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ley, 55.

sed, 505

Lichfield, ecclesiastical history of, to the European who visits the

West Indies, as a preventative
Literalure under Louis XIV. view of the yellow-fever, 206.
of its fourishing statę, 542.

Methodists, the treatment of, with
Lithotomy, observations on the levity reprehended by Bp. Pa-

operation of, 207, 208.
Liver, diseases of, remarks on, Milton, undervalued by Bp. War.
209, 210.

burton, I. note.
Loch-ness, description of, 19. Mollusca, marine, a new genus of,
Locusts, in Barbary, terrific ac described, 118.
count of, 191.

Money, origin of the invention of,
Love-song, rapturous, by Burns, 504. Question of the legality

and rate of interest on, discus-
Louis XIV. reign of, view of the

Aourishing state of literature Montesquieu, President, two origi.
in, 542,

nal letters of, 491. His cele-
XVIII. and the French brated work protected by the
princes, impolitic conduct of, Duke de Nivernois, 511.

Monte Video, account of, 92.
Lucretius, specimen of a good Monument of London, remarks
translation of, in rhyme, 415.

on, 263. note.

Moore, Sir John, eulogy on by

the Commander in chief, 70:
Macbeth, historical particulars of, Particulars of luis campaign in

Spain, from his own journal,
Madness, religious, curious state 72-84. Obs. on his character,

ment relative to, 280. See 315. Curious anecdote rel. to,

318. Obs. on his conduct, pre
Maher, Mr. on the culture of sea & con. 327-329

kale, 269. On the early pur- Moors of Barbary, domestic man-
ple-brocoli, 273

ners of, 196.
Malays, successfully trained as of Grenada, historical

soldiers at St. Helena, 33.

ticulars and character of, 535,
Malta, particulars of the history 536.

of, and its connection with Morocco. See Marocco.
England, 395, &c.

Moses, comparison of, with Christ,
Marocco, empire of, various par 378.

ticulars relative to, 189--203.
A letter from the Emperor to

the British King long unan- Napoleon, Emperor, be-praised by
swered, because it could not be the French literati, 521, 522.
translated, 198.

Nectarines & Perches growing to-
Mathematicians supposed not to be gether, account of, 173.
good logicians, 418.

Newgate, its bad accommodations
Maxims, said to be Persian, spe. for prisoners, 26.
cimens of, 544.

New Testament, obs, on the dia.
Medulla Spinalis of quadrupeds, lects occurring in, 286.

account of a canal in, 359. Newton, Sir Isaac, interview of the
Merchants, young, obs.on the edu Abbé Alari with him, 458.

cation of, and their progress in Niemeyer, Dr., his work on edu.
the counting-house, 217.

cation praised, 518,
Mercury, course of, recommended Nivernois, Duke de, his amiable


177. 181.

character, 508, 509. Speci. Pharmacopæia, remarks on altera-
mens of his poetry, 509, 510,

tions made in the last Edin-
Protects Montesquieu's famous

burgh edition of, 304.
work, sur. Particulars of his Phthisis, mode of treating that
embassy in England, 512. His disease by a physician of Wilna,
interview with the King, 513.

Nomenclature, pharmaceutical, obs. Picts, supposed to be Caledonians,
on reforms of, 304.

175. Farther remarks on, 176,

Pillar-towers, description of those
Ogilvie, Dr., anecdote of, 18.

antient buildings, 262.
Omnipresence of Ged, beautifully Pinkerton, Mr., his inquiry into
illustrated, 127.

the history of Scotland cha-
Onion, Spanish, on the manage racterized by Mr. Chalmers,
ment of, 275.

Onomatopea, or process of forming Plants, tender, hints on inuring
words imitative of the things

them to our climate, 269.
which they express, account of Plate, river, account of, 88.

a dictionary of such words, 484. Pond-fish. See Fish.
Opiuna, cultivated by Lord Egre- Poor, interesting view of their

mont for medical purposes, 143, earnings, and their expenditure,
Oratory, remarks on the charac-

teristics of British and French

of Scotland and of Ireland,
public speaking, 243-245; comparison between, 18.
Orbit of a revolving body disturbed

Poor-rates, in Sussex, and gene-
by other bodies, on the mode

rally, serious increase of, 141. 1
of determining its position,529. Population of the empire of la-
Orders in council, speech on, 4+0.

rocco, 192.
Ossian, opinion of Dr. Warburton Portuguese, their national charac.
relative to, 7

ter unfavourably represented,
Ox, of the Sussex breed, describ.

313, 314.
ed, 144: Important remark Potassium and Ammoniac, experi-
on working oxen, 14;.

ments on, 356.
Oxford, Earl of, said to have been Potatoe, obs. on the introduction
the real writer of Robinson

of, into England, 268. Oa va-
Crusoe, 226.

rieties of, 271.
=, arguments relative Powell, Sir John, anecdotes of,
to his supposed treachery to.

wards Queen Anne, 460-462. Price, Dr., remarks on his doc.

trine of annuities, 410.
Pardons from the court of Rome, Prisoners, strictures on the deten.
sold in reams, 379. note.

tion of, affer a grand Jury has
Parliament, extraordinary instruc. thrown out the bill of indict.
tions for oratory in, 347.

ment, 24.
Parson. See Clergyman. Prisons of London, observations
Peaches and nectarine growing

one branch, instances of, Procession, religious, in Spain, in-
273. Oo varieties of, 276. voluntarily participated by a
Perth, description of,, 16.

