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N° 132. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1711.

Qui, aut tempus quid postulet non videt, uut plura loquitur, aut se ostentut, aut eorum quibuscum est rationem non habet, is ineptus esse dicitur.

TULL. That man may be called impertinent, who considers not the circumstances of time, or engrosses the conversation, or makes himself the subject of his discourse, or pays no regard to the company he is in.

HAVING notified to my good friend Sir Roger that I should set out for London the next day, his horses were ready at the appointed hour in the evening; and, attended by one of his grooms, I arrived at the county-town at twilight, in order to be ready for the stage-coach the day following. As soon as we arrived at the inn, the servant who waited upon me inquired of the chamberlain in my hearing what company he had for the coach? The fellow answered,

Mrs. Betty Arable the great fortune, and the widow her mother; a recruiting officer (who took a place because they were to go) young 'Squire Quickset, her cousin (that her mother wished her to be mar


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