From Alfred Morant's library. 12417 BOURGEREL (G.) Fragments D'ARCHITECTURE et de SCULPTURE,

dessinés d'après nature, large folio, 101 plates (pab. £2. 10s), hf. morocco, 24s

Paris, 1863

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