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DU ROSOI. LES SENS. Poëme en Six Chants, LARGE HOLLAND PAPER, beautiful plates and vignettes after EISEN and Wille, engraved by De Longueil, the engraved title by Marillier from another edition added, FINE CLEAN COPY, red levant morocco extra, g.e. by F. Bedford to a Derome pattern

8vo. Londres (Paris), 1766 *** FIRST EDITION, with the two pages of engraved music often wanting.

Elizabeth (Queen) Seal. An old embossed brass (5 in. diam.) probably used for casting in wax the seals to be attached to legal documents during the reign of Elizabeth (it has since been filled in with lead to strengthen it), BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED, with the Arms of England, portrait of Elizabeth, etc.


Elphinstone (Hon. M.) An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul and
its Dependencies in Persia, Tartary and India; comprising a View
of the Afghaun Nation, and a History of the Dooraunee Monarchy,
map and coloured costume plates, and Macartney's large folding
coloured map of Caubul, half calf
4to. Longman, 1815

215 Epistolæ Graecæ. Basilii Magni, Libanii Chionis, Eschinis, Isocratis, Pholaridis, Bruti, Apollonii Tyanensis, et Juliani Apostatæ. Item Epistolæ diversorum Philosophorum, Oratorum, Rhetorum XXVI, Omnia Graece, 2 vol. in 1, BEAUTIFUL COPY, elegantly bound in purple morocco extra, richly tooled back, borders on the sides, silk linings, g. e. by Bozerian jeune



4to. Venetiis, Aldus, 1499 **FIRST ALDINE EDITION ON THICK PAPER.

ERASMUS. PROVERBES OR ADAGIES, with newe addicions gathered out of the Chiliades of Erasmus by Richard Taverner. Hereunto he also added Mimi Publiani, black letter, title within woodcut border, brown levant morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e. VERY FINE




sm. 8vo. Imprinted at Lodon in Fletstrete, at the Sygne of the
Whyte Harte, cum privilegio ad imprimendum solum, 1539
Although "Mimi Publiani" is mentioned.
on the title, it is not contained in the vol. neither is it in the
copy in the British Museum, nor in the Ashburnham copy, which
also wanted the title. The volume ends with a table, and on
the reverse of the last printed leaf is "Faultes escaped in Printynge,"
then follows the Colophon, and the original blank leaf, forming
the complete sheet.

Estiene (Henri) L'Introduction au Traité de la Conformitie des
Merveilles anciennes avec les modernes, ou Traite preparatif à
l'Apologie pour Herodote, FIRST EDITION, before the alterations,
l'an M.D.LXVI au mois de Novembre-AVERTISSEMENT DE HENRI
ESTIENNE, pour son liure intitule l'Introduction à l'Apologie pour
avec deux tables sur iceluy, s. l. et d.; in 1 vol. VERY FINE


LOT 217-continued.






LARGE CLEAN COPIES, old red morocco extra, full gilt back and
sides, g. e. well preserved
8vo. (H. Stephanus), 1566

*** THIS BEAUTIFUL COPY ON FINE PAPER measures 163 mill. by 100,
or 61⁄2 in. by 4 in., and is probably the finest known. THE "AD-

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reprinted it in a limited form of 50 copies.

Evelyn (John) The Golden Book of St. John Chrysostom, concerning the EDUCATION OF CHILDREN, translated out of the Greek, FINE COPY in the original calf, with blank leaves

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12mo. Printed by D. M. for G. Bedel and T. Collins, 1659 FIRST EDITION, with Dedication, consisting of 36 pp.: "To my most Incomparable Brothers George and Richard Evelyn, of Wotton Woodcut in Surrey, Esqrs."

Evelyn (J.). Naudens (Gabriel) Instructions concerning Erecting of
a Library: Presented to my Lord the President de Mesme. And now
Interpreted by Jo. Evelyn Esquire, original calf, FINE COPY
Printed for G. Bedle and T. Collins, etc. 1661
Dedicated to Edward Earl of Clarendon.



Evelyn (J.) Sylva, or a Discourse of Forest-Trees, and the Propagation of Timber in his Majesties Dominions, to which is added Pomona, or an Appendix concerning Fruit-Trees in relation to Cider, the making and several ways of ordering it, also Kalendarium Hortense, or Gard'ners Almanac, arms on title, and leaf of licence facing, and leaf of errata at the end, green morocco extra, g. e.

folio. J. Martyn, 1664 * *FIRST EDITION. Dedicated to Charles II.


Evelyn (J.) Publick Employment and an Active Life, with all its
Appanages such as Fame, Command, Riches, Conversation, etc.
Prefer'd to Solitude, FINE COPY, brown morocco extra, g. e.

sm. 8vo. H. Herringman, 1667 FIRST EDITION, with imprimatur leaf facing title. Dedicated to Sir R. Browne.

