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177 TENISON (T.) Archbishop of Canterbury, A. L. s. 1 p. 4to, Lambeth, Aug. 4, 1699, to W. Blathwayt, interesting letter, respecting the Bishop of St. David's, scarce

178 TURENNE (Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne Vicomte de) Marshal of France, killed at Salzbach, 1675, A. L. s. 1 p. 4to, 17 Mars (no year), with seal and silks

179 USSHER (James) Archbishop of Armagh, A. L. s. p. folio, Armagh, August 10, 1632, to Sir H. Spelman, the antiquary, with seal, scarce :

Upon the receipte of your last letter, I sent unto you the copye of the booke attributed unto S. Cyprian De Cardinalibus Christi Operibus: wch I suppose Mr Burnett hathe long since caused to be delivered unto you. I have given direction unto him also to present you with the Collection of ye Irish Epistles latelye by me published in Dublin wherein ye author of ye 49th epistle is mistaken; being Walter Mape (at that time Chanter of Lincolne) and not Geraldus Cambrensis. We long much for the other part of your learned Glossarye, etc.


180 VOLTAIRE (F. M. Arouet de) A. L. s. Voltaire gentilhomme de la chambre du Roy de France," 2 pp. 4to, in English, Potsdam, 1 August, 1750, to Mr. R. Rolt of London, with seal and portrait. A most amusing and characteristic letter. He expresses his admiration of the British constitution, and proceeds:

As to the task of writing a true and complete history of the late war, 'tis an heavy burthen. I hope you are wel informd of all the transactions pass'd in yr country. All the secrets of the back-stairs at yr court, are no secret in a few years. Each party spies, discovers and exagerates the intrigues and the faults of the opposite party, and from the shok of so many flints some flashes of truth may shoot and enlighten the mind of a wise historian, but in other countries state misterys lay hid under a curtain that few men are able to remove. My office of the crown's historian entitled me to the communication of all the letters writ to the ministers. Yet I am not satisfied with so good materials, and I must hunt again after my favourite game, truth, in foreign countries. I travel like Polibus to see the different teaters of the war, I do consult both friends and enemys, etc.

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181 WALPOLE (Horace) Earl of Orford, Virtuoso, A. L. s. 3 pp. 4to, Strawberry Hill, June 22, 1785, to John Pinkerton. A very interesting letter discussing Pinkerton's proposed changes in the terminations of English words, which Walpole urges would necessitate a new crop of poets to replace Milton, Dryden, Gray, & I am sorry you will not allow me to add Pope." He disagrees with Pinkerton, who prefers the letters of Lady Mary Wortley to those of Madame de Sevigné, and does not have a very high opinion of Hume as a historian.

182 WASHINGTON (G.) L. s. 1 pp. folio, Head Quarters, Valley Forge, Feby. 27th, 1778, to Capt. Chambers, of the 12th Pennsylvania Regiment. Important letter, commencing:

You are aware that the purposes of the party under your command are, as much as possible, to cover the roads leading into Philadelphia -cut off the communication between the city and country, and

LOT 182-continued.

prevent the depredations, dayly committing by the Enemy's parties as far as circumstances and the general intention of your party will permit, to keep yourself in a posture most convenient for covering any supplies that may be coming to this army, etc.

183 WATT (James) Engineer, A. L. s. 1 p. 4to, Birmingham, Feby. 26th, 1794; A. L. s. "Boulton and Watt," 2 pp. 4to,

Oct. 16, 1788, interesting letter on the raising of water from a morass


184 WILLIAM III (King) A. L. s. as William of Orange, 2 pp. 4to, in French, La Haye, 29 Mars, 1663, to Henrietta Maria, Queen Dowager of England, with seal

185 ALBUM for Autograph Letters, cardboard leaves, morocco, gilt edges, with lever lock and key, folio


186 ARRAN (James Earl of) Regent of Scotland, License s. obl. folio, St. Andrews, 2 October, 1546, to Robert Menzies of that ilk to remain at home from all oists, armyis, raids, assemblings and gadderings quhatsumevir during all the dayes of his lifetime," with seal

187 MORTON (James Earl of) Regent of Scotland, L. s. 12 pp. folio, Edinburgh, 28 January, 1576, to James Menzies, concern

ing the controversy between the Lords of Elgin and Atholl, with seal

188 MORTON (James Earl of) L. s. 1 p. folio, Dundalk, 5 January, 1577, to the same, advising him to accept a settlement

L. s.


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189 GOWRIE (William Ruthven Earl of), Author of the Gowrie Conspiracy," executed 1584. Ruthven," 1 p. folio, Holyroodhouse, 14 December, 1579, to the Laird of Weym, chiefly concerning a proposed marriage to which the King had given his consent; L. s. folio, Holyroodhouse, 21 October, 1580, to the same, on the proposed arbitration by the Earl of Argyll between the Lairds of Weem and Glenurchy

