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BALE (John) ILLUSTRIUM MAIORIS BRITANNIA Scriptorum; hoc est Angliæ, Cambriæ ac Scotia Summarium a Japheto ad annum domini 1548 (fine complete copy, with the leaves at the end, "Additio," sometimes wanting), large woodcut on title of the author presenting his book to Edward VI, and a smaller woodcut of the same subject, also a woodcut portrait of Wickliffe, FINE LARGE COPY, brown morocco extra, the sides tooled in blind and gold to an old pattern, g. e. by F. Bedford

4to. Excusum fuit Gippeswici in Anglia per Joannem Overton, anno 1548 *FIRST EDITION, and the FIRST BOOK PRINTED AT IPSWICH. WILLIAM CAMDEN'S (the antiquary) COPY, with his Autograph and MS. notes on the last leaf and on several margins.



Bale (J.) Actes of English Votaries, comprehendynge their unchast practices and examples by all ages, from the worlde begynning to the yere of our Lord, a M. Learne herein good Reader to prove al Spirites, and to judge false myracles, etc. both parts, black letter, a few head-lines shaved, FINE COPY, brown levant morocco extra, g. e. 8vo. Imprinted at London by John Tysdale, dwellynge in Knyght Rydestrete nere to the Quenes Waredrop, anno 1560

BALLADS. A COLLECTION OF OLD BALLADS, collected from the best
and most ancient copies extant, with Introductions Historical,
Critical and Humorous, 3 vol. numerous plates, including that of
the "Swimming Lady," generally deficient, FINE TALL COPY, red
levant morocco super extra, g. e. by F. Bedford sm. 8vo. 1726-38
**These scarce volumes seldom are found perfect and generally sold
with all faults, but this copy will be sold as absolutely perfect.
Inserted inside the cover of vol. I is the original advertisement of
its publication.

BALZAC. LES ŒUVRES DIVERSES (sept ouvrages différens), 7 vol.
VERY FINE COPY, red morocco extra, m. and g. e. by TRAUTZ-
BAUZONNET, with the morocco ex-libris of M. de Repus inside
12mo. Leide et Amst. Elzevir, 1651-75



Barbier (J.) The Famous Game of Chesse-play. Being a Princely exercise; wherein the Learner may profit more by reading of this small Book, then by playing of a thousand Mates. . . . Beautified with a three-fold Methode, viz. of the Chesse-men, of the Chesseplay, of the Chesse-lawes, curious woodcuts, brown morocco extra, g. e. fine copy, with the blank leaves at beginning and end

12mo. Printed at London for John Jackson, dwelling without Temple-Barre, 1640 *** FIRST EDITION of a rare little book in Prose and Verse, dedicated to Lady Lucy Countesse of Bedford. The earliest edition mentioned by Lowndes is dated 1672.








BARBOUR (John) THE ACTS AND LIFE OF THE MOST VICTORIOUS CONQUEROUR ROBERT BRUCE, KING OF SCOTLAND, wherein also are contained the Martiall deeds of the Valiant Princes, Edward Bruce, Sir J. Douglas, Earle Thomas Randel, Walter Stewart and sundry others, black letter, FINE COPY, two or three head-lines shaved, green levant morocco super extra, g. e. by F. Bedford narrow Svo EDINBURGH, printed by Andrew Anderson, and are to be sold at his House, on the north side of the Cross, Anno Dom. 1670 BARHAM (Rev. R. H.) INGOLDSBY LEGENDS, or Mirth and Marvels by T. Ingoldsby, Esq. 3 vol. complete, fine impressions of the plates by George Cruikshank, Leech, etc. blue levant morocco extra, g. t. UNCUT, by F. Bedford


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8vo. First Series, Bentley, 1840; Second Series, ib. 1842; Third Series, ib. 1847 VERY FINE COPY, with the Preface containing view of "Tappington Hall from the Second Edition added at the end of Vol. I. BASILLE (Theodore, i.e. Thos. Becon) A CHRISTMAS BANKETTE, garnyshed with many pleasaunt and deynty dishes, newely prepared by Theodore Basille, black letter, title within woodcut border, and woodcut on colophon leaf at end of Christ preaching, the blank margin of several leaves repaired, otherwise fine copy, blue morocco extra, dentelle borders on the sides, g. e. by Mackenzie

sm. 8vo. Imprynted at London in Botulphe Lane at the signe of the Whyte Beare by me, John Mayler for Johne Gough, Anno Dñi, 1542 *** A VERY CURIOUS AND RARE VOLUME, no copy in the British Museum. It is dedicated to Sir Thomas Neville, and is written as a Dialogue between Philemon, the maker of the Bankette, Theophyle, Eusebius, and Christopher the gestes. Beaumont (Sir John) Bosworth-Field: with a Taste of the variety of other Poems left by Sir John Beaumont, deceased, set forth by his Sonne, and dedicated to the King . . . FINE COPY, red levant morocco extra, g.e. by F. Bedford sm. 8vo. Felix Kyngston, 1629 *** FIRST EDITION, quite complete, but as usual without pages 181-2, wanting in all copies. Contains commendatory Poems by Michael Drayton, Ben Jonson, Francis Beaumont, and others.

