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Gronovius (J. F.) Ad L. et M. Annaeos Senecas Notae, FIRST ELZEVIR EDITION, red morocco extra, full gilt back, doublé red morocco, gilt borders, m. and g. e. by Boyet, fine copy

sm. 8vo. Lugd. Bat. Elsevir, 1649 273 Guigard (J.) Armorial Bibliophile avec illustrations dans le texte, 2 vol. in 1, LARGE PAPER, plates on india paper, and numerous coats-of-arms, half blue morocco, g. t. uncut

imp. 8vo. Paris, 1870-3

274 GUISCHET (PETRI) ARS RATIOCINANDI LEPIDA, Multarum Imaginum Festivitate contexta, Totius Logicae fundamenta, . . . In Cartiludium redacta, with engravings of a set of 52 cards (crabs, fishes, bells and acorns), elegantly bound in brown levant morocco extra, richly tooled sides, with double ornamental dentelle panels and tooled centre, g. e. by F. Bedford, VERY FINE COPY

4to. Salmurii apud Anth. Hernault, 1650 *** A RARE AND CURIOUS VOLUME intended to teach logic and develop the reasoning faculties by means of a card-play.

275 Hall (Bishop) Virgidemiarum, Satires in six books, old calf

8vo. Oxford, 1753 *** SIR JOSHUA REYNOLDS' COPY, with his autograph signature on title, portrait, and a facsimile of his autograph inserted.

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276 Harding (J. D.) Lessons on Art, second edition, plates, n. d. Wright (A.) Court-Hand Restored, plates, 1846 4to. 2 vol.


Harvey (C.) The Synagogue, or, The Shadow of the Temple, Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations, in imitation of Mr. George Herbert, the second edition, corrected and enlarged, blue morocco extra, g. e. sm. 8vo. Printed by F. L. for Philemon Stephans, 1647 *** FIRST COMPLETE EDITION, containing 12 pieces, occupying 16 pp. more than in the first edition. Some copies have a short continuation not in this copy.

278 Hastings (Henry Lord) Lachrymae Musarum: The Tears of the Muses; Exprest in Elegies; Written by divers persons of Nobility and Worth, upon the death of the most hopefull Henry Lord Hastings, onely sonn of the Right Hon. Ferdinand Earl of Huntingdon, Heir-general of the high born Prince George Duke of Clarence, Brother to King Edward the fourth, Collected and set forth by Richard) B(roome), (wants the Latin epitaph on folding leaf as usual), fine frontispiece, red levant morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford, FINE COPY, very rare


8vo. Printed by T. N. and are to be sold by John Holden at the blue Anchor in the New Exchange, 1650 DRYDEN'S EARLIEST POEM; occupies five pages, written in English while he was a scholar at Westminster school. The other writers are Andrew Marvel, John Denham, Sir Aston Cokaine, Robert Herrick, etc.








HAYWARDE (SIR JOHN) THE FIRST PART OF THE LIFE AND RAIGNE OF KING HENRIE THE IIII, extending to the end of the first yeare of his raigne, written by J. H. VERY FINE LARGE COPY, red levant morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford

sm. 4to. J. Wolfe, 1599 ** Dedicated in very encomiastic terms to the Earl of Essex, but it so highly irritated Queen Elizabeth, that proceedings were taken against the author, and Sir F. Bacon was ordered to search the book to find out whether he could be convicted of Treason.

Hazlitt (Wm.) Liber Amoris, or, The New Pygmalion, FIRST EDITION, vignette portrait on engraved title, FINE COPY, green levant morocco extra, gilt top, UNCUT, by F. Bedford 8vo. John Hunt, 1823

HEAD (RICHARD) THE ENGLISH ROGUE DESCRIBED, in the Life of Meriton Latroon, a Witty Extravagant, comprehending the most Eminent Cheats of both Sexes, the four parts complete, in 2 vol. fine portrait and plates, red levant morocco extra, g. e. FINE COPY 8vo. Francis Kirkman, 1666, 1671, 1674, 1680 VERY RARE and a most difficult book to find complete, the volumes being issued at different periods.


