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Cavendish (George) The Negotiations of Thomas Woolsey, The great Cardinal of England, Containing his Life and Death, viz. The Originall of his promotion; The Continuance of his Magnificence; His Fall, Death and Buriall, Composed by one of his own Servants, being his Gentleman Usher, fine portrait of Wolsey by Marshall, red levant morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford, FINE 4to. W. Sheares, 1641 ** FIRST EDITION OF CAVENDISH's Life of WolseY. One of the most interesting and valuable specimens of biography in the English language."-Lowndes.


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CENT NOUVELLES NOUVELLES, suivent les cent Nouvelles, contenant les cent Histoires, Nouveaux qui sont moult plaisans a raconter en toutes bonnes compagnies par maniere de Joyeuseté, 2 vol. fine impressions of the plates on the text by ROMAIN DE HOOGE, green levant morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford, VERY FINE CLEAN TALL Svo. Cologne, 1701


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CERVANTES (M.) THE HISTORY OF DON QUIXOTE, the first parte, printed for Ed. Blounte (1620), printed title in facsimile, and wanting second leaf" To the Reader," small top corner off last leaf; The Second Part of the History of the Valorous and Witty Knight Errant Don Quixote of the Mancha, printed for Ed. Blounte, 1620; 2 vol. FIRST ENGLISH TRANSLATION by Shelton (no engraved titles), good tall sound copy in old calf (one cover loose)

4to. 1620

Cervantes (M.) The History of Don-Quixote translated in English by
Thos. Shelton, another copy, also a little imperfect, 2 vol. in 1,
FIRST EDITION, tall copy, old calf
4to. Ed. Blount, 1620

CHARLES I. EIKON BASILIKE: THE POURTRAICTURE OF HIS SACRED MAIESTY IN HIS SOLITUDES AND SUFFERINGS, Rom. 8, More then Conquerour, etc. Bona Argere (sic), & mala pati, Regium est, FINE COPY, IN SUPERB CONTEMPORARY BINDING of dark brown morocco, inlaid with red and yellow morocco, and richly and elegantly tooled in compartments of scroll and dotted lines, surrounded by a festoon border of acorns, etc. IN SPLENDID PRESERVAsm. 8vo. no name or place, printed Anno Dom. 1648 AN EXTREMELY RARE EDITION, IF NOT THE FIRST. Collation: Title, contents 1 leaf (marked), N 2, text 1-269 pp. reverse blank (B-N III in 12); several errors in pagination, but not those usually found in sheet G. It appears to have been issued without any plate.

* *



Charles I. Eikon Basilike. The Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie in his Solitudes and Sufferings; together with his Private Prayers used in the time of his restraint and delivered to Dr. Juxon, Bishop of London, immediately before his death, folding plate by

LOT 128-continued.


Marshall with verses (Almack mentions a leaf with arms not in
this copy), contemporary olive morocco, with the crowned portrait of
Charles I in the centre of each side, tooled corners, g. e. VERY RARE
in this state
roy. 8vo. No name or place, 1649

CHARLES I. The Kings Maiesties Declaration to his Subjects, concerning LAWFULL SPORTS to be vsed, FINE COPY, blue morocco extra, g. e. very rare 4to. R. Barker, 1633 *** FIRST EDITION, with the leaf before title having "A" within an ornament (usually wanting), and royal arms on back of title.

130 Charles I. A Forme of Prayer used at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, by his Majesties Directions, upon the 15 Sept. 1648, being the day of Fasting and Humiliation for the obtaining a Blessing upon the Personal Treatie Betweene the King and His Two Houses of Parliament, 8 ll. including leaf with Royal arms, and crowned C. R. half morocco, UNCUT, EXTREMELY RARE




8vo. London, printed for Richard Royston in Ivie-Lane, 1648

CHAUCER. THE WORKES OF GEFFRAY CHAUCER, newly printed, with dyvers workes whiche were never in print before, as in the table more playnly dothe appere, cum privilegio, black letter, with woodcuts to the knights and squires tales, and a separate title to the "Romaunce of the Rose," corner of title restored, but VERY FINE COPY, brown levant morocco extra, tooled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford

folio. Imprynted at London, by Thomas Petit (circa 1538) ***The "Plowman's Tale" is here first printed and precedes the "Parson's Tale," in the edition of 1542 it follows it; see Herbert's Ames, p. 557, where, however, the capital error is committed of supposing this to belong to the same edition as that dated 1542, a mistake into which Herbert could not have fallen had he compared the two books.