BECKFORD (W.) AN ARABIAN TALE from an unpublished Manuscript: with notes critical and explanatory, LARGE PAPER, BEAUTIFUL COPY, green levant morocco exra, g. e. by F. Bedford, EXTREMELY roy. 8vo. J. Johnson, 1786 *** FIRST EDITION OF VATHEK, with the leaf of Errata published without the consent of the author.


smell, as it were Cinamone, and sweete Balme," black letter, printed
throughout within woodcut borders, brown morocco, blind tooled,
g.e. by Aitken
Printed by John Daye, n. d.



A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE VOLUME (size 31⁄2§ in. by 2§ in.) woodcut portrait of the author on back of title.


33 BEHN (Mrs. Aphra) Poems upon Several Occasions with a Voyage to the Island of Love, FINE COPY, green levant morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford 8vo. Tonson, 1684 *** FIRST EDITION. Mr. Hazlitt in giving the collation of this volume, although he gives the "Island of Love" as mentioned on the title, entirely omits the collation which consists of pp. 1-128.






Bernard (Saint) A compedius & a moche fruytefull treatyse of well liuynge, cōtaynyng the hole sume and effect of al vertue, wrytten by S. Bernard & translated by Thomas Paynell, black letter, title within woodcut border, FINE COPY, brown morocco extra, g. e.


sm. 8vo. Imprinted at Lodo in Paules Church Yearde, at the syngne of the Maydens heede by Thomas Petyt, The Yeare of our Lorde God 1541

* AN EXTREMELY RARE EDITION, apparently unknown to all Bibliographers. Dedicated to "Lady Mary, doughter to our Soveraygne the King."

Beza (Theo.) Christian Meditations upon Eight Psalmes of the Prophet
David, made and newly set forth by Theodore Beza, black letter,
FINE COPY, blue morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford


C. Barker [1582] *THIS RARE LITTLE VOLUME (3ğ in. by 24 in.) is dedicated to Lady Anne Bacon, wife of Sir Nicolas Bacon. It is dated from Thelveton, 31 May, 1582, and signed John Stubbe Sceva.


Holbein (H.) Emblems of Mortality, representing Death seizing all Ranks and Degrees of People, 50 woodcuts by Bewick, FIRST EDITION, large copy in cloth 8vo. T. Hodgson, 1789 **The wood-blocks and many copies of this book were destroyed by fire at Hodgson's warehouse.

Bible (The Holy) containing the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and the New Testament, newly translated out of the original tongues, and with the former diligently compared and revised by his Majesties special Commandment, appointed to be read in Churches, with leaf containing the Royal arms, the rare frontispiece of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Paradise, engraved title and printed title to the New Testament, VERY FINE COPY, in contemporary brown morocco, the back and sides covered with gold tooling, having in the centre the initials M. W. g. e.

8vo. EDINBURGH, printed by the Printers to the King's most excellent Maiestie, 1633

*** FIRST EDITION OF THE AUTHORIZED SCOTCH VERSION, EXTREMELY RARE, and one of the most difficult Bibles to find in good condition, copies seldom contain the Apocrypha. Bound at the end of the vol. will be found: THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, woodcut title, R. Barker, 1633; The whole Book of Psalmes collected into English Meeter by Sternhold, Hopkins and others, with apt notes to sing them withall, G. M. for the Stationers' Company, 1633,


LOT 37-continued.








the whole ruled throughout in red. This interesting volume,
formerly belonged to Millisaint Went (whose initials are on the
side), and contains a register of the birth, etc. of her grand-
children, with notices of the great Fire of London in 1666, and
also of the Plague; sold not subject to return if any leaves should
be found to be shaved by binder.

