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LOT 335-continued.


bound in green levant morocco extra, tooled sides, g. e. in the style of Roger Payne, by F. Bedford, excessively rare

sq. 12mo. M. J. Godwin, Juvenile Library, 1811 FIRST EDITION, with Godwin's catalogue (12 pp. bound at the end) of "NEW BOOKS FOR CHILDREN," which led Mr. J. Pearson to discover that Charles Lamb was the author of Beauty and the Beast.'


Lambard (W.) A Perambulation of Kent, conteining the description, Hystorie and Customes of that Shyre, FIRST EDITION, black letter, autograph of "Ffrau Wyther" on title, wants map, fine large clean copy, loose in the original calf

4to. Imprinted at London for Ralphe Newberie, 1576 *** FIRST EDITION, and the first history of any county, considered a model of topographical writing.

337 La Rocque (Sieur de) Les Blasons des Armes de la Royale Maison de Bourbon et ses Alliances Recherchees, dedicated to Louis XIII, engraved title, large coat of arms, and folding plate of a coronation ceremony, 320 COATS OF ARMS, numerous very beautiful ornamental engraved tail-pieces (a small hole in p. 105), the whole printed on one side of the paper only, mottled calf extra, panelled sides, and back tooled with fleur-de-lys, g. e. by F. Bedford, FINE CLEAN COPY folio. Paris, chez Pierre Firens, 1626

338 LATHAM (Symon) FALCONRY: OR, THE FALCON'S LURE, AND CURE, woodcut on title, T. Harper, 1633-LATHAM'S NEW AND SECOND BOOKE OF FAULCONRY, numerous woodcuts, T. Harper, 1633; in 1 vol. VERY FINE COPIES, red levant morocco extra, tooled sides, 9. e. by F. Bedford sm. 4to. T. Harper, 1633


339 LATIMER (HUGH) THE FYRSTE SERMON (i. e. Seven Sermons), black letter, woodcut titles, FIRST EDITION, FINE COPY, brown levant morocco extra, g. e. by Riviere

sm. 8vo. J. Daye and W. Seres, 1549 *** These Sermons were preached every Friday in Lent before King

Edward VI.

340 LAUD (Archbp.) A DECADE OF GRIEVANCES, Presented and Approved to the Right Hon. and High Court of Parliament, against the Hierarchy or Government of the Lord Bishops, etc. very curious woodcut on title, no name or place, 1641-CANTERBURIES DREAME, in which the Apparition of Cardinall Wolsey did present himself... the third night after my Lord of Strafford had taken his fare-well to the World, large woodcut on title, ib. 1641-THE BISHOP'S POTION, or a Dialogue between the Bishop of Canterbury and his Phisitian, two woodcuts on title, ib. 1641-All to Westminster, Newes from Elizium, or a Packet of Wonders brought over in


LOT 340-continued.







Charons Ferry-boat last Spring Tyde, woodcut portrait on title, ib. 1641-MERCURIES MESSAGE, or The Coppy of a Letter sent to Wm. Laud, late Archbishop of Canterbury, now prisoner in the Tower (in verse), woodcut on title, printed in the yeare of our Prelates feare, 1641, two editions-The Discontented Conference betwixt the two Great Associates, William Archbp. of Canterbury and Thomas late Earle of Strafford (in verse), no name or place, 1641-Canterbury's Will, with a Serious Conference betweene his Scrivener and Him, also A Loving Admonition to his Brethern the Bishops, woodcut portrait on title, ib. 1641-The True Copy of a Letter sent from the most Rev. William Lord Archbishop of Canterbury to the University of Oxford when he resigned his Office of Chancellor, Oxford, 1641; in 1 vol. blue morocco extra 4to. 1641 * A VERY RARE, INTERESTING AND VALUABLE COLLECTION OF NINE TRACTS relating to Archbp. Laud, all in very fine clean perfect condition.

LAUDIVIO. EPISTOLE THURCI p. Laudivium hierosolimitanum equiten aggregate, title printed in red within woodcut border, having a woodcut in three compartments at the top, and 32 other woodcuts, the reverse of last leaf having one occupying the whole page, VERY FINE LARGE CLEAN COPY, brown levant morocco extra, tooled sides, g.e. by F. Bedford

4to. Lugd. J. Marion, die vero XXX Martii, 1520 Lee (Wm.) Daniel Defoe: His Life and recently discovered Writings, from 1716-1729, 3 vol. (with a Catalogue of his Works, 254 items), facsimiles, original cloth 8vo. 1869 LE FOURNIER (A.) LA DECLARATION D'HUMAINE NATURE ET D'ORNEMENT DES DAMES, gothie letter, title within woodcut border, VERY FINE COPY, brown levant morocco super extra, g. e. by F. Bedford,