CHAUCER'S GHOAST: or a Piece of Antiquity, containing twelve pleasant Fables of Ovid, penn'd after the ancient manner of writing in England, which makes them prove Mock Poems to the present Poetry, etc. catch word cut into, p. 55, brown morocco extra, g. e. Jolley's copy

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sm. 8vo. T. Ratcliff and N. Thompson for R. Mills, 1672 *** A very curious and rare volume in prose and verse. The first 36 pp. are in verse, then commences in prose The Pleasant History of Prince Corniger, and his Champion Sir Crucifrag," which ends at p. 121, then one leaf "The Authours Friend to the Readers upon his perusal of the work," in verse.

Chinese Drawings in colours, on Rice Paper, of Shipping, Costumes,
Birds, Flowers and Insects, in 3 vol. native silk binding
oblong 4to. 3 vol.

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Church-Government. The Form of Church-Government To be used
in the Church of England and Ireland, Agreed upon by the Lords
and Commons Assembled in Parliament, After advice had with
the Assembly of Divines, red levant morocco extra, panelled sides,
g. e. fine copy
4to. Imprinted for John Wright, 1648

Cibber (Theophilus), to David Garrick, Esq. with Dissertation on
Theatrical Subjects, frontispiece of Cibber as Antient Pistol (no
other plates), the vol. stained with damp, UNCUT, 1759-The
Theatrical Remembrancer, 1788
8vo. 2 vol.
Cicero. Those fyve Questions which Marke Tullye Cicero, disputed
in his Manor of Tusculanum, Written afterwardes by him, in as
manye bookes, to his frende, and familiar Brutus, in the Latine
tounge, And nowe, oute of the same translated, and Englished, by
John Dolman, Studente and felowe of the Inner Temple, black
letter, dedicated to the Bp. of Sarum, FINE COPY, in the original
calf binding

sm. 8vo. Imprinted at Londō in Flete-strete nere to S.
Dunstons Church by Thomas Marshe, 1561

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A VERY RARE VOL. in Prose and Verse, with the two leaves at the end, "Faultes escaped in printing," and "Words left out." CICERONIS DE OFFICIIS, libri tres, engraved title, FINE COPY, ruled, red morocco extra, doublé red morocco, gold borders, g. e. by BoYET 12mo. Amst. Elzevir, 1677

*** This copy measures 134 mill.

Clapham (Henoch) His Demaundes and Answers touching the Pestilence, Methodically handled, as his time and meanes could permit, title within ornamental border, brown morocco extra, g. e. 4to. (No name or place), 1604



On the last leaf is a Dialogue in Verse between The Publisher and his Friend.

CLAVELL (JOHN, Highwayman) A RECANTATION OF AN ILL LED LIFE, or a Discouverie of the High-way Law with Vehement disswasions to all (in that kind) Offenders, As also Many Cautelous Admonitions and full Instructions, how to Know, Shun, and apprehend a Thiefe, most necessary for all honest Travellers to per'use, observe and practice, Approved by the Kings most Excellent Majestie, and published by his expresse Commaund, red levant morocco extra, g.e. by F. Bedford

* *


sm. 8vo. For R. Meighen, 1628

the end. The portrait was not issued until the volume was
reprinted in quarto.

Cohen (Henry) Guide de l'Amateur de Livres à Gravures du XVIII®
Siècle, revue, corrigée et augmentée par le Baron R. Portalis,
half calf
roy. 8vo. Paris, 1886


Coleridge, Lamb and Lloyd. Poems by S. T. Coleridge, second edition, to which are now added Poems by Charles Lamb, and Charles Lloyd, FIRST EDITION, hand dyed calf extra, g. e.

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142 COMPOST DES BERGIERS. Le Grāt Kalendier et compost des Bergiers, compose par le bergier de la Grant Montaigne, Auquel sont adioustez plusieurs nouvelles figures et tables, lesquelles sont bien utilles a toutes gens aisi que bons pourrez beoir ty apres en ce present livre, title in red and black, with large woodcut beneath, numerous curious woodcuts in the text, gothic letter (wanting Kiii), FINE COPY, morocco extra, g. e.

4to. Paris pour Jehan Trepperel Marchant Libraire de mourant en la rue neufue nostre Dame a le seigne de lescu de france, s. d.