(2) 190 GOWRIE (William Ruthven Earl of) L. s. 1 p. folio, Holyroodhouse, 1 June, 1582, to the same, relative to the Earl of Atholl's position; L. s. folio, 29 April, 1583, to the same, on the mediation of the Earl of Argyll


(2) ATHOLL (John Stewart fifth Earl of) L. s. 1 p. folio, Coupar, 25 November, to the same; L. s. from Mary Ruthven, Countess of Atholl, 14 November, 1578; others from Sir James Douglas of Drumlanrig, etc.


192 HUNTLEY (George Earl of) Donator of the Ward and Marriage of Weem, Documents with his signature, 1586-7, one or two imperfect (7)

193 MONTROSE (James Graham Marquis of), executed 1650, L. s. 1 p. 4to, Dunnottar, 7 June, 1639, to the Laird of Weem: Having desyred the Earl of Atholl to bring with him all the Highland men he can gett for this expedition, these are to desyre you to accompany him with all the people that you can possibly make to come alongst under his command. As for those that are refractorye and unwilling he hade warrant to take such order with them as he should think expedient, etc.

194 MONTROSE (Marquis of) A. L. s. 1 full p. 4to (no date, circa 1645), to the Laird of Weem, fine and interesting letter,


Sir, I must admire of yr answer which I could heave every littell expected. Alwayes you will beleave that as I am loth to be severe, so I will not be dallied. This is the tyme when ther can be no lurking nor indeferency, bot all must syde on way or one other. Iff feare keipe any from serveing the Prince, shall it not much more from serveing rebells against him? Iff they would be cruell in the one will not we be just in the other? So ther ar bot on choise: to hazard all for your native and kyndly prince (which danger I hope shall not be great) or wentor all contrary to the lawes of God and man against him. The last, I hope (with the assistance of God) shall be found the greattest danger, etc.

195 MONCK (General George) L. s. 1 p. folio, Camp near Garlt, 15 June, 1654, to Capt. Henry Beke or the Governor of Weems for the time being, giving orders as to the treatment to be afforded to the Laird of Weem and his family while the castle was held as a garrison; L. s. Edinburgh, 30 March, 1657, to the Laird of Weem about the Macgregors; Pass, s. to the Laird of Weem, 25 August, 1659, with seal (3)

196 MACKAY (General Hugh), defeated by Viscount Dundee at Killiecrankie. An extremely interesting series of Fifteen A. L. s. and L. s. addressed to the Laird of Weems younger, 1689-90, with notices of the movements of Dundee just previous to the Battle of Killiecrankie, which was fought on July 27, 1689. On July 26 he writes:

I received yours of last night at ten of the cloak. I doe no beleeve that Dundie is so neare, though I wish he were, let his forces be what they will. I forgat to speak to you to send out men for intelligence, which I pray you to doe. I shall despach my march as much as possible.

After his defeat, when he was taking measures to retrieve his position, he writes making arrangements for strengthening the garrison at Weems, which was apparently an important post to be held for William's government


197 BUTE (Ann Countess of) A series of A. L. s. addressed to the Duchess of Argyll, 1723, etc.; others of the Earl of Atholl (13)

198 ATHOLL (John first Marquis of) Royalist, Six L. s. 1672 to 1683, addressed to the Laird of Weem


199 ATHOLL (John first Marquis of) Four L. s. to the same, 1666; and others relating to the Argyll Family






DANIELL (Captain William) Parliamentary Officer, A. L. s. 1 p.
folio, 16 May, 1657, to the Laird of Weem, urging him to allow
the Clan Gregor to remain on his lands of Rannoch; L. s.
by the Earl of Mar, the Bishop of Ross, and others, 1628;
Letter under the Royal signet; etc.
ARGYLL. An interesting collection of Letters from the Duke of
Argyll and various members of the Campbell Family, chiefly
in 1692 and 1693
a parcel
LETTERS addressed to the Laird of Weem, etc. between 1600
and 1659, including Lords Rothes, Huntley and Nairne

a parcel
LETTERS between 1660 and 1664, to the same, from Lords
Rothes and Tullibardine, the Duke of Atholl, etc. a parcel
LETTERS between 1665 and 1669, to the same, from the Duke
of Atholl, Lord Huntley and others, chiefly about the Mac-
a parcel


