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LOT 244-continued.





floor cloths, by John Carwitham, engraved title and 24 plates containing figures, FINE COPY, blue levant morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford, RARE 8vo. John Bowles, 1739 *** THIS IS A VERY PRETTY VOLUME, with head-pieces engraved in the style of the old Song books.


Ford (E.) The most famous, Delectable, and pleasant History of
Parismus, the Renowned Prince of Bohemia, contaigning His Noble
Battailes fought against the Persians, His Love to Lavrana, the
King's Daughter of Theslalie and of his strange Adventures in the
Desolate Iland, both parts, black letter, with leaf marked “A” in
thin ornamental border, original calf, FINE COPY


4to. Printed by B. Alsop, and T. Fawcet, and are to be sold in Grub-street, neere the lower Pumpe, 1636 Early editions of this popular romance, interspersed with poetry, are extremely rare. Mr. Huth was unable to meet with an earlier edition than that of 1649, which is found in the supplement of his catalogue.

FRANCK (Rich.) NORTHERN MEMOIRS, Calculated for the Meridian of Scotland. Wherein most or all the Cities, Citadels, Seaports, Castles, Forts, Fortresses, Rivers and Rivulets, are compendiously described. Together with Choice Collections of Various Discoveries, &c. To which is added THE CONTEMPLATIVE AND PRACTICAL ANGLER by Way of Diversion, &c. By Way of Dialogue. Writ in the year 1658, but not till now made publick, green levant morocco extra, g.e. by F. Bedford, VERY FINE LARGE COPY

8vo. Printed for the author. To be sold by Henry Mortclock, at the Phenix in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1694

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** Dedicated
to my worthy and honoured Friend Mr. J. W. Mer-
chant in London." With several copies of commendatory verses.
A book of the greatest interest and curiosity, and extremely rare.

Fulke (Wm.) OY'PANOMAXIA, hoc est Astrologorum Ludus,
diagrams, two cut into, being engraved too large for the page,
WM. HERBERT'S copy with his autograph on title, and also the
autograph of "GABRIEL HARVEY," the Antagonist of "Tom Nash,"
half russia


Londini, per Thomam Eastium Hetenricum Middletonum, 1572 *** This Game is designed to be played after the manner of chess.

Gainsford (T.) The Rich Cabinet furnished with varietie of excellent
descriptions, exquisite Charracters, witty discourses, and delightful
Histories, Devine and Morrall
whereunto is annexed the

Epitome of good manners, FINE COPY, blue morocco extra, g. e.
sm. 8vo. J. B. for Roger Jackson, 1616
**"This is a very curious and amusing book, chiefly consisting of
original observations ranged under heads in the order of the
alphabet. The allusion to Robin Goodfellow at folio 98 verso,

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and the description of the Player (folio 116-18 reprinted in English Drama and Stage, 1869) are particularly instructive and entertaining. Some old Proverbs not found elsewhere are here. Under Merchant" there are some interesting paragraphs; The volume is as rare as it is curious, only two copies having occurred for sale."-Hazlitt's Collections and Notes, 1876.

Garrick (D.) Lethe. A Dramatic Satire, as it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane by His Majesty's Servants, FINE COPY, old red morocco extra, gold borders on the sides, and plume of feathers in the centre, g. t. UNCUT

8vo. Printed and sold by P. Vaillant, 1749 *** FIRST EDITION, with half title and advertisement on last leaf.

GAY (John) THE SHEPHERD'S WEEK, in six pastorals, frontispiece of the May-pole Dance and plates, LARGE PAPER, hand-dyed calf extra, g.e. by F. Bedford

roy. 8vo. Printed and sold by F. Burleigh, 1714 *** FIRST EDITION, a beautiful and very clean copy.

GAY (J.) TRIVIA: or, The Art of Walking the Streets of London, cross keys on title, and vignette view in London (which has not been identified), LARGE THICK PAPER, very clean in original calf, with ex-libris "Henry Hoare Goldsmith in London, 1704"

roy. 8vo. Printed for B. Lintott, n. d. *** FIRST EDITION, with duplicate title-page inlaid, the space for the cross keys left blank.

turmarum seriem divisa, suis figuris jam insignita à Jacobo Othero
diligenter collecte, numerous spirited and curious woodcuts, FINE
LARGE CLEAN COPY, brown levant morocco extra, blind tooled sides,
g.e. by F. Bedford
4to. Argent. 1511

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are the Sermons preached in 1498 by Geyler of Keyserberg, a whimsical priest, who had somewhat of the disposition of Rabelais and Swift. He turned the matter of the Ship of Fools" into homilies no less satirical than the original book.