143 Congreve (Wm.) The Morning Muse of Alexis, a Pastoral Lamenting the Death of our late Gracious Queen Mary of ever blessed Memory, FIRST EDITION, fine copy, half green morocco, edges rough, very folio. Jacob Tonson, 1695



Congreve (W.) A Pindarique Poem, Humbly Offer'd to the King on
His Taking Namure, FIRST EDITION, very fine copy, half green
folio. Jacob Tonson, 1695

*** On the last leaf is a list of books published by Jacob Tonson.

145 Congreve (W.) A Pindarique Ode, Humbly Offer'd to the Queen, on the Victorious Progress of Her Majesty's Arms, under the Conduct of the Duke of Marlborough, To which is prefix'd a Discourse on the Pindarique Ode, FIRST EDITION, half green morocco, ALL EDGES UNCUT (size 141⁄2 in. by 94 in.), beautiful copy, EXTREMELY RARE folio. Jacob Tonson, 1706


MENT OF VENICE, with Sundry other Collections annexed by the
Translator for the more cleere, and exact satisfaction of the Reader,
with a Short Chronicle of the Lives and Raignes of the Venetian
Dukes, translated into English by Lewes Lewkenor Esquire, FINE
COPY, brown morocco extra, g. e.

4to. J. Windet for Ed. Mattes, 1599 *** VERY RARE, containing commendatory Poems by Edmund Spenser, J. Ashley, Maur. Kyffin, H. Elmes, and John Harington. The Volume is Dedicated to Lady Anne, Countesse of Warwicke, from Selsey, Aug. 1598. Spenser died Jan. 1599, so probably these lines are the last he wrote. Malone considered this work the principal source from which SHAKESPEARE DERIVED THE PLOT FOR OTHELLO.

147 Corneille (P.) L'Imitation de Jésus-Christ en vers François, Livre I-II, Rouen, C. de Sercy, 1653; L'Imitation de Jésus-Christ en vers François, livre troisième (Premier partie), Paris, R. Ballard,

LOT 147-continued.








1654, 2 vol. in 1, FINE COPY, contemporary French red morocco extra, g.e. sm. 8vo. Rouen et Paris, avec Privilege du Roy, 1653-4 BEAUTIFUL COPY OF A VERY RARE EDITION, illustrated with 67 plates by David, R. du Clos, and Le Brun. On the fly-leaves are the following Autographs and note: 'Anne Dormer, May ye 3, 1669, Robert Dormer, First Edition, many plates."


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CORNWALLIS (Sir Wm.) ESSAYES by Sir William Corne-Waleys the Younger, Knight, printed for Edmund Mattes, 1600; A Second Part of Essayes written by Sir William Cornwallis, ib. 1601; 2 vol. in 1, FINE COPY, blue levant morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford, 12mo. E. Mattes, 1600-1 ** FIRST EDITION OF BOTH PARTS. The first part is very rare. Huth's was the 1606 edition. Coryat (Thomas) Crudities hastily gobled up in five months' Travels in France, Italy, etc. prepared for binding, LARGE COPY, but wanting several ll. (see list of defects) 4to. 1611 COTGRAVE (John) THE ENGLISH TREASURY OF WIT AND LANGUAGE Collected Out of the Most and Best of our English Dramatick Poems; Methodically digested into Common places for generall use, FIRST EDITION, red levant morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford, VERY FINE COPY


8vo. Printed for Humphrey Moseley, 1655 ** THOMAS CAMPBELL'S (the Poet) COPY WITH HIS AUTOGRAPH ON THE TITLE. A highly interesting volume, containing extracts from nearly all the Dramatists, including a great many from Shakespeare. Cotton (Charles, the friend of Isaac Walton) Poems on several Occasions, calf extra, g. e. by F. Bedford, FINE COPY

* *




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8vo. Printed for Thos. Basset, 1689 FIRST EDITION. MS. note The gift of Nath. Lee (Dramatist) to Devereaux Knightley," etc.

Coutts (Thos. Banker in the Strand) Life, with Anecdotes of his first
wife Betty Starky, and of his present wife (MISS MELLON, the
Actress), account of his immence property, n. d.; Addenda to the
Life of Thos. Coutts, portrait by Geo. Cruikshank, n. d. ; in 1 vol.
yellow morocco, g. e. by F. Bedford, VERY INTERESTING COPY
Svo. Fairburn, n. d.
Illustrated with coloured folding Caricatures, Portraits, Play Bills,
Cuttings, and AUTOGRAPH LETTER signed, 2 pp. 8vo, from the
Elder CHARLES MATHEWS (Comedian), relating entirely to Mrs.
Coutts, her age, and when she first appeared on the stage, etc., an
AUTOGRAPH LETTER, 3 pp. 4to, of Thomas Coutts, the Banker,
loosely inserted.


SWEARERS. The maner of saying grace, etc. with A SHORT IN-
STRUCTIO TO THE WORLD, IN VERSE, in twelve 7-line stanzas,

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