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Brownists. Jacob (H.) A Defence of the Churches and Ministery of Englande, Written in two Treatises, against the Reasons and Objections of Master Johnson, and others of the Separation commonly called BROWNISTS, Published for the benefitt of those in these partes of the lowe Countries, good copy (wanting sheet H), unbound

4to. Middelburgh, By Richard Shilders, Printer to the State of Zealand, 1599 BRUNET (J. C.) MANUEL DU LIBRAIRE et de l'Amateur de Livres 5 vol.; Table Méthodique, 1 vol.; Dictionnaire de Géographie, 1 vol. ; Supplément, 2 vol.; together 9 vol. BEST EDITION, numerous printers' marks, half red morocco, g. t. uncut roy. 8vo. Paris, 1860-80

BUCER (MARTIN) DEFENSIONIS DOCTRINAE CHRISTIANAE, adversas axioma Catholicù Roperti Episcopi Abruicésis, fine copy, brown morocco extra, g. e. VERY RARE

sm. 8vo. Argentorati, M. Apiarium, 1534

Bullet (M. Architecte du Roy) Traité du Nivellement, contenant la Théorie et la practique de cet Art, avec la description d'un Niveau nouvellement inventé, 11 folding plates, old French red morocco, corner ornaments on the sides, and the arms of F. C. LE TELLIER Marquis de Courtenvaux in the centre, g. e.

8vo. Paris, Langlois, 1688

BUNYAN (J.) I WILL PRAY WITH THE SPIRIT.... A Discourse touching Prayer, two or three leaves slightly shaved, blue morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford, EXTREMELY RARE



12mo. London, Printed for the author, 1663

Two title-pages, one dated, the other undated. UNIQUE, NO OTHER COPY KNOWN. Dr. Brown, in his Life of Bunyan, says, "THE EARLIEST EXISTING EDITION of this is the Third London printed for the Author (1685)"

[BUNYAN (J.)] STRANGE AND TERRIBLE NEWES FROM CAMBRIDGE. Being a True Relation of the Quakers bewitching of Mary Philips out of the Bed from her Husband in the Night, and transformed her into the shape of a Bay Mare, riding her from Dinton towards the University. With the manner how she became visible again to the People in her own Likeness and Shape, . . . . Her Speech to the Scholars and Countrey-men, her Oath before the Judges, and the names of the Quakers brought to Tryal, etc. brown morocco extra, EDGES UNCUT

4to. Printed for C. Brooks, and are to be sold at the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, 1659


This Tract was replied to, the same year, and therein it is stated that the author of the above was John Bunyan. The Reply was entitled A Lying Wonder


LOT 100-continued.








Discouered, and The Strange and Terrible Newes from Cambridge proved false; also an answer to John Bunyan's Paper touching the imaginary Witchcraft, 1659."

BUNYAN (J.) THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS from this World to That which is to come, THE FOURTH EDITION WITH ADDITIONS (wanting frontispiece, last leaf in facsimile and some leaves repaired), otherwise a good copy, blue morocco extra, g. e.

sm. 8vo. Printed for Nath. Ponder, at the Peacock in the Poultrey near the Church, 1680 * EXTREMELY RARE; according to the Advertisement to the fifth Edition, the fourth has many additions, more than any preceding." The earliest in the Huth Library was the fifth edition.

BUNYAN (J.) THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS from this World to that which is to Come, the Tenth Edition with Additions, frontispiece with advertisement on the back, and woodcuts at pp. 116 and 193, margin of front title, etc. repaired and restored, and two or three marginal notes shaved, tall copy, with four page Catalogue of Books printed for Nath. Ponder, blue morocco extra, g. e.

sm. 8vo. Printed for Nathaniel Ponder, 1685 Bunyan (J.) The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that which is to come, the Eleventh Edition, with Additions, and the Cuts, FIRST ILLUSTRATED EDITION, WITH WOODCUTS, blue morocco extra, g. e. sm. 8vo. N. Ponder, 1688





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A VERY RARE EDITION (the British Museum copy wants 19 leaves).
'The Cuts are not the ordinary woodcuts on the text, but 11
woodcuts the full size of the page with verses under, and no text
on the back, and two other woodcuts on the text.
There is no
frontispiece. These eleven woodcuts were issued in this edition
for the first time. It contains the last Emendations of the author,
only one other perfect copy is believed to be known.

BUNYAN (J.) THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS from this World to that
which is to Come, THE SECOND PART, frontispiece and woodcuts,
blue morocco extra, g. e. very scarce sm. 8vo. R. Ponder, 1690
THIRD EDITION, with the genuine frontispiece and woodcuts at
pp. 47 and 148.