253 GIBBON (Charles) A WORK WORTH THE READING, wherein is contayned, five profitable and pithy Questions, very expedient, as well for Parents to perceive howe to bestowe their children in marriage, and to dispose their goods at their death: as for all other Persons to receive great profit by the rest of the matter herein expressed, FINE COPY, but two or three letters touched in facsimile on last three leaves, green morocco extra, g.e. by F. Bedford

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4to. Imprinted by Thos. Orwin, and solde by H. Kyrkham, 1591 **THE ONLY OTHER COPY KNOWN OF THIS INTERESTING VOLUME is in the Malone collection, now in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. It is written as a duologue between Philogus and Tychicus, two

LOT 253-continued.






lovers of learning, and commences

there is an old verse, which

retaines his olde vertue. . . . it is this:
When Adam dig'd and Eve span

Who was then a gentleman?

Then came a rich churle and gathered good,

And so came in the gentle bloud."

The author dates this volume from "Bury S. Edmunds in Suffolke."

GODSKALL (James) THE KING'S MEDICINE for this present yeere 1604. Prescribed by the whole College of the Spirituall Physicians made after the coppy of the Corporal King's medicine, which was used in the City the former yeere. Given as a new year's gift to the Hon. City of London, to be taken in this yeere for the Soule, as the other was for the bodie. Hereunto are intermixed, first, the wonders of the former yeer, his triumphs, Two FUNERALS, TWO CORONATIONS, TWO PREACHERS, &c. fine copy, with leaf marked "A" before title, green morocco extra, g. e.

8vo. E. White, at the little North dorre of St. Paul's Church, at the signe of the gunne [1604] * THIS CURIOUS AND EXCESSIVELY RARE VOLUME appears to be unknown to most bibliographers; there is no copy in the British Museum.

Goff (Thos.) Three Excellent Tragedies, viz. The Raging Turk, or Bajazet the Second, The Courageous Turk, or Amurath the First, and The Tragoedie of Orestes, FINE COPY, with separate titles to each play, red levant morocco extra, g. e.

* *

8vo. G. Bedell and T. Collins, 1656 * With interesting bookseller's catalogue at the end, containing amongst other plays two of Shakespeare's.

Goldsmith (Oliver) The Life of Richard Nash of Bath, Esq. extracted
principally from his original papers, FIRST EDITION, with errata,
and list of books, portrait by Walker, hand-dyed calf extra, g. e. by
F. Bedford
8vo. J. Newbery, 1762

Goldsmith (O.) Citizen of the World, 2 vol. fine copy, calf extra, g. e. to an old pattern, by F. Bedford Svo. For the author, 1762 *** FIRST EDITION, with the original advertisement inserted announcing its publication.


GOLDSMITH (0.) THE MYSTERY REVEALED, containing a series of transactions, and authentic Testimonials respecting the supposed 66 COCK-LANE GHOST," which have hitherto been concealed from the Public, FINE COPY, with the rare half title, brown morocco extra, g. e. EXTREMELY RARE

8vo. Printed for W. Bristow, in St. Paul's Church-yard, and C. Etherington, York, 1742 for 1762 FIRST EDITION, reprinted by Mr. Peter Cunningham in the fourth volume of Goldsmith's Works; inserted in the fly-leaf are some contemporary newspaper cuttings.






GOLDSMITH (O.) THE TRAVELLER, or, A Prospect of Society, a Poem.
Inscribed to the Rev. Mr. Henry Goldsmith, FIRST EDITION, with
half title, advertisement leaf, "Books Printed for and sold by J.
Newbery," green levant morocco extra, panelled sides, g.e. by F.
4to. J. Newbery, 1765

Two privately printed copies, dated 1764, are now known to exist.

Goldsmith (O.) The Traveller, or, A Prospect of Society, a Poem,
third edition, with half-title, Newbery, 1765; another copy, fifth
edition, with half-title, 1768, unbound
4to. 2 vol.
Goldsmith (O.) The Beauties of English Poetry, selected by Oliver
Goldsmith, 2 vol. FIRST EDITION, with half-titles, beautiful copy,
in clean Old English calf, with ex-libris of Sir J. Duntze in each
8vo. W. Griffin, 1767

LARGE PAPER, with the plates by Hamilton, R.A. and Wheatley,
proofs before name of subject, to which are added a set of proofs by
Westall, and a set of plates by T. Bewick, green levant morocco
extra, g. e. by F. Bedford
Bensley, 1800

roy. 8vo.