Biblia Sacra. Quid in hac editione à Theologis Louvainensibus
præstitum sit, paulo, post indicatur, a few notes shaved, old calf
sm. 8vo. Antverpia, 1590
* DR. SACHEVERELL'S COPY having his autograph "H. Sacheverell è
Coll. Magd: Ox 1685 on inside of cover, and on title Henr.
Sacheverelle Coll Magd Soc." AN EXCEEDINGLY RARE AUTO-



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Bibliography. Garrick (D.) Catalogue of the Library of David Garrick,
10 days' sale, 1823; Catalogue of the Valuable Engravings and
Shakespeare Relics, the property of David Garrick, 1825; in 1 vol.
half blue morocco, g.e.
8vo. 1823-5

Bibliography. Catalogues of the Valuable Library of Thomas Jolley,
the various parts complete, 53 days' sale, Dr. Bliss's copy, with
autograph letter from R. Heber to Dr. Bliss, and autograph letter
from Thos. Jolley to Dr. Bliss; in 1 vol. half calf 8vo. 1843-55
Contains Garrick's celebrated cup from the Shakespeare Mulberry
Tree, etc.

* *


Bibliography. Catalogue of the Library of the late Duke of Rox-
burghe, 43 days' sale, with printed prices, half calf, UNCUT

8vo. 1812
Bibliography. Catalogue of the Valuable Library of the late B. Hey-
wood Bright, Esq. 24 days' sale, ruled, with prices and names, half
Svo. 1846

Bibliography. Catalogue of the Library of John Horne Tooke, Esq.
some prices, portrait added, 1813, scarce; Catalogue of the
Library of Sir Robert Gordon, one of the gentlemen of the Bed
Chamber to King James I, etc. 12 days' sale, 1816; in 1 vol. 8vo


Catalogue of the Curious and Valuable Library of
George Steevens, Esq. LARGE PAPER, 11 days' sale, priced through-
out, some names, half russia, uncut
roy. 8vo. 1800
***Contains a wonderful collection of Shakesperiana and excessively
rare plays and poetry.



Catalogue of the Curious and Extensive Library of
Isaac Reed, Esq. editor of the last edition of SHAKESPEARE, 39
days' sale, portrait, boards, uncut

8vo. 1807

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Bibliography. Catalogue of the Library of George Hibbert, Esq.
VELLUM), 42 days' sale, facsimiles, prices and names, printed
boards, uncut
8vo. 1829
Bibliography. Catalogue of the very Magnificent and Valuable Col-
lection being the entire Library of Wm. Bryant, Esq. 12 days' sale,
prices and names, half calf, 1807; Catalogue of the Unique, Scarce,
Rare, Curious Library of the late Rev. John Brand, 37 days' sale,
8vo. 2 vol.

Bibliography. Bulletin de la Librarie Damascène Morgand, from
1883-1899, 6 vol. numerous facsimiles in gold and colours, etc. with
prices to nearly 30,000 items, with index to each vol. half red morocco,
g. t.
8vo. 1883-99

Bibliography. Catalogue of Some Books in the Possession of H. Jadis,
Esq. 1821-Shakespeariana, a Complete Collection of the Books
and Pamphlets which have been published Illustrating the Writings
of Shakespeare in the possession of H. Jadis, Esq. presentation
copy-The Perkins Library Catalogue, facsimiles, half morocco,
1873-The Famous Hamilton Manuscripts on Vellum, facsimiles,
half morocco, 1889-Important Collection of Early English Poetry,
two days' sale, 1854
8vo. 4 vol.

Bibliotheca Sunderlandiana. Sale Catalogue of the Extensive Library
of Printed Books (13,858 lots), 5 parts, 55 days' sale, printed
prices and names to first portion, half morocco
roy. 8vo. 1881-3
Bijou Almanack. Schloss's English Bijou Almanac for 1841, Poetically
Illustrated by the Hon'ble Mrs. Norton, portraits of Napoleon,
Mrs. Norton, Knowles, etc. (size in. by fe in.), probably the
smallest book ever printed, gilt covers, g. e. in gilt case [1841]
Binding. Two beautiful Specimens of Binding, a 4to cover, richly
gilt, with marguerites, etc. by Clovis Eve, and an 8vo Cover, finely
and elaborately tooled

Binding. Aicher (P. Ottonis) Epitome Chronologica Historiae Sacrae,
et Profane, elegantly bound with heavily rich gold tooling of floral
branches, flowers, etc. with figures and inscriptions on each side, g. e.
a very unusual specimen
4to. Coloniae, 1706

Binding. MacKenzie (Joannes) Disputatio Juridica ad Tit. lib. XXXVIII Digest de Bonis Libertorum, elegantly bound in old morocco extra, richly tooled sides, wheel-pattern gilt fly-papers, g. e. a very fine and well preserved specimen of Scotch binding

4to. Edinbergi, 1771 Binding. La Bible, qvi est tovte la Saincte escritvre dv vieil et dv novveav Testament Tome I (Genese-Job), ruled, frontispiece, old French red morocco extra, the back and sides elaborately tooled all over to a most elegant design, g. e. IN BEAUTIFUL PRESERVATION

sm. 8vo. Se vend à Charenton par Pierre Des-Hayes, 1652

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