British officer, 316.
Pestilence of the 14th century, me. Prodigal Son, parable of, well il-
lancholy picture of, 541.

lustrated, 124.

on, 26.

of, 479.

Punishments, legal, and capital, Salt-mines of the Tyrol, description

excellent obs. on by Dr. Parr,

Saxons, obs. on the state of archi.

tecture among, 259, &c.
Rape, or Brassica napus, a variety Scepticism, seientific, poetically
of, much recommended, 270.

described, 103
Readings, various, of the Scrip- Schism, view of arguments against,
tures, obs. on, 289.

Religious madness, curious state. Scotland, migrations to, from Eng-
ment respecting, 280.

land, in an important degree,
Repentance, excellent obs. on, 124, about the twelfth century, 182,
Revolutions, in states, view of their 183

influence on liberty, commerce, Scott, Dr. John, account of, 298.

and civilization, 475-477. Scott, Mr. Walter, observations on
Rhubarb, cultivated by Ld. Egre his poetical compositions, 234,

mont, for medical uses, 143. 235
Robinson Crusoe, adventures of, Scriptures, study of, many and

said to have been written by, great requisites for, 384. 290.
Lord Oxford, 220.

Various readings of, 289.
Romans, forcing-houses of, obs.on, Sea-Kale, on the culture of, 269.

Seriousness in religious matters
Rome, court of, and papal church, recommended by Archdeacon
corruptions of, 379. Curious

Paley, 54.
anecdote of the sale of pardons, Sewell, Mr., on the Medulla Spi-
ib. nole.

nalis of quadrupeds, 359.
Rome and Constantinople, reflec- Sheep, the greasing of, recommend-

tions on the empires of, after ed for their wool, and the neces-
the death of Constantine the sity of sheltering them, 384.
Great, 539.

Ship, coming to Deptford to be
Romney, George, particulars of broken up, poetically describ-

his life, 338-345;
Ronsard, the old French poet, Simpson, Mr. on the Burr-knot
. his poetic address to the Lark,

apple, 273:

Slaves, traffic in, from the interior
Roots, on the origin of, 361. of Africa to. Marocco, and
Rousseau, remarks on, by Dr. treatment of, 201.
Warburton, 9.

Snake. See Boa.

Somerville, Lord, his remarks or

wool, 382.
Sailor, old, poetically described as Sonnet, pleasing, on retrospection,

watching his former ship coming 436.

to Deptford to bebroken up 36. Spain, account of the English
Saint Domingo, description of an campaign in, under Sir John

earthquake in, 532. Fertility Moore, and of the inadequacy
of that island, 533

of the Spanish Patriots to sup.
Saint-Helena, statistical and des-

port their cause, 72-84. Far.
criptive particulars of, 29-33. ther observations, 315: 327–
Salisbury, Mr.

, on the Tuberose, 329.
270. On the Dahlia, 272. On Spaniards of St. Domingo, their
nectarines and peaches produc idleness and consequent po-
ed on the same branch, 273. verty, 533


ed, 36.

wit, .499.

of, 294

Spunging-Houses, regulations of, Utrecht, peace of, particulars con28.

nected with that event, 460. Steel. See Iron. Stone. See Lithotomy.

W Strawberries, on the management Walpole, Mr. letters to, from Mr. of, 271., Improved culture of

Granger, 292. the Alpine species, 276. Warburton, Bp, traits of his chaStylites. See Symeon.

racter, and of his friendship for Sugar, experiments on the appli Bp. Hurd, 1-11. Observa

cation of, as food for cattle, tions on his Divine Legalion, 223

14. Sulphur, experiments on the ana Watery grave, new species of, de.. sysis of, 357,

scribed by a French female Sussex, agricultural particulars of

that county, 138-147. Wedgwood, Mr., on the culture, Sweden. See Gustavus.

of the Dahlia, 273. Swift, Dean, accused of Deism, West, James, biographical account

and defended, 464. Symeon Stylites, observations on Whale, particulars of its natural his extraordinary mode of life,

history, 115 264.

Wheat. See Hiil- Wheat. Synchronisms, or chronological Wilkinson, Mr., on the form of arrangement of events in all

Hot-houses, 276. ages and nations, 537. Williams, Mr., on the maturation

of grapes, 273 T

Wilna, account of its hospital, Thurlow, Lord, anecdotes of, as climate, diseases, &c. 498, a lover of the arts, ?41.,

499. Troughton, Mr., on dividing in. Wool, observations on the growth struments, 363.

and improvement of, 381– Tuberose, on the culture of, 270. 384. Typbus, mode of treating that :

Y fever by a Physician of Wilna,

reast, substitute for, in making 499. Tyrol, interesting and sublime

bread, 143. scenery of that country, 478. Yellow-fever, new mode of preAccount of its salı-mines, 479. venting its ravages, 206. of the lake Konigssée, 480. loung, Dr. on the functions of

the heart and arteries, 352. On V and U

Elective Attractions, 359. Vines, method of stopping their

Z bleeding, when pruned, 273. Voltaic afparatus, on the con Zizania-aquatira, successfully colstruction of, 356.

tivated by Sir Joseph Banks, Voltaire, his intention of dedicat

269.. ing his Henriade to Lord Bo. Zoology, the study of, recom. lingbroke, 453.

mended, 113


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