263 GOLDSMITH (0.) POETICAL WORKS, illustrated by the Etching Club, THICK ENAMELLED PAPER COPY, elegantly bound in green morocco, the back and sides inlaid with citron and red, and covered all over with the most elaborate gold tooling, silk linings, g. e. by F. BEDFORD, for the exhibition of 1862 sm. 4to. Longman, 1846

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OF BEDFORD'S MOST MAGNIFICENT SPECIMENS OF BINDING similar to, and exhibited side by side at the exhibition of 1862 with, the Rogers " which have since been sold for a large sum.

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264 GRAFTON (R.) AN ABRIDGEMENT OF THE CHRONICLES OF ENGLAND, gathered by Richard Grafton, citizen of London, Anno Do 1563. Perused and allowed, according to an order taken, black letter, VERY FINE COPY, brown levant morocco extra, tooled in blind and gold to an ancient pattern, g. e. by F. Bedford



sm. 8vo. Imprinted at London in Flete strete within Temple Barre at the signe of the hand and starre by Richard Tottyll, the 21 day of February in the yere of our Lord, 1563 FIRST EDITION, with the cancel slips at pp. 90 and 120. Dedicated to Lord Dudley, with Calendar and Almanack for 24 years.

265 Graham (Simion) The Anatomie of Humours, in Prose and Verse, the ornamental outside border on some leaves slightly shaved, this copy ends on Tiii with the word “Finis," green morocco extra, g. e. 4to. Edinb. Printed by Thos. Finlason with Licence, 1609 The Huth copy had three additional leaves.



LOT 265-continued.

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The Author appears to have added from time to time another leaf, for the word "Finis" occurs no less than five times. The Author's cousin was Wm. Lithgow the celebrated traveller (see interesting MS. on fly-leaf). It is said that Burton took the idea for his Anatomy of Melancholy" from this work.

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and vignette view of Strawberry Hill on title, green levant morocco
extra, panelled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford, BEAUTIFUL COPY
4to. Printed at STRAWBERRY HILL, for R. and J. Dodsley, 1757
AUTOGRAPH LETTER inserted of Bp. Percy's, to Mr. Apperley, 4 pp.
4to, dated 20 Sept. 1757, in which he says: Mr. Shepstone put
into my hands the 2 Odes newly publish'd by Gray, which a Man
of your Taste must have seen, I doubt not but you will agree with
me in admiring the second of the two; as one of the most sublime
poems not only in our own, but in any language. The Subject is
new and Wonderfully romantic: Tho' I confess I was not fully
Master of the Poets entire meaning, nor had so high a relish for
his Beauties till after three or four Times reading. And now never
peruse it without being struck with new Delight and Admiration."

GRAY (T.) ODE, Performed in the Senate House, Cambridge,
July 1st, 1769, at the Installation of the Duke of Grafton, FIRST
EDITION, beautiful copy (measuring 11† in. by 83 in.), in pale blue
wrapper, very clean, brown morocco extra, the edges rough, by F.
Bedford, very scarce
4to. Camb. 1769

Gray (T.) Poems, DU ROVERAY'S BEAUTIFUL EDITION, adorned with plates after Fuseli, Hamilton, etc. LARGE PAPER, green morocco extra, gilt top, UNCUT, by F. Bedford roy. 8vo. Bensley, 1800 ONE OF ONLY THREE COPIES PRINTED ON THICK INDIA PAPER, with autograph certificate on fly-leaf, "Only three copies printed on india paper.-F. J. Du Roveray."

* *


GREEN (Mathew) THE SPLEEN, an Epistle inscribed to his particular
Friend Mr. C. I. FINE COPY, half morocco, UNCUT


8vo. Printed and Sold by A. Dodd, 1737 FIRST EDITION, which received the praises of Pope and Gray.

270 GREGORIE (SAINT) LES OMELIES SAINT GREGOYRE, gothic letter, numerous woodcuts, some very large, brown levant morocco extra, blind and gold tooled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford, FINE COPY


folio. Paris, Anthoine Verard, 1501

GREVIN (Jacques) LE THEATRE, portrait on back of title, FINE COPY,
brown levant morocco extra, richly tooled sides in gold, g. e. by F.
8vo. Paris, Pour Vincent Sertenas, 1562
*** FIRST EDITION, EXTREMELY RARE, in fine condition.

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