Bunyan (J.) Solomon's Temple Spiritualiz'd, or Gospel-Light Fetcht out of the Temple at Jerusalem to let us more easily into the Glory of New-Testament-Truths, FIRST EDITION, wanting pp. 3-6 and 3 leaves defective, otherwise good copy, unbound

sm. 8vo. George Larkin, 1688 BUNYAN (J.) Seasonable Counsel, or Advice to Sufferers, fine copy, blue morocco extra, g. e. sm. 8vo. B. Alsop, 1684 *** FIRST EDITION, with original blank leaves at the beginning and end.




BUNYAN (J.) Reprobation asserted: or the Doctrine of Eternal
Election and Reprobation promiscuously handled, in Eleven
Chapters, by John Bunyan of Bedford, a Lover of Peace and
Truth, FINE COPY, blue morocco extra, g. e.

4to. Printed for G. L. and are to be sold in Turn-style-Alley
in Holborn, n. d.


BUNYAN (J.) THE BARREN FIG-TREE: or, The Doom & Downfal of the Fruitless Professor, To which is added His Exhortation to Peace and Unity, FINE COPY, blue morocco extra, g. e.

sm. 8vo. J. Robinson, 1688 BURNS (Robert) POEMS, chiefly in the Scottish dialect, portrait, after Nasmyth, by Beugo, VERY FINE LARGE CLEAN COPY, green morocco extra, g. t. UNCUT, by F. Bedford

8vo. Edinb. for the Author, 1787

FIRST EDINBURGH EDITION, with the half-title, 38 pages of subscribers' names and a glossary. It contains 27 Poems, occupying about 100 pages, not in the Kilmarnock edition of 1786.

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110 BURNS (Robert) VERSES TO THE MEMORY OF JAMES THOMSON, Author of The Seasons, by Robert Burns, the Ayrshire Poet. To which is added a Poem written in Carse Hermitage, by Nithside; by the same Author. And an Epitaph on Sir Isaac Newton, 4 leaves, UNCUT AND UNOPENED sm. 8vo. No name or place, n. d. ** EXCESSIVELY RARE AND IN UNIQUE CONDITION, ONLY ONE OTHER COPY BESIDES THAT IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM IS BELIEVED TO BE KNOWN. On the back of title is printed: On Thursday the 22nd of September 1791 at Two o'clock, the Ceremony of Crowning the Bust of Thomson the Poet (Author of the Seasons) with a wreath of Bays, was performed at Ednam Hill. In contemplation of this interesting ceremony, Mr. Robert Burns the Ayrshire Bard, now settled in the Honorable and useful occupation of his ancestors, in the neighbourhood of Dumfries, composed the following address to the Shade of the Bard of Ednam.' This was not included in Burns' Poems until some years later. The water-mark in the paper is the Royal arms crowned.



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BURNS, with the Answer By John Lauderdale near Wigton, 4 ll.
UNCUT AND UNOPENED no name or place, printed in the year 1795

BUTLER (C.) THE FEMININE MONARCHIE, or The Histori of Bees, with the Bees' Madrigal set to music for four voices, and woodcuts, FINE LARGE COPY, green morocco extra, g. t. UNCUT

sm. 4to. Oxford, 1634 *** This early attempt to introduce phonetic spelling is extremely rare

in fine condition.






BUTLER (SAMUEL) HUDIBRAS, THE SECOND PART, By the Author of the First, engraving on title of a bell, leaf of imprimatur, dated Nov. 5, 1663, facing title, and errata, contemporary Old English red morocco, Harleian panelled sides, g. e. rare in this state

8vo. Printed by T. R. for John Martyn and James Allestry at the Bell in St. Paul's Church Yard, 1664 *** FIRST GENUINE EDITION; A VERY FINE LARGE CLEAN COPY, measuring 71⁄2 in. by 4 in., printed on a much thicker paper than usual.

BUTLER (S.) HUDIBRAS, in three parts, written in the Time of the late Wars. Corrected and amended, with large annotations and a Preface by Zachary Grey, LL.D. 2 vol. with the set of large engravings by Hogarth, used in this edition for the first time, UNCUT COPY, red levant morocco, super extra, panelled sides, g. t. by W. Pratt, VERY RARE IN THIS STATE

8vo. vol. I, Cambridge, 1744; vol. II, London, 1744 **First edition with Grey's Notes.

Butler (S.) Hudibras, the Second Part, by the Author of the First, woodcut of printer's device on title, leaf of imprimatur, hand-dyed calf extra, g.e.