12mo. Imprimé à Lyon en la Maison de Francoys Iuste, 1537 LE SAGE (A. R.) Le Bachelier de Salamanque, ou les Mémoires de D. Cherubin De la Ronda, tirés d'un Manuscrit Espagnol, plates, Paris, chez Valleyrie et chez Gissey, 1736; Tome II, plates, La Haye, chez Pierre Gosse, 1738; 2 vol. 12mo, VERY FINE COPY, red levant morocco super extra, gilt leaves, by F. Bedford

Svo. Paris et La Haye, 1736-38 *** FIRST EDITION of both volumes, very rare in such fine condition (165 mill.)

LE SAGE (A. R.) HISTOIRE DE GIL BLAS DE SAINTILLANE, dernière édition, revue et corrigée, 4 vol. plates, VERY FINE LARGE CLEAN COPY, red levant morocco super extra, g.e. by F. Bedford, very 8vo. Paris, 1747


*** FIRST GENUINE EDITION of this date, and the last published by

the author.




L'ESPRIT (Laurens) LE PASSETEMPS DE LA FORTUNE DES DEZ, compilé pour responses de vingt questions par plusieurs coustumierement faites, et desires scauoir. Les vingt questions sont specifiées en la Rouë de Fortune, au fueillet sequent, numerous curious woodcuts, FINE COPY, green levant morocco extra, g.e. by F. Bedford, VERY RARE 4to. Lyon, Francois Didier, 1582 ***THIS CURIOUS VOLUME commences with a woodcut portrait of Neptune standing on the Wheel of Fortune, then twenty portraits of kings, followed by twenty pages of DICE, in the centre of each page is an emblem (flower), then twenty pages of a circle surrounded by grotesque borders of animals and figures of extraordinary shapes, and in the centre emblems. The remainder of the volume consists of couplets with a woodcut at the top of each leaf.

LEYCESTER (JOHN) THE CIVILL WARRES OF ENGLAND, briefly Related from his Majesties first setting up his Standard, 1641, to this present Personall hopefull Treaty, with the Lively Effigies and Eulogies of the Chief Commanders who like Starres in their courses haue fought against the Romish Sicera, or the Great Scarlet Whore, with whom the Kings of the Earth have committed Fornication, etc. 21 fine portraits by Hollar, and a portrait of Charles I added, outer margin of title restored, and perhaps two or three marginal notes shaved, and last leaf in facsimile, otherwise a FINE COPY, red levant morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e.

* *


sm. 8vo. Printed for John Hancock at the first shop in PopesHead Alley, next to Corn-hill, 1648 EXCESSIVELY RARE, with all the portraits, which are very fine impressions, it is one year earlier than mentioned by Lowndes. The Huth copy appears to be the same but dated a year later, viz. 1649.

Lilie (John) Evphves and His England, containing His Voyage and Adventures, black letter, sheep 4to. 1630 *** Generally bound with The Anatomy of Wit, which collates with it. 349 Lillies' (Mr.) late Prophecy come to pass. Concerning the present War, and the late Unseasonableness of the Weather. Wherein it is made Manifest, whatsoever he has Prognosticated of the present year 1672 is in Great Probability of Proving True, two curious woodcuts on title, half red morocco, uncut

4to. Printed by A. Purslow, 1673 350 Lindsay (Sir David) The Works of (IN VERSE), FINE COPY, with proof leaves, hand dyed calf extra, g. e.


18mo. Glasgow, R. Sanders, 1712 LOCKE (JOHN) AN ESSAY CONCERNING HUMANE UNDERSTANDING, FIRST EDITION, fine copy, with portrait and monument added, red levant morocco extra, Harleian panelled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford folio. T. Basset, 1690 *** UNIQUE COPY, formerly belonging to the author, with his additions on printed slips inserted in their proper places, preparatory to the

LOT 351-continued.






printing of the second edition in 1694, in which these additions are incorporated in the text. Chapter XXXI was entirely re-written, also some small MS. corrections in the handwriting of the author, all of which are correctly printed in the second edition.

Locker (Fred.) Poems (not published), only 100 copies printed, frontis-
piece by George Cruikshank, proof portrait added, original half
morocco, g. t. UNCUT
8vo. J. Wilson, 1868
PRESENTATION COPY from the author, 23rd July, 1868," with
Autograph Note from the author, signed "F. L." enclosing corrected
leaf, 2 pp. for leaf to be cancelled.