Evelyn (J.) Of Gardens, four books. First written in Latine Verse
by R. Rapinus, and now made English by J. E(velyn), IN ENGLISH
VERSE, FIRST EDITION, vignette on title and leaf of errata, FINE
COPY, brown morocco extra, g. e.

8vo. Printed by T. R. & N. T. for Thomas Collins and John Ford, 1673 *** NAR. LUTTRELL'S COPY, with his inscription: "Nar. Luttrell his Book, 1678" on the fly-leaf. Dedicated to Henry Earl of Arlington.


Evelyn (J.) Navigation and Commerce, their Original and Progress, containing a (sic) account of Traffick in general, its benefits and Improvements, Wars and Conflicts at Sea, etc. fine copy, with leaf of errata at end and Books sold by B. Tooke," green morocco extra, 8vo. Printed by T. R. for B. Tooke, 1674 *** FIRST EDITION, SUPPRESSED BY THE AUTHOR. Dedicated to "The King."


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224 Evelyn (J.) A Philosophical Discourse of Earth, Relating to the Culture and Improvement of it for Vegetation, and the Propagation of Plants, etc. As it was presented to the Royal Society, Apl. 29, 1675, FIRST EDITION, with leaf of licence facing title, dedicated to Lord Visct. Brouncker, FINE COPY, in the original calf




8vo. J. Martyn, 1676 Everard (Dr. G.) Panacea; or The Universal Medicine, being a Discovery of the Wonderfull Vertues of TOBACCO, Taken in a Pipe, with its Operation and Use both in Physick and Chyrurgery, brilliant impression of the portrait of the author smoking his pipe, FINE COPY, with some uncut leaves, in the original calf binding sm. 8vo. Printed for Simon Miller, 1659 After enumerating seventeen names, the dedication is to all the Worthy Merchants and Planters of Tobacco, for and in the West Indies and America. Fasciculus Florum: or a NOSEGAY OF FLOWERS, translated out of the Gardens of severall Poets, and other Authors, title slightly restored and small corner off p. 205, calf gilt, A VERY RARE POETICAL sm. 8vo. Printed by A. M. 1636

* *




Female Rake or Modern Fine Lady, an Epistle from Libertina to Sylvia. In which is contain'd the A-la-mode System. FIRST EDITION, frontispiece by V. Gucht, Dublin printed, London reprinted, n. d.—The Vision of Mons. Chamillard concerning the Battle of Ramilies and the Miraculous Revolution in Flanders, a Poem. By a Nephew of the late Mr. John Milton, FIRST EDITION, with half title, UNCUT, 1706-Ode for the Thanksgiving Day, FIRST EDITION, Tonson, 1706-Funeral Elegy on the Death of the Queen, ib. 1695 folio. (4) 228 Fencing. Grassi (Giacomo di) Ragione di Adoprar Sicuramente l'Arme si da Offesa, come da difesa, con un Trattato dell' inganno, et con un modo di esercitarsi da se stesso, per acquistare forza giudicio, et prestezza, fine portrait of the author, and numerous plates of fencing, etc. brown morocco extra, g. e. fine copy

4to. Venetia, G. Ziletti, 1570

229 FÉNÉLON. LES AVANTURES DE TÉLÉMAQUE fils D'Ulysse, Nouvelle Édition, augmentée et corrigée, etc. 2 vol. BEAUTIFUL COPY, in red morocco, doublé red morocco, with rich gold dentelle borders, m. and g. e. by PADELOUP 8vo. Bruxelles, F. Foppens, 1700 On the title in each volume is the autograph "Mme. de St. Germain."









FÉNÉLON. LES AVENTURES DE TÉLÉMAQUE, 2 vol. VELLUM PAPER, frontispiece by Montulay, 72 beautiful plates, after Monnet, by Tillard, and 24 plates with culs-de-lampe, and the summary of the books engraved within borders, red morocco extra, g. e. by DÉROME, with his ticket dated 1785

* *


roy. 4to. (Paris), de L'Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1785 With Autograph Letter from De Lille relating to the purchase of this copy in 1814.

Fielding (Henry) Tom Thumb, a Tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre in the Haymarket, frontispiece by Hogarth, and half title and leaf of advertisement, J. Roberts, 1730—THE TRAGEDY OF TRAGEDIES, or the Life and Death of TOM THUMB the Great. As iù is acted at the Theatre in the Hay-market, with the Annotations of H. Scriblerus Secundus, frontispiece by Hogarth, ib. 1731; in 1 vol. FINE COPIES, brown morocco, g. e. by F. Bedford, VERY RARE 8vo. 1730-1 FIRST EDITIONS. The first edition consists of only 16 pp., while the second altered edition contains no less than 58 pp.