12mo. T. R. for John Martyn and James Allestry, 1664 *** FIRST EDITION in 12mo, with contemporary MS. verses on the back of imprimatur leaf.


BYRON (LORD) ENGLISH BARDS AND SCOTCH REVIEWERS, a Satire, FIFTH EDITION, with additions," fine clean copy in the original boards, uncut 8vo. James Cawthorn, 1816 *** UNIQUE, THE ONLY COPY KNOWN, AND UNKNOWN TO ALL BIBLIOGRAPHERS, with the title-page, etc. RIGIDLY SUPPRESSED BY LORD BYRON, and every copy ordered to be burnt, before publication. The Court of Chancery, on the 10th May, 1816, granted an Injunction against J. Cawthorn to restrain the printing or publishing of Lord Byron's "English Bards and Scotch Reviewers." The title-page, preface 2 11. and postscript 2 11. found in this copy are not found in the two or three known copies of the fifth edition with a fourth edition title (see newspaper cutting by J. D. Coleridge inserted in the volume).


BYRON (LORD) LINES ON JOHN WILLIAM RIZZO HOPPNER, born at Venice on the Eighteenth of January, 1818, Translated into Eleven different Languages, FIRST AND ONLY EDITION, in the original blue marbled paper covers, UNCUT, enclosed in morocco cover, lettered on the side 8vo. Printed in the Seminary of Padua, n. d. [1818] EXCESSIVELY RARE, ONLY SIX COPIES ARE SAID TO HAVE BEEN PRIVATELY PRINTED FOR PRESENTATION. Count Rizzo stood godfather to the child, and he presented copies of the above only to those personally interested.










An 18-carat gold ring, set with intaglio PORTRAIT OF LORD BYRON in cornelian, over the head is engraved: "CREDE BYRON "

*This ring was presented by Byron to John Hobhouse, and came with the first Canto of Childe Harold, with Byron's MS. notes, from the collection of the late Fred. Locker-Lampson. Campbell (Thomas) Inaugural Discourse on being installed Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow, Thursday, April 12th, 1827, FIRST EDITION, half morocco, UNCUT Svo. Glasgow, 1827 ***PRESENTATION COPY from the poet, with autograph inscription on half-title: "To Mr. Robt. Easton, from T. Campbell." CARICATURE PORTRAITS. A SERIES OF TWO HUNDRED AND NINETYTWO VERY CLEVER COLOURED CARICATURE DRAWINGS, in 1 vol. half bound, lettered, "Sketchings by Le Wisus," A VERY CURIOUS




roy. 8vo

The drawings include portraits of Prof. Darwin, Louis XIV and
XV, Sir W. Raleigh, J. B. Buckstone (Actor), Signor Rossi as
Hamlet, Mr. Santley as Figaro, Charles Mathews (Actor), Beau
Brummel, Hunting and Cricket Scenes, etc., George IV, Prince
Consort, ILLUSTRATIONS TO PICKWICK (Rev. Mr. Stiggins), Bouci-
cault, St. Dunstan and the Evil One (6 drawings), Distinguished
American Author, Lord Tennyson, Hamlet the Irvingite, Dr.
Johnson, Cardinal Wiseman, Sothern as Garrick, Miss Nelly Power,
Mr. Hare, Lionel Brough, several Clowns, and numerous Shake-
spearian and other Theatrical Characters.

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the whole course of Mans Life, how apt he is to follow Vanitie,
and how hard it is for him to attaine to Vertue. . . translated ...
by W. G. of Southampton, Merchant... A worke worthy the read-
ing and Dedicated to the Right Worshipfull Sir Francis Drake,
Knight, black letter, with leaf before title marked "A," red levant
morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford, FINE COPY
4to. Printed by T. Snodham, n. d.
To this rare work it is thought that we are indebted for the
origin of Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress"; William Goodyeare,
a Southampton merchant, was the translator. Douce says: The
earliest edition of the Pilgrim's Progress that I possess is the
fourteenth, and I never saw an earlier, I have sometimes thought
that Bunyan had seen an old spiritual romance, called The
Wandering Knight." Other accounts of this very rare volume
will be found in Southey's Life of Bunyan, Dunlop's History of
Fiction, vol. III, and Douce's Illustrations of Shakespeare, vol. I.
CATECHISM. Nowell (A.) A Catechisme, or first Instruction and
Learning of Christian Religion, Translated into English (by T.
Norton), black letter, title within woodcut border, and large printer's
colophon on last leaf (a small rust hole in folio 44), brown morocco,
g. e. FINE COPY 4to. Printed by John Daye dwelling over Alders-
gate, A. N. 1575 at end, 1573

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