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Head (R.) Proteus Redivivus: or, The Art of Wheedling, or, Insinua-
tion, extracted from the Several Humours and Passions of both
Sexes, FIRST EDITION, calf extra, g. e.
8vo. 1675

Herbert (George) The Temple, Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations, second edition, FINE TALL COPY, green levant morocco extra, sm. 8vo. Cambridge, 1633

g. e. scarce

Herbert (G.) Witt's Recreations refined Augmented with Ingenious Conceites for the Wittie, and Merry Medicines for the Melancholie, engraved frontispiece by Marshall and curious woodcuts, FINE COPY, red levant morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford

sm. 8vo. R. Cotes for H. B. 1645 In this rare volume are Verses in Praise of Shakespeare (including his Epitaph), Ben Jonson, Spenser, Drayton, Sir W. Raleigh, Massinger, Beaumont and Fletcher, F. Quarles, and many others; also of Tobacco and Tobacconists, etc.

285 HERE BEGINNETH A RYGHT FRUTEFULL MATER: & hathe to Name the boke of Surveyinge and improvementes, black letter, title within woodcut border, brown morocco extra, g. e.

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sm. 8vo. R. Redman, n. d. [1535] This very rare edition appears to be undescribed, no notice of Redman having printed the volume being noted. A large portion of the volume treats of Husbandry. On the back of title are 35 lines in verse, and the Author addresses the Reader in two 7-line stanzas followed by a Prologue.





HERODIANUS HISTOR: libri VIII Gr. et Lat. elegantly bound in old brown morocco extra, the back and sides elaborately tooled all over in gold, with arms in the centre, g. e.

8vo. Lugduni, P. Ravaud, 1624 *** THIS BEAUTIFUL VOLUME was exhibited at the Burlington Fine Arts Club Exhibition, in case P, no. 10.


HEURES A LUSAGE DE ROMME cum Calendario (1488-1508), PRINTED ON VELLUM, within most elegant woodcut borders composed of flowers, birds, animals, scroll-work, etc. also 17 LARGE WOOD ENGRAVINGS and 24 smaller (ALL UNCOLOURED) and numerous initial letters heightened in gold and colours, BEAUTIFUL COPY, black levant morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford

8vo. Paris, Simon Vostre, 1491

*** A BEAUTIFULLY CLEAN FRESH VOLUME, with the colophon of Philippe Pigouchet on the last leaf; as the collation is irregular, it will be sold not subject to return.

(Calendar 1497

1520), printed within woodcut borders including the DANCE OF
DEATH, and 17 LARGE WOOD ENGRAVINGS (all uncoloured), gothic
letter, FINE COPY, black levant morocco, blind tooled all over the
sides, doublé green morocco, tooled with gold, g. e. by Chambolle-

8vo. [At end] Achevees de xx jour de May, 1503 ***The name of the Service is left blank, and there is no printer's name or place. At the end of each month of the Calendar are quaint quatrains in French.

HITCHCOK (Robert) A POLLITIQUE PLATT for the honour of the Prince, the greate profite of the publique state, relief of the poore, preservation of the riche, reformation of Roges and Idle persones, and the Wealthe of thousandes that know not howe to live. Written for an Newyeres gift to Englande, and the inhabitants thereof by Robert Hitchcok late of Caversfeelde in the Countie of Buckyngham gentleman, black letter, portion of the woodcut border of title in facsimile, and one folding woodcut repaired, half calf, by C. Lewis

4to. Imprinted at London by Jhon Kyngston, 1 Januarie, 1580 *** AN EXTREMELY RARE AND CURIOUS VOLUME, with remarkable woodcut border to title, and large woodcut arms of the Hitchcock family on the back, "Francis Hitchcocke to the Readers of this his brother's booke," IN VERSE; folding table, large folding woodcut: The English Fissher," 151 by 9 in.; another large folding woodcut: "The Vintage for Hull and Newcastle," 12 by 8 in. The greater portion of the volume is upon Angling, Fishing for Codde and Lyng, Heryings, etc. It is a fine copy with the exception of the small defects mentioned.












Hobbes (Thos.) De Mirabilibus Pecci: Being the Wonders of the Peak in Darby-Shire,, . . . in English and Latin, FIRST EDITION, with 7 pp. Catalogue of Books printed for Wm. Crook, half morocco 8vo. W. Crook, 1678 HOLLAR (W.) THEATRUM MULIERUM sive Varietas atq Differentia Habituum Foeminei Sexus diversorum Europae Nationum hodierno Tempore vulgo in usu 1643, engraved title with Hollar's arms and 48 PLATES OF COSTUMES (two on a page), brilliant impressions, with large margins, VERY FINE COPY, green levant morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford

oblong 4to. Printed and Sold by H. Overton at the White Horse without New-Gate [1643] HOLLAR (W.) ORNATUS MULIEBRIS ANGLICANUS, or The Severall Habits of English Women from the Nobilitie to the Country Woman as they are in these times, 26 costume plates, red levant morocco extra, panelled sides, with elegantly tooled centre, g. e. by F. Bedford

4to. Sold by H. Overton at the White Horse without Newgate, 1640
Very fine impressions before the advertisement was added to the
engraved title.

