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NASEBY. Letter from the Committee of both Kingdoms to the
Committee of the City of Norwich, June 20, 1645, sending news
of "This great successe and victory"; Books of Payments made by
Thomas Fauconberge, Receiver General, with about 300 signatures
of the persons to whom the payments were made, Oct. and Dec.

LOUIS XIV (of France) L. s. 2 pp. folio, 25 Fevrier, 1646 (when only eight years of age), respecting the Swiss Guards, countersigned by Le Tellier

CLEVELAND (John) Cavalier Poet. Original Draft, and apparently in his Autograph, of the Reply to the summons of the besiegers to deliver Newark to the Parliament, 1 p. folio, Newark, 31 March, 1646

* *

A most important Document. Cleveland was at this time JudgeAdvocate under Sir Richard Willis, Governor of Newark. The reply is worded in a brave and dignified manner, concluding:

Whereas you urge the expence of the seidge and the presence of the Countrie in supportinge your charge theire since occasioned by your selves, I am not conserned in order to theire ease. If you will grant a passe for some gentlemen to goe to the Kinge and returne, I may then know his Majesties pleasure whether accordinge to his letter he will wind up the busines in generall or leave me to steare my owne course. Then I shall know what to determin. Otherwise I desire you to take notice, that when I received my commission for the government of this place, I annexed my life as a labell to my trust.

CIVIL WAR. Orders of the Committee for compounding with Delinquents after the surrender of Oxford, 3 Nov. 1646.-Record of the Movements of the Commonwealth Army in Ireland and of the victory of Jones and Tichborne over Preston at Dungan Hill, July-Aug. 1647, 2 pp. folio, interesting; and two others (4)

CIVIL WAR. Orders to be observed in this Garrison of Dundalk,
July-Aug. 1647.-Record of the Movements of the Commonwealth
Army in Ireland, Oct. 1647.--Hosiery Bill supplied to Charles I,

CIVIL WAR. Relation of the Fight at Preston between Duke Hamilton and ye Scots Army and Lt. Genl. Cromwell, by Robert Stapylton (d. 1669), Aug. 18-20, 1648, 4 pp. folio.-Order for Payment to Antony Nicoll, Master of ye Armorie in ye Tower, Nov. 14, 1648, s. by Sir Harry Vane, etc.; and one other










CRAVEN (William Earl of) Royalist, a very important A. L. s. 2 pp. folio, Jan. 26, 1649, to Prince Rupert relating in part to the attempts made in Holland to save the life of Charles I, portraits But if that has not success, c'est fait de luy I feare considering what persons now rule the rost. Yett God perchance may direct you and doe that which we doe not deserve, and make us happey in the re-establishment of the Kinge and his, etc.


CHARLES II. L. s. 1 p. folio, Hague, 17 March, 1649, to Prince Rupert, speaking of his impecunious condition: "Wee entreate you therefore, in the first place, to supply us with as much money as you may, for the reliefe of our great and pressing necessities here," with royal seal and portrait; Two Orders s. for a great variety of disbursements, including "for the making of the Great Seal," 1649; and other interesting Papers relating to Charles II when in exile

(9) CHARLES II. Original Brief of Charles' Debts, in the autograph of Sir Edward Walker, 1649; Receipt s. by Lord Colepeper; Papers relating to the exile of Charles II, the purchase of arms, etc. (13)

CHARLES II. Royal Sign Manual to a Commission (name not filled in) as Captain in a Regiment, Dec. 30, 1652.-L. s. 1 p. folio, April 15, 1653, asking from some Royalist adherent (whose name has not been filled in) for the loan of £100

(2) CHARLES II. L. s. 1 p. folio, Paris, 12 December, 1653, to the Earl of Glencairne, with portrait:

We hope it will not be long before you be assured that the Treaty betweene the Dutch and the Rebells be absolutely broken off and then you will finde We shall noe longer sit still, which We have been hitherto compelled to doe upon such reasons as have not been in our power to avoyde, etc.

