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247 ARGYLL (Archibald, Marquis of) Autograph Memoranda, 14 pp. folio, undated. A few places marked out of King James's works"

248 CHARLES II. Instructions s. by the King, entitled "Instructions for our trusty and welbeloved Thomas Weston, Esq." countersigned by Rob. Long, 4 pp. folio, Breda, 17 May, 1650, very slightly damaged; L. s. 1 p. folio, Chantilly, 2 November, 1653, to the Laird of Weem, asking him to support the Royal cause in Scotland to the utmost of his ability, both these papers are important and interesting (2)

249 MONCK (G.) afterwards Duke of Albemarle. L. s. 1 p. folio, Coldstream, 23rd December, 1659, to the Marquis of Argyll, with seal

I reed your letter and doe returne you many thankes for ye same, and for yo" intentions & resolutions to live peaceablei, in which I shall bee ready uppon all occasions to protect and incourage you, and in what I may to serve you.

250 JAMES DUKE OF YORK, afterwards James II. A. L. s. 1 p. folio, Jersey, August 4, 1650, to the Marquis of Argyll :—

I have sent this gentleman to congratulate to his Majesty the hopefull condition his affaires are put into now in his Kingdome of Scotlande, which I cannot remember without making some acknowledgements to you for that part you have contributed thereunto, etc.

251 ARGYLL (Archibald Campbell, ninth Earl of) executed 1685. A. L. s. as Lord Lorne, 1 p. 4to, Rosneath, June 6, 1655, to the Laird of Weem; Signature to a Bond with Alexander Menzies, 1655; L. s. 1 p. 4to, Nov. 13, 1656

(3) 252 ARGYLL (Archibald Campbell, ninth Earl of) Four A. L. s. folio and 4to, Inverary, 1665-7, etc. to the Laird of Weem, with seals (4) 253 ARGYLL (Archibald Campbell, ninth Earl of) Four A. L. s. 4to, March 21st, 1668, etc. addressed to the same, with seals (4) 254 ARGYLL (Archibald Campbell, third Duke of) A. L. (unsigned), 2 pp. 4to, 15 June, 1712, to Mr. Neal Campbell; A. L. s. 2 pp. 4to, 28 May, 1712, to Lady Weem (2) 255 Copy of a Letter from the Marquis of Argyll to General Monk, Inverary, December, 1659; Copy of the Libel against the Marquis of Argyll, containing 14 separate charges (1660); and two others




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