205 LETTERS between 1670 and 1699, by Lord Rothes, Lady Nairne, Lord Strathallan, the Earl of Loudoun, Lord Forbes, a parcel 206 REBELLION OF 1745. An interesting collection of Papers respecting the damage done to Castle Menzies by the Garrison stationed there during the suppression of the Rebellion



a parcel
WILLIAM III. A fine impression of the Great Seal in green
wax to a Charter on parchment respecting Lady Susanna
Menzies and the Countess of Breadalbane, 1695

JAMES V (King of Scotland) L. s. 1 p. oblong folio, Falkland,
6 December (1537), to the Chancellor President and Lords
of Council and Session, charging them to proceed with the
summons raised at his instance and the instance of the
power tenentis and occupiris" of the King's lands of
Appendull against the tenants and inhabitants of the Kirk-
land of Dow for spoliation and wrongful occupation of the

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209 JAMES V (King of Scotland) Royal Sign Manual on a Charge to the tenants of the Barony of Menzies summoning them, when required by Robert Menzies of that ilk, Knight, to make themselves reddy bodin in feir of weir and pass forth with him in defence of the realm, oblong 4to, Edinburgh, 1 September (1541), with seal

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210 MARY OF GUISE (wife of James V) L. s. as Queen Regent of Scotland, 1 p. folio (somewhat worn), 7 February, 1557, exempting Alexander Menzies of that ilk from finding caution for Mac Gregors his tenants in Rannoch, with seal

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MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. L. s. 1 p. folio, Drymmen (in Menteith), 31 August, 1566, to the Laird of Weym, fine and interesting, with seal. It commences :

Traist freind, we greet you weill. We understand that diverss personis of the Clangregour occupiit and inhabit your landis of the Rannoch, fra the quhilk thay were ejectit the tyme of thair rebellioun. Now as ye knaw we have ressauit thame in our peax, and sen thai can not leif without sum rowmes and possessionis, we pray and effectuuslie desir you to permitt thaim to occupie and manure the same landis, etc.

212 MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. Contemporary Official Copy of a Letter to Colin Campbell of (Glenurchy) in reference to the Macgregors in Rannoch, etc. dated at Glentilt (in Athlone), 3rd August, 1564

213 JAMES VI, of Scotland, and 1st of England, Royal Sign Manual to a Licence, countersigned by the Earl of Mortoun, Lord Ruthven, and others, 1 p. folio, Stirling Castle, March, 1578, to James Menzies of the Weyme, "being subject to seikness and dyverss diseasis of body," and to his spouse to eat flesh from the 8th March to the 19th April of that year, notwithstanding Acts of Parliament or proclamations against it *** A very early signature of James VI, when he was a boy of twelve, with remains of seal.

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214 JAMES VI, L. s. 1 p. folio, Holyroodhouse, 2 January, 1580, to the Earl of Athole, respecting the debate and controversy between the Lairds of Glenurchy and Weem; Royal Sign Manual on a Licence to James Menzies of that ilk, his men tenantes, servandis and dependaris to depart hame from the oist, raid and army " assembled for pursuit of the rebels who had shortly before seized the castle and town of Stirling, dated Stirling, 5 May, 1584 (2)

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215 JAMES VI. Royal Sign Manual on a Licence to James Menzies on account of his being "vexit almaist contineually with ane nomber of paneful diseases and infirmiteis" to remain at home from all "oistis, raides, weires, wapinochawingis, gatheringis or assembleis," Falkland, 17 June, 1584, with remains of seal; License to the same to pass homeward without skaith," s. by the King, Holyroodhouse, 12 February, 1584 (2) 216 JAMES VI. Letter under the signet and subscribed by the King, to John Earl of Athole and Thomas Stewart of Grandtully to appear before the King and Council at Holyrood or elsewhere to answer such inquiries as shall be made touching 'gude rule and ordour keping in the cuntre" under pain of rebellion, oblong folio, Holyroodhouse, 4 June, 1585

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217 JAMES VI. Letter of Justiciary under the signet and subscribed by the King, the Earl of Huntley and Lords of the Secret Council, 1 p. large folio, Holyroodhouse, 23 April, 1585, to James Menzies, granting him power to punish by death or imprisonment divers persons who have slaughtered his tenants and maimed and killed his cattle, etc.

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