GERARD (Charles Lord) A. L. s. 1 p. 4to, 9 May, 1653, to Sir E.
Walker, in regard to his position with Charles II.-A. L. s. from
John Clarke to Col. Robert Benet, 26 May, 1655, promising to
send him a copy of Sir Henry Vane's newly published book "The
Retired Man's Meditations "

CHARLES II. L. s. 1 p. folio, Brussels, 18th March, 1659, to Colonel William Taaffe, granting certain perquisites to Sir Edward Walker, with signatures of Walker and Sir E. Nicholas, portraits

WALKER (Sir Edward) Orders in his autograph, in connection with the payments to the Regiment of Guards, 1658/9; and other Papers in his handwriting, etc.









ST. ALBANS (Henry Jermyn Earl of) accompanied Henrietta Maria to
France, A. L. s. 1 p. folio, Aug. 1, 1649, to Prince Rupert, portrait

LISLE (John) Regicide, drew up Charles I's death warrant, Order s.
"John Lisle, president pro tempore," folio, 13 March, 165, for
all Ships in the I. of Wight ports to be quickly reported to the
Council, fine seal; Warrants s. by Sir Henry Vane, Thomas Gray
and others; etc.
HENRIETTA MARIA (Queen) Signature to a Certificatory Writ re-
specting the frigate "Le Soleil," 1 p. folio, Paris, 18 Janvier,
1651, with seal

COMMONWEALTH. Declaration on parchment of Fidelity to the
Commonwealth, largely signed by illiterate women (c. 1651).—
Order in Council relative to Prize Money, 27 Jany. 1653; etc. (3)

ALBEMARLE (G. Monck Duke of) L. s. "George Monck," 2 pp. folio,
Chatham, 20 January, 1652, respecting the preparing of the fleet
to encounter the Dutch.-A. L. s. of Charles Lord Gerard, 1 p. 4to,
Paris, 27 April, 1652
NAVY. A. L. s. from Captain Thomas Sperling, relating his ex-
periences at sea, etc., 1 Aug., 1653.-A. L. s. from Thomas Blake
to the Commissioners of the Navy, 16 May, 1653; and others (5)

NAVY, ETC. Letter (not autograph) from Admirals R. Blake and
J. Deane to O. Cromwell concerning the proposed return to their
own country of the Dutch deputies, 5 Jany. 1653/4; and others (7)

ALBEMARLE (G. Monck Duke of) Signature to Original Articles of Agreement between Monck on behalf of the Protector and Sir Hugh Campbell of Cesnock and John Shalmers of Garguth, 2 pp. folio, 12 March, 1654, respecting the submission of the Lords, with seals, an important document

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LOT 199.

EPYS (S.) His own Copy of the Oath which he took at the
Trinity House, on the occasion of his being made a Younger
Brother, with a Memorandum in his holograph, portrait

Memo. I tooke this oath at ye Trinity house in London / Sr. Wm.
Rider Dep Maister for ye Earle of Sandwch./ this 15. of Feby. 1661.


PEPYS (S.) Portrait, engraved by R. White, frontispiece to his "Naval Memoirs," 1690; Portrait, by the same, oval, on a scroll, his "ex-libris" plate, both rare


SANDWICH (E. Montagu Earl of) Admiral, A. L. s. 1 pp. folio,
Lisbon, Sept. 11, 1661, to S. Pepys, interesting letter, saying that
he had sailed to Lisbon in hope of meeting the English fleet which
was to take the Infanta to England, but that, not having arrived,
was going to sea again to fight the Turks to avoid idleness.-A. L. s.
1 p. folio, Tangier Bay, Jan. 38, 1661, to the same; and A. L. s.
from Lord Brouncker, President of the Royal Society, to Dr.
Wallis, July 3d, 1655, portraits

CREED (John) Deputy Treasurer of the Fleet, a man whom Pepys feared and disliked: interesting Series of six A. L. s., 1661-2, all addressed to Pepys, giving accounts of the recent action of the English fleet before Algiers, etc., mentions Admiral Lawson, the safe arrival of the Queen, etc.


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