Fielding (H.) The Tragedy of Tragedies; or The Life and Death of
Tom Thumb the Great, as it was acted at the Theatre in the Hay-
Market, with the Annotations of H. Scriblerus Secundus, fine
impression of the frontispiece by Hogarth, brown morocco, g. t.
UNCUT, very scarce in this state
8vo. J. Roberts, 1731

*** FIRST EDITION, with the additions.

Fielding (H.) The Universal Gallant: or, the different Husbands, a
Comedy as it is acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane by his
Majestie's servants, FINE COPY, brown morocco, g. t. UNCUT, by F.
8vo. J. Watts, 1735
Dedicated to the Duke of Marlborough.



Fielding (H.) Pasquin: A Dramatic Satire on the Times: being a
Rehearsal of Two Plays, a Comedy, "The Election," and a Tragedy,
The Life and Death of Common-Sense." As it is acted at the
Theatre in the Hay-market, FINE COPY, brown morocco, g. t. UNCUT,
by F. Bedford
Svo. ib. 1736

*** FIRST EDITION; contains the names of the players.

Fielding (H.) The Historical Register for the year 1736, as it is acted
at the New Theatre in the Hay-market. To which is added a very
Merry Tragedy called Eurydice Hiss'd, or a Word to the Wise, FINE
COPY, brown morocco, g. t. UNCUT, by F. Bedford 8vo. ib. 1741
FIRST EDITION. Dedicated to the Publick.

ANDREWS, and of his friend Mr. Abraham Adams, 2 vol. FIRST
EDITION, calf super extra, g. e. by F. Bedford, FINE COPY

8vo. A. Millar, 1742


Fielding (H.) Tumble-down Dick: or, Phaeton in the Suds. A Dra-
matic entertainment of Walking in Serious and Foolish Characters
interlarded (sic) with Burlesques, Grotesque, Comic Interludes,
call'd HARLEQUIN A PICK-POCKET, as it is performed at the New
Theatre in the Hay-market, FINE COPY, brown morocco, g. t. UNCUT,
by F. Bedford, VERY RARE
8vo. J. Watts, 1744



There are no less than 39 names given as the Dramatis Personæ, besides constables, watch, fiddlers, lanthorns, suns, moons, etc. It is dedicated “To Mr. John Lun, vulgarly call'd Esquire."

238 Fielding (H.) A True state of the Case of Bosavern Penlez, who suffered on account of the late RIOT IN THE STRAND, FIRST EDITION, FINE COPY, brown morocco, g. t. UNCUT, by F. Bedford


8vo. · A. Millar, 1749 Fielding (H.) Don Quixote in England, a Comedy, as it is acted at the New Theatre in the Hay-Market, the songs set to music, FINE COPY, brown morocco, g. t. UNCUT, by F. Bedford

8vo. J. Watts, 1754 ** FIRST EDITION. Dedicated to Philip Earl of Chesterfield; at the end are 8 pp. of "Books lately published by J. Watts."

240 [Fielding (H.)] History of Tom Jones, the Foundling, in his married state, the second edition corrected, with an Additional Chapter concerning Plays, and the FRENCH STROLLERS in particular, BEST EDITION, FINE COPY, hand-dyed calf extra, g. e. by F. Bedford


8vo. 1750 FIGURES DU NOUVEAU TESTAMENT, title within beautiful woodcut scroll border, numerous fine wood-engravings by Bernard Salomon (Petit Bernard), VERY FINE LARGE CLEAN COPY, beautifully bound in brown levant morocco extra, tooled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford, in his very best manner 8vo. à Lion, par Ian de Tournes, 1559 *** THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE VOLUME is dedicated to Madame Marguerite de France Duchesse de Berri," and contains 95 woodcuts, with verses beneath each in French.

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FLAMINI (Ant.) In Librum Psalmorum brevis explanatio, FINE COPY, old red morocco extra, richly tooled back and sides in gold, with borders and wreaths, having in the centre and three times repeated on the back the monogram M. T. D." g. e.

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8vo. Lugduni, G. Rouillium, 1576 [See ILLUSTRATION.]

243 Fletcher (G.) Christ's Victorie and Triumph in Heaven and Earth, over and after death (IN VERSE), two parts with separate title, FINE CLEAN COPY, blue morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford


4to. Cambridge, F. Green, 1632 FLOOR DECORATIONS, various kinds, represented both in plans and perspective, being designs for floors of Halls, Rooms, Summer Houses, whether in pavements of stone or marble or with painted

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