Holy Communion. A Preparation to the due Consideration and
Reverent Comming to the Holy Communion of the Body and
Blood of the Lorde. The Contentes whereof followe in the next
page, black letter, fine copy, blue morocco extra, g. e.

sm. 12mo. C. Barker, 1585 *** This very small volume (3ğ by 24 in.) is dedicated to Queene Elizabeth, and signed C. B., on the last page are the Royal arms of England.

Homer a la Mode. A mock Poem upon the first and second books of Homer's Iliads, FINE COPY, blue morocco extra, g. e.

* *

12mo. Oxford, 1664
The author of this singular little poetical volume was James, after-
wards Lord Scudamore. See Wood's Athenæ, vol. II, p. 371.
Home (John, author of " Douglas") The Siege of Aquileia, a Tragedy.
As it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, FIRST EDITION
ON THICK PAPER, old red morocco extra, richly gilt dentelle borders
on the sides, g. e. fine copy
8vo. A. Millar, 1760
*** DAVID GARRICK'S COPY, with his scarce ex-libris. Garrick spoke
the Prologue and acted the principal character in this play. The
Epilogue was spoken by Mrs. Cibber. There is a MS. correction
in the Prologue and Epilogue believed to be in the autograph of

Hood (Thos.) The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies, Hero and Leander,
Lycus the Centaur, and other Poems, FIRST EDITION, dedicated to
Charles Lamb, uncut
8vo. 1827

Hood (Tom) Drawings (3) and Proof Etchings (25)



Hooper (Joanne) A Declaration of the ten holy Cōmandementes of allmyghtye God wroten Exo. 20. Deu. 5. black letter, FINE COPY, russia extra, g. e. sm. 8vo. Anno 1548 ***No printer's name or place, but in a type similar to Coverdale's Bible.

299 HORE BEATÆ MARIÆ VIRGINIS, cum Calendario, a beautifully written MANUSCRIPT on 199 leaves of fine vellum, by a French artist, containing 13 LARGE ILLUMINATED MINIATURES, within elegant borders heightened with gold, in which are depicted birds, animals, men, etc. including a fox in a pulpit preaching to three geese, a man shaking a tree, and another holding his apron to catch the fruit, etc.; 1 large border, 10 side borders, and many hundred initial letters in gold and colours, green morocco 8vo. SEC. XV *** The person for whom this volume was executed is represented kneeling before the Virgin Mary, and his arms, "fasee d'argent et de gueules, à la bande d'azur, chargée de trois fleurs-de-lis d'or dans le sens de la bande," are depicted in two of the borders.



HORAE BEATAE MARIAE VIRGINIS, cum Calendario, A BEAUTIFULLY ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT on 174 ll. of FINE VELLUM, and adorned with EIGHTEEN MINIATURES within borders composed of flowers, fruit, etc. and numerous initial letters in gold and colours, beautifully bound in citron morocco extra, the back and sides covered with gold tooling, wreaths, the marguerite, etc. with monogram R. R. in the centre, the S with a stroke through on each side, clasps, g.e. by CLOVIS EVE 12mo. SÆC. XV *** THIS CHARMING LITTLE BOOK measures 3 by 24 in., the size of text is 1 by 1 in. The binding is in beautiful preservation, and was exhibited at the BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB BOOKBINDING EXHIBITION in case I, no. 38, and reproduced in the Illustrated Catalogue.


301 HORAE, IN LAUDEM BEATISS. SEMPER VIRGINIS MARIAE, cum Calendario (1523-1551), beautifully printed within exquisite borders in the PUREST RENAISSANCE STYLE OF ORNAMENT BY GEOFROY TORY, whose name appears in many of the borders, the crowned F (Francis I), Salamanda, etc. numerous large wood engravings, margins of title, privilege, and last leaf repaired and touched in, but FINE COPY, crimson velvet with chased open-work silver clasps and corners, g.e. 8vo. Paris. apud Simonem Colinæum, 1524, at end 1525 FIRST EDITION OF ONE OF THE FINEST EXAMPLES OF ORNAMENTAL TYPOGRAPHY PRODUCED BY THE EARLY PARISIAN PRESS. The wood-blocks are supposed to have been executed by the famous WÆRIOT. It is fully described by Brunet in his list of Heures (no. 323), and in Humphrey's Art of Printing. This volume exhibits a new style of art, differing from all books of Heures previously published.




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