* *


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LONDON. THE BURNYNGE OF PAULES CHURCH IN LONDON, in the yeare of oure Lord 1561, and the IIII day of June by Lyghtnynge, at three of the clocke at after noone, which continued terrible and helplesse unto nyght, black letter, FINE COPY, brown levant morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e. by F. Bedford sm. 8vo. W. Seres, 1563 *** EXCESSIVELY RARE, and a most interesting volume to the London collector.

LONGUS. LES AMOURS PASTORALES DE DAPHNIS ET CHLOÈ, par Longus, double traduction du grec en françois de M. Amiot et d'un Anonime, mises en paralèlle, THICK PAPER, printed within borders, numerous plates from designs by Philippe d'Orleans, including the PETIT PIEDS," with vignettes by Eisen and Cochin, VERY FINE COPY, old French dark green morocco, richly gilt dentelle borders on the sides, g. e. by DEROME


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4to. Paris, imprimées pour les Curieux, 1757 On the marble paper inside cover is stamped in gold letters: 'Mr. Thevenin."


LUCRECE. DI TITO LUCREZIO CARO, della Natura delle cose libri
sei, tradotti dal Latino in Italiano da Alessandro Marchetti, 2 vol.
THICK HOLLAND PAPER, fine impressions of the vignettes and plates
by Eisen and Cochin, etc. BEAUTIFUL COPY, in dark blue morocco
extra, the back tooled with a bird, with large ornamental interlaced
D. G." laureated on the sides in gold, g.e. by DEROME, with his
8vo. Amst. 1754
FOR HIM, and containing his book-plate in each volume; by whom
it was presented is not now known, it came to the present owner
from Garrick's descendants.

* *



LUTHER (MARTYN) A RYGHT NOTABLE SERMON, uppon the twenteth Chapter of Johan, of absolution and the true use of the Keyes, full of great coforte, In the which also it is intreated of the mynysters of the Church, and of Scolemaisters, what is dewe unto them,

LOT 356-continued.



Ande of the hardnes and softenes of the harte of manne, black letter, woodcuts, fine copy, brown levant morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e. sm. 8vo. Imprinted at IPPESWICH by Anthony Scholoker, 1548 *** EXCESSIVELY RARE, PROBABLY ONE OF THE FIRST BOOKS PRINTED AT IPSWICH; Some side-notes very slightly shaved.

MACER (FLORUS) HERBARUM VARIAS qui vis cognoscere vires: huc Macer adest: quo duce doctor eris, gothic letter, woodcut on title of the author writing his book, and numerous woodcuts throughout the volume, two or three side-notes shaved, green morocco extra, g. e. very rare, FINE COPY 12mo. s. l. et a. (c. 1508) MACHIAVELLI (NIC.) TUTTE LE OPERE, devise in V Parti et di nuovo con somma accuratezza ristampate, EDIZIONE DELLA TESTINA, 2 vol. LARGE PAPER, ruled throughout with red lines, woodcut portrait on titles, and large woodcuts, BEAUTIFUL COPY, old French red morocco extra, panelled sides, with arms in the centre, with monogram "C. C.W." interlaced at the four corners and repeated five times on the back, with "$" on the four sides of each monogram, g.e. by EVE, VERY RARE roy. 4to. s. l. (Roma) et nome del impress. 1550 359 MAGNA CARTA in F, whereunto is added more Statues than ever was imprynted in any one boke before this tyme, with an Almanacke and a Calender to know the mootes Necessarye for all yong Studiers of the lawe Anno Domini MCCCCCXXIX, black letter (wants colophon leaf), curious woodcut initial letters, old calf




sm. 8vo, agenda form. (R. Redman, 1539) MAHONY (F.) THE RELIQUES OF FATHER PROUT, collected and arranged by Oliver Yorke, Esq. 2 vol. illustrated with a series of vignettes by MACLISE, IN TWO STATES, PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS, separate from the text and on the text, BEAUTIFUL COPY, olive levant morocco super extra, g. t. UNCUT, by F. Bedford



Svo. James Fraser, 1836
FIRST EDITION, with autograph letter from Maclise to "My dear
Dickens," with humorous sketch of himself going "to get his head
shaved perhaps in the Burlington Arcade."

the way to the Holy Land, and to Hierusalem as also to the
Lands of the Great Caan, and of Prestor John: to Inde, and divers
other Countries: Together with many and Strange Marvels therein,
black letter, fine clean copy, with the blank leaf before title, but two
catch-words slightly cut into, woodcut of a ship on the title, and
numerous curious woodcuts, green morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford
4to. Printed for R. Scott, T. Basset, J. Wright and R. Chiswell, 1677
THE FORREST (relating to Hunting, Hawking and Fowling)
also the original and beginning of Forrestes . . . also a Treatise of
the Purallee, how the same first began, what